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Disney Wish Worlds of Marvel Menu – What You Need to Know

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One of the most innovative experiences on the new Disney Wish is the Worlds of Marvel Restaurant.

The Worlds of Marvel Restaurants is one of the three rotational dining restaurants on Disney Wish.

Disney Cruise Line has a unique concept for dining. On each of the Disney Ships, there are three main dining restaurants.

On the Disney Wish, these are:

  • Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure
  • 1923
  • Worlds of Marvel

Guests “rotate” between each of the Disney Cruise Ship restaurants so that they get to experience each one at least once during their sailing.

This is known as Rotational Dining.

Disney Wish Worlds of Marvel

Not only do you have a unique dining experience in each restaurant, but your servers come with you.

This gives the fabulous Disney Cruise Ship servers a chance to get to know their guest’s preferences so that they can give them the very best dining experience.

The Worlds of Marvel Entertainment Experience


Spoiler Alert: If you want to keep the entertainment a surprise you will want to skip this section.

But we really don’t give much away.

The Worlds of Marvel restaurant uses some very innovative technology and this makes this experience a lot of fun, even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the franchise (yes that’s me).

Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly appear as their original characters Ant-Man and The Wasp.

The backstory is that Ant-Man and The Wasp are attending a speaking engagement representing their fellow Avengers. 

They will be talking about and showcasing a presentation of the Super Hero technology to show to the Disney cruisers.

Disney Wish Quantum Core

The first thing that you will notice about your table is that the centerpiece is a Quantum Core.

Ant-Man explains how the Core has the ability to shrink down or increase the size of any object. The experience is somewhat interactive as they are flashing lights and buttons involved.

Of course, the shrinking demonstration goes wrong and Ant-Man has to fix things.

The entertainment is a lot of fun, and because the room is designed to be split up into small sections, you can see a screen pretty easily from wherever you are.

The show is loud. But definitely not on the level of Arendelle’s loud!

Disney Wish Worlds of Marvel Dinner Menu

Dishes are inspired by the real and fictional settings of the MCU.

This includes African Wakanda, Eastern European Sokovia, and New York City.

Initially, not all of the feedback on the menu was positive.

It seems that Disney Cruise Line has listened to these concerns and the menu changed in October 2022.

Two entrees were replaced, two appetizers were added and another was modified.

I actually felt that of the three main dining restaurants on Disney Wish, Worlds of Marvel was the weakest one in terms of food.

There was no particular stand out for me – apart from perhaps the dessert and oh yes, the drink!


This was the Wakanda Tasting Lab, which although it has a price of $30 can easily, and indeed possibly should, be a shared experience!

It was difficult to choose which one of these three drinks was my favorite, but if I had to make a choice it would probably be the Vusa Vodka, not only because it was sparkly, but because it tasted really really good.

Like many of the drinks on Disney Wish, this was a lot of fun in the presentation. It also tasted really good and I would certainly order it again.

Worlds of Marvel Menu

Showcase Apps

  • Steamed Bao Buns Seared Ginger Orange Pork Belly, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Pickled Daikon, Spring Onions, Mirin Soy Honey Glaze
  • Hearts of Palm with Cilantro and Lime Cucumber, Purple Onion, Bell Pepper, Sweet Potato, Spiced Yellow Pepper, Orange, Infinity Stone Popcorn
  • Dill and Meyer Lemon marinated Shrimp Minneola, English Cucumber, Crème fraiche, Salmon Caviar
  • Steamed Bao Buns Seared Ginger Orange Pork Belly, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Pickled Daikon, Spring Onions, Mirin Soy Honey Glaze
  • Sautéed Crimini and Oyster Mushrooms Sesame Artichoke Purée, Baby Spinach, Yuzu Vinaigrette

The Shrimp was fine, but pretty underwhelming. The Mushrooms were very tasty, although perhaps not as brilliantly presented as they could have been.

Wakandan Salads

  • Heirloom Tomato Salad Escarole, Arugula, Purple Onion, Black Beans, Blue and Red Corn Chips, Parsley, Bearss Lime
  • Iceberg Wedge Candied Pecans, Smoked Bacon Lardons, Black and Globe Radish, Maytag Blue Cheese

Neither the Iceberg Wedge or the Cheddar and Broccolini Soup were particularly marvelous.

From the Sokovian Kettle

  • “Kartoffelsuppe” Creamed Potato Soup, Carrots, Celery, Knockwurst, Thyme
  • White Cheddar and Broccolini Soup With toasted Corn Bread Sippets

Bread Service

  • Marble Loaf With Red Bell Pepper Dipping Sauce

The Marble Loaf bread was a wonderful purple color! The Red Pepper Dipping Sauce was definitely a favorite and our Server was very happy to bring more for us.

Entrées Assemble

  • Berbere Spiced Pork Chop Wakandan Vegetable Pilau, Pomegranate, Red Pepper Sauce, Rainbow Chard, Roasted Scallion
  • Chicken Schnitzel Panko-crusted Chicken Breast, Butter Sautéed Potatoes, Caramelized Onions, Long Green Beans, Lemon, Anchovy, Capers
  •  Grilled Tuna Steak Black Bean Muneta, Queso Fresco, Crisp Cassava, Roasted Corn Chipotle Salsa
  • Golden Mystic Pasta Caramelized Scallops, Angel Hair, Chardonnay Lemon Saffron Cream, Roasted Vine Tomatoes, Savoy Spinach
  • Rosemary Roasted Beef Tenderloin Carved and served with Celeriac puree, Crisp Parsnip, Buttered Asparagus, Roasted Shallot, and Truffle Cabernet Jus

The Golden Mystic Pasta was probably my least favorite entree that I had in any of the Disney Wish main dining restaurants. The scallops were well cooked and the sauce was good, but the pasta was very overcooked.


  • Ricotta Gnocchi Fontina Cheese, Caramelized Grape Tomato Confit, Broccoli Rabe, Arugula Pesto
  • Shiitake and Tofu Udon Udon Noodles, Baby Bok Choy, Tofu, Red Onions, Kombu, Enoki Mushrooms, Miso Shiitake Broth

Lighter Notes

  • Lamb Shawarma Salad Slow-roasted Cumin spiced pulled Lamb Leg in mini Pitas, with Iceberg, Endive, Romaine Lettuce, Sumac Onions, Vine Tomatoes, Pickled Red Cabbage, Roasted Chickpeas, Cucumber and Lemon Yogurt Dressing
  • Grilled Grain-fed Sirloin Steak
  • Slow-roasted Breast of Chicken
  • Oven-baked Fillet of Salmon
    The above three entrées are served with Garden Vegetables and your choice of Steamed White Rice or Baked Potato


  • Subatomic Sticky Date Pudding Salted Coconut Macaroon, Balsamic Caramel Glaze, Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Quantum Key Lime Pie Key Lime Curd, Raspberry Gel, Whipped Lime Ganache
  • Nano Dobos Torta Layered Cake, Rich Chocolate Truffle Cream, Caramel

Ice Cream Sundae

  • Pym Doughnut Sundae Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. Pecan Brownie. Caramel Fudge Sauce, Chocolate Glazed Mini-Doughnut, Whipped Cream

I don’t usually choose the sundae option but who can resist a Pym Doughnut Sundae? We asked the table next to us what they recommended for dessert and everyone voted for the sundae.

Signature Dessert

  • Cheesecake Byte Fresh Berries, Strawberry Jelly, Whipped Cream

No Sugar Added

  • Wakanda Flourless Chocolate Beetroot Cake Chocolate Beetroot Cake, Pepper Crème, Milk Chocolate Soil

Disney Wish World of Marvel Kids Menu

Super Hero Starters:

Creamed Potato Soup with carrots and celery

Garden Salad with your favorite choice of dressing

Main Event:

Crisp Chicken Tenders – with ranch dressing. Entrees served with fresh vegetables and your choice of smashed potatoes, steak fries, or macaroni and cheese. 

Mini Cheeseburger – on brioche bun. Entrees served with fresh vegetables and your choice of smashed potatoes, steak fries, or macaroni and cheese. 

Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza – Entrees served with fresh vegetables and your choice of smashed potatoes, steak fries, or macaroni and cheese. 

Baked Filet of Cod – Entrees served with fresh vegetables and your choice of smashed potatoes, steak fries, or macaroni and cheese. 

Disney Check Meals: 

Whole-Wheat Spaghetti Pasta with Mega Turkey Meatball – with marinara sauce, garden salad, and apple slices. Served with a choice of small low-fat milk or water. 

Barbecue-Glazed Chicken Breast with roasted sweet potato wedges, sweet corn, and fruit salad. Served with a choice of small low-fat milk or water. 

Daring Desserts: 

Quantum Cupcake – red velvet cake, cream cheese, Marvel Sprinkles

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Selection of Assorted Ice Cream

Disney Wish Worlds of Marvel Restaurant Final Words

If you are a Marvel fan you will love this Disney Wish dining experience.

If you aren’t, then this can still be an entertaining experience.

For those of you familiar with Animator’s Palate on the other Disney ships, it’s kind of like a 2.0 version of this.

The technology is innovative and it really keeps you engaged and wondering what will happen next.

But the food?

Although Disney did change some dishes on the menu, this really was just a little disappointing for me. The dishes were just a little too “ordinary”.

In comparing it two the other two main dining restaurants on Disney Wish, the food was definitely not up to par for me.

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