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Palo Dinner Menu – What You Must Know Updated

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If you are looking for an exceptional Disney Cruise dining experience look no further than the Palo Dinner Menu.

You will find the Palo restaurant on every Disney Cruise Ship. This adults-only restaurant offers Brunch and Dinner for an additional charge.

I have been fortunate to dine there many times and so have lots of pictures, and tips for those of you who are undecided about whether you should book a Palo dinner.

Palo on the Disney Wonder

The Disney Palo Dinner menu is the same on each of the ships. So the Disney Dream Palo Dinner menu will be identical to that of the Disney Wonder, Fantasy, and Magic.

However, the layout of the restaurant is not the same on all the different ships.

The Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder classic ships have the same design, with Palo located on Deck 11 aft. The Disney Dream and Fantasy Palo have the same design and are located on Deck 12 aft.

Disney Palo Dinnerware is Beautiful – If Only They Sold It!

Disney Wish has Palo Steakhouse with many of the same dishes on the menu but more of an enphasis on the a la carte menu on steak offerings.

Disney Palo Dinner Cost

How much does the Disney Palo Dinner cost? There is a $50 charge per person. This does not include tax or gratuity.

This $50 is for the Fixed Menu.

Note that for the Australia and New Zealand sailings the charge is $60 as this includes the tip.

There is also an a la carte Palo Menu.

Although you could very well eat just in the Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Restaurants I really would suggest that you dine at Palo at least once on your cruise.

Palo is Perfect for a Romantic Dinner

The food and service are exceptional and, for me and most others, fully justify the extra cost for Disney cruise adult guests.

I will admit that the one thing which never makes me think twice about booking a Disney Palo dinner, is that I really really enjoy the Disney Cruise main dining restaurants. I

t can be a difficult choice.

Which Day Should You Book Your Disney Cruise Dinner?

You really need to schedule your Disney Palo dinner booking before you embark on your Disney Cruise.

Palo on Disney Wonder

You can do this online in your Disney Cruise personalizer.

How far ahead you can do this depends upon your Disney Castaway Club status, or if you have booked Concierge Staterooms.

  • First-time Guest – 75 days prior to the sail date
  • Silver Castaway – 90 days prior to the sail date
  • Gold Castaway – 105 days prior to the sail date
  • Platinum Castaway – 120 days prior to the sail date

The only category which takes priority over Platinum Castaway members is those who are sailing in a Concierge stateroom.

All requests for activities are sent to the Concierge 5 days prior to Platinum members being able to request them.

The activities are released on the same day, but in reality, Concierge will have priority over Platinum.

Prior to sailing, you can only book one Disney Palo Dinner.

The only exception to this is if you book the first night of your cruise for Dinner at Palo, you can also book an additional dinner online.

This is to give guests an incentive to book on the first night as this is the quietest night.

What If You Can’t Get Palo Reservations Online?

I know a lot of people get very stressed about this! Sometimes, by the time you can go online to book your activities, there are no more reservations available for Palo Dinner.

However, do not worry!

You are highly likely to get a reservation for dinner at Palo.

Only a limited amount of reservations are released online.

Many reservations are kept back and are only available once you board.

Elegant decor in the Disney Wonder Palo Restaurant

So what do you do to get a reservation onboard? On Embarkation Day you will be given a copy of the printed Navigators before you board the ship.

This will show you where the dining team will be available as soon as you board so that you can go and personally make a reservation.

You can also call the Palo reservation desk from your stateroom.

On the first day, however, I would advise you to go straight to the dining team, so that you have the best chance of getting your preferred time and day for dinner.

Disney Magic and Wonder Palo Restaurant

Disney Wonder Palo Check-in Area

The original Disney Magic and Disney Wonder have the same layout and atmosphere. There are some differences in decor but the overall feeling is the same.

Both the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder were built in Italy – and so came the inspiration for this adult-only Disney Cruise restaurant.

Why is it called Palo?

This is the name of the poles that line the canals in Venice, Italy.

You will see many design touches that honor the Italian tradition, such as the Venetian Masks and Morano Glass.

Disney Palo Morano Glass from Venice

The wine list in all of the Palo Disney Ships Restaurants highlights the wonderful wine of Italy.

 The décor and food of the Palo restaurant are inspired by Italy, the birthplace of both Disney Magic and Disney Wonder.

Palo takes its name from the poles that line the canals of Venice. Palo’s extensive reserve wine list features selections of Italian Sassicaia, Ornellaia, and Tignanello.

Disney Wonder Palo Bar

Many of the servers are also from Italy – take some time to talk to them about their native homeland and you will always be rewarded with excellent conversation.

The servers on Disney Cruise Lines are exceptional – and those in Palo are very knowledgeable about the food and wine that the restaurant has to offer.

Disney Wonder Palo Open Kitchen

One big difference that Disney Wonder and Magic have from the newer ships, is that Palo has an open kitchen.

I actually prefer this design – it can be fun watching the chefs at work!

Disney Palo on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

I love the Venetian mosaic on the wall in Disney Wonder Palo. Take some time to look around the Palo restaurant so you take in all the amazing decor and design.

The Disney Palo restaurant on Disney Wonder and Magic is not that big. There are some booths but most are tables.

disneywonderpalobest seats

Always ask when you check in a Palo if you have a seating preference.

Or ideally, as soon as you board call them and let them know – or even have it noted on your Disney Cruise Reservation.

The absolute priority of everyone on the Disney Cruise Crew is making you happy. If they can possibly make it happen, they will.

Disney Dream and Fantasy Palo

The layout and design of Palo on Disney Dream and Fantasy are the same.

Located on Deck 12, Palo is a lot larger than on the Classic Disney ships – to reflect the increased number of guests on the bigger ships.

The decor is similar in style to the Disney Magic and Wonder but has more rich tones and darker woods.

Disney Fantasy Palo
Disney Palo Entrance

From the moment you are welcomed into the Disney Palo restaurant, you feel at home.

The servers are amazing and will do their best to make sure you have an amazing dining experience.

Disney Fantasy Palo reataurant
Disney Palo on the Fantasy Cruise Ship

Although the booths are nice. the best tables are by the window.

Disney Fantasy Palo
Disney Fantasy Palo Window Seat with View of the Ocean

You can always request a window seat and the Palo servers will do whatever they can to accommodate your request.

Disney Palo Romantic Dinner

The perfect time to dine in Palo for dinner is just before sunset. It is just so romantic to watch the sun go down whilst enjoying the amazing Palo food and service.

Disney Dream and Fantasy Meridian Bar

One difference on Disney Fantasy and Dream is that on the Classic Ships, Palo is on its own and has its own bar within the restaurant.

However. on the Fantasy and Dream, Palo is on the same deck as the amazing Remy restaurant. In between Remy and Palo on these ships is the Meridian Bar.

This is a great place to have a pre-dinner drink.

Disney Fantasy Meridian Bar

There is also an outside area that is very little used on the Meridian Bar.

You do not have to be dining at either Palo or Remy to go to the Meridian Bar. It is one of the lesser-known bars on the Disney Dream ships and can be a great place to relax whether or not you are dining. Particularly on a nice evening when you can sit outside.

Disney Fantasy Meridian Bar
Disney Fantasy Meridian Bar Outside Patio

You can even choose to have your Disney Cruise wedding outside on the Meridian Bar patio.

Signature Cocktails start at $12. Wine and Champagne start at $8.75 a glass.

Disney Palo Dress Code

It is important that you know and stick to the Disney Palo Dress Code. They do enforce it.

Yes, you can go back to your stateroom and change, but really you don’t want to have to do that!

Disney Fantasy Palo dinner

The Palo Dress Code is the same for Brunch and Dinner. However, people do tend to dress up more for Dinner than Brunch.

During brunch and dessert, the following dress code is enforced:

  • Men: dress pants or slacks and collared shirt; jacket is optional
  • Women: dress, skirt or pants with a blouse
  • Jeans may be worn if in good condition (no holes)

This is the official word from the Disney Cruise Website

So now you know the requirements, but what do people actually wear to Palo? Well as you can see from some of the photos here – it varies.

You aren’t very likely to see anyone in a full-length gown, but you could wear one if you wanted.

Probably about half of the men wear jackets, but again it really is optional.

The other Disney Cruise Ship restaurants have different requirements, you can check these at Disney Cruise Ship Dress Codes

Disney Palo Dinner Menu

Whatever your personal tastes for food for dinner you really will find something that you enjoy on the Disney Palo Dinner menu.

Disney Palo is open for Dinner every night of the cruise

The servers in Palo are amongst the very best on any Disney Ship. Let them help you choose from the menu. They have extensive knowledge of all the dishes and want you to enjoy your experience.

Here are pictures of the Disney Palo Dinner Menu.

disney cruise palo menu
disney palo menu a la carte
palo menu desserts
menu at palo disney cruise

Even though I have just shown you the menu, what I do want to say is that if you have any special dietary needs let your server know.

You can also do this ahead of time when you book your Disney Palo Dinner reservation online before your cruise.

The first course of your Palo Dinner is the antipasti. Your server will bring the selection around for you to choose what you want. The flavors are amazing.

DH chose the Fresh Arugula Salad.

The ingredients were of high quality, particularly the Parmesan.

However, the tomato was disappointing and didn’t have much flavor.

Palo Fresh Arugula Salad

The Soft Potato Gnocchi was fabulous.

The tomato sauce was really tasty. It was also just the right-sized portion for an appetizer.

Soft Potato Gnocchi

We couldn’t decide on Appetizers so our wonderful Server brought this Ciuppin Soup out for us to share.

I would highly recommend this if you love seafood.

Ciuppin Soup

The Sorbet is intended to cleanse the palate for the next course. Not sure if it did that but it tasted great anyway!

Palo Sorbet

DH chose the Rack of Lamb and said it was one of the best he had ever had.


I had the Sea Scallops and really enjoyed them.

disney palo sea scallops
Palo Sea Scallops

As we couldn’t decide on dessert either our Server brought 3 out!


As the finale, we were given this drink on the house. Delicious!


Disney Palo Dinner Wine Menu

There is an excellent choice of wines for you to enjoy with your dinner at Palo.


Here is a closer look at the Disney Palo Wine menu with the Rose and White Wine choices.

Disney Palo Wine Rose and White Menu

If you have purchased the Disney Wine Package you can also use this when you are dining in Palo.

How does the Disney Wine Package work?

You can purchase a package of 3, 4, 5 or 7 bottles of wine to enjoy on your Disney cruise.

You have a choice between the Classic Package and the higher-priced Premium Package.

Disney Cruise Wine Package Prices

Each night of your cruise you can choose a bottle of wine until you have had your allocated number of bottles. If you do not finish the bottle, your server will save it for you.

You will be asked the next day at dinner whether you want to open a new bottle or have the saved bottle. The system is very efficient. If you didn’t finish your bottle the day before it will be brought to Palo for your dinner.

You can also buy individual bottles of wine and it will be saved for you in the same way.

If you bring your own bottle of wine to Palo there is a $25 corkage charge.

Remember that Disney has a generous alcohol policy of allowing each guest over 21 to bring 2 bottles of wine onboard.

Should You Choose Palo Brunch or Palo Dinner?


This is a question that I get asked a lot!

The answer is, rather unhelpful, it depends.

I prefer Brunch.

The only disadvantage to Brunch for me is that it is a ridiculous amount of food at a time of day when you really probably should not be indulging.

However, you are on a Disney Cruise so you can indulge!

If you want to read more about this go to Disney Palo Brunch or Dinner?

The Palo Dinner experience is also wonderful. It is a little more formal – but not stiflingly so.

Just the right balance of being able to dress up a bit, and enjoy amazing food and service, but not be worried that you are going to use the wrong fork for something!


Another reason I sometimes don’t book a Palo dinner is simply that I enjoy the rotational dining restaurants so much.

I don’t want to miss that experience or spend time away from the servers.

If I book dinner I usually book it for Pirate Night. The reason? I do not particularly like the Pirate Night Dinner Menu!

Whichever you choose, or even do both, you will have an amazing experience at Palo.