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Disney Wonder Embarkation Lunch – What Are Your Options Updated 2024

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There are a number of choices for your Disney Wonder Embarkation Lunch.

You can go to Cabanas Buffet on Deck 9, but did you also know that there is a sit-down lunch available as soon as you board the Disney Wonder?

Here we will look at what is available including the buffet and the embarkation lunch at Triton’s so you can decide which is the best for you.

Disney Wonder Embarkation Lunch

Disney Cabanas Embarkation Lunch

One thing is for sure. You will never be short of food on a Disney Cruise.

Cabanas is the name of the buffet on all the Disney Ships with the exception of Disney Wish. On this new Disney Cruise Ship the buffet is Marceline Market.

Cabanas Buffet on Disney Wonder

The first thing that most guests do when they board the Disney Wonder is head to the Cabanas Buffet!

You will usually enter the ship on Deck 3 mid-ship so simply take the elevator, or the stairs if you are feeling energetic, up to Deck 9.


The Disney Wonder is a really easy ship to find your way around once you get used to the layout.

The Cabanas Buffet is aft on the pool deck.

Both the left and the right-hand side of the buffet line will be open on embarkation day.

Usually, there isn’t much of a difference in the length of the line, but if I was to guess I would say pick the left.

People have a natural tendency to go to the right.

Sinks Outside Disney Wonder Cabanas

The first thing you will notice is that there are sinks outside the entrance to Cabanas.

There will also be a Cast Member there welcoming you and checking that you wash your hands.

This is really important for everyone so that you have your best chance of staying healthy on your cruise.

The buffet is set out in a line. It is in sections, so you can jump back in at any point, but just be courteous to others!

At this point, you will still have your carry on luggage with you. The tables inside Cabanas on the Disney Wonder are pretty close together. Just make sure you consider others and don’t block the aisles too much.

Remember that if the inside is crowded, as it will be on embarkation day unless you are one of the first to board, there are plenty of tables outside on the pool deck.


One of the nicest places to sit is right out at the back of the ship – just go out of the back door at Cabanas.

A little known secret is that there are also some tables out on Deck 10 at the back of the ship.

It is rare that people go up there, particularly on the first day.

The only problem is that you do have to walk up the stairs with your plate and drink – it can be a difficult balancing act!

Disney Cruise Buffet Hot Food Selection

When you enter the line at Cabanas Buffet you will see that the first items are hot cooked items.

You can enter at the left or the right and it’s the same either side.

The whole of the buffet is a U Shape – so don’t forget to look at what is at the end of the line as well.

This is where you will find the specialty items which they rotate every day – such as Asian and Mexican influenced food.

This is also where you will find the desserts!

The desserts are not self serve, like the rest of the buffet.

I actually think this is a good thing as it saves a lot of calories.


At the side of each line, you will find the salads and seafood items.


There are many other options for lunch on the pool deck in addition to the Cabanas Buffet.

  • Pinnochio’s Pizzeria offers great pizzas including gluten-free and vegan options. This is next to the Goofy Pool. It is great to enjoy a slice of pizza and watch Funnel Vision.
  • Pete’s Boiler Bites is the place for burgers, fries, hot dogs and tacos. Located on the pool deck just by the slide.
  • Daisy’s Delites. This is one of my new favorite places to eat on Disney Wonder. It is located near the Mickey pool and offers sandwiches, salads and healthy options.
  • Eye Scream. Here you can get as much soft-serve ice cream as you could possibly eat. If you want a Dole Whip these are also available for extra cost.

Disney Wonder Embarkation Lunch at Tiana’s Place

The Disney Wonder Embarkation Lunch is held in Tiana’s Palace restaurant.

This means that as soon as you get on the ship it is literally just a few steps to get to the restaurant.

Most people go straight to the buffet, but I think that Tiana’s is a really great option.

It isn’t my favorite Disney Wonder lunch menu, but it is a very relaxing experience to start off your cruise.

We are talking here about the Disney Wonder specifically, but the Disney Cruise embarkation lunch menu is exactly the same for all the ships.

Therefore whether you are sailing on the Disney Wonder, Magic, Dream, or Fantasy the lunch menu is the same.

The only difference is the location of the Embarkation Lunch. These will be as follows:

  • Disney Wonder Tiana’s Place
  • Disney Dream Animator’s Palate
  • Disney Magic Lumiere’s
  • Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate

Disney Cruise Embarkation Lunch Menu

Tiana’s Place Restaurant on the Disney Wonder

Here is the embarkation menu for all the Disney ships. This is correct as of January 2023:


Sliced Smoked Salmon with Lemon and a Honey-Mustard Dill Sauce

Beef Empanadas with Red Chimichurri

Mixed Salad with Iceberg, Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onion, and Carrots with a choice of Dressing, Raspberry, Balsamic, Ranch, or Italian Vinaigrette.

From the Kettle

A hearty portion served in individual crocks

Seafood and Chicken Gumbo with Cornbread

Leek and Potato Soup with Soda Bread


Pennette Pasta with Tomato-Basil Provencal Sauce, Goat Cheese, and a Spinach Pesto

Grilled Salmon Salad – Grilled Salmon Filet on tossed Iceberg, Citrus-Marinated Couscous, Spinach, Artichokes, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers

Muffuletta Sandwich – Olive Salad, Genoa Salami, Mortadella and Provolone Cheese on Muffuletta Bread served with a side of Chips

Chicken Caesar Salad – Marinated, Roasted Chicken Breast served with crisp Romaine Leaves, a Creamy Caesar Dressing, Sea Salt Croutons and shaved Parmesan

Sliced Roast Beef Sirloin – Roasted Beef Sirloin served with a double Baked Potato, Green Beans and a Thyme Red Wine Jus


Cookies ‘N Cream Cheesecake layered on a Chocolate Graham Cracker Crust with Whipped Crea

Carrot Cake layered with Lemon Cream Cheese

Welcome Aboard Sundae – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Pecan Caramel Cupcake Bits, Butternut Squash Sauce, and Whipped Cream

No Sugar Added Dessert

Chocolate Marquise Bombe – rich Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Sauce

Children’s Selection

Mickey’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Golden Chicken Strips with Barbecue Sauce

Minnie’s Mini Burger

Mickey Check Meal – Grilled Chicken Breast with Roasted Red Skin Potatoes and steamed Carrots and fresh Watermelon served with a choice of Low Fat Milk or Water.

Disney Cruise Room Service

Disney Cruise All Hands on Deck

If you do not want to eat in the Cabanas Buffet or have a sit-down lunch, you can order Room Service on Embarkation Day.

You do just need to be aware that you won’t get into your stateroom until 1.30.

I like to order the All Hands on Deck for the sail away.

I usually want to be on my verandah for the sail away and it’s great to have a snack as well. Particularly with a glass of champagne in hand!

You can find the Disney Wonder Room Service Menu on the Navigator’s App.

Most items on the Disney Cruise Room Service Menu are free.

Do remember that it is customary to tip your server.

A guideline of at least $1 per plate is given. You can either give cash or you can add a tip onto the slip they will give you to sign.

Disney Cruise Concierge Embarkation Lunch

Disney Wonder Triton’s Restaurant

If you are lucky enough to be sailing as a Disney Cruise Concierge Guest you have another option for your embarkation lunch.

This is an exclusive lunch with an upgraded menu just for Disney Cruise Concierge guests.

If you are a sailing Concierge with Disney Cruises you can go to Enchanted Garden on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.

If you are sailing on the Wonder you can go to Tritons.

On the Disney Magic, the Embarkation Concierge Lunch is in  Rapunzel’s Royal Table restaurant.

Of course, you can also dine in the general embarkation lunch location.

Probably you would only do this if you are sailing with non-concierge guests who are not able to dine with you in the concierge-only lunch restaurant.

You can also have snacks in the Concierge Lounge.

Disney Cruise Concierge Embarkation Lunch Menu


  • SLICED SMOKED SALMON with Lemon and a Honey-Mustard Dill Sauce
  • BEEF EMPANADAS with Red Chimichurri
  • MIXED SALAD with Iceberg, Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onions, and Carrots with a choice of Dressing: Raspberry, Balsamic, Ranch, or Italian Vinaigrette


a hearty portion served in individual crocks



  • PENNETTE PASTA with Tomato- Basil Provencal Sauce, Goat Cheese, and a Spinach-Pesto
  • GRILLED SALMON SALAD Grilled Salmon Filet tossed Iceberg, Citrus-Marinated Couscous, Spinach, Artichokes, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers
  • MUFFULETTA SANDWICH Olive Salad, Genoa Salami, Mortadella, and Provolone Cheese on Muffuletta Bread served with a side o- Chins
  • CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD Marinated. Roasted Chicken Breast served with crisp Romaine Leaves, Vine Tomatoes creamy Caesar Dressing, Sea Salt Croutons, and shaved Parmesan
  • POACHED LOBSTER SALAD with Spinach, Escarole, Arugula Leaves, Avocado, Fingerling Potatoes, Asparagus, Shallots, and a Lemon-Flat Leaf Parsley Dressing
  • ROASTED BEEF TENDERLOIN with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Parsnip Purée, Cabernet Wine Black Truffle Reduction, and crisp Celeriac Chips


  • COOKIES ‘N CREAM CHEESECAKE layered on a Chocolate-Graham Cracker Crust with Whipped Cream
  • CARROT CAKE layered with Lemon-Cream Cheese
  • WELCOME ABOARD SUNDAE Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Pecan-Caramel Cupcake Bites, Butterscotch Sauce, and Whipped Cream
  • WARM MOLTEN POT with Homemade Hazelnut Gelato


  • CHOCOLATE MARQUISE BOMBE Rich Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry sauce


Entrées served with fresh Vegetables and Steak Fries

  • MICKEY CHECK MEAL Grilled Chicken Breast with Roasted Red Skin Potatoes, steamed Carrots, and fresh Watermelon served with a choice of Lowfat Milk or Water

Which Disney Cruise Embarkation Lunch option is your favorite?

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Monday 3rd of July 2023

Is it the Tiana’s or Tritons on the wonder? The article lists both…

Maria H

Friday 21st of July 2023

@Alison, thanks for the clarification. It wasn’t clear from this and it actually lists Triton’s throughout as the main location, rather than Tiana’s.


Thursday 6th of July 2023

It is both! Tiana's is for all passengers and Triton's is for Concierge Passengers only. The different menus are published in the article.


Thursday 16th of March 2023

Hiyeeee!! Thank you for the wonderful information and siggestions! Can i ask one clarifying question? I'm a little confused about the Disney Wonder Embarkation Lunch at Tiana’s Place section. It looks like you're about to talk about Tiana's place in that section and thats what the picture references but it looks like you're talking about Triton's. I want to make sure I'm headed to the right place on day one lol or are they both open?


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