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Best Disney Princess Songs

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Which are the best Disney Princess songs? Part of what makes the Disney Princess movies so great is the music.

Disney Princess songs like “Part Of Your World,” “For The First Time In Forever,” or “Love Is An Open Door” are among some of the greatest songs Disney’s have ever made. In fact, the songs are often just as iconic as the princesses themselves.

There are many, many Disney Princess songs, but which ones stand out as the best? We’re taking a look at the top-10 best Disney Princess songs.

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10. Some Day My Prince Will Come – Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Some Day My Prince Will Come was the very first Disney Princess song ever written.

This is not only one of the most iconic Disney songs, it’s one of the most iconic songs in all of cinema. Everyone has heard the song and knows where it’s from.

The only thing is it’s about Snow White taking a very passive role, just sitting and waiting for her prince to come.

Compare this to another Disney Princess song, like “Almost There,” where the protagonist sings about taking responsibility and being proactive in accomplishing their dreams. Fortunately Disney Princesses have moved with the times.

While the lyrics are somewhat questionable by today’s standards, you can’t deny the melody is very lovely.

9. Reflection – Mulan

Out of all the songs on this list, this classic Mulan movie song is probably the most emotional and thought-provoking.

Most Disney Princess songs are upbeat and uplifting, while “Reflection” is mellow and dramatic.

Usually the “I Want” Disney Princesses songs are about the protagonists wanting adventure or love. Reflection though is about Mulan wanting to express who she is without having to tear her family apart. Compared to the other songs, the subject matter in this song is much more compelling.

8. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes – Cinderella

Like “Someday My Prince Will Come,” pretty much everybody knows this songs.

It has a really, really nice melody and Ilene Woods sings it beautifully.

Besides “When You Wish Upon A Star,” this song feels the most “Disney.” It’s about having faith that your dreams will come true, and that being optimistic about the future will always pull you through hardships.

This message defined Disney and still resonates with people today, despite the song coming out in 1950.

7. So This Is Love – Cinderella

I know there are lots and lots of jokes about this song – in fact, I’ve made a lot of them. It is silly that the minute Cinderella and The Prince first see each other they declare “this is love.”

Nonetheless, it is a very romantic song, with very good lyrics and great singing. Plus, to be fair, this song wouldn’t be as catchy if it went “so this is infatuation.”

6. Almost There – The Princess And The Frog

Like I said earlier, in “Almost There” sings about how she’s determined to work hard to accomplish her dreams. She knows what she wants won’t just land at her feet and that she needs to work very hard to get it.

This makes Tiana one of the most admirable and inspiring Disney Princesses. “Almost There” spreads the best message out of all the songs on this list.

Not only that, but the melody is catchy, the jazz band sounds amazing and the singing is great.

5. Belle – Beauty And The Beast

What’s impressive about this song is it establishes many plot-points, character traits, and themes essential to the story in the span of a few minutes. After the song is done, you know everything you need to know about Belle, Gaston, the world, and much more.

All the while it’s a very entertaining song with lots of memorable moments, such as the fountain scene, where Paige O’Hara is just plain showing off.

The reprise is just as good, which is the one where she goes “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.”

4. Colors Of The Wind – Pocahontas

Disney’s Pocahontas – otherwise known as “Yeah, That’s Totally What Happened…”

Historical misrepresentations aside, this is an incredible song. I love the way it builds and builds. At first, it’s quiet, then the orchestra goes crazy and Judy Kuhn turns her voice up to 110%.

The lyrics are a little in your face with their message, but they’re still very thought-provoking and carry a lot of weight.

Not to mention, this is one of the best animated sequences in Disney history. The colors are gorgeous and the way they portray the landscapes is stunning.

3. Part Of Your World – The Little Mermaid

It’s no surprise a Howard Ashman and Alan Menken song is so high up the list. They were the next generation’s Sherman Brothers.

It’s a fun idea for a song – a mermaid obsessing over humans, longing to become one – and they take every opportunity they have with it.

Jodi Benson ranks among the best singers in Disney – she might even be the best. That’s really saying something – let’s just say there’s a lot of competition.

The reprise is just as great, and perhaps even more iconic, given that it plays over the sea where she sits on the rock as the waves crash around her.

2. A Whole New World – Aladdin

Fun fact: Lea Salonga provided the singing voice for both Jasmine and Mulan. What a career!

A very beautiful, romantic song that is pure magic.

The new version of the song in the remake doesn’t even compare. The singing is good, but they added some new instruments to it that makes it sound like a Disney Channel pop song.

The new Disney Live Action version of Aladdin is not anywhere near as good as the original. However it is interesting to compare the live action and animated versions of the song.

It’s also ironic how they’re singing “A Whole New World” and yet they only fly over a small section of Agrabah, most of which they can’t see because it’s too dark.

1. Let It Go – Frozen – The Best Disney Princess Song

Let It Go. The song that took over the world. As of writing this post, the video above stands at 2.3 billion views. I hope the songwriters got a bonus.

I know it’s overplayed and you constantly hear praise after praise for it, but all the love for this song is warranted.

Adele Dazeem’s voice is out of this world and her vocals supplement the lyrics perfectly.

Part of why we like it is cathartic to seeing someone unleash everything they’ve been told to hold back. Lots of us have something we restrain, for whatever reason that might be. It’s cathartic to see someone say “forget it” and just unleash all they’ve been holding back. It’s the perfect song for the rebel inside us.

Even after hearing it hundreds of times, it still makes my jaw drop. Let it Go is truly the greatest Disney Princess song.

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