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How To Make Disney Christmas Ears

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Do you want to learn how to make Disney Christmas Ears? Whilst it is always great to collect the Disney ears which they sell in the Disney Parks and on the Cruise Line, it is so satisfying to make you own Mickey ears!

Not only are these Disney Christmas ears easy to make, but they are also so much cheaper than the ones that you buy in the parks, which are usually around the $30 mark. Depending upon what materials you use, you can customize them to your own tastes. And you will probably still get quite a bit of change out of $10 – all whilst having fun making them!

Disney Christmas Ears
Disney Christmas Ears


DIY Disney Christmas Ears Supplies
What You Need to Make DIY Disney Christmas Ears

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Disney Christmas Ears Supplies:

Instead of using a Hot Glue Gun you can also use Liquid Stitch

. I have been using this a lot recently and it works really well.


Print template and cut out template pieces

Trace ear template onto cardboard 2x and cut out on the lines

Make Disney Christmas ears

Trace ear template onto back of fur 4x with about ¼” allowance all the way around. Make sure they are all facing the same direction so that the fur is laying toward the top of the ear. 

disney ears for christmas
Trace the Ear Template onto the Fabric
  1. Cut out the 4 fur ears starting with the lowest one and working your way up. If you work from the top down, the fur on the lower ears will be cut off.
Homemade Mickey Christmas Ears DIY
  1. Smooth down the fur with your hand to pull out any fibers that are no longer connected.
  1. Cut out one heart and 2 hats from red felt, and 2 each of the hat trim and Pom Pom from white felt. 
Christmas Mickey Ears DIY
  1. Spread hot glue on one side of a cardboard template and press onto the center of the cloth side of a fur ear. Hold down for a few seconds to make sure it sticks.
Homemade Mickey Christmas Ears
  1. Spread hot glue onto the other side of the cardboard, this time also adding a line of glue around the very edge of the fabric. Press another fur ear into place on top of it to form a finished ear. Repeat for the second ear.
Mickey Christmas Ears DIY
  1. Fold back the bottom of each ear and spread a generous amount of hot glue across the bottom. Press firmly in place on the headband. Repeat for the the second ear.
Make Mickey Christmas Ears
  1. Glue the two hats together with the white felt pieces on top. Make sure the tail of each hat is facing the opposite direction. 
Mickey Christmas Ears DIY
  1. Glue one hat to the front of the headband and one in the back so that they line up like the front and back of a single hat.
Make Your Own Disney Christmas ears
  1. After they glued in places, pull the edges back that are over fur and put some glue onto the felt, then press back down into the fur. 
Make Disney Christmas Ears
  1. Glue the hat tops together to create the point of the hat. If the pom poms make it past the outer edge of an ear, glue those together as well. 
Disney Christmas Ears Instructions
  1. Lastly, spread hot glue on the back of the heart, and press into the fur of one ear. 
How to Make Disney Christmas Ears
  1. Trim any excess fur if necessary. 
Homemade Disney Christmas Ears

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