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How Much Does A Disney Wish Cruise Cost for 2023?


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Are you thinking of sailing on the Disney Wish but wondering how much it will cost?

The new Disney Wish promises to be the most spectacular of all of the Disney ships.

She will start sailing out of Port Canaveral Florida in July 2022.

Disney Wish Palo
Disney Wish Palo Steakhouse

If you want to know what the Disney Wish cost is, here is our comprehensive guide!

disney wish 1923
Disney Wish Concept Art 1923 Restaurant

If you want to know the costs for a 2022 Cruise on the Disney Wish go to this:

Disney Wish 2022 Costs Revealed

Disney Wish Cruise Costs – What You Must Know

Disney Wish Concierge One Bedroom Suite

When reading this guide about the price of the Disney Wish, make sure that you have these things in mind:

  • The cost of a Disney Cruise can vary a lot from day today. Usually, the lowest cost available, is on the first day that the cruise is able to be booked.
  • Disney cruises rarely discount rates. It is true there are some last-minute bargains to be had, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Also with the Disney Wish being the first new ship in over a decade it is unlikely we are going to see any discount prices on the Wish for some considerable time.
  • All prices shown are for 2 adults sharing a Disney Wish Stateroom.
  • Prices are correct at the time of writing this article – 18 May 2022.
  • The prices shown are for the lowest price available in that category. For example, it is likely that in the Disney Wish Concierge section it will be the verandah rooms shown. You aren’t going to get the Tower Suite for $4,000!

All pictures of the Wish Cruise ship are Disney Concept Art


Want to Know the Prices of a Disney Wish Cruise for Summer 2023?

Check out prices for the Wish from May to September 2023

Disney Wish 3 Night Bahamian Cruise 2023

Scenic view of Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas
  • Port Canaveral, Florida
  • Nassau
  • Castaway Cay
  • Port Canaveral, Florida

Sailing on 1/6/21, 1/13/23, 1/20/23, 1/27/23, 2/3/23, 2/10/23, 2/17/21, 2/24/23, 3/3/23, 3/20/23, 3/17/23, 3/24/23, 3/31/23, 4/7/23, 4/14/23, 4/21/23, 4/28/23, 5/5/23, 5/12/23, 5/19/23, 5/26/23

January 6, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
January 13, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
January 20, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Disney Wish Rainforest Room outside
Disney Wish Rainforest Room outside
January 27, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
February 3, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
February 10, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Disney Wish nightingales
Disney Wish Nightingales
February 17, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
February 24, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
March 3, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
March 10, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
March 17, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
March 24, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
disney wish oceanview stateroom
Disney Wish Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom
March 31, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
April 7, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
April 14, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
April 21, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms
Disney Wish Concierge Royal Suite
April 28, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
May 5, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
May 12, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Disney Wish Tower Suite
Disney Wish Tower Suite Living Room
May 19, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
May 26, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge

Disney Wish 4 Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral

  • Port Canaveral, Florida
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Castaway Cay
  • At Sea
  • Port Canaveral, Florida
January 2, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
January 9, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge

January 16, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Disney Wish Edge
Disney Wish Edge Club
January 23, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
January 30, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
February 6, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
February 13, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Disney Wish Quiet Cove Pool
Disney Wish Concept Art
February 20, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
February 27, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
March 6, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Disney Untangled Hair Salon
Disney Untangled Hair Salon
March 13, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
March 20, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
March 27, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
April 3, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
April 10, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
disney wish world of avengers restaurant
Disney Wish World of Avengers Restaurant
April 17, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
April 24, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
May 1, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Disney Wish Aqua Mouse
Disney Wish AquaMouse
May 8, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
May 15, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
May 22, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
May 29, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge

Disney Wish Tips and Secrets

Disney Wish Adult
Disney Wish Adult Areas

I have so many tips and guides to the Disney Wish to share with you!

We have all been waiting so long for this new Disney Cruise Ship. It is over a decade since the last Disney Cruise ship launched – so the excitement has been building for a long time for the new Disney Wish.

Here you can learn what we know about the Disney Wish Restaurants that are planned. These include a Disney Frozen-themed restaurant.

One of the most exciting new features of the new ship will be the Disney Star Wars Bar!

Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge Bar
Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge

See all the fabulous Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms including the Disney Wish Tower Suite.

Here is the most comprehensive guide to the Disney Wish Staterooms including where you will find the very best Disney Wish Inside Staterooms.

There will be so much to do for both children and adults on the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Kids Club

Check back often as we are adding new articles and information all the time!

Will you be sailing on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship? Were you surprised at the Disney Wish cost?

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