Disney Dream Ship Virtual Portholes

One of the many innovations on the new Disney Dream ship launching in January 2011 is the virtual porthole. Often on cruises the inside staterooms offer great value but of course the disadvantage is that you cannot see the ocean passing by or the view of the ports as you approach. Disney cruises has solved this problem in a very innovative way on the Disney Dream – virtual portholes.

Each inside stateroom will have a video screen in the wall which will project images from a live camera feed on the outside of the ship. But this being Disney of course it will be a little more interesting than that! So you can expect to see Disney characters appearing on your virtual window. Kids and adults alike are going to enjoy watching Mickey Mouse, Nemo and many other Disney friends floating past their eyes on their virtual porthole brining a whole new dimension to an inside stateroom. Disney Cruise Line is even reporting that guests are refusing upgrades because they are so keen to see what this new technology offers.

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Photo by Disney Concept Art

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