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Exploring the Disney Wish Pool Deck – Innovative Design or Missed Opportunity?

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The Disney Wish Pool Deck is very different from any of the older ships in the fleet.

And this difference is somewhat controversial and certainly has sparked some criticism, particularly of the adult space.

Let’s look at what the Disney Wish Pool deck has to offer, and discover what the controversy is all about.


An Overview of the Pool Decks

To get a better view of the pool decks it is best to start with a Deck Plan as then it is easier to see exactly where the different pools are.

We will then look at each in turn.


There are four pools on Deck 11:

  • Mickey’s Pool
  • Minnie’s Pool
  • Daisy’s Pool
  • Pluto’s Pool

Here you will find Disney movies playing for most of the day. For a schedule of the movies just look at your Navigator’s App.

Deck 11 is also where you will find Marceline Market and Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods.

There are two pools on Deck 12:

  • Donald’s Pool
  • Goofy’s Pool

These pools have a view of Funnel Vision.

and in addition:

  • Toy Story Splash Zone
  • Trixie’s Falls

On Deck 13 you will find:

  • The Quiet Cove Pool
  • Quiet Cove Whirlpool
  • Aqua Mouse Entrance
  • Cove Bar and Cafe
  • Adult-Only Pool Deck

This is for over 18’s only.

You will also find the Concierge Pool Deck on Deck 13 but as this is exclusive to concierge guests we will talk about this in another article.

Mickey Pool on Disney Wish Deck 11

Located on Deck 11, the Mickey Pool is just below Funnel Vision.

The Mickey Pool is often covered for events such as the Sail Away Deck Party and Pirate Night.


The Disney Wish Mickey pool has a maximum depth of 2 feet, but there is a much shallower ledge that takes up much of the space.

It has a capacity of 50.

And it reaches that.

If you don’t have kids then maybe go nowhere near this pool!

But if you do there are plenty of pool chairs to sit and watch the kids have fun.

Minnie’s Pool on Disney Wish Deck 11

The slightly larger and maybe slightly less populated Minnie Pool is also sometimes covered up for activities on Deck 11, such as Pirate Night.

Just like the Mickey Pool, the maximum depth is 2″ with a shallow ledge around it. The maximum capacity is a little higher than the Mickey Pool at 63 guests.

Daisy’s and Pluto’s Pool

These are identical pools on the left and right-hand sides of the deck.

Each is 6 inches deep and has a waterfall feature at the back.


You can watch Funnel Vision from these pools as well. They tend to be slightly less crowded than the Mickey and Minnie Pools.

Nevertheless, they are usually very busy at peak times.

Donald’s Pool and Goofy’s Pool

A few steps further up are Donald’s and Goofy’s Pool on Deck 12.


These are deeper at 4 feet deep and have a capacity of 45 guests.

You can also see Funnel Vision from here. Although if you are visually challenged (like me you need glasses but probably don’t wear them in the pool) it can be a bit difficult to see even though the screen is huge)!

Of the family pools on the Wish, these are my favorite. Because they are deeper and usually a bit less popular than the others.

So Is the Criticism Deserved?

The Disney Wish is perhaps the most controversial of all the Disney ship designs.

This includes the pools.

The Wish steps away from the traditional design of two main family pools and one adult pool.

And the design has faced a lot of criticism.

But I think that they have done a good job with trying to separate out the pools and provide different spaces for families (I will get to the adult spaces later, and spoiler alert I am not so much of a fan).

Yes, family spaces attract a large number of people. No, there is no way these pools are for swimming in.

That isn’t what cruise ship pools are really meant to be for.

But they provide great family spaces for dipping your feet in the pool, relaxing on a lounge chair, watching Funnel Vision, and having a drink and some food if you want to.

Disney Wish Adult Pool Deck

Now here we definitely have heard many strong opinions, and really most of them are not positive.

The adult space on the Disney Wish pool deck tried hard but really didn’t get it right. I do hope that it is not the same on Disney Treasure.

Having sailed on the other Disney Cruise ships the adult space, even though pretty small on the Wonder and the Magic, rarely feels crowded.

Rarely have I had difficulty finding a lounger, or feeling like my personal space was being invaded by a lack of actual space and way too many people.

The aft area of the pool deck for adults on Disney Wish is small. Way too small.

An Infinite View of the Ocean

A first for Disney Cruise Lines is the infinity pool in the adult section of the Disney Wish pool deck.

On each side of the infinity pool, there are two wading pools, each with a waterfall feature at the sides. This is a nice place to sit and cool off with a drink – although be careful to not spend too long in the sun as there is no shade here.

The Disney Wish Quiet Cove Infinity pool is a great idea. It has a depth of 3’3″.

But it isn’t big enough. It has a maximum capacity of 26 guests and it certainly fills to capacity.

disney wish infinity pool

Or maybe the pool is a decent size, but the space around it isn’t.

Even though you have beautiful views over the aft of the ship, it just feels crammed in.

A bit like if you suddenly decided to put an infinity pool on Deck 9 aft of the Magic or Wonder. Where Cabanas seating is now.

You wouldn’t do it as there isn’t room. And there isn’t on Disney Wish.

This space also has pool loungers, chairs, and the Quiet Cove Bar.

Really they couldn’t fit any more chairs into this space.

There are spaces on the adult pool deck at the sides of the deck approaching the infinity pool area where you can find a sun lounger or even a small collection of chairs to sit.

But overall you often just get the sense that you want more space.

There is also a Quiet Cove Whirlpool on the starboard side of Deck 12.

Another thing about the Wish is that there just don’t seem to be many hot tubs. This was one reason I spent a lot of time in the Rainforest Room. Most of the time those hot tubs were empty.

Toy Story Splash Zone

If you have little ones this is the place to be.

Toy Story Splash Zone is an easy space to supervise young ones in as it only has one entrance and exit – so you aren’t worried about them being able to leave the area without you realizing.

It has fountains, a couple of slides, and lots of brightly colored characters.

This fun area for babies and toddlers is themed after Partysaurus Rex, one of the best Disney Pixar shorts.

Remember, swim diapers are required.

 A few steps away is Trixie’s Falls. This is a wading pool that is just 6 inches deep. It has a waterfall and a fountain feature.

There is also a water slide called appropriately, Slide-a-Saurus Rex.


The end of this is close to the Toy Story Splash Zone.

You need to be 38 inches or taller to ride this slide.

Just above the Toy Story Splash Zone is the Tower Suite – the most expensive suite on Disney Wish.


This area really is one of the hidden spots on Disney Wish.

It is relatively quiet, even though it is for the younger ones.

This area has some shade and you can spend time with your feet in the water, looking up to the Tower Suite and wondering how you will ever make enough money to stay there.

Chip ‘N Dale’s Quiet Pool

Located on Deck 14, this is another great space that not everyone has discovered yet.


If you want somewhere relatively quiet to dip your feet in the pool, then head to Chip ‘n Dale’s Pool Deck 14 forward.

It is 2 feet deep and has a maximum capacity of 60 guests.

Disney Wish Aqua Mouse

The Aqua Mouse is very similar to the AquaDuck on the Fantasy and Dream.

However, the Aqua Mouse features two different Mickie and Minnie shorts.

I’m not sure that this addition really enhances the experience. It’s still a fun ride, and if you enjoy the AquaDuck you will definitely enjoy this.

Just be prepared for long lines most of the time. Try riding as soon as you get on board, as soon as it opens, during dinner times, and when the Wish is at Castaway Cay.

You must be 42 inches to ride.

Final Thoughts on the Disney Wish Pool Deck

There is a lot to like about the Disney Wish pool deck.

The separation of multiple pools is generally an excellent idea. There are plenty of chairs all around the decks, and if you are prepared to seek out a quiet space you will find one.

The one area that really does feel as though it needs a rethink for Disney Treasure, is the space at the aft of the ship on Deck 12. The adult area really does feel very crowded. Trying to cram too much into that space really didn’t work.

What you your think about the Disney Wish pool deck?


Sunday 9th of July 2023

Could you please double-check your measurements for the deepest part of some of your pools? Example: "Donald’s and Goofy’s Pool...These are deeper at 4?..." I'm not criticizing, just commenting for a possible correction.


Monday 10th of July 2023

I have double checked them - was there a specific one you had in mind which is not correct? I always welcome input!