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The Incredibles 2 – New Movie Confirmed

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It’s the news we have all been waiting for. The Incredibles 2 will be made. Walt Disney Company chief Bob Iger has confirmed that The Incredibles 2 is in development.

Even better news is that Incredibles 2 will be written by Brad Bird who directed, wrote and starred in the original Incredibles movie. It isn’t yet known who will direct Incredibles 2 but we so hope that it will be Brad Bird again.

The Incredibles fans have been waiting for this news since the original movie was released in 2004. It took around $630 million at the box office and of course has been very successful in merchandising too.


Speculation will now start as to what the story of Incredibles 2 will be. I wonder whether Pixar will move the story on many years or perhaps pick up the story shortly after the original. Do we see Jack Jack as a teenager?

It seems doubtful that it will be a prequel as Monsters University was as we already know the back story, and of course they children were such an important part of the story.

Another announcement by Bob Iger is that Cars 3 is also in development. I have to admit I am not quite so excited about this one. Whilst I enjoyed the original Cars it was never a favorite, and Cars 2 never really hit the mark. But of course Pixar has a huge amount already invested in the Cars franchise and it will help to keep the merchandising and the Disney California Cars Land current for many years to come.

This exciting announcement will ensure Pixar’s success many years into the future. Fans were disappointed that there will be no new Pixar movie in 2014 – the first year since the release of the original Toy Story that this has happened. With these exiting sequels and of course Finding Dory in the works this is going to be a great time for Disney Pixar fans.

Are you excited to hear that The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 will be made?

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Tuesday 18th of March 2014

[...] The Incredibles 2 New Movie Confirmed [...]