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Starbucks at Disney World – What You Really Need to Know Updated

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Visiting Disney World and needing your Starbucks fix? Want to know if there is a Starbucks in Disney World?

No problem.

There are in fact six Starbucks at Disney World.

But those much-beloved coffee emporiums may be hiding in plain sight. A lot of people don’t realize that Starbucks is at Walt Disney World.

Starbucks 50th Anniversay Pretzel

This is for a number of reasons.

Most often it’s due to underestimating the breadth and scope of Walt Disney World. But there is a bit of subterfuge as well.

While the Starbucks brand beckons weary travelers to destinations outside of the Disney parks, the Starbucks locations within the parks are more difficult to find.

Whilst the two Starbucks in Disney Springs are easily recognizable, the locations in the four parks can be rather more difficult to spot.

The reason for this?

Disney is of course the master of theming, so just to randomly have the Starbucks brand inside the parks would not be something you would expect from Disney.

Disney World Starbucks Merch
Disney Starbucks Mugs

You want to be transported to Main Street and the childhood memories of Walt’s Marceline. This simply would not work if the usual High Street Starbucks was planted in the middle of it

All the Starbucks locations in the Disney World parks are themed according to their own special environments.

They also have their own unique name which works thematically within the Disney World park locations they inhabit.

But getting Starbucks at Disney World still may not be as easy as you are used to in the world outside of Disney World.

There are competitors and at the Disney hotels, especially, you are unlikely to come across Starbucks coffee unless you bring it in yourself.

joffreys coffee walt disney world
Joffrey’s Coffee at Disney World Epcot

Joffrey’s Coffee is actually the official Walt Disney World coffee.

It’s the coffee they serve at the hotels and at kiosks everywhere.

For many years the official coffee of Disney World was Nescafe. Fortunately, this is no longer the case!

disney world joffreys coffee
Epcot Joffrey’s Coffee Selections

Joffrey’s does not have to change its name or hide behind an alternate identity in order to operate within Walt Disney World parks.

Still, if it’s Starbucks you’re after it is still quite easy to get your Venti Frappuccino fix as long as you know where to look.

Where to Find Starbucks in the Disney World Theme Parks

Let’s start with the branded Starbucks at Disney World. These are the locations outside of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Then we’ll talk about the undercover Starbucks that go by different names.

Disney Springs Starbucks Locations

Disney Springs is the best-known and possibly the most accessible Starbucks location in Walt Disney World.

It’s a regular Starbucks with a little bit of Disney flare.

Disney Springs Marketplace Starbucks Location

The sign and the decor are unmistakable and they have all of your favorite Starbucks goods available for purchase.

If you have to have your Starbucks, you will feel quite at home in Disney Springs.

Depending on where you are in Disney Springs, there are two Starbucks locations to choose from.

The Marketplace Disney Springs Starbucks is located on the east end in the more family-focused neighborhood.

This section features frugal quick service, themed dining, and more Disney-centric shops such as the World of Disney store and the Marketplace Coop.

On the Westside of Disney Springs is another Starbucks. This is the section where House of Blues, AMC, and Cirque Du Soleil are located.

Starbucks Locations Close To Walt Disney World

Other Starbucks locations are nearby although not technically within Disney World borders. However, if you have a Starbucks craving on the way to the Disney parks these are good places to stop.

There is one just a short drive away from Animal Kingdom on the south side of 192. Another Starbucks on 192 is located between International Drive and Interstate 4.

A still closer Starbucks is on World Center Drive, just opposite Interstate 4 from Disney Springs.

One Starbucks location within Walt Disney World borders remains, near the Hilton at the Partners Credit Union. This is the bank often used by Disney Cast Members, so this is a very popular Starbucks location for them.

Disney Parks Starbucks Locations

Disney Animal Kingdom

Since Walt Disney World is so sprawling and Disney Springs isn’t a super realistic destination for each day of your trip, you are better off knowing where you can find Starbucks in each of the theme parks.

There are four parks located across Disney territory.

The Magic Kingdom is the flagship park that everybody recognizes as Walt Disney World.

EPCOT is the second park and it’s based on world culture, natural wonders, and the spirit of discovery.

The third park Disney Hollywood Studios began as a wistful fantasy of a fictional Hollywood that harkens back to the golden age of the silver screen.

Finally, Disney’s Animal Kingdom fuses theme park with wild animal park, in a conservation-driven effort to entertain and enlighten guests.

Starbucks at Magic Kingdom

You don’t have to go far in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom before you arrive at a Starbucks.

It’s a good thing, too.

If you are thinking of where to get Starbucks at Disney World, this is probably the place you are going to look first.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom park has only one point of entry and it funnels all of the guests through Town Square, a turn-of-the-century look at small-town America.

Town Square is the starting point for Main Street USA which begins at the Train Station and ends at the towering Cinderella Castle.

It’s along this avenue that you’ll discover a hidden Starbucks. This location goes by the name Main Street Bakery.

Go inside and… it’s a Starbucks!

You can even access the menu for mobile ordering in your My Disney Experience app. All the usual Starbucks drinks are there.

The downside of looking at the menu for this and other Disney Starbucks locations is that you can see the beverages, but not the food.

If you search for Starbucks locations using the Starbucks app, this location will not show up.

In fact, most maps won’t register any of these Disney World Starbucks locations as actual Starbucks.

There is, however, one exception and this is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Starbucks

For some reason, some maps actually show this Disney Hollywood Studios location as a Starbucks.

It’s the only Starbucks at Disney World outside of Disney Springs that actually shows up that way in certain apps.

Unfortunately, if you are a guest in the park, you will find no such establishment under that name.

Like the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has its Starbucks assuming an alias.

This location is called the Trolley Car Cafe.

It blends in so well with the old-timey Hollywood aesthetic that you could easily pass it by many times over without even taking a peek inside behind its sturdy double doors.

The Trolley Car Cafe is a Starbucks that also features some Disney delights, including a version of the carrot cake cookie.

This was a park classic previously served at the Writers Stop, which is now a taphouse.

You might want to wait to order your Starbucks until you have experienced the Tower of Terror and Rock and Roller Coaster!

They are just a short walk away from the Starbucks location in Hollywood Studios.

However, like the Magic Kingdom location, the Trolley Car Cafe is open prior to the park opening.

This means that if you are there for Rope Drop or Early Entry you will be able to pick up your favorite Starbucks beverage as soon as you arrive in the park.

Unfortunately, a lot of other people are also going to have exactly the same idea, so be prepared for long lines.

Starbucks at Epcot

EPCOT is currently undergoing a lot of changes in Future World. Prior to the construction work, Epcot had the Fountain View Cafe.

Starbucks at Epcot
This Temporary Epcot Starbucks is no Longer Open

Now there isn’t a fountain to have a view of so changes had to be made!

At first, there was a temporary Starbucks location near the World Showcase Lagoon. It was a small, kiosk-type location with some limited seating nearby.

The new location demanded a new name themed to the idea of experiencing world cultures, so it was called the Travelers’ Cafe.

The store was situated along Showcase Plaza right next to the Refreshment Port on the Canada Pavilion’s side of the World Showcase.

However, this was always only a temporary solution and now there is a more permanent new location close to the entrance of Epcot.

The new Epcot Starbucks is located pretty much slap bang in the middle of Spaceship Earth and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

This makes it very convenient to pick up your morning Starbucks when you arrive at Epcot.

As the newest Starbucks in Disney World, this Epcot location is huge.

However, still expect to be standing in a long line here for most of the day. Mornings are incredibly popular as guests pick up their Epcot Starbucks fix in the morning.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Starbucks

Disney World Animal Kingdom Starbucks

This Starbucks is huge and difficult to miss. The theming at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is incredible.

It is amazing how somehow Disney has managed to blend a Starbucks into the decor of the park, so it looks as though it really belongs in the same location as the iconic Tree of Life!

All the Disney World parks Starbucks have a specific name. In Animal Kingdom Starbucks is known as Creature Comforts.

All Animal Kingdom roads intersect on Discovery Island and that is just where you’ll find Creature Comforts.

Starbucks Animal Kingdom

This Starbucks is built to handle large crowds, although things have understandably changed in recent times.

Creature Comforts is not only a Starbucks at Disney World but it’s possibly the best place to go for breakfast in Animal Kingdom if you show up at the park around opening time.

There are no seats inside this Animal Kingdom Starbucks. There is limited seating outside at the front and some high-top tables at the side.

Does Starbucks accept the Disney Dining Plan?

Right now the Disney Dining Plan is still not being offered, and indeed no one really knows if it will ever return. With the passage of time, this seems to get less and less likely.

If and when the Disney Dining Plan returns, it is expected that Starbucks will have a range of items that are covered by the Snack Credit.

Does Starbucks Disney World have Straws?

Disney World has an initiative that is moving away from the use of plastic straws and lids in all of its locations.

However, you will still find plastic lids available for your Starbucks beverage. Always consider the impact on the environment and use reusable cups where possible and say no to the plastic lid if you can.

The Disney World Starbucks locations have started using waxed paper straws which are actually pretty good for your cold beverages.

What Drinks and Food Do the Disney World Starbucks Have?

Disney World Starbucks Cupcake

The Starbucks in Disney World serves pretty much everything that you can get outside the parks. Whether your favorite is a Caramel Frappuccino, a simple Espresso, or a White Chocolate Mocha, you will find it in the Starbucks stores in Disney World.

You can usually get seasonal specials such as the Peppermint Mocha for the Holidays or the Pumpkin Spice Latte for Halloween.

Disney World Starbucks sells the usual snacks you will find in every location.

However, the great thing about the Disney World locations are that they also sell Disney-themed items.

Starbucks 50th Anniversay Pretzel

Right now there are some very tempting 50th Anniversary items.

You can always find some Disney-themed cupcakes at the park’s Starbucks locations.

Disney world Starbucks

Starbucks at Disney World Prices

Starbucks Disney World Prices

Unlike most Starbucks locations, the only prices shown on the boards seem to be for the Grande size.

As will all things located in Disney theme parks, expect some sticker shock on the Starbucks prices.

In October 2021 some example prices for a Grande sized beverage are:

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte $5.79
  • Cafe Mocha $5.15
  • Caffe Latte $4.65
  • Caramel Cloud Macchiato $5.45
  • Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew $4.79
  • Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino $5.75
  • Strawberry Creme Frappucino $5.79
  • Iced Green Tea Lemonade $4.65
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee $2.85
  • Flat White $5.45
  • Starbucks Cold Brew $4.25

You can pay via your Starbucks app. You can also use Disney and Starbucks Gift Cards as payment methods.

Disney World Starbucks Cups and Merchandise

Disney Starbucks Merchandise

One of the things that I really enjoy about the Disney World Starbucks locations is that they all have themed merchandise available.

starbucks Disney World merchandise

Once you have ordered your Vanilla Latte it can be difficult to resist the temptation of the mugs, cups, and even Christmas decor.

Disney Starbucks mugs

The very popular Starbucks Been There series is a lot of fun to collect from the different Disney parks.

If you are a Disney World Annual Passholdere or a Disney Vacation Club member you can use your discount on Starbucks merchandise.

Is Starbucks Mobile Ordering Available at Disney World?

If you are wanting to skip the lines at a Starbucks location you can usually order online and then pick up your drinks.

However, this is not yet a facility that is available in the Disney Parks.

However, you can get a head start on the morning in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Both of these Starbucks are located close to the entrance to the parks.

Exclusively at the Disney Springs Marketplace location, you can order delivery to your location in Disney Springs. Not many people know about this service.

You need to have the official Starbucks app downloaded on your phone. From 8 am until 10 pm you can order via the app.

Once you have made your order you do then have to call the Marketplace Starbucks on 407-279-2794 to tell them where you are.

Which is the Best Starbucks at Disney World?

I really hope that no one visits Disney World just to go to a Starbucks, but for fans of the franchise, the experience is very different for each of the locations.

Disney World Animal Kingdom Starbucks

The most disappointing right now in the Disney parks is the Epcot Starbucks location.

Whilst you can sit and sip your beverage and enjoy views of the World Showcase Lagoon, Starbucks itself is just a small kiosk.

And a small kiosk which can have very long lines.

I am sure that a new Starbucks will be incorporated somewhere in the new Epcot Future World design. Traveler’s Cafe opened up as a temporary location in December 2019, and it is definitely time for an upgrade.

The one good thing is that there are plenty of places to find outdoor seating to enjoy your Starbucks beverage. There are lots of places to sit around the World Showcase Lagoon.

There isn’t much very special about the Disney Hollywood Studios location. You will be able to find your usual Starbucks, but you can very easily pass this one by and not even notice that it is a Starbucks location.

For convenience, you really can’t beat the Magic Kingdom Main Street Bakery.

You will find all your Starbucks favorites just a short step from Cinderella Castle. If you need your caffeine before you start hitting the Magic Kingdom rides, this will be your place to start the day.

If you want the largest Starbucks, with inside seating then head to the West Side of Disney Springs. This is the only Disney World Starbucks that has inside seating.

However, my very favorite Disney World Starbucks is Creature Comforts in Animal Kingdom. The location is huge – so even when the line is long, it doesn’t feel too crowded, even in these times of social distancing.

But what I love most about the Disney World Animal Kingdom Starbucks is the amazing attention to detail in the theming.

This really is a very unique Starbucks.

Which is your favorite Starbucks at Disney World?

demolished. However, they are not to be left out among the Starbucks at Disney World theme parks. Thankfully a new location has reopened near the World Showcase Lagoon. The new location demanded a new name themed to the idea of experiencing world cultures, so it is now called the Travelers’ Cafe. The store is situated along Showcase Plaza right next to Refreshment Port on the Canada Pavilion’s side of the World Showcase.

Starbucks location within Walt Disney World borders remains, near the Hilton at the Partners Credit Union, the bank used by Disney Cast Members.