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How Does Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Work?

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You may have heard that Disney Cruise Line has something known as Rotational Dining.

But what does this actually mean?

Rotational dining is a brilliant idea unique to Disney cruise lines.

This guide will explain just what this is and explain what you need to know about the main dining restaurants on Disney Cruise Ships so that you can get the most from your experience.

How Does Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Work_

On all of the different Disney cruise ships, there are three main dining rooms.

Each night guests go to a different dining room but your servers come with you.

Here is a list of each of the main dining rooms on each Disney Cruise Ship:

Disney Wonder Restaurants

  • Tiana’s Place
  • Triton’s
  • Animator’s Palate

Disney Magic Restaurants

  • Lumiere’s
  • Rapunzel’s Royal Table
  • Animator’s Palate

Disney Dream Restaurants

  • Enchanted Garden
  • Royal Palace
  • Animator’s Palate

Disney Fantasy Restaurants

  • Enchanted Garden
  • Royal Court
  • Animator’s Palate

Disney Wish Restaurants

  • Arendelle – A Frozen Dining Experience
  • 1923
  • Worlds of Marvel

Disney Cruise Rotational Dining

When you sail on a Disney Cruise you will dine in all three main dining rooms at least once.

The only exception to this is if you are sailing on a 2-night cruise.

Appetizer at Tiana’s Place on Disney Wonder

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Disney Cruise Rotational Dining is a great concept as it allows you to get to know your servers.

What it means is that you will dine in a different restaurant each night and your Servers will come with you.

The reason for this Rotational Dining concept is not only do you get to experience each of the very different Disney Cruise Restaurants but also that it is a good chance for your servers to get to know exactly what your dining preferences and needs are.

If you tell them one day that you like iced tea with your meal the next day you will most likely find a glass waiting for you on your table when you arrive at the restaurant.

The standard of service on a Disney cruise is exceptionally high and the dining room experience is a big part of your enjoyment of your cruise.

Having the chance to dine in three very different restaurants, and have your wait staff with your every day makes your Disney cruise even more special.

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The Disney cruise wait staff are great with children and will even cut up their food for them just the way they like it!

There are two seatings for each restaurant every night.

The first seating is at 5.45 and the second one is at 8.15.

You do get the chance to pick which seating you want when you book your Disney cruise. However, early dining is the most popular so you may find that you do not get your first choice.

You can call Disney and ask to be put on a waitlist for early dining. Also, when you board the ship you can go to the dining team (their location will be shown in your Navigator’s App) and ask if you can change the dining time.

They will always do what they can to help you – but sometimes space just isn’t available.

If you can’t get the early dining option and have children then the kids club staff do pick up the children from the dining room, usually at 9 pm, so the adults can enjoy their dessert in peace if they want to!

Disney Wonder Main Dining Rooms

The Disney Wonder has Tiana’s Place, Animator’s Palate, and Triton’s restaurant.

Triton’s Restaurant is the most elegant of Disney Wonder’s main dining locations.

The concept is of course inspired by The Little Mermaid. There is a beautiful mosaic decoration at the back of the restaurant.

The menu is French-inspired. Triton’s also serves formal breakfast and lunch most days.

Tiana’s Place is a fabulously themed restaurant on the Disney Wonder.

This Princess and the Frog-themed restaurant serves New Orleans-inspired cuisine.

It serves a traditional-style southern cooking menu. 

Tiana makes an appearance and the musical entertainment is a lot of fun.

Animator’s Palate is an incredibly innovative restaurant that is found on all of the Disney ships. It is described as a dinner show.

As you arrive at Animator’s Palate you will see the beautiful pictures on the walls.

As the evening goes on the pictures come to life and change.

Disney Wonder Animator’s Palate

Animator’s Palate has now been refurbished for both the Disney Wonder and the Magic.

The Disney Wonder got the most recent refit with new technology and a better overall design.

Disney Magic Main Restaurants

Disney Magic has the very popular Rapunzel’s Royal Table Restaurant.

Lumiere’s is of course inspired by the Beauty and The Beast Movie. The menu is French-inspired.

It is the equivalent of Triton’s on the Wonder and also serves breakfast and lunch most days.

Animator’s Palate was updated during the Magic dry dock and now includes two shows similar to those on the newer ships.

The shows are Drawn To Magic and Animation Magic which allow guests to participate and show their drawing skills, or lack of them! It’s all in good fun and not to be missed.

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy Main Dining Restaurants

The newest ships of Disney Fantasy and Dream have the same 3 main dining restaurant locations.

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Enchanted Garden is a beautiful restaurant that is themed on the gardens of Versailles.

Disney’s innovative magic allows the restaurant to be transformed from day to night as your meal is served. Enchanted Garden also has a buffet breakfast and lunch on select days.

Royal Court is very lavishly decorated and inspired by Disney animation classics such as Cinderella, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast.

Even the breadbasket is in the shape of Cinderella’s carriage. The menu is French-inspired.


Animator’s Palate is more technologically advanced than on the classic ships and has 2 shows. The decor is a lot of fun with brightly colored chairs in Mickey Mouse’s signature colors.


The menu is Pacific Rim and American-inspired. Take some time to look at the restaurant walls where you will find lots of Disney animation objects which change for each show.

Disney Wish Restaurants

The new Disney Wish has three innovative new restaurants.

Have you experienced Disney cruise rotational dining? Which is your favorite Disney cruise restaurant?



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