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Disney Wonder Inside Stateroom Guide – What You Really Need to Know

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Are you considering booking a Disney Wonder Inside Stateroom?

Here you can find out everything you need to know about an inside cabin on the Disney Wonder. 

This guide includes pictures, reviews, and videos to help you make the right choice.

Not all inside staterooms are created equal so we also show you the “secret staterooms” on the Disney Wonder which give you maximum value for money. 

disney wonder cruise inside stateroom
The Disney Wonder in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Although I am talking here about Disney Wonder, everything I say also applies to Disney Magic.

They are sister ships and the design and layout of the staterooms are exactly the same.

What exactly is an inside stateroom? The term “inside” simply means that it does not have any windows or views of the outside. 


The first thing to know is that there are two types of an inside stateroom.

There is a Standard Inside Stateroom and a Deluxe Inside Stateroom

Each stateroom on a Disney ship has a category number to show which type of cabin it is.

Every stateroom has a letter as well as a number. The letters show which is the most “desirable” within that category. For instance, an 11A stateroom is considered to be in some way superior to an 11C. 

Usually, the difference is the location on the ship as some decks and positions on the decks are seen as more desirable.

All Inside staterooms on the Disney Wonder and Magic sleep 3 or 4 guests.


There is a Queen bed in every stateroom. There is also a sleeper sofa in each room so that a third person can sleep on that. 

A limited number of inside staterooms sleep 4 guests.

This would be in those staterooms which have a bunk-type bed that pulls down out of the ceiling.

This is over the sofa bed so looks like a bunk when it is set up for the night. 

Disney Wonder Standard Inside Stateroom Features

The Standard Inside Staterooms are the smallest staterooms on the Disney Wonder.

I think they can be an excellent choice for guests who really don’t want to spend much time in their rooms. 

The Inside staterooms are a particularly good choice for a budget-conscious couple.

You can still enjoy all the features of the Disney Wonder, but for the lowest cost.

The Standard Inside Staterooms are  Category 11A, 11B, and 11C.

They give you 184 square feet of space.

Although this isn’t a huge amount of square footage, Disney staterooms are brilliantly designed to give you maximum useable space as well as a generous amount of storage space.

So that you can get an idea of exactly what a Standard Inside Stateroom is like on the Disney Wonder I have made this video for you:

As you can see, a Disney Standard Inside Stateroom makes great use of the available space.

 There is no split bathroom in the Standard Inside stateroom.

This is the only type of stateroom on the Disney Wonder which does not have a split bathroom.

Therefore your bathroom is just in one room which has a toilet, sink and a bath with shower attachment. 

Disney Wonder Inside Stateroom Bathroom

I have stayed in a Standard Inside stateroom a number of times. Everything is well designed, but it is compact. You don’t really want to spend much time in your stateroom, but there is so much to do on the ship you really don’t need to. 

It is a great budget choice, unless. you think you will spend a lot of time in your stateroom.

 You still get to enjoy everything everyone else does on the ship – you just don’t pay as much!

Disney Wonder Deluxe Inside Stateroom

The Deluxe Inside Staterooms are 214 square feet.

This extra space is mostly taken up by the additional bathroom space.

These Deluxe Inside Staterooms do have a split bathroom which means that there is one room with a toilet and sink and an additional room with a sink and bath with a shower over.

These staterooms are  Category 10A, 10B and 10C

There are 96 Deluxe Inside Staterooms available on Disney Wonder and Magic.

Often the price difference between the Standard and the Deluxe is not that much.

If you possibly can get a good deal on a Deluxe rather than the Standard then I would say choose that as it does give you the advantage of 2 people being able to use the bathroom at the same time.

Disney Wonder Secret Porthole Staterooms

These secret porthole Disney Wonder staterooms are sold at Category 10 Inside Staterooms, but they do have a porthole with an obstructed view.

Most of these are located on Deck 5, although you will find two on Deck 6.

You can take a look at this video to see a typical secret porthole stateroom.

As you will see, the obstruction here is that of the ship’s lifeboats.

It is a great choice as you do get somewhat of a view as well as being able to enjoy the natural light in the stateroom.

This shows Disney Wonder stateroom 5024.

Most of these Disney Wonder secret porthole staterooms are located on Deck 5.

I am a big fan of Deck 5 for any stateroom including the Inside category – I also like some of the white wall verandah staterooms on this Deck.

If you have younger kids you will love Deck 5 as this is the place you will find the Oceaneer’s Clubs.

You are also very close to the Buena Vista Theater on Deck 5. It’s also pretty convenient if you like taking the stairs sometimes. A short walk down to the restaurants and a slightly longer walk up to the pool on Deck 9.

The Deck 5 secret porthole cabins are 5020, 5520, 5022, 5024,5522 and 5524.

If you are looking for connecting staterooms then 5022 and 5024 connect, as do 5522 and 5524.

There are only two secret porthole cabins on Deck 6 of the Disney Wonder. They are 6006 and 6506. These staterooms on Deck 6 offer the least obstructed views.

On Deck 5 you are best with 5020 and 5520 as they have the least obstructed views. 5022 and 5522 are next.

You will have the most obstructed views in 5024 and 5524.

If you want these secret porthole staterooms you do need to be quick.

Does an Inside Stateroom Save You Money?

Will an inside stateroom save you money?

Usually, an Inside Stateroom is the lowest-priced cabin option on any cruise.

The amount that you save depends very much upon the particular sailing – both the date and the itinerary make a difference.

Here are some prices to see how much less a Disney Inside staterooms costs than other categories of cabin.

All prices are correct on 16 September, 2022 and are for 2 guests. Port fees and taxes are included.

Disney Wonder 5 Day Baja Cruise from San Diego

April 7, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge

Disney Wonder 7 Night Mexican Riviera Cruise from San Diego

April 23, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge

Disney Wonder 7 Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver

June 26, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
August 7, 2023InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge

As you can see, the price difference between an Inside and an Outside Stateroom for the Alaksan cruises is considerably more than for the Mexican cruises.

A balcony cabin is highly sought after on an Alaska cruise so it is sold at a higher premium.

What Will You Find in Your Disney Wonder Stateroom?

There are certain things that you will find inside each Disney Wonder and Disney Magic Inside stateroom:

Beverage Cooler. This is definitely a beverage cooler rather than a fridge. It’s not that cold. It’s fine for keeping soda and wine in but it won’t chill things much. 

  An ice bucket and four small glasses are found as standard in your stateroom. Just ask your stateroom host for ice and they will make sure you always have some. 


Those glasses are not great for wine, but again, just ask your Stateroom Host for some wine or champagne glasses. 

Or you could bring them from one of the Disney Wonder Bars.

Disney really maximizes the amount of storage space available. You will find plenty of closet and drawer space – even in the Standard Inside Staterooms.

I always recommend Packing Cubes

as they make packing and unpacking so much easier.

You can just transfer the packing cube from your suitcase to your drawer. And everything is so easily organized.

There is an adjustable height coffee table along with a large desk and a small backless stool that fits underneath the desk.

There is also plenty of desk space so you can even work there if you wanted to.

In the drawer, you will find the card which you would leave out to order breakfast room service.

You will also find some postcards and other stationery.

These are nice as souvenirs or to send as a postcard from Castaway Cay.


The desk space is very generous for a cruise stateroom. I always find that we have a lot of electronics on there to charge.

Remember that power strips are prohibited on a Disney cruise.

I like this 6 Port USB Rapid Desktop Charging Station

as it is very compact and will charge up to 6 devices.

There are definitely not enough power points in the stateroom.

There is an electronic safe located in the closet. It is big enough for passports and valuables, but not large enough to hold a laptop.

Avoid this hairdryer in the Disney Wonder bathrooms – there is another one in the drawer!

You will find 2 hair dryers in the Disney Wonder staterooms.

Avoid the one in the bathroom. It is fixed to the wall and gets incredibly hot.

The hairdryer you will want to use is found in a bag in one of the desk drawers. It is fine, but I always bring my own. 

You will also find a desk phone and a wave phone.

The desk phone is useful for calling Room Service and Guest Services.

There are two Wave Phones in each Disney cruise stateroom. They are supposed to be for the convenience of guests so that they can call or text other people on board. In theory, it’s a great idea.

Unfortunately, the Wave Phones are a pretty terrible design. Texting is almost impossible and the phone is too big to comfortably fit in your pocket. 

It is so much easier than the texting facility on the Disney Navigator app on our own phones.

As you would expect, there is a flat-screen television. It is mounted on a flexible arm so you can tilt it to see it from the bed or the sofa.

The Disney Wonder stateroom television has a number of channels including of course Disney Channel.

Since the Disney Wonder dry dock, it does now have the interactive television which the Fantasy and Dream have.

Make sure that you look for the stage shows which are shown every day.

There is also a location map and a view from the bridge camera so you can see where you are at sea and how fast you are sailing.

There is a very thick privacy curtain that separates the living from the sleeping area.

It’s a useful addition as it can make it a lot easier to travel with others in your Disney Wonder stateroom.

You will have one bathroom in your Standard Inside Stateroom and a split bathroom in a Deluxe Stateroom. 

Is a Disney Wonder Inside Stateroom a Good Choice?

Having stayed in every category of stateroom on the Disney Wonder I think that an Inside cabin is an excellent choice.

It is usually the lowest priced category (always check though as if availability is low it may not be too much more to upgrade to an Outside Stateroom).

I would say have realistic expectations. It is a very comfortable place to sleep, particularly if there are only 2 guests.

If you try and fit 4 people in a Standard Inside stateroom you may end up finding that challenging, but you know your limits! 

If you want to know more about different choices you should read Disney Cruise Staterooms to Avoid which is a complete guide to all categories onboard all of the Disney ships.

Have you stayed in a Disney Wonder Inside Stateroom?