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Disney’s Maleficent – New Official Trailer

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The suspense is building for the May 30th release of the new Disney Maleficent movie. Starring Angelina Jolie as the deeply dark villain Maleficent we can see from this new official movie trailer that we are to expect something exceptional from Disney Studios.

We got a sneak peak earlier when we saw the very elaborate Maleficent wings. Now this full length trailer gives us more of an insight into this upcoming movie.

It looks as though Angelina Jolie gives an outstanding performance as Maleficent. This iconic Disney villain is not exactly an easy role to take on, but it looks as though Angelina is going to certainly be memorable in this role. Her movie presence looks to be captivating. And I confess I can’t stop looking at those cheekbones…..

Another exciting element to the new Maleficent trailer is our first sight of the fire breathing dragon. The effects look spectacular.

What do you think of the new Disney Maleficent trailer?

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