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Disney Wish Chandelier – The Center Piece of the Magic

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Boarding Disney Wish for the first time is one of those take-your-breath-away experiences.

As you are welcomed onboard your eyes will most likely be drawn to the magnificent Disney Wish Chandelier.

Those first moments that you step on board any of the Disney Cruise Ships are always an emotional experience, but the Wish just seems to take things to a different level.

Disney Wish Chandelier

Disney Wish Grand Hall

The first hint that this is going to be an elevated experience is when you realize just how big the space is compared to the other ships in the Disney Fleet.

Not only is the space much larger, but it also has a different name. On all the other ships this area is known as the atrium.

On the Disney Wish, the space is named The Grand Hall.


The Imagineers wanted to create a Castle on the Seas. The Grand Hall itself has  Gothic, Baroque, and French Rococo influences in its design.

One major difference in the Disney Wish Chadelier is the many different lighting effects that it can create. These extend along the staircase and balconies too, so that a truly magnificent show can be created.


Whilst the chandeliers on the other Disney ships are beautiful, they weren’t designed to be an integral part of the entertainment as it was on the Wish.

The multi-faceted design of the Disney Wish Chandelier means that there is a lot more possibility for creating light music and live entertainment shows in The Grand Hall.

Wishing Ever After Final Farewell Show

On your final day don’t miss the Wishing Ever After Final Farewell Show.

This is held in the Grand Hall on the final sailing day. Check your Navigators for the time, but it is usually 10.15 pm.

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