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Disney Wish Restaurants What You Need to Know

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Want to know more details about the Disney Wish Restaurants?

The new Disney Wish will launch in July 2022 and we are learning more and more about what amazing features will be onboard.

A huge part of the Disney Cruise experience is dining together as a family. The design team for Disney Wish has created some innovative new dining experiences.

There are three types of dining on any Disney Cruise Ship:

  • Rotational Dining
  • Adult Exclusive Dining
  • Casual Dining

Let’s look at each of these in turn and find out what we know about these new experiences on the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Rotational Dining

All of the Disney ships have a unique concept – rotational dining.

On each ship, including the Disney Wish, there are three main dining restaurants. Guests “rotate” between the restaurants, which means that they will dine in a different place each evening.

disney wish 1923
Disney Wish 1923 Restaurant

As the Disney Wish will be mostly sailing 3 and 4-night itineraries, this means that guests will dine in each restaurant at least once, and one of the restaurants twice.

As soon as you board and are given your Key to the World you can see your dining rotation.

The brilliant concept of rotational dining is not only do you get to dine in each restaurant, but your Servers come with you.

This means that your Servers have the chance to get to know you and your dining preferences so that they can make your experience even more magical.

The Disney Wish will have 3 rotational dining restaurants:

  • Arendelle – A Frozen Dining Experience
  • 1923
  • Worlds of Marvel

Here is a video which shows an overview of the new Disney Wish rotational dining restaurants:

More details have recently been revealed on the D23 website

Arendelle – A Frozen Dining Adventure

Disney Wish Frozen Restaurant

Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and friends will have a very special place on the Disney Wish.

Guests will get to dine in the magical kingdom of Arendelle in Anna and Elsa’s Royal Palace.

The new Disney Wish restaurant will be named Arendelle – A Frozen Dining Adventure.

It will feature entertainment whilst you eat. There aren’t really any details yet about what this will be.

However, I would guess this will be much like the concept of Tiana’s Place on the Disney Wonder and Rapunzel’s Royal Table on the Disney Magic.

What is worth noting is that the Arendelle restaurant on the Disney Wish is the first space that has been specifically designed for theatrical dining. Tiana’s Place and Rapunzel’s Royal Table were both upgrades of existing space.

The video footage did not give too much away, but it seemed to suggest that there would be a central stage where the beloved Frozen characters will perform during the meal.

We are now told that Elsa and Olaf will visit the tables for a meet and greet experience.

Similar to Rapunzel’s Royal Table there will be a group of musicians who will play Nordic-inspired renditions of favorite Frozen songs. Be prepared to hear Let it Go more than once during your Disney Wish cruise!

Be prepared for some surprises as Oaken and his Hearty Party Planning Service are catering the big event.

One thing I did notice about the concept art was that there seemed to be a lot of very large tables.

To me, this seems like a lot of tables in long rows. This gives the restaurant more of a look of a banqueting hall, which obviously is appropriate for Anna and Elsa’s Palace.

However, I doubt that this will be the case in reality. Usually, on a Disney ship, most of the tables seat from 4 to 8 guests. Some are larger if you have a large party.

You can request your own private table if you want.

The cuisine will feature World-Class Cuisine infused with Nordic Influences.

Some details have been given about the Arendelle menu. It will feature a seared Chilean sea bass that comes with a cornucopia of fresh vegetables.

Also on the entree menu will be a juniper-spiced roasted free-range chicken that comes with a duck fat-fried potato and estragon wild mushrooms.

Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass and Juniper Spiced Roasted Free Range Chicken

As you would expect, there will be lots of Easter eggs from the world of Frozen.

Look out for family heirlooms and paintings, an Arendelle soldier’s suit of armor, the grandfather clock featured in the original film, busts of Anna and Elsa, and the lantern featured in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

We also now know that the windows will have an effect which will change the look outside during the course of the meal. Maybe it will even snow in the Bahamas!

1923 Restaurant on the Disney Wish

ScreeaDisney Wish 1923 restaurant

This is a design that few had predicted, but once you start thinking about it, makes so much sense.

The reference to 1923 is the year in which the Walt Disney Studios first opened. The theme will be 1920’s Hollywood glamor.

Disney Wish 1923 Restaurant

It made me think about the design of the fabulous Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disney’s California Adventure.

The 1923 Restaurant will be located just off the main lobby area, or Grand Hall as it is named on the Disney Wish.

There will be two very distinct rooms in the restaurant with one named for Walt Disney and the other for his brother Roy Disney.

Sachi Handke, show coordinator, Walt Disney Imagineering commented:

“We want you to feel how classy this space is, and we want you to feel classy dining there like you might turn your head and there is Walt Disney sitting right next to you.”

The design just looks beautiful, with the dark woods, subtle lighting, and of course the collections on the shelves which line the walls.

Sixteen beloved animated films will be represented in the space, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Pinocchio (1940), Fantasia (1940), Bambi (1942), Cinderella (1950), Alice in Wonderland (1951), Peter Pan (1953), Sleeping Beauty (1959), The Sword in the Stone (1963), The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), The Princess and the Frog (2009), Tangled (2010), Frozen (2013), Moana (2016), and Frozen 2 (2019).

You can see Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth in the display cabinets.

Mrs Potts and Cogsworth

The emphasis here is on the lavish decor which will celebrate the evolution of Disney animation from 1923 to the present day.

We are told that there will be almost 800 pieces of artwork, 50 character maquettes, and 24 multiplane camera cel set-ups celebrating Disney animated classics.

The Imagineer’s attention to detail will be fascinating to explore.

Monstro Prop replica from the Pinocchio Movie

The theme of the menu will be Californian Cuisine. This is described as a fusion of Asian, European, and South American flavors. So quite a lot of range to create a menu around!

Two menu items have been revealed so far including a savory porcini-spiced ahi tuna appetizer and fennel, Bartlett pear, and Tatsoi salad accented with Manchego cheese, walnuts, and a sherry dressing.

Porcini Spiced Ahi Tuna and Fennel, Bartlett Pear and Tastoi Salad

The design of all the ships incorporates many elements which remind you and make you realize that all this started with one man (and a mouse of course).

But it seems as though 1923 will be very much a place of nostalgia where you are encouraged to step back into the world that Walt Disney knew.

This Disney Wish restaurant is intended to be a place where we can imagine seeing Walt and his family sitting there with us. I’m certainly looking forward to that.

Worlds of Marvel Disney Wish Restaurant


Another brand new dining experience will be Worlds of Marvel. Disney already had Marvel Days at Sea, but this is going to take the integration of the Marvel Universe on the Disney ships to a whole new level.

Marvel ERestaurant on Disney Wish

The concept sounds amazing and the introduction of a Marvel dining experience is sure to be very popular.

“You will be transported to an adventurous technology showcase where you will play an interactive role in an action-packed mission that unfolds around you”.

The experience is called Avengers: Quantum Encounter.

We are promised a First-of-its-Kind Cinematic Dining Adventure. It looks as though there will be live characters combined with highly innovative technology to make this a unique dining experience.

disney wish worlds of marvel restaurant

The backstory is that Ant-Man and The Wasp are attending a speaking engagement representing their fellow Avengers.

They will be talking about and showcasing a presentation of the Super Hero technology to show to the Disney cruisers.

This is what you will find at the center of the table.


The video suggests that the Imagineers have actually found a way to shrink and expand objects! Now I know they are talented, but I think this may have a few scientific principles in its way.

However, I can’t wait to see how the Avengers restaurant experience unfolds.

Huge news for Marvel fans is that the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have come together to lend their talents to this unique experience.

Apparently, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, Evangeline Lily as The Wasp, Anthony Mackie as Captain America, and Brie Larson as Captain Marvel have all filmed their roles for this dining and cruise show experience.

Only a few details have been revealed about the menu for this unique Avengers restaurant on the Disney Wish. Dishes will be inspired by the real and fictional settings of the MCU.

This includes African Wakanda, Eastern European Sokovia, and New York City.

And what better way to top off a meal than with a heroic dessert, like a sticky fig pudding (inspired by Peggy Carter!) with salted caramel coconut and vanilla ice cream, or perhaps a flourless chocolate beetroot cake.

All superheroes have to keep up their energy level – so the menu reveal sensibly starts with dessert. The Sticky Fig Pudding is inspired by Peggy Carter and the flourless chocolate beetroot cake, well that could be inspired by anyone who enjoys sumptuous desserts!

Flourless Chocolate Beetroot Cake and Sticky Fig Pudding

Disney Wish Adult Dining Restaurants and Bars

All Disney Ships have a large amount of space that is dedicated exclusively to guests aged 18 and over.

As predicted, the Disney Wish will continue the tradition of all the Disney ships and will have Palo on board.

There is something a little different for the second fine dining restaurant though – it will not be Remy.

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge

Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge

This isn’t a restaurant, but I simply had to mention the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge.

This most definitely is what Star Wars fans have been waiting for. Finally, a Star Wars bar on a Disney cruise ship.

Disney Wish Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge is the first of its kind. You will board a luxury spaceship where you will be able to enjoy out-of-this-world drinks and look out of the “window” to see panoramic views of the Galaxy.

Learn More About Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge

Disney Wish The Rose Bar

Disney Wish The Rose Bar

The bar which will be in the adult dining space is themed for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

The Rose Bar will probably be much like the concept of The Meridian Bar on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.

A place to go prior to dining in the adult-only restaurants, or indeed to enjoy even when you aren’t dining there.

Disney Wish Palo Steakhouse

Disney Wish Palo

Featuring decor inspired by Cogsworth, Disney’s Palo restaurant gets a reimagining make-over.

Notice too that it is called Palo Steakhouse. This is not a title that is given to any of the other Palo’s on the other Disney ships.

The concept is to combine “sophisticated Italian dining with the refinement of a modern steakhouse”.

We haven’t had too much detail yet about Palo on the Disney Wish. I would imagine that they will continue the very popular Disney Palo Brunch traditional in addition to offering a nightly dinner experience.

Enchante on the Disney Wish

Disney Wish Enchante

The ultimate in fine dining on the Disney Wish will be the new Enchante restaurant. Inspired by Beauty and the Beast’s Lumiere

The menu will be crafted by Three-Star Michelin Chef Arnaud Lallement.

Remy on the Disney Fantasy and Dream have established themselves as offering one of the finest dining experiences at sea. No doubt the Disney Wish will elevate the experience even more.

We still don’t have many details about Enchante on the Disney Wish – but we will post them here when we do.

Disney Wish Marceline Market Buffet and Casual Dining

The Disney Wish is breaking with the tradition of having a Cabanas buffet on the pool deck.

Now is a pretty sensitive time to be talking about buffets on cruises. Whilst Disney has announced some details about the casual dining spaces and options it has not yet confirmed whether or not this will be a serve-yourself buffet or if servers will plate your selections for you.

The new buffet is called Marceline Market on the Disney Wish. This of course pays homage to Walt Disney’s hometown.

disney wish marcelin market

The concept art looks very stylish and contemporary. There will be 10 different stations to choose from.

You can’t see too much about the design but hopefully, the stations are a decent distance apart to prevent too many guests standing in line (remember Beach Blanket anyone)?

 The food stations will be themed around classic Disney movies such as Tangled, Alice in Wonderland, Zootopia, and Ratatouille.

We have been told that the local proprietors will be the characters themselves! Does this mean that Judy Hopps is going to serve you a salad? Is Alice going to be passing out tea and sandwiches? I can’t wait to find out!


There is also a very contemporary and welcoming bar area. There will be plenty of seating both inside and out for the Disney Wish buffet.

There will be additional food options on the pool deck. You are going to find something for even the pickiest eater!

The Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods will be a wonderful place to grab a quick breakfast, lunch, or snack at any time of the day.

The Disney Wish will have DCL’s first Mexican counter service venue as well as a new BBQ eatery.

You will also find Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue, Donald’s Cantina, Daisy’s Pizza Pies, Goofy’s Grill, and Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream.

And you bet there will be a place to get that Dole Whip – for an extra charge of course.

More About the Disney Wish

Disney Wish Ship

The Disney Wish will have her maiden voyage on 9 June 2022. This will be a special sailing of 5 nights.

The Wish will sail out of Port Canaveral on 3 and 4 night itineraries. She is taking over these sailings from the Disney Dream who is going to Miami.

We have written many guides to the Disney Wish and there will be many more to come soon!

Disney Wish Lobby

Disney Wish Godmother

Disney Wish Construction

Will you be sailing on the Disney Wish?

Mike Bader

Thursday 30th of June 2022

We can’t wait! This is our Second Disney Cruise, SO enjoyed the first one. So we know how special the restaurants are in the Rotation Dining venue. There will be Eight of us, four adults and young ones: 8, 13, 16, and 17!