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Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

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If you are visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios be sure not to miss the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. Even if you have never seen the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie upon which this show is based then you will enjoy this fast moving action packed show. Stunt performers, pyrotechnics and special effects all make the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular a must see show at Disney World.

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The idea behind the 35 minute show is that the audience can see how some of the amazing stunts for the Indiana Jones movies were created. The amphitheater holds 2,000 guests and it does get full at busy times. There is a Fast Pass available. To get the best seats you do have to arrive early. There are usually 3 or 4 shows each day so check your schedule as soon as you arrive in Disney’s Hollywood Studios so that you can plan which show to go to. The first show of the day is usually the one which is least crowded.

The doors open around 20 minutes before show time. The best seats are towards the front and center, but you will get a good view of the stage from almost everywhere in the auditorium.

The seating is on benches which are not the most comfortable, but the show is more than worth the wait! You may be in the amphitheater for almost an hour if you arrive early so factor this into your schedule when you are working out which show to go to during the day.

There is audience participation for a chosen few. All volunteers must be at least 18 years old and yes they really do need to sign a waiver! To increase your chances of getting picked scream like crazy when they ask for volunteers, jump up and down, just anything to get you noticed.

The stunt show has 3 scenes which are all based on famous scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The first one showcases the stunt performer portraying Indiana Jones in the classic scene where Indy dodges spikes coming out of the floor, and numerous other traps so that he can get to the prized treasure. Then comes the famous scene where he is being chased by the giant bolder.

Indy is then joined my Marion in the streets of Cairo. Lots of non stop action here with acrobatics, explosions and a great fight scene. The volunteers get to participate in the crowd scene.

The final scene is also action packed with Indiana Jones and Marion trying to stop the Nazis escaping with the ark. Lots more fire, explosions, fight scenes and stunts.

Overall the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is a great show for all of the family to enjoy. Even if you have never seen an Indiana Jones movie you will enjoy this show as it does not rely on any knowledge of the movies. It is great how they bring the movie stunts to the audience and you do get some insight into how some of the stunts are performed.

I have seen this show so many times I have lost count and I always seem to see something different in it. Just wish they would change the script slightly as I now know it by heart! But next time you visit Disney Hollywood Studios make sure that you go to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular – you will be glad you did.

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