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Top 10 Indulgent Things to do on a Disney Cruise

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Sailing on a Disney Cruise is a great way to take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries.

Modern life is full of stresses so what better way than to escape and lose yourself in a Disney cruise?


One of our Disney cruise tips is to make sure that you spend some time enjoying some things that will make you feel truly pampered and special.


A Disney cruise is the vacation of a lifetime and you deserve to make the most of it!

Top 10 Indulgent Things to Do on a Disney Cruise

What are the most indulgent things that you can do on a Disney cruise? Here is our guide to our favorite things to do to make you feel relaxed and pampered.

Some things do cost extra, but most are included in the basic cost of your cruise. So treat yourself and indulge on a Disney cruise!

Get a Pass for The Rainforest Room


Strictly for the grown-ups, this is one that you don’t want to miss if you want some rest. All of the Disney cruise ships have a Rainforest Room in the Spa.

The ones on the Disney Fantasy and the Dream are extra special. However, the Rainforest Room on the Wonder and the Magic are still worth the splurge.

So what is the Rainforest Room? It is a very special and exclusive area of the Disney cruise spa.

On all the Disney cruise ships it offers hot stone beds, showers, saunas, and hot steam rooms. A perfect place just to chill out and relax.


The Disney Fantasy and the Dream have one very special addition.

Hot tubs that overlook the ocean. The Rainforest Room is located right at the back of the ship. It has huge windows overlooking the ocean. You can sit back in the hot tubs and just contemplate the view.

You can book a Day Pass for the spa. This is only available before you board the ship via your online Gifts purchases. Not the easiest way to purchase as you have to call Disney cruise lines to purchase this.


The best way to enjoy the Rainforest is to get a length of cruise pass. These are limited to a certain number on each cruise. Disney does not let you know how many they sell, but it is limited.

We recommend that if you want a length of cruise pass you go to the spa on the first day that you board the ship.

You can purchase a single or a couples pass. Here are the prices for the Disney Rainforest Room.

Single Pass:

3-Day Singles Pass – $69
4-Day Singles Pass – $101
7-Day Singles Pass – $ 144

Couples Pass:

3-Day Couples Pass – $102
4-Day Couples Pass – $144
7-Day Couples Pass – $ 193

An 18% gratuity is automatically charged on top of this.

As you will see, the couples pass is much cheaper than buying two singles. You do have to buy a Rainforest Pass for the length of the cruise. If you are on a 7 day cruise, you can’t just buy the 4 day pass.

Some time in the Rainforest Room is also available with many of the spa treatments. Check at the desk as to whether your treatment is included. If it is, make sure that you enjoy the maximum time you can here. It is more than worth it.

Here is our Guide To The Rainforest Room

Watch The Sunset


How often do we really take the time to enjoy the moment? The Disney cruise is an amazing opportunity to sit back and enjoy something which happens every day, but which most of us miss all the time. The sunset.

It costs nothing to just take some time and find a great place on the ship to enjoy watching the sun go down.

Sometimes the best things in life are free and this is one of them.

One of the best places to enjoy the sunset is your verandah stateroom. Sipping on a cocktail sitting in your own private space really is one of the best ways to experience the sunset.

However, not everyone has a verandah and there are plenty of other places on the Disney ship to enjoy the experience.

Go up on the pool deck to the back of the ship and just enjoy the view. Or walk around the Promenade Deck and watch the sun go down. There are so many places to enjoy this very special experience.

Be Like a Kid Again


In the words of Walt Disney, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” A Disney cruise really is a great chance to take a step back from the stresses of modern life and recapture your childhood – even if it is only for a while.

This is going to mean different things to all of us. Want to meet a Princess, learn to draw Mickey, dance in the corridors or eat a huge dessert. If you want to ride the Disney AquaDuck ten times in a row, go ahead!

Step out of your adult comfort zone and remember what it was like not to have a care in the world. It may sound cliché, but Disney cruise fans know it is possible!

Enjoy Disney Cruise Room Service

Disney Cruise

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We sailed on a number of Disney cruises before I truly got the incredible benefits of room service. Not sure why, but maybe we were used to the usual hotel experience where it costs a fortune and usually serves bad food!

The good news on the Disney cruise? Room service is free! You can order breakfast in bed if you want. Or have a snack in the middle of the day.

There really isn’t anything like just calling Disney cruise room service and enjoying the food in your room.

One of the best experiences we have ever had is ordering room service breakfast on the Disney Wonder and enjoying it on our balcony sailing through the Panama Canal. Not something any of us will ever forget.

Remember that there are certain things which are not included on the Disney Cruise Room Service Menu, but which are available. The ever popular Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar is always available from Room Service.

Ask for the Cake of the Day which is on the menu, but the secret items are Dessert of the Day and Pie of the Day. We know that there is more than enough food on the Disney cruise, but you have to order Room Service at least once!

Check out our complete guide to Disney Room Service by clicking the link below:

Disney Cruise Room Service Menu

Indulge at Remy

We know. You have already paid for everything you can possibly eat on a Disney cruise. It’s all good. The buffet and the rotational dining restaurants are fabulous and you are not going to go hungry. But you really should still go to Remy.

Remy is the premier adults only dining restaurant on the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream. It is some of the best food you will ever experience. Anywhere.

It is an extra charge and it is pricey. However, if you want to really enjoy gourmet dining at it’s best you cannot go wrong with Remy. It’s a fraction of the price that you would pay on land for a similar experience.

There are a number of different experiences which you can enjoy at Remy. We prefer the Remy Champagne Brunch which is offered at $60 per person with an additional $30 each for the champagne pairing.


On land there is no way we would pay such a price for a brunch or even dinner, but Remy is truly exceptional. You have to experience it at least once in a lifetime!

If you want to enjoy the ultimate Disney cruise experience, the Remy Dinner has to be it. At $95 per person it is not cheap, but it will most likely surpass any dining experience you have ever had for that price. You could skip the wine pairing which adds another $105 per person.

Yes, Remy is a considerable extra cost. However, we think it is worth it.

Make Palo Reservations


All of the Disney cruise ships have a Palo restaurant. It could be considered as the slightly lesser substitute for Remy, but we really do not think that this is very fair.

Palo is an excellent restaurant and it offers a really good value. Great food and a very reasonable extra charge on Disney cruises.

We are huge fans of the Palo Brunch. We enjoy the rotational dining restaurants so much that it is sometimes difficult to make the choice to skip a restaurant in the evening and commit to something that we are going to have to pay extra for. We really think that the Palo Brunch is the way to go.

Palo Brunch Dessert

Palo Brunch is available on all of the Disney Cruise Ships for $30. The Palo dinner is the same cost, but we still prefer the Palo Brunch. Probably the biggest reason for this is because we don’t like missing the rotational dining for the Palo dinner.

We admit that we kind of think why spend extra money for Palo dinner when we like the rotational dining so much? We would rather save the money for other indulgences.

See in our Disney Palo Brunch Review why we think this is the perfect Disney cruise indulgence.

Serenity Bay on Disney’s Castaway Cay is Paradise


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Disney cruise lines does things differently to other cruise lines. Some others may have a private island, but only Disney has the perfect paradise island of Castaway Cay.

A visit to Castaway Cay is always a highlight of a Disney cruise. If you get the chance and you are sailing without kids (or they are in the kids clubs) you really should go to the adult only beach, Serenity Bay.

This private paradise is strictly for the over 18s only. Whilst the Family Beach is a lot of fun on Castaway Cay, the place to really relax and get some quiet time is Serenity Bay.

Want to know more about Disney’s private island – here is our Complete Guide To Castaway Cay.

Relax in Cove Cafe

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Cove Cafe, or the Outlook Cafe on the Disney Wonder, is a great place just to spend some indulgent time doing nothing in particular. Enjoy a specialty coffee or a cocktail. Have a great conversation or read a book. Simply spend some time doing not very much at all.

It is often the moments when we just sit back and have nothing in particular to do, that are the most memorable on the Disney cruise. Take some time for yourself.

Get Ready for the Amazing Shows on Disney Cruises

If there is one thing that Disney knows how to do, it is put on a show. On all of the Disney cruise ships you will find Broadway quality shows.

You would pay hundreds of dollars on dry land to go and see shows of such a high standard, but on a Disney cruise you can indulge as much as you want.

Lounge Around the Quiet Cove Pool


The Disney Quiet Cove pool offers a quiet haven away from the kids. You can take a dip in the pool or just take in some sun and relax on the pool loungers.

It is a great place to meet new friends, enjoy some solitude, or just take a dip in the pool.

On the Disney Fantasy another great area of the adults only space is Satellite Falls. This is an unusual circular water feature with a cascading fountain. It is just a wading pool, but it is great to put your feet in the water and cool off. It is very rarely crowded so you will get some time to yourself.

What Disney cruise tips do you have? We would love to hear from you. Just leave us a comment below.