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When Will Disney Release Fall 2023 Cruises?

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Many of us are eagerly awaiting the new Disney Cruise Itineraries for Fall 2023.

Whilst some cruise lines already have their itineraries released well into 2024, Disney Cruise Lines has still not released their Fall 2023 sailings.

This does tend to be the pattern that Disney releases their itineraries later than most other cruise lines.

When will we know what the Fall Disney Cruise sailings will be for 2023? And when will they be available to book?

When Are Disney Cruises Usually Released?

Here is a chart that shows when the new Disney Cruise Itineraries have been released since 2015.

If you look at the past 8 years you will see that there is a fairly predictable pattern, but that the Summer 2023 sailings were released quite a bit later than most would have predicted.

This article was first published on 12 July 2022 when for most years, except 2020, the Fall itineraries were released in May or early June.

Clearly, we are now past that. It is likely that the 2023 itineraries will be released a couple

2015Tue, Nov 12, 2013Tue, Mar 25, 2014Mon, May 19, 2014
2016Tue, Oct 28, 2014Mon, Mar 23, 2015Mon, May 18, 2015
2017Tue, Oct 6, 2015Tue, Apr 12, 2016Tue, May 24, 2016
2018Tue, Oct 25, 2016Tue, Feb 21, 2017Thu, May 11, 2017
2019Thu, Oct 26, 2017Thu, Mar 1, 2018Thu, May 17, 2018
2020Thu, Sep 27, 2018Thu, Feb 28, 2019Thu, Jun 6, 2019
2021Thu, Sep 26, 2019Mon, Feb 24, 2020Thu, Jul 23, 2020 
2022Thu, Oct 15, 2020Thu, Mar 18, 2021Thu, Jun 17, 2021
2023Tue, Oct 12, 2021Mon, May 2, 2022Mon, July 25, 2022

How are Disney Cruises Released to Book?

Disney Cruise Line usually announce the cruises about a week before they are actually released. This gives guests the chance to look at the itineraries and see what they want to book

Disney Castaway Cay Club Members are given priority along with certain other categories.

You become a member of the Disney Castaway Cay Club after your first sailing. Silver Members have sailed between 1 and 5 cruises, Gold between 6 and 10. Platinum have sailed 10 cruises and above.

Usually the earlier you book the lower the price.

Booking early is also a good thing if you want to book Concierge staterooms, particularly on the Disney Wish.

As an example here are the dates for when guests could book the Summer 2023 Disney Cruises.

  • Monday, May 2nd – Platinum Members, Golden Oak Club Members and Club 33 Members
  • Tuesday, May 3rd – Gold Castaway Club members
  • Thursday, May 5th – Silver Members, Disney Vacation Club Members and Adventures by Disney Insiders
  • Monday, May 9th, first-time cruisers will be able to book.

Where Will Disney Cruise Line Sail in Early 2024?

There are certain itineraries that are more or less guaranteed to be in the Early 2024 schedule

  • The new Disney Wish is likely to continue 3 and 4 Night Bahamian Sailings.
  • Disney Fantasy will continue her 7 night Eastern and Western Caribbean Sailings
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How to Pack Like a Cruise Travel Expert

It is less clear where the other Disney Cruise Ships will sail.

We still don’t know where the Disney Wonder will sail in Fall 2023. The last scheduled cruise is an 8-night Alaska from and returning to Vancouver.

Usually, we would expect that the Wonder would return to San Diego to sail Mexican Riviera and Baja cruises. However, the Magic will be sailing from San Diego in October and November 2023, before sailing to Galveston in December.

The Disney Dream is sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, a new port for Disney Cruise Line. She will be sailing Bahamian and Caribbean cruises and it is likely that this will continue into 2024.

It is likely that the Disney Dream will sail to Europe again in May 2024 and return in the early Fall.

Disney Wonder Cruise alaska 2022
Disney Wonder Deck 10

The big question is whether or not there will be any Disney Cruises to Hawaii in 2023. There aren’t any scheduled yet and the only remaining chance for a Disney Hawaiian Cruise for 2023 is in the Fall.

If the Hawaii cruises do happen it is likely that the Disney Wonder will sail from Vancouver to Hawaii and then Hawaii to San Diego on 10 and 11-night cruises.

Again, this is all speculation and we won’t know until the Fall 2023 Disney Wonder Cruise Sailings are released.

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