How Do You Get to Stay in Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite?

Cinderella Castle Suite

Cinderella Castle Suite

How do you make a reservation at Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite in the Magic Kingdom? How can you get to stay inside Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite? The Cinderella Castle Suite is the only place that you can stay overnight inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom. However, only a very limited amount of people will ever get to stay there.

Many of us dream of staying in Cinderella’s Castle, but few will ever get the opportunity. It takes rather more than just a little bit of Disney Pixie Dust to get the chance to spend a night in Magic Kingdom.

A Disney Cinderella Castle Suite Reservation is unfortunately something which not even money can buy and is open only to a very fortunate few.


Disney Cinderella Castle Suite Back Story


Disney World first announced the creation of the Cinderella Suite in 2006. The space which is now the Cinderella Castle Suite was originally intended to be a place that Walt Disney and his family would stay in the park. Sadly, Walt Disney never got to see his creation as he died in December 1966, almost five years before the Magic Kingdom opened.

Title Photo by DarrenWittko

Before 2006 the space in Cinderella Castle was empty, although at times it was used for storage and was also the home of the Disney telephone operators for a while.

However, with the launch of The Year of A Million Dreams in 2007, Disney wanted something as a very special prize for a select few lucky guests.Disney created the ultimate place to stay in Walt Disney World – the Cinderella Castle Suite. One lucky person, and up to 5 guests, were chosen to spend the night in the Cinderella Suite.

The Year of a Million Dreams finished in 2008 – almost a decade ago. Since then, Disney has occasionally chosen families to stay in the Cinderella Suite. It is also sometimes offered as a prize in a sweepstakes – this is rare though. We always publish those competitions here so keep on the look out for the latest one.

Money can’t buy a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite – but you can read our guide to the very best hotels at Disney World.

Look Inside Cinderella’s Castle Suite


What exactly is inside Cinderella’s Castle Suite? It has the kind of amazing detailing that you would expect from the Disney Imagineers. The Suite is intended to make you feel not just that you are inside the Castle but that you are immersed in the whole experience.

The inspiration for the design of the Cinderella Suite were the 17th century French chateaus upon which the Castle was modeled. The Suite has ornate furnishings in dark woods with opulent fabrics. Certainly fit for a Disney Princess.

Watch this video for an exclusive tour and peek inside the Cinderella Castle Suite. It is probably the closest that any of us are going to get!

The Cinderella Castle Suite is on the fourth floor and is accessed by a special elevator. Inside, the Suite is perhaps smaller than most people imagine at just 650 square feet.


The bedroom has 2 beautiful Queen sized beds facing an ornate fireplace. Above the fireplace is a 17th century style portrait of Cinderella. However, all is not what it seems as the portrait magically transforms into a flat screen television! There is even a remote control for the lights and the fireplace.

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper finds pride of place in the Suite.


The bathroom houses a huge garden tub with ornate stained glass windows and a twinkling star ceiling.

Guests may be surprised that it isn’t easy to get a view of the Magic Kingdom from the Suite. The windows are small and stained glass. There is a balcony outside the Suite but it is not accessible for guests.

So how do you make a reservation for Cinderella’s Castle Suite? Unfortunately you can’t. Disney occasionally gives away a nights stay as a prize. The last guest known to have stayed at the Cinderella Suite was Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary on December 19th 2010.

Tom Cruise also stayed in the Cinderella Suite with Suri. Mariah Carey has also had the privilege of staying there. So obviously being an international superstar, preferably one who has made Disney many millions of dollars, must help in getting a reservation!

All photos by Disney Parks unless otherwise stated

So what would you give to stay inside Cinderella Castle Suite? Leave a comment below!

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Disney Cinderella Castle - December 21, 2010

[…] How do you get to stay in Cinderella’s Castle Suite? The Year of a Million Dreams is of course now over but Disney has announced that it will still keep the Cinderella Castle Suite as a prize and not open it up to fee paying guests. Or you could become a Disney superstar like Kevin Jonas, who stayed their with his wife for their first wedding anniversary! […]

JenH - December 22, 2010

We were there in Sept and were chosen for reserved seating for the Main Street Electrical Parade. Yes, I wish it had been for a castle stay, but alas, it wasn’t. However, the family that was beside us WAS staying in the castle. Turns out she was the top selling travel agent (in Canada if memory serves me right) of Disney vacation packages and her reward was the stay in the castle. I’m fairly certain it was for a few nights, but don’t quote me on that one! So there you go, another way to get into the castle suite.

Alison - December 26, 2010

That is great to hear – another way in which Disney treats it’s travel agents well!

sharonne katz - January 5, 2011

I would volunteer my time to help others. My children would just have an amazing time in the suite and I feel it is important to pay back what you receive. Volunteering to help others is very important and that would be an awesome way to trade for one night. We are going in early february and it would just be awesome

Sharon Brosnan - January 9, 2011

I have no special story to tell, on why my family and I should get a chance to stay in Cinderella’s Castle. My husband and I both work. Our girls are great and do good in school. We are going to be going to Disney in February. We would love to have a night in the Castle! Who wouldn’t, but we will have a great time no matter if we do or don’t. We always do!
Whoo. We are going to Disney!!

Grant Jackson - January 18, 2011

It was magical!!! in 2008 my son Zac then 5 happen to be sat on the right seat on the Star Tours ride early in the morning. His face was a picture when after the ride they stopped him and said he had won a prize. They opened a laptop and proceeded to show him the prize he had won through a video clip. I think his jaw hit the floor as did ours. I can’t express how amazing it was but here are a few things that happened. While we were having dinner in the castle the wonderful disney staff had decorated the room with flowers on the beds, a white chocolate horse drawn carraige with chocolate covered strawberries inside. Huge bath robes with initials on and a couple of mickey mouse cuddlies for the boys. Bath gel in a lightning mcqueen car and lots of soaps, shampoos, creams etc. Oh and they had Cinderella playing on the tv which of course doubles as a mirror. the whole experience was amazing and we will never ever forget how lucky we were. we all took in turns to have a bath in the hot tub which has underwater lights and the walls are decorated in stars that light up. My son has never and will never forget it.

kelly - February 14, 2011

Can you still stay at the Cinderella Castle if you have a party of six?

Coretta Reid - February 18, 2011

When I got married 32 years ago., I wanted children right away. Well, that didn’t happen for 14 years. We have a beautiful daughter htat is turning 18 on May 27th. I was disappointed to learn that you could not pay for a night in Cinderella’s castle. I would have loved to have surprised her for her birthday with a night’s stay. I guess I’ll have to wait to become famous!!!!!

Linda Goff - February 27, 2011

As Youth Services Coordinator for the Lake County Library System, I would like to help host a day celebrating Disney books. Libraries all over the world have added the great Disney books and movies to their collections. This special Disney day would highlight not only Disney stories that have been published as books and made into motion pictures, but also encourage people to use their free public libraries.

Lox'sarox's - March 5, 2011

I would love to stay inthis beautiful room. I love disneyland but don’t go as much as I’d like to cuz of money wise. I’ve been going thru a lot of hardships as far as medical & money wise & would just love to stay in this hotel to start of the year with a great experence. Me & my boyfriend for five years have a two year old son & wont to get married but again, we are low on the funds :/ this would be an awesome place to stay in after a fun day @ disneyland @ a proposal! 🙂 I was just telling my boyfriend how I wanted to stay in the cinderalla castle so bad & that it would be a great thing for a proposal but reading about how hard it is to get in is kind of a let down 🙁 I would to comunitty service to get a stay in this beautiful room!!!! if anyone knows of any other way to get into this beautiful room, pls….. let me know!!! 🙂

Jamie - April 9, 2011

WOW! To stay in the Cinderella Suite would be a dream come true! This seems absolutely magical….but lets face it…when your in Disney World… what isn’t?????? I really hope I get picked next time! It would be absolutely life-changing!

erica - April 25, 2011

My 3 year old daughter loves cinderella. She has her dress and wears it day in and out!! I have to get this dress from her when she in in the bath just so I can wash it haha. It would be absolutely amazing for her to have a nite stay in the castle!! It would make her so happy

donna - April 27, 2011

If I won, I would give it to my son and his girlfriend who are graduating Law School and have tremendous amounts of school loans to pay. Since a little boy, my son, a man’s man, has always talked about proposing in Cinderella Castle! Unfortunately he doesn’t even have the money for a ring. She deserves the best because when his beloved grandparents were dying at the same time and his apartment burned down with everything in it a week before finals, she provided a couch for him to sleep on until we could figure out what to do!

Sue Gaskins - May 1, 2011

So hhow do you get to be randomly picked to stay there? I am taking my grand-daugher to Disney in May 22, 2011. That would be fantastic to stay there. Of course, it is a magical time I can’t wait. It is a surprise trip for her.

Amanda Lenze - May 1, 2011

Nothing amazing to tell here about me and my family. My husband and I both work 10 hour days. We have 3 beautiful little girls and will be visiting Disney for the 1st time as a family in February of 2012. We are very excited about our trip and are in the early stages of planning. Our budget is definately a concern, as we struggle to stay on top and save for our childrens college education. This is a much needed vacation for us, and a much anticipated vacation for my oldest daughter who is turning 7 in June. She has waited very patiently for her middle sister to turn 2 so we could make this trip. How wonderful it would be to be lucky enough to stay a night in the Castle, that would really make the saying “where dreams come true” really true!

Mike Dexter - May 4, 2011

Hi my name is Mike Dexter and I also have no earthshattering reason why I should be able to stay here except for the fact that I would love to move back to Fla and work at Disney and have so many great memories of going there in school for what they called (lock in’s ) where we would stay all night longand it was the best thing I can remember about living in Fla . In my mind I would rather go here then anywhere else in the USA for vacation .

Jessica - May 5, 2011

I think its ridiculous that you cant make a reservation, cinderella castle has had more famous people then fans be invited to stay. The fans are the ones who area paying disney salary!How about the jonas brothers being invited to stay there, instead of a little girl who still think that fairy takes are real! Fame shouldn’t get you everything, that room should be able to be rented or should be given away to a guest every night! You have over thousands of guests visiting disney world every day, 365 winners a year wouldn’t break the bank! Nope instead disney officials would rather gave miley cyrus who did a syrup pole dance at a concert or vanessa hudgens who has naked pictures plastered every where, stay there over a child whose only dream is to be a princess. Now I can see why every is going to see dream works movies over disney movies! Or going to universal studios instead of disney world, at least at universal scribd is treated equally! Eden when they open harry potters part of the park, they involved the actors with the fans! Not made it all about the actors! Shame on you disney!!

Jason - May 5, 2011

I am planning on taking my family to Disneyworld and all the other parks for my daughters’ sweet sixteen in June of 2012, I know I am not an international superstar. I think it would be amazing for her and our family to spend a night in the castle. I have been to Disneyworld and Disneyland, I actually like find Disneyworld more enjoyable, simply because I love the (E)nvironmental (P)rototype (C)ommunity (O)f (T)omorrow. I first visited there in 1983 and fell in love with it and hope that my family will do the same.

Audrianna Fregoso - May 10, 2011

I know there are many mothers on here that want to do something special for their children, but my case is kind of backwards. I dont have a job because i just turned 16 and school and volunteering is already hard enough to fit into my schedule, but if i could pay for at least a one night stay there, i would do it for my mom. She never stops working and most of the time works 12 hours a day because she sais she wants her job done right. I love her to death, but sometimes i want to shake her and tell her to take a vacation. I know she wants to, but we dont have the money for that right now, so i would save all of my money that i ever earn to stay in this suite with her and my little sister.

kristin - May 12, 2011

I’m getting married September of 2012! My fiance isn’t a Jonas brother, but his name is Kevin..LoL.. A night in Cinderella’s castle would just be the icing on top of the cake for my dreams comming true <3

Jatziry - May 31, 2011

We love WDW its an awesome place to be at where theres no worries at all. This year my family and I ofcourze have plans on visiting disney world in september! We have gone in july 09, september 10 for moms, little brother and big brother bday and this year we are planning on going again for there bdays which is september 8 for the big one and september 10 for mom and little brother… In 09 was the first time ever visiting DW, first time seeing the castle it was unforgettable it was amazing. I love cinderella ever since i was little now im 20 and ofcourze i still get excited… We were really hoping the castle would be open just to c how it looks inside I well and ofcourze all my family would love to see it but we were dissapointed when we saw that it wasnt open and u werent able to get inside. In 2010 we went for my moms and little brother bday the whole family wore the same shirt that said 2010 ofcourze we were hoping something would happend to see the castle on the inside but nothing which we still had so much fun and what made this year more unforgettable was that when we were going to get some ice cream to our surprise some WDW came up to us and told us that the geenie had made some wishes and one of the wish was for us to get a special ice cream sunday! and it was awesome we werent expecting that at all it was wonderful. This year we are going for their bdays again and we would love atleast to spend an hour inside cinderellas castle, to be able to see the inside of the castle, that would be amaizing ofcourze, i know disney world is a magic place and even if we dont get to be inside the castle i know were still going to have a good time.

Sherry Barragan - June 11, 2011

My son, Brian is in the military, and was injured last year. He is a new double amputee, and living in San Diego at the Navel Medical Center. Our family has had more pain and heartbreak over the last year, since May 5 2010. We are so grateful that Brian has survived. A family vacation would be so special. It would be great to spend a couple days all of us together, and staying at Cinderella’s Castle, while most likely not Brian’s dream, it would be mine, only made nicer by having my family together.

Monte Haxton - June 23, 2011

Staying at Cinderella’s Castle Suite would be a great honor. I am a school teacher from Kansas and will be bringing 4 students who will be participating at the National Leadership Conference for FBLA. We will be arriving on June 26 thru July 1. I’ll be traveling with my students and my wife and 2 children. 3 of the high school students have never been to Florida or Disneyworld. My daughter has been a princess ever since she was old enough to think she was one. We still believe she’s our princess and she always will be. We’d love to be your guest next week.

Sabrina - June 28, 2011

Staying in the castle would indeed be a magical experience! (As is everything else at WDW!) However, one thing to keep in mind is that this is only a “free” nights stay if you live in the area and are at WDW for just the day. If you’re like my family, we come from Missouri and Iowa to stay at Disney. If we were selected to stay in the castle it would be awesome, but since we have already payed for our resort room and dining plan, it wouldn’t really be a free stay or meal. Also, if you have a group of 4-5 people who have all purchased park tickets, and will need to eat lunch at some point, you may be getting close to the $587 that the night is “worth” anyway. So between your tickets, lunch, snacks, and resort room, you’re actually just paying money to stay in a different room than the one you booked!

I agree with the person who suggested donating rooms to the Make-a-Wish foundation. The foundation could help provide park tickets and meal money, and it would create a magical experience for a family who may not experience much happiness due to a sick child. Disney could book the child into either the BB Boutique or the Pirate “Boutique” (for lack of a better title!), and then let them be in the parade and dinner. It would be a day for the family to be pampered and enjoy being a family, and maybe for a few hours “escape” their daily struggles.

Alice Cartee - July 1, 2011

I am bringing my grandaughters (6 and 4) to WDW for the first time in November 2011. Cinderella’s Castle is a dream to visit. Staying there would be an amazing adventure.

Elizabeth - July 6, 2011

What I think would be nice would be if you could tour the castle like you can Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in DL. (Other than walking through a hall or entering a restaurant.) Although I must admit that I love when they decorate the castle for various holidays or events. The lights during the winter are absolutely beautiful. And I loved the cake they turned it into – even if it sort of waved a bit in the wind 😉

For those who would buy a night for their daughter’s birthday – I want to be in your family! Considering that the most expensive Disney hotel room is over $2000 a night, I can only imagine what a night in the castle would cost.

I agree that it would be awesome if they gave away a night every day. Or even once a week. I also think it would be a wonderful thing for Disney to choose a local child to give tickets to. My brother teaches at at high school 10 minutes from Disney and I teach middle school 45 minutes from Disney. Most of our students have never once been to any of the local parks because their families simply cannot afford it.

Donna Mohler - July 6, 2011

We are headed to Disneyworld July8th… can hardly wait and staying at the Bonnet Creek Timeshare… to spend a night in the castle would be so cool as this is a gift for graduation to our daughter. You see we had her later in life and this will be our last trip with her.. and Disneyworld is where she chose for her graduation from High School. With my husband just recently having 3 stents put in his heart after a heart attack…… sleeping in the Princess Castle would bless him and us tremendously. We almost lost him……. 2nd chances are awesome.

Linda - July 11, 2011

I would LOVE to be able to have my Mom stay in the Cinderella Suite in Walt Disney World. I took her
to Disney in December, 2006, to celebrate her (belated) 80th birthday. Almost five years later she is still talking about it!
She will be coming back to Disney on October 31, with my sister, and joining me (again, in her transport
chair), for a few days of Disney Magic.
She has dealt with so many past, and current, family hardships, as well as her own health issues.
I feel she truly deserves one night of DISNEY MAGIC.
Thank you.

Amelia Flynn - July 12, 2011

I was hoping to find out how tou purchase a few nights in this beautiful suite. One of my best friends is about to get married and she is absolutely the most precious, unselfish, amazing woman ever! Cinderella is her favorite pricness and has always been a part of her. In fact, the love story of she and her fiance’ is quite a fairy tale full of heartache, separation, and eventually finding their way home to one another again (after 15 years!). If there is ever a princess that would dearly treasure a stay in the Cinderella Suite, it would be her.

Brittany Terrell - July 18, 2011

My little sister Tiffany was diagnosed with cancer when she was 21/2, and she would love to have this one in a lifetime experience… she has always wanted to stay in the Cinderella Castle. She is 12 now… still waiting for her dream to come true!! Me and my family would love to take my little sister to Disney and be allowed to stay in the castle, for we have never been able to stay at any Disney resort… she would really enjoy the experience!! As well as my 7 year old and 2 year old sister… who would adore the Bippity Boppity Botique!! Thank you for your time and patience of reading this very much!!

dene - July 19, 2011

Everyone on here has a sob story trying to get a stay at cinderellas castle! It was only meant for a special gift for the year of a million dreams! Everyone thinks they somehow deserve a stay in the suite, I doubt disney dream people are reading these posts and jotting down your name to look up in the disney system. I myself would love to stay there, but I think there is a better chance of hitting the lottery! Disney picked one family a day to stay there for the night…..there are thousands and thousands of people in disney on any given day!

Brielle Springer - July 19, 2011

Hi. Personally i would give anything to stay in the castle. i wouldnt even need to sleep there, just a tour of it would make my dreams come true. staying there is all i have ever really wish for since i was old enough to remember,

Michael - July 20, 2011

My brother just took my son (2yrs), daughter (3months), wife and I to the park before he left for the Air Force. It was a delight to see my son’s face as he saw the castle he calls “Mommy’s Castle” for the first time in person. Words can’t express how great-full I am for this experience. While at the park I came across a quote by Walt Disney on the wall that’s in front of the New Fantasyland area that’s being built. “You don’t build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them.” -Walt Disney
As I read the quote while standing in line for the Dumbo ride with my son, I said to myself if every business followed this philosophy they would all do a whole lot better. So, to Disney I say please consider following this quote in this area also and allow your guess to stay in the castle. Or build another resort that’s like the castle that we can stay in. I would love to have my son go to his mother and say “Mommy let’s go spend the night in Mommy’s Castle”.

“You don’t build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them.” -Walt Disney

November Birthday Girl Princess Jeannette - July 23, 2011

We have celebrated several special occasions in Disney World. We celebrated 2 Family Reunions, a Graduation Celebration and a Birthday Celebration too.

We are planning a secret Disney Birthday Spectacular for my daughter Jeannette’s 11th Birthday this November. She has a Very Unique Birthday.

She will turn 11 years old on the 11th month on the 11th day in 2011! We have been planning for years to celebrate this Wonderful Occasion Disney Style in Disney World! It would be Magnificently Magical if we could spend her 11th Birthday in Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite!

So what would I give to spend my daughter’s 11th Birthday in Cinderella’s Castle Suite? A heart filled and lifelong gratitude of the Most Memorable Birthday Gift! After all Disney really Makes Your Dreams Come True!

Carla - July 26, 2011

I think its obscene that you have to take out a loan practically just to give your kids the magical experience. How about lowering the cost of admission a little…I mean geez that wouldn’t break the bank either and more kids could kids visit just as Walt Disney intended!

jennifer - July 27, 2011

I cant even imagine what it would be like. My daughters jaw would hit the floor. She is a complete princess fanatic. She adores cinderella and sleeping beauty! Her Daddy is in the Marine Corps and often gone for long periods at a time. & the princesses can perk her up when shes down! We took our first trip ever to Disney world in 2010 and she was just in heaven every second. She even fell at our hotel and had to be taken to get stiches and still, that didnt ruin the magic of Disney! This year she turns 6 and starts kindergarten, she would not believe her eyes for a chance to just SEE the suite let alone stay in it! I cross my fingers for her one day to have it come true!

denice - July 28, 2011

It would be such an amazing honor and privilege to be selected for this WOW experience. We just returned this past Monday from a surprise birthday trip to Disney where every moment was truly magical. Many an hour was spent walking around the castle and feasting our eyes on this wonder. A staff member pointed out the windows of the suite and was very patient with answering our many questions. My birthday dinner at the Castle was also magical … my husband truly is my prince. I would love, love, love to spend the night in the Castle if ever I was given the opportunity … I have several nieces who would join me as well for a true Princess experience.

Gabriel - August 1, 2011

Me and me family would like to spend the night at the Disneyland Cinderella’s suite. But we don’t know how to. My sister is in love with princess she is 6 years old and she would love to be on the of the castle and sleep at Cinderella’s room that would make her dream come true.

brenda - August 1, 2011

i love cinderella i have the movie and i just can not get enough i went to disney recently and i wanted to go in the castle so bad so we went to ask an employee where can we go up and see it but the lady said that the tour was closed because people have been trashing the place and stealing stuff and i was so disapointed and i also wanted to stay there and have a wonderful visit while i was there but oh well i will have to wait to see if i win a contest and see and sleep in the cinderella castle where i have always dreamt of….

David Voros - August 3, 2011

A dream and experience of a lifetime just seems so out of reach. I know that my son and daughter and their families would be riding on cloud nine for even a chance to peek inside. As for me, well I grew up with Uncle Walt and miss him dearly. As a kid I was always a dreamer. I was the adventurer Robin Hood or Long John Silver, the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh and of course my first hero, Davy Crockett. Those were the days of imagination and wonder and Uncle Walt knew exactly how to spice up my life. His legacy lives on but I always wonder if he were still alive all those years what great things he would have created.

Gracie - August 8, 2011

It would be a dream come true to stay at the Cinderella Castle but would like to here more about becoming a super star like Kevin Jonas and how he got to stay their for his first wedding anniversary?

Rose Ann Robbins - August 10, 2011

Last year I turned 50 and I celebrated it with my sister with my very first visit trip to Disney. My most treasured gift I took with me was the memory of having the opportunity of being there and getting to share that special time with my sister as my husband had past away. My second treasure was a black and white picture I purchased of Walt Disney walking in front of the Cinderella castle which only reminds me of being a little girl when there were only 3 Channels on TV and the Sundays my family would gather around the only television we had and anxiously waited for the joy Mr. Disney brought into our lives. After reading this article it makes me feel that even though Walt Disney is no longer with us the magic of his presence lives on inside the employees that work for him and to those of us who will always be grateful for his existence. So this note should really be considered a thank you to Mr. Disney and those who continue to work for his company to allow the joy of his presence and his dream to carry on for the very old to the very young.

Linda Klisiewicz - August 10, 2011

We are going to Disney World in January. When I asked my kids what I should write here my 7 year old son said, “I would like to stay in the castle because I know it would be a dream come true for my sisters and I would like to see how happy it would make them.” Now he’s not always so sweet towards his two siblings, but I thought I’d post it. Here’s hoping!!

Beth - August 14, 2011

I found this website while trying to find a price quote for a night in the castle. I am the oldest daughter of two amazing parents. My sisters and I are interested in surprising my parents with a night in the castle for their 40th wedding in April 2012. Mom and dad have taken us to WDW many many times and have helped our whole family fall in love with all things Disney. Mom would work for two years simply to be able to make our Disney vacations a reality. As grown women now with families, My sisters and I realize that my parents sacrificed so very much to allow is these amazing vacations. We would love to be able to give back to them. If you have any insight on how we can help make this happen, I’d be eternally grateful.

Jesse - August 16, 2011

My wife and I have visited both Disneyland and Disneyworld with our children over the years. Our 50th wedding anniversary will be December 23, 2011; I would love to surprise her with an overnight stay at Cinderella’s Castle at either of the parks. If someone reads this and can “make it happen” I would appreciate it……..

D carrillo - August 20, 2011

It will a dream.come true for my 4year old daughter to stay the night in Disneyland cinderella’s castle .
Her little eyes get bigger and bigger as she enters the castle path , she jumps and jumps with enthusiasm to know she’s in Disneyland and dreams of turning into a little princess. She loves Disneyland her birthday wish is to visit with all the princesses, this was her penny wish as she closed her eyes and drops her penny into snow whites well, next to the castle. I will be celebrating her birthday next Monday 8/29 @Arials grotto with a few of the princesses. That will be a wish come true ,however spending the night inside disneyland will be something out of my reach .so here comes my wish as a mother. ” I wish , before my daughter turns into a beautiful young girl to make her dream come true . I want to be able to look into her little eyes and see that sparkle of knowing that for one moment in life she will turn into a princess Inside disney castle .

lauren - August 21, 2011

my name is lauren im a 15 year old girl turning 16 in december and going to disney in october with my family n and a close friend for my birthday. i love disney so much ive been 3 times a year usually it is my favroite place to go. ive never stayed at the cinderellas castle before tho. i would really love to i do great things tho around my hometown ive raised over 7000 dollars for military families and children with cancer i go to nursing homes and sing there i help out around the community go to soup kitchens with friends i clean up trash from the side of the road i help people in need when others just pass them by. i am the kind of girl who loves to see everyone smiling and laughing it would be such an honor to stay in disney castle it is my second home disney world i cry everytime i go…biggest disney freak im getting married there and going ot be and intern there soon.

Adam Kaffan - August 22, 2011

To stay in the Cinderella’s Castle Suite would be absolutely unbelievable. I’m 25, but still to this day Disney is my thing. & it will be until the day i die. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite film. My girlfriend & i were in EuroDisney 2 years ago & stayed in the Walt Disney Hotel, & we’re going to Disneyworld on the 4th September this year for 2 weeks. We were staying on International Drive for the 2 weeks, but recently we were going out for 5 years, so for the second week, as a gift, i booked the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal. But 1 night in the Cinderella’s Castle Suite would wipe all that away. It really would be a dream come true.

stars4lj - August 24, 2011

I think that I will wish upon a star. Sounds heavenly.

Win a Stay in Disney Cinderella Castle Suite - August 28, 2011

[…] Cinderella Castle Suite […]

Doreen Ahern - August 31, 2011

My family and I are frequent Disney visitors awaiting arrival eagerly . This year we arrive tomorrow after a year long battle with cancer my family decided we need a piece of Disney magic to make this dreadful year go away. A night in the castle could make all the bad memories of the past year go away!

Harold Sabater - September 4, 2011

Hello Cinderella, The reason that I would like to stay in Cinderella’s Castle is that I have always believed in Disney Magic. This is my second go round, I am a regular Benjamin Button, I have a 26 year old daughter who made me a Grandpa from my 1st marriage. I remarried and have my little Ms. Madison and Mr. Chase, Work made me miss my big girls upbringing. I am stopping to smell the roses with the little ones. The sweet smell of the roses in a room at Cinderella’s Castle would be the sweetest they could ever smell. By the way Mrs. Button is expecting #3… Stay tuned… BB

Amber Tune - September 4, 2011

I would love to take my daughter to Disney world! and especially love for her to get to stay in Cinderellas Castle! Me too for that matter-Me and my husband both have never been to Disney World! I have a 5 year old non-verbal severly autistic little girl -she is still non-verbal but has a love of Mickey Mouse and all things Princess-although she is not fond of huge crowds -we are thinking-if we can save the money-to take her in the off season in the coming year-she has never even been to a amusement park at all! But i have no doubt in my mind she would love Disney World-who wouldnt !

Jamie - September 8, 2011

I think that it is great that Disney doesn’t let people pay for the suite! I am taking my boys to Disney World for the first time January 4, 2012 and I am more excited then they are. I love that there is something special that you can do just because your special not because your rich. My husband is a firefighter and I am a full time student and Mom so we have had to save for this trip for a long time. We are very excited!

lis - September 11, 2011

I will be going to diney in may 2012 with my husband to celebrate our 3 daughters birthdays,they are all a few weeks apart so i thought it be great to just celebrate at disney and have breakfast with the would be just wonderful to be able to stay at the cinderella suite,i was actually looking to see if i was able to make reservation but i see that is not at all possible.we do not make alot of money so we are saving for this celebration.

NJ - September 13, 2011

My family visited Walt Disney World when I was 13. It was a dream come true for me to look up and see Cinderella’s castle in person. I just stared in wonder and amazement at how beautiful it was. I vowed to myself that, one day, I would be a guest in Cinderella’s castle! I could just picture it!

Just then, one of the employees overheard me making this promise to myself. He told me that there was literally NOTHING inside the castle except for a small restaurant – that it was nothing more than a beautiful shell. I was so heartbroken to learn this – I was absolutely devastated! My dream would never come true now!

When I saw the suite featured on a travel show on TV, I almost had a conniption! YES, YES, YES! It looks just like the suite I always had envisioned in my dreams! Now, my dream can finally come true! Until just now…I thought you could just reserve the room and stay there. This article gave me a cruel dose of reality. I feel like that 13-year-old who just got her heart broken all over again.

But if someone ever saw fit to choose me, it would definitely make my century – bucket list item for sure! Maybe somehow some way…my turn will come…

Vicki Barnes - September 15, 2011

I absolutely love Disney World. I was born on the day it opened, October 1st. This year I have decided to celebrate my birthday with my family and Mickey and his family. I absolutely can’t wait. I can remember being at Disney during its Year of a Million Dreams and wishing someone would come up to me and tell me I’ve been chosed to stay in Cinderella’s Castle. May someone can make this birthday a little magical with fulfilling my wish! Fingers crossed!!!

Sammy - September 18, 2011

I was lucky enough to be at the park when that was going on and stay there. It was AWESOME!

Matthew Creal - September 23, 2011

Hi my name is Matt; I am an emergency room registered nurse in Panama City, Florida. All my life I have waited for the day when I could find my fairy tale princess and get married. Growing up with all the Disney classics makes the imagination run wild with thoughts of happily ever after. I finally found that woman in my life, and I soon plan to make my fairy tale wish come true. She and I love Disney so much that growing up we both wished we could work for Disney. Doing even the tedious tasks at Disney must be a dream job because you get to see so many people happy and kids having their dreams come true. On December 10th, 2011, I plan to propose to my beautiful princess in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disney world right before the fireworks show. I plan on wearing a prince charming outfit and my engagement ring box has an LED light to light up my gift to her as the fireworks light up the sky. I know it is impossible to stay in the Cinderella Castle suite unless specially chosen, but I know that to stay there would be the perfect end to a perfect proposal night and make her childhood dreams come true! Thanks to Disney and all its employees for filling so many hearts with joy and making dreams come true everyday!

Michael Burkhardt - September 24, 2011

My wife and I have been married just over 23 years. Cinderella has always been her favorite fairy tale. In fact, she says that I am the prince that came and rescued her! I was just watching a documentary on different aspects of Disney World and Disney Land on Netflix. As it talked about the Cinderella Castle Suite, she said, “I would die. I would just die!” We have come to Disney every three years since my son was 10. We are coming again this year to celebrate his 19th birthday at the end of November. It would mean the world to my wife if we could stay in the suite. You see, she was very overweight as a teen and young woman and thought that no man would ever want her. We have been very happy for 23 years. This would truly be a gift of a lifetime.


Michael Burkhardt

Alison - October 5, 2011

What a wonderfully romantic proposal. I wish you every happiness for the future.

naomi - October 24, 2011

Yes at the age of 47, taken by 3 kids yearly and sometimes 2x a year I gaze up and wish that someday i would not just eat at the royal table, but one day I would get a chance to sleep in t he castle too!. Now that I have grandcholdren and already bring them> i say one day, just one night after all these years, Maybe i can to sleep in the castle that I stare at and gives me that magical smile> when i go down, even while planning, my husband says I’m going to my HAPPY place. Thank you Walt.

Amy - November 2, 2011

omg i wish i could stay in the Cinderella castle, even from a little girl when people used to ask you what you wanted to be when you grow up i used to say that i wanted to be a princess, this would defiantly make a dream come true. and what i lovely way to propose, i wish my boyfriend would do something like this, i guess i will have to wait and see if my dream comes true next year as my prince charming and i are visiting in may. i love Disney so much and i would love to work there to.

Rebecca - November 3, 2011

I have visited Orlando each year for 5 years.I have never been to the Kingdom.I am now 52 and i never had children.But somewhere inside i think we all wish to be a princess, if even for one day.The magic and mystery, dreams and smiles.I would love to visit the Kingdom my next visit in 2012.What a wonderful way to be young again.

robyn whysong - November 10, 2011

my daughter just celebrated her 10th birthday and she has requested that her sweet 16 be at disneyland…we would love to have the opportunity to make her birthday even more magicall by being able to stay in the cinderella suite and let her feel like the little princess that she is..would love to make this dream come true for her..

AmandaMaMa - November 10, 2011

It has been my life-long dream to go to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 30 years old and have four beautiful princesses of my own 🙂 We are finally doing it-We’re going to Disneyland Feb. 2012. I just booked the plain tickets and was hoping we could stay in Cinderella’s Magical Castle 🙁 We’re a working-class family and this really will be the trip of a lifetime for all of us. I’m just gonna pray that there’s a way for us to stay in Cinderella’s Castle. The trip will be our families greatest memory, but staying in Cinderella’s Magical Castle would be icing on the cake. I don’t know what I could possibly give, but I’d give my wedding rings to stay there with our whole family. My wedding rings are my greatest earthly possession, but we’re about to make memories that will mean even more to my husband and I.

Alison - November 13, 2011

Unfortunately it is only given away as a prize but the Cinderella Castle Suite does sleep 6 guests.

DAVID OWENS - November 26, 2011

My wife and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary this year on December 26. She just had a miscarriage of our first child and found out about it on her birthday, just recently. I really want to do something special for her this year to show her how much she means to me, and to say thank you for going through all she’s gone through for our family. If you know of someone i could talk to at Disney and maybe get in, it would be awesome. I would give anything possible. I know it would be one of the best day’s of my wife’s life.

Darlene Bettinger - November 27, 2011

My husband and I will be together for 40 years on February 6, 2012. We are planning on taking our 3 grandchildren and their parents to Disney World to help us celebrate our 40th anniversary in June 20112. This will be our granddaughters’ first time to Disney World. Staying a night in Cinderella’s Castle would be a truly memorable experience for all of us! Wouldn’t you love to see how the Magic of Disney could create the biggest smiles on the faces of our precious grandchildren?

Katie - December 3, 2011

I personally would love the opportunity but I would most like this experience for my dad if you can believe that. As a super Disney fan he visits Disneyland often and I can remember the first time he took me when I was 3 years old. As a police officer you would think he would have a jaded personality having seen the things he does, but he is the ultimate optimist and I think a lot of that his love for the innocence and magic of the world of Disney. Oh and last time that we went to DisneyWorld I told him that you could go into the castle so it would be nice to prove it!

Jennie Williams - December 13, 2011

My name is Jennie and I have a sweet little princess of my own who would love to stay in Cinderella’s castle. Her name is Abigail and she is 8 years old. We took her to Disney World just last week for the first time and as we were waiting in line to ride on Dumbo I asked her if it was as fun as she thought it would be and all she could say “It was more than i could ever dream of.” It would be her dream come true to stay in Cinderella’ castle and we know that Disney World is a place where dreams really do come true.

Aimee - December 16, 2011

Hi My name is Aimee:
We love Disney and everything about it, from the parks, the cruises, the hotels, the decorations, etc. There are so many memories in our journey. From my 5th year wedding anniversary and my daughter’s 10th birthday celebrations both held in the Castle at lunch at the restaurant to my baby shower for my son, everything Mickey, even a pinata.
It will be a dream for our family to stay at the suite in the castle. Your atmosphere gives all of us great joy. We might not be famous people but Disney is important in our lives. We are having a Christmas Disney party this year in our house. It is ok to dream and that is what you inspire in everything you do.

Brandie - December 19, 2011

It was special when our tough little 8 year old boy saw the room and wanted to be King of the Castle and enjoy the Magic of the Suite. We will be starting our Disney World Magical experience with him for his first time the day after he turns 9! My husband and I have not been since we were 10! We are so very excited! After Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years there is always that tinge of a blah feeling. After all the family, friends, parties, lights, decorations and all those special things around the Holidays have passed, we are thankful to have Disney to go to this year to continue the awesome feelings and memories shared with family! Thank You Walt Disney!

Catherine Garcia - December 20, 2011

Well I can make a long list of reasons why My family and I would like to stay but it all boils down to one thing….my husband has been away overseas a lot and has missed a lot of our children’s special moments in life. And he hasn’t really spent much time wit the kidos he has always wished he could do something special for them that they will remember for the rest of their lives since he has been away from their life time and time again. So bottom line is my husband is looking for that special gift the children can say, “my daddy made this day special happen.” it would be a family memory they would never forget, it’s Disney world!!!!

stephanie - December 27, 2011

Hi Disneyworld magic kingdom powers that be, I googled how we could get to stay in the suite at Cinderella’s castle and I was sad to hear we couldn’t reserve it. My daughter Isabella who is now 7 has spent the last 5 years recovering from a vaccine injury. She became very sick after her tetnus shot. It is now 5 years later and we are overjoyed that she has recovered. It was a very long road. It cost us over 200,000 out of our own pockets and 5 years of sleepless nights, tears, specialists and more specialists to heal her. We are so so grateful our nightmare is over and that our daughter is healthy. We are now selling our dream home that we moved into right before we even knew she was injured and needed recovery. As a result of all the unpaid debt we are selling our home to start clean and get rid of the massive medical expenses. We will moving this year into a smaller home and are planning a trip to Disneyworld in December 2012 for Christmas to celebrate our daughters recovery and excellent health. We were hoping to give her one night in Cindella’s castle as she loves anything Disney. Since we have to be selected, I am humbly asking for this gift for my beautiful daughter, Isabella Love Maleno. We are happy to come in December 2012 when it may be available. It would bring her such joy, and just to watch her face and tell me what she thinks of the castle suite would be priceless for me as her mom, as there was a time when we didn’t even knowif she would ever understand what we were even saying to her. Now that she does know and God has blessed us with her healing, it truly would be a gift that money just can’t buy. Thank you for reading. God bless Disney and thank you Walt for having a big dream. Love, Stephanie

SARAH SHEARN - December 29, 2011


Tina Mitchell - December 30, 2011

I am turning 50 years old in January and had a big scare last March, they diagnosed me with probably ovarian cancer and needed a hysterectomy immediately. To God’s will I did not have cancer all biopsies tested negative. But prior to surgery my granddaughter was very upset about my sickness, I promised at that time I would take all of us to Disney,regardless of outcome. I have always called her my little princess and she looks like one with beautiful blonde hair blue eyes and a smile to kill. She loves ALL the disney princess’s and is so excited…We are now planning our Feb 2012 vacation. I would love to have her stay at the castle. It would be the thrill of a lifetime.

Yash - December 31, 2011

I would love to take my sister to the castle. She’s such a simple girl who appreciates everything she’s given. She has a chronic disease and is on oxygen all the time. I think going to disney would be amazing and a feat, but the castle would be the icing on the cake.

Brittany Jones - January 2, 2012

Here’s the deal. I’m Brittany. I’m 17 years old. And there is nothing in the world that I want more than to spend my wedding night in that suite. I can guarantee you, that by the time I am wed, I WILL be a star. I have been singing since I could speak, and my childhood dreams of being a princess have yet to die, and I don’t plan on them dying anytime soon. I’m actually currently working on an album that is based solely off of all of the Disney Princesses. I would LOVE to spend my wedding night there. I’ve had my wedding planned since I was a little girl, and this is all I can dream of. I am a hardworking student who has big dreams of taking the stage as an international superstar, and I will succeed. I am passionate and determined, would do almost anything for a night in that suite. Just one night, with my future husband, a few years from now. I can guarantee you, that I won’t let you down Disney. I’ve been going to DisneyWorld every other year for the past 6 years, and everytime I go to the Magic Kingdom, I swear to myself that I will one day be staying in that suite for a night with my Prince Charming. I’ll let DIsney be the ones to sign my first album! Anything! Just, please, I want to be a princess for a night. It would mean the world to me.

Gayle Van Wagenen - January 3, 2012

How about a drawing for a special foundation like “Make A Wish”
Somehow give a special night to a child who is less fortunate than all of us!

I remember going to Disneyland in 1958 for the first time! I now live close to WDW so go quite often. Walt Disney, what an amazing man!

I think he would like it if someone less fortunate could stay in the castle!

Julie - January 4, 2012

What would I give to stay in the Castle Suite? WOW! What a dream come true for any woman or girl and likely a lot of boys and men as well. The truth is, I am not less fortunate in any way. My family is healthy and our problems are small in comparison to some of these posts I have read. I am just a normal 39 year old woman. I do have a prince charming of a husband and two beautiful children, aged 10 and 7- a boy and a girl! We are CA residents and visit Disneyland often with our annual passes. It is in the plan to one day take the kids to Disney World, but no hard dates yet. I really can’t think of anything better to give in exchange for staying in the Cinderella Suite than family volunteer time. Parents that include their kids when volunteering time are preparing them for greatness and we love spending the day working together. The world will always need our help and my kids have learned to love volunteering as many others can. We weren’t meant to go it alone in this world. Everyone needs help at some time or another. Just an idea for what I would give.

Teresa Henderson - January 5, 2012

My daughter is 28 years old and a mother of 3. On Nov. 7, 2011, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor on her right frontal lobe. Since then, my daughter has undergone 3 brain surgeries that resulted in many complications. Just a few days ago we were told that she now has a tumor on the left side of her brain. This time surgery isn’t an option. Today was the first day of intensive chemotherapy and radiation. Her prognosis isn’t great, but we are making the best of everyday. My daughter wants more than anything to take her children to Walt Disney World. To stay in the castle would give my grandchildren beautiful memories of their mother they could hold onto forever.

Rick Richard - January 9, 2012

As much as I would like to just even see the room I am happy to learn that this room cannot be bought. I would like to think that Disney and the Make A Wish foundation have a connection to provide the room to a much deserving child.

Judy - January 14, 2012

My 17 year old daughter and I are coming to Disney at the end of January to have a break from reality. We love Disney World and find our inner soul every time we are there. The last 7 weeks have been beyond stressful as my daughter has been in severe depression. We have been dealing with cutting, suicide thoughts and other depressive behavior. We plan on spending four days at Disney forgetting reality and building ‘happy’ memories. A night in Cinderella’s castle would really help our quest.

Mike Miller - January 15, 2012

I would like to stay at the Cinderellas suite because I have been to Walt Disney World

since 1992,1994,2004 and this is my 8th time down there

Have A Magical Day

Maka - January 21, 2012

I would love to stay in the castle because I just need to get away from it all

Elba Armstrong-Hernandez - January 22, 2012

Hi, This would be an incredible gift for my 7 year old daughter. We have been through a lot the last year starting with the death of my brother who was my daughter’s mentor and then my two aunts passed three months after him. She and I miss him terribly and this would bring a smile to a little girl who is heartbroken. The only and last time I visited The Castle was with my brother and that was many years ago before my daughter was born. Since then I have not gone.

TITO - January 24, 2012

This would be the dream come true for my family! We have gone through a lot this past year and unfortunately hardship brings stress on a family. My kids, wife and myself love Walt Disney World. We visited it a few years back. Spent three days there. Loved it!! My youngest daughter wants to visit Disney World again because she says she doesn’t remember it. She was small when we last went. There are a lot of families going through hard times in this country so we all deserve a stay at that castle. But no lie I wish hard that I can bring my family that opportunity. It would make my kids so happy and up lift my wife’s spirit. Good luck on any one who deserves it!! I know we do. I work hard for my families health and happiness.
God Bless!!

vira ahern - January 25, 2012


Alison - January 25, 2012

That is exactly why it says so on my article. Kevin Jonas did indeed stay there.

Stacey Reineck - January 28, 2012

Hello. I am requesting to get to stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite for my daughter Celeste 18th Birthday which is Novemebr 22nd and falls on Thanksgiving. This is what she has asked for her Birthday. Celeste and I had a horrible year in 2011, she lost her brother and 5 of her frinds in a house fire and Celeste was in a car accident that same morning where she sustained injuries and had surgery. Celeste is physically recovering exceptionally well but her emotional scars as well as mine are going to go on forever. We did not enjoy our holidays last year as this happened March 6, 2011 so getting this opportunity for her Birthday as well as Thanksgiving would totally rock, certainly give us a new memory while we are rebuilding our lives. We would be so thankful and grateful for this opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to consider our request:)

Katherine Lee - January 29, 2012

Hi I am Katherine and my dream is to spend my 21st Birthday in the Cinderella suite. My Birthday is in late July, so while I know it porbably won’t happen I just have to dream. I am 18 right now so who knows maybe they will let people pay for it by then and I’ll my dream. I have always loved disney and not just for the thrill rides they keep adding, but for the old “childish” rides because they remind me of my childhood and always make me smile. That’s why I would want to spend my 21st B-Day in Cinderella’s Castle Suite. Thanks for reading! : )

L.E - January 29, 2012

I would really love to go to Disney World! I’ve never been and my family isn’t planning on going because of the cost. But I wish I could go someday!
I would pay 5-10,000 to stay in the Cinderella suite, id just have to figure out where to get the money

maria scozzaro - January 30, 2012

What can i say ! only that who ever gets the chance to stay at the Cinderella castle will surely have an experience that they will never forget i’m sure. I myself have a three year old little girl (Sofia) and to say that we as a family would be extremely happy if we ever got the opportunity to spend a night at Cinderella Castle would be a BIG UNDERSTATEMENT. For us to come over and experience the whole Magic of Disney is a dream come true in itself to then be chosen to stay at the Cinderella Castle would be the ultimate dream come true. We plan to come over to Orlando in July 2012 and it will be my little girl’s first time there. I myself cannot wait to see her little face. Thank you so much for reading my comment 🙂 xxx

Lynn - February 2, 2012

I am volunteer for Make a Wish and have a Wish child who wishes to sleep in Cinderella’s Castle. Unfortunately I am being told that won’t happen. I am so sad to have to tell her that her one true wish won’t come true:( I would give almost anything for her and her family to stay there.

Lynda Reynolds - February 3, 2012

In July 2011 my brother and sister-in-law received devastating news no parent ever contemplates… their 5 year old identical twin daughter, Layla, was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She has battled this life altering illness with more courage than someone way beyond her years. Her spirit never diminshes and she wakes every morning with the biggest smile. Through weekly trips to the cancer center, chemotherapy, hair loss, surgery and radiation Layla has shown us all that a positive attitude can overcome almost anything. She truly is an inspiration.

Like most little girls Layla dreams of being a princess. Visit their home at any time and you will find Layla and her 3 sisters dressed in princess costumes. Layla was recently visited by the Make-A-Wish foundation. When asked she said that her wish is to “eat breakfast with the princesses on her birthday.” Layla’s wish was granted. She and her family will be spending a week at Disney World between April 26, 2012 and May 2, 2012 but most important they will “breakfast with the princesses” the morning of April 27th, her birthday.

To sleep in Cinderella’s Castle would certainly be the surprise of a lifetime. A dream come true for not only Layla but the whole family (my brother and sister-in-law became engaged in front of the castle). Cancer is not an illness that affects just an individual. The family has endured through this trying time, including the unexpected recent death of Layla’s grandfather, but not without the fear and scars that will forever remain. A night in Cinderell’s Castle would truly be magical!!

Erica Dorn - February 3, 2012

I know that many people leave u sad and horrible stories about their lives hoping to be picked to stay at the Cinderella resort!! The truth is me and my husband have been married for fifteen years and with in those fifteen years we have never gone to Disney. My husband said what is the fun without a child?We promised each other we wouldn’t go umtil we had a child to take with us. What could be more wonderful than the expression on a child face at Disney for the first time?After years of fertility tests, we were not able to have a child. So 18 months ago we adopted our first child. She is the world to us and makes our life complete, and there is nothimg i would not do for her!! Staying at the Cinderella castle would make a little girls dream come true a once in a life time experience! I have never asked for anything I didn’t earn or work for! I believe nothing is for free! I’m a disable veteran who served in Iraqi freedom and was injured and now I am totally disabled!!! If there is any family that deserves to stay at the cinderella castle more than a superstar it’s my family!! So I hope u can find it in your hearts to make a familys dreams come true and give us the perfect vaction that we deserve!

Lisa Shipes - February 6, 2012

I know many unfortunate people who deserve to stay at cinderellas castle before I do. However I have never asked for anything for myself. If I do ask, I pray that my stage IV breadt cancer would be healed. I
When I was a child I always wanted to have a princess dress. I used to pray every night that in the morning miraculously there would be a beautiful princess dress just for mr hanging in my closet. Obviously that never happened. As I grew up I thought if I had a daughter I would fulfill my dream through her. Unfortunately I never had the chance to have children because of the cancer.
I would just love to stay at Cinderellas castle to feel like a child again. To forget the last 13 years of my illness and how much it has taken from me.
Thank you.

Gary Nichols - February 7, 2012

I have stayed in the Castle Suite and it was amazing. My brother-in-law won a stay during the Year of a Million Dreams so he, my sister, my wife, and I got to say. The cool part was that may have been the main prize but there was so much more. First we lead the main parade riding in one of the Main Street vehicles with Daisy Duck. Then we visited the suite where our bags had been dropped off and were able to explore. Everything is themed so well, there is even a 250 yr old writing desk beside one of the beds. Afterwords we had dinner in the castle. Then, because it was one of the nights of Mickey’s Christmas we were able to go around with a VIP guide who took us to the front of every line, even allowing us to enter the Haunted Mansion through the VIP entrance. She even took us down under the Magic Kingdom to see the legendary tunnels. We were even given a white chocolate sculpture of the castle which we munched on. I have to say, it was AMAZING.

michael s - February 14, 2012

My wife and three girls are down in disney for my twins seventh birthday tomorrow. They don’t know they are even going to disney so its all a big surprise. They are going to dine at Cinderellas royal table. It would be the most magical trip if they got to sleep in the castle. They eat, drink and breathe Cinderella! That castle, the image of it has created such happiness for billions of people. There is nothing else in the world that can compare!

Benjamin - February 15, 2012

I just wanna stay overnight there. No story, no bad luck, i don’t have cancer, I’m single and just want to experience the stay 🙂

Penny L - February 17, 2012

Staying in Cinderella’s castle with my husband would be a dream come true. He is my best friend and have been married for 18 years. Our anniversary is March 4. Hint hint!

Catherin - February 18, 2012

I am planning to go to Disney world for my 16th birthday in June! And my dream is to spend a anight in the Cinderella castle. I have been a Disney princess fanatic for my whole life. I absolutely love them. I’ve never been to Disney World before, but I know my experience there will be magical! I’ve always wanted to go there but we never had enough money, so instead of a sweet 16 party I decided to go to Disney World (since we saved enough money). I’m happy that I can go 🙂

Melissa - February 20, 2012

Not everybody deserves to go up there. You can win a contest, but they rarely have them. The closest you will probably get up t that room is if you eat dinner in the reserves castle area, but you still won’t see or go up to that room. It is special: One of a kind. It is a lot of peoples dreams and Disney tries to fulfill them but this dream is too costly for them and I would say you can’t buy your dreams. If you deserve it, you get it, so do what’s right and hope for the best. Byee

-BTW it looks beautiful in that picture. It’d be my dream too

Terence Connelly - February 24, 2012

I have 5 kids from 21 to 5 years old, I’m 41 years old and me and my wife dedicate our lives to our children, I own 3 businesses in long island new York, and have broke my tail since I’m 19 years old on the arrival of my daughter to now to accomplish what I have, I have lost my brother when I was 8 and he was just 15, and my dad died in my arms when I was. 16, I would pay almost anything that I could to give my kids that room for a night, what a special and life altering gift it would be for them.i have learned at a young age life can change everything in an instance so I help anyone I can, love my wife and children unconditionaly, and conduct my business honorably, and I feel that Walt Disney would acknowledge those good American principals and morals, and possibly if he were here today, and had a chance to meet me, would award me an opportunity to rent that magical room for my wife and children.

charolette - February 24, 2012

ok i have been a disney folllower ever snice i was a little girl. my biggest dream is to go to disneyland n get in to the cindella suite. i have watch every disney movie ever made n im such a big fan of disney. im older now but im never going to quit being the biggest fan ever i would do pretty much anything to get in my dream suite. one day i will visit disneyland with my four kids n i hope to get in that beautiful sutie

Jay - February 26, 2012

I live in Australia, born in New Zealand and have been going to Disneyland since I was 5. I’m now 31 and last went when I was 28 and I have never lost my heart-fluttering excited love for all things Disney. Every single time I’ve been to a Disney park, I visit the castle and go on & on to my family and now Husband, about how much I wish I could stay in the Castle and be Cinderella for a night, even when I thought it was just a make-believe castle. I had no idea there was actually a Cinderella Suite until seeing it on tv tonight! Wow, even though I was sad to see you can’t pay to stay there, I’m still so excited that it is even a possibility! I wonder if there is a way international guests can register their interest? What a total miracle that would be!

Kendall Jackman - February 26, 2012

Kendall Jackman AKA “Cinderella” I am four years old and I’m Cinderella! Why shouldn’t I stay at MY castle? I’m coming for my second visit this June and will have my glass slippers on. See everybody in June.

Ann Tackett - February 27, 2012

My 26 yo daughter, Allison, was just diagnosed with Stage 4 lung and bone cancer. As a non-smoker, we have all been saddened by the shock of the diagnosis. My husband and I could never afford to take our girls to WDW when they were small, but now they are grown, with children of their own and our finances will allow us to bring everyone to see Mickey. What a treat for my 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters this would be !! Allison has put WDW on her “bucket list”, but this would be the chance of her lifetime and memories would be forever made . Thank you for the opportunity to write this comment.

Ann Tackett
Athens, GA

Karolina Florez - March 9, 2012

My name is Karolina. I recently got married on November 12, 2011. My husband proposed to me in our favorite restaurant dressed up as a prince. We are both very much into the fairytale love. We visit Magic Kingdom in Orlando as much as we can. It is my favorite place in the world and I would love nothing more than to stay there for our 1year anniversary which will be November 12, 2012. We are not rich and we’re not famous. We are just 2 people who are very much in love and would love to share that experience together. I know that this wish will probably never come true, but you have to dream, otherwise whats the point.

Skip Hollingsworth - March 10, 2012

I know two things. I grew up going to Disneyland and it is my favorite place on this planet. I also know that, at 45 years of age, I have finally found the woman of my dreams. I would simply like to take her to the Cinderella Suite . . . even if its only to share a kiss.

kevin - March 10, 2012

My family and myself will be visiting Disney World this August. It just happens to be when we will be celebrating my wifes 50th birthday, ooppss i’ll be in trouble for sharing that info. We are going to make it a special celebration as Ann’ s fathers passing this Feburary and i have been disabled with a broken back, and received news of more upcoming surgeries that will limit my mobility, my wife is now the sole momey earner in the family which adds its own level of stress. Even with those set backs taken place Ann has away of bringing energy and light to the families daily coming and goings. To be able to have Ann spend the night as a princess would be such a wonderful memory. I know we will have a GREAT time in Disney no matter where we stay. Thanks Kevin

Lori Maguire - March 10, 2012

My husband And I have been married for 32 years Disneyland would be a wonderful way to celebrate 33 years .

Lori Maguire - March 10, 2012

My husband And I have been married for 32 years Disneyland would be a wonderful way to celebrate 33 years . He is my prince .. We would be so honored to be chosen.

Randi - March 11, 2012

My Aunt and Uncle visit Disney Word at least 2 to 3 times a year. This is truly my Uncle’s favorite place, in the world, and has been going multiple times a year, for MANY years!! If they could enjoy a night in Cinderella’s Castle, that would be the final and best thing, they have yet to visit at Disney World!!

Kaci Lackey - March 11, 2012

My family and I are so excited to be visiting Disney World this coming April. We will be celebrating my daughter’s 4th birthday and it will also be her and my husband’s very first visit. I know we will have the time of our lives as we experience as much as possible during our visit to each park. I cannot wait to see my daughter’s eyes light up when she sees all of Disney’s magic. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it and I know there will be a lot of happy tears shed all week 🙂 I am hoping to give my daughter and husband the very best first experience of Disney! I must say the one day I am looking so much forward to is April 16. My daughter will turn 4 years old and her very special day will begin with breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table where she will be swept off her feet and greeted by all Disney’s beautiful princesses. See you soon Cinderella 😉 😉

Ann Volkots - March 11, 2012

As Jiminy Cricket once said, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.” For years, I was searching for my prince charming, and one day, fate brought my husband and I together in a tragic way. May 10, 1987 my brother was burned in a terrible accident. At the same time, my soon to be husband had a motorcycle accident. They were brought together and were in the same hospital room. The moment I laid eyes on David, I knew he was the one for me. We were married Nov. 12, 1988. In 2013 we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Having the opportunity to celebrate our love in such a magical way would be like a dream come true. I love all things Disney, and would be honored to spend an evening in your Cinderella suite. After all, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true!

Jeanne Mikulics - March 11, 2012

We have 5 kids – have been a Disney Family since our 26 year old was born. The kids know every word to every Disney song and every movie line by memory. We own our own business and in early 2000’s had some incredible few years, this allowed us to stay in the Roy Disney Suite our 2nd time on the Disney Cruise. This was a dream come true ! We have stayed in the Grand Floridian and the Wilderness Lodge. Nothing could compare to my now 15 year old son being chosen to join the stage in the “Hoop-de-doo review !!”We Live in San Diego and just last weekend we spent 3 days at Disneyland – we can’t get enough ! We all have places in our closets for our Disney clothing , we would not dream of entering the park without being dressed head to toe in Disney ! We are so proud of out family “Stone” Straight out from the center of the main entrance. We were one of the first to buy a family stone ! My husband and I grew up in poor households and even though he grew up in Anaheim, his family did not have the money to take him. We have worked so hard for all we have, now I say had. We spent three years building our dream home which we just lost in foreclosure like so many who have their own business. We were so happy to be able to buy out passes with monthly payments because while we have lost all else, Disney brings joy to our lives and our hearts – a stay in the Castle would make life complete.

Kayla Ebersole - March 12, 2012

There’s nothing I can say…not enough sob stories…not enough reasons why I feel I should win anything…because the truth is that no matter how much I go through or how many problems I face, that doesn’t make me anymore deserving…God’s will is God’s will…and I don’t deserve anything…
but I’m still giving it a shot…If it’s God’s will for this young adult to win then so be it and I’ll cry myself to tears in joy from a simple dream coming true…any girl would…lol
My Father is the King of Kings, so no matter what happens…I’ll always believe I’m a princess in my heart. =) If God doesn’t let me win then I’ll still be happy for the on who did win! Just…if there’s anything I can do to help the chances of me winning…let me know. God bless you! And thank you!!

– Hopeful and patiently waiting- <3

Jessica D - March 13, 2012

i am 23 years old with a 2 year old daughter. Me and my boyfriend hopefully soon to be* my prince charming * would do anything to even get a chance to have a get away vacation. We have been together for 6 years, and he works 85 hours a week just to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I lost my job 2 months ago, after being there for 2 years after i finished school. I’m thankfully going back to school this May. I just wish i could get the chance to take my daughter to a magical place like this. She is such a princess. She’s so smart and such a good girl. I just dont have the money to afford a night like this. And i remember when i was 7 we went to have breakfast with the princess’ and its just something i would love to be able to give my daughter the chance to experience that. I know she is just 2 but it could be our way to start the family i always wanted, and hopefully a proposal 🙂 . My long time boyfriend is so tired and has been working non stop because he couldnt get his diploma for owing a loan that they told him 2 days before he was supposed to graduate. We have done everything we were supposed to do. We just never get the time for us now. Its so hard. …. This would really be a dream come true.

– Jessica & Julia

brandon anderson - March 14, 2012

So, if …..lets say……Bill Gates wanted to stay there, he couldn’t? I don’t believe that. Money talks. It may take millions, but for the right price, i’m sure you could get it.

Jake mosteller - March 16, 2012

Ever since i was born i have not missed one year that i didnt go to disney. Me and my family love it so much that even after 18 years of my life we still planed to go. Me and my family were lucky and got to go three times in one year! But the bad part my mom works herself to death tryin to make us happy by bring us to this magicial place. So me and my family wanted to do something for her and make her happy. So we thought if it was possible we wanted to make her feel like a princess by tryin to get her to stay in the castle. She trys day in and day out to do everything for our family to make us happy and get everything she wants for us, that she forgets herself. So i was wondering if there was anyway to do this so we can make her day and let her be the princess she deserves to be?

john michael angelo - March 19, 2012

hi. my name is john. my wife, donna, and i spent part our honeymoon at disney world in october 1972. my wife is all about cinderella. she has even made a cinderella gown. it came out beautiful. before they decided to give away the nights at the castle suite, we scrimped and saved to try to have enough to stay there. well we never got enough in time. we will be coming to disney world this october to celebrate our 40th anniversary. i hope with all my heart we could get a chance to stay in cinderella’s suite. i think my wife would even give up her cinderella gown to stay. for sure she would wear it. lol. my daughter and grandchildren will be joining us. they would be so thrilled. since they could speak, when they see the castle anytime, they say, ‘ there’s your castle Grandma.’ please make her dream, one in a million! thank you, john m. angelo

sarah salmans - March 19, 2012

i was there when i turned 10 and im 12 now and when i learned that you could stay all the way up there in the castle i went coocoo cause that was my dream since lets see two years old so i would loved to be picked to have that chance of a life time

Bree - March 20, 2012

My daughter is celebrating her 16th birthday this year and she has dreamed of being able to stay at the Cinderella Castle long before it was a suite. Now that they have built the suite it would be amazing if I could surprise her with a trip to Disney and stay at the castle on her Sweet 16!

Amanda Dunn - March 22, 2012

I think not opening up the Cinderella suite is an ingenious idea as it preserves the “special princess feeling”. Knowing you are one of very few special people is an indescribable feeling. I would love to give that to my 6 year old daughter. No sob stories but just a mom trying to make her daughter always feel she is a true princess and of course I would not mind enjoying that feeling a little myself. I am a local who lives in Orlando, Fl and have enjoyed all the parks since I was a little girl.

Amy - March 24, 2012

We are planning on going to Disney for the first time next year with our kids ages 11, 9 and 4. Would love to go this summer but it’s not financially possible and our 9 year old daughter just had heart surgery so I want her to be a 1+ out from her surgery before going because she gets tired easily. It would be a dream come true for her to get to stay in the Castle, she loves all the princess but especially Cinderella because the princess is blonde and blue eyed like my daughter. My daughter also has severe Idiopathic Juvenile Scoliosis and is in a backbrace 23 hours a day so when we do go to the park everything we do will revolve around her limitations. She really wants to get the princess makeover (it’s $189, YIKES) we are going to do everything we can to make this a special trip, as it will most likely be a once in a lifetime trip for us.

Kristy Kress - March 24, 2012

My husband, 3 year old son and I are planning our Disney World vacation in November. We have decided to make an annual family vacation to Disney in celebration of our family! When I was pregnant with my son, I was diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, which is pregnancy induced heart failure. The doctors took my son six weeks early, but he is a fighter and fought any obstacle that came his way. Turns out he may have gotten that from me! When he was just over 1 month old, I was put on the waiting list for a heart transplant. My heart was only getting worse and my doctors were afraid I would not make it. On December 8, 2008 (my son was exactly two months old), my surgeon came in to let me know they would be installing a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), which is a pump they installed on my heart to pump it, and they wanted to do it the next morning. That happened to be my husband’s birthday and I remember telling my surgeon that he couldn’t give up on me because of Chad’s birthday! I was able to get healthy and finally go home from the hospital after a three month stay and spend precious time with my newborn son. I was called four months later and received my heart transplant on April 22, 2009! We decided to celebrate every November because that is when I was put on the list, and that is the reason we are all a family today! Any time my son (Hunter) sees the Cinderella castle on Television, he says he wants to stay the night and it would be a “Dream Come True” for all of us to be able to celebrate this November, our four years together as a family!

Heather - March 25, 2012

It is such a special place and if everyone got to stay it wouldn’t be special anymore. I myself would love to stay there but, I know I never will. Disney World has built sooo many resorts that maybe it’s time they built an actual castle that is a resort you can stay in. That would be awesome! Other than that we just stayed at The Wilderness Lodge for our honeymoon and it was AMAZING!!! Totally worth all the money we spent. I highly reccomend it 🙂

Dawn DuBois-Adams - March 30, 2012

The magic is in the park-not a room in a castle. Yes, it is beautiful and a perfect fairy tale room. I think it should be a make-a-wish suite. I’ll stick to enjoying all the other resorts and attractions 🙂

Kirsten - April 1, 2012

Staying in Cinderella’s castle would be a dream come true.

mileena - April 1, 2012

It has away s been my big dream to spend a couple nights at the Cinderella Castle Suite 🙂 I LOVE CINDERELLA!!!!!! I have the play set of Cinderellas castle and i just think how it would be to be in it. I love to go to the Disney store and buy lots of dolls!!!! But now i heard it is impossible to get in i have been crying 🙁 .for 9 years i have had this dream and i saw this show that said there is a princess beauty salon i was dreaming so hard.this summer (2012) I just hope i at least get a tour or if a chance of 1 to 1millon i could get that very wish.Like what Cinderella said dreams do come true right?this is so so so sad im crying thank u for reading:) dreams do come true!!!! 🙂 Mileena

mileena - April 1, 2012

Just saying i wish evryone who wants my same dream gets it DREAMS DO COME TRUE !!!!!!!! 🙂

Bridetobe - April 2, 2012

Hi, I am all about Disney maybe is because the first time that I came to Walt Disney World I wasn’t born yet. No matter what age you are you just believe. Dreams come true, I’m 25 years old and found my prince charming. We are getting married In December and what a Magical place to celebrate our union and holiday with firework than in this magical place. My dream is to spend my honeymoon in this enchanted place, but how can I get that… I belive

Cleo - April 2, 2012

Just renovate a suite of rooms to resemble the real thing.

Jennifer - April 3, 2012

My daughter just requested to sleep one night in the castle as her Make-A-Wish. We were just told that Disney is no longer allowing anyone to sleep in the castle so she has to have another dream. It was a serious let down for my daughter.

Charlotte fisher - April 3, 2012

My little granddaughter, Hannah loves Cinderella. We are suffering from the loss of her brother, Matthew.
He was hit by a car while riding his bicycle, on March 18,2012, in Avon Park, Fl. Hannah is 3 and Matthew was 7. She misses him terribly and I wish I could take the pain away.

Helen Sosa - April 4, 2012

Hi, I have 3 beautiful princess a19,7and 2 year old, and when I promes the first one I will save at less a dollar every day to take her to Disney she was so happy….. But them came the Cinderella suite, omg, I say know I have to save more……for her and the 2 others, the 7 year old when she saw the video on tv, she cry, because she want me to take her, like is was around the Conner . I will love to make my daughters happy, please give me the opportunity of a night in you’re suite… Thank you

Kristin Parker - April 6, 2012

Simply put, an evening in Cinderella’s castle would be magical.

Patricia Pede - April 9, 2012

My daughter Breanna is 12 years old and is Avery special girl. Last summer she rescued 2 friends from drowning within one week of each other. One of these had a seizure. Breanna did all of this with a cast on her leg. Breanna is an advocate for making people aware that you can be friends with people who have seizure, don’t make fun of them. She also promotes how important swimming lessons are,. breanna was chosen as Sarnia newsmaker of the year as well as Ontario junior citizen of the year. She would love to spend a night in the castle .

britney davis - April 10, 2012

I have 3 wonderful children they love disney. i would give anything to be able to tell them they can stay in a real cinderella castle and be real princess and prince for a night. i cant give them much but i would like to make all their dreams come true.

Lesley - April 14, 2012

As my Brother and I try to plan our parents 50th wedding anniversary, we kept thinking, what could we do? What do they want or need? Then it hit us, it wasn’t about wants and needs, it was about what our Mother has always wished for…. to stay in Cinderella’s suite. I could write about the challenges, heartbreaks, trials and tribulations that our family has gone through, but in the end, I know there are people less fortunate than us. We are very blessed and fortunate to be where we are. I guess that’s why we never ask to be granted a wish. I hope you consider my parents, but whomever gets the opportunity to stay in Cinderella’s suite, we hope that it’s a magical event! ; )

Erika L Statler - April 14, 2012

Hello! My name is Erika and I’d like to share a little about myself and my dreams of Disney. I’m *cough31cough!* years old, engaged, college student with two fantastic dogs. I’m not super-special; I’m pretty normal and have a decent life — nothing fantastic, but I make every single day a little miracle. I’m a non-traditional student putting myself through college to (eventually) get a PhD in psychology to provide therapy to the Deaf community. I’ve been a Disney fan since I was three when I cried and had to be taken out of the movie theatre because Bambi’s mom was shot … My very first visit to Disney World was when I was 27 with my fiance and I’ve been saving every single penny since to make it back. Sadly, tuition costs and life always seems to upset the applecart. One day, we’ll get back there and I’ll float on dreams of staying the night in the castle, keeping my fingers crossed that I could be so lucky.

Tracy Lindvall - April 23, 2012

After having 4 boys of our own my dream came true and we were able to adopt a baby girl out of the foster system 2.5 years ago. I am such a girly girl, love all things princess, and pink. But with 4 boys, I turned my attention to sports, bugs, and climbing trees. Now that our family is blessed with this miracle little girl we are headed to Disney World to meet Cinderella. Our Abby is now 3 years old and is so excited to meet Cinderella. Her Nana is making her an exact replica of Cinderella’s dress to wear to Disney World. What a treat to win a stay in the castle. My fairy tale has already come true, with Prince Charming for my husband, 4 little Princes as sons and now a beautiful Princess for a daughter. But you can always add on the the fairy tale by adding a night at Cinderella’s Castle!

giada - April 24, 2012


Our Disney trip is booked and we are heading there the day after school gets out this June! I am a divorced Mom of 4, 3 boys – 1 a United States Marine who is and will be fighting in Afghanistan for the next year- and a Princess. My Princess is 12. My boys have been to Disney many, many times & my little girl about twice, but she was too young to remember. I have been trying to put this trip together for a while, but health issues and life happened, I am the victim of domestic violence. I would LOVE to give my daughter the ultimate gift of a night in Cinderellas Castle. I want her to see and enjoy Disney while she still has her young, little girl innocence. This would be like winning the multi million dollar lottery for her and for me to be able to tell her 🙂 She is such a good girl, smart, great student with all A’s and has the most giving, compasionate heart.

John - April 24, 2012

My wife and I have are the kids with our dogs, life has decided we are meant to be the best aunt and uncle to our nieces and nephew due to the fact after many years of trying and tens upon tens of thousands of dollars spent trying to have children we are unable, but that hasnt taken the spirit out of us, we spend alot of time at Disney World, days, weekends,Disney Cruises, Magic Kingdom, Food and Wine festival, we take my niece and nephew, and her niece and have been huge Disney fans since long before we met and now Disney is a passion we share, its the feeling we get as we walk through the turnstiles, and decide Monorail or Ferryboat and then the voyage across the water or through the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom, or the excitement we shared on out first Disney Cruise or the enjoyment we have at the food and wine festivals, but what would ultimately make the memory of a lifetime would be spending a night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite. Disney just has that magical way of making you feel like a kid again every time you set foot in one of the parks it always brings you back to your first time at Disney World and what a way to celebrate that memory than with a night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite for my wife….

Tory love's Disney - April 26, 2012

Im getting married at Disney Aug 11, 2012.. And so would love to stay in Cinderella ‘s caslt!! It’s been a dream of mine since the first time I ever went to Disney !! Would be a dream come true!!

Kate - April 29, 2012

9 years ago I met my husband in Orlando. We live in the midwest and have two small princesses of our own. I will never forget the look on my oldest Mary’s face when she saw her first Disney parade. Mary Memorized the whole park map to ensure she didn’t miss a beat on her trip there. She asked so many times how you get into the castle. I can only imagine the look when she and her sister step into the princess castle. A dream come true 🙂

kristen - April 29, 2012

i have been a fan of cinderella since i was just a little girl. i have read all of the stories listed above and am now writing my own feeling very selfish. I do not have a life threatening illness, i am not going for any anniversary. I only want a vacation that my family can remember for the rest of their lives. The last few “family” vacations have only consisted of at most my mother, brother, and I. My father always says that he “can not miss work” or that his schedule is just “to busy for a vacation”. The first family vacation that we went on was to Disney World when i was just under a year old and even then i can remember looking up at the Cinderella castle and thinking how beautiful it was. As I grew and we went back I had always wished to one day run away and live there just to be somewhere where it is always happy. It would be a dream come true to be able to go with my family as a real FAMILY vacation and be able to stay somewhere as beautiful and magical as the Cinderella Suite.
Kristen, age 16
Long island, New York

Andrew Wolfkill - May 4, 2012

I would love to be able to have my family experience Disney in a way only dreamers can imagine. We will be going to Disney World in July 22-26. Spending time with my parents so they can see their two beautiful disney princess loving granddaughters. This would be a major dream come true for me as I always believed in the magic of the happiest place on Earth.

Rita Joest - May 4, 2012

We have been DVC members for 17 years and have visited many times and stayed at numerous Disney properties. We will be returning in December as a special celebration for our daughter, Anna.

Anna was diagnosed Dec 28, 2011 with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma and she has been fighting her way through chemotherapy ever since. We are hopeful she will complete her treatment this summer and she will be able to return to college in the fall. It has been a long road and she has been marking items off her “bucket list” since being diagnosed. The castle is on her list of things she wants to see and do, so I would give anything to make her wish come true – right after making her well for good.

We will have a great time regardless, but it would be very special to stay in the castle!

Melissa - May 8, 2012

I Am 14 years old and my dream has always been to stay in this room, i may be 14 but this is still my dream. Ive always wanted to stay here; this would be a dream come true. This would be the best sweet 15 birthday gift. Mty parents are planning to take me to diney world for the first time next year. Im in love with Mickey Mouse And cinderella.

Nora Carolan-Ching - May 11, 2012

I will be traveling to the The Magic Kingdom August 21,22,23,2012 with my son, to late to get to stay at Cinderell’s Castlle However as a Ballroom Instructor I had the pleasure of dancing as Cinderella with Coach and Glass slipper in my Holiday Dance Show. I want to share with everyone who has entered this contest and the world that: ‘ Walt Disney and Disney Land had taught the Whole Wide World in the words of Ciderella herself: ” IT’S POSSIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING EVERY DAY!
Thank you Walt Disney, and Disney Land

jami ware - May 13, 2012

things like this are always for the rich and famous!!! you know if we had all the rich people who would you have to do all the work to make them rich? it doesn’t always have to be so expensive!! and I’m not saying it has to be free, lets face it disney has made there money 100x over. rent it out for 1 night stay for a reasonable price and stop being greedy!! look I’m a middle middle class person work hard for my money and still find ways to bring my family to disney. but how awesome would it be i have 2 little granddaughters to stay in that room in a year or 2. that would bring a big smile to there faces. see it should be about that not always how much your gonna make… and publicity not that you need it , disney does everything right!!!my family loves disney.

Carolan Ching - May 14, 2012

What I would give to stay at Cinderella’s Castle as I will be in Disney Land August 21-23 2012
In my heart I will think about Mr. Walt Disney and thank him for his vision and the wonderful time I know myself and everyone in the park will have there. I will respect the propery with only positive happy thoughts each day I go through that magical place. and know what a blessing it is just to be able to be there. I will know that when I leave I wil be a better person just to have been around all that happiness, and bring that back with me to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kierstin R - May 23, 2012

I actually wouldnt mind spending time in this beautiful castle, but If I ever won a chance to do that I would have to give that lifetime chance to my mother. She has always been a Disney lover. The happiest place on earth is indeed the place where my mom created many amazing memories for my siblings and I, In my family we always say “You’re never too old for Disneyland, I dont care what you say.” If you have ever been there as a kid you will always be a kid at heart. It helps keep you young. So if I ever had a chance in this life to stay in this wonderful place I would definitely have to give it to my mother especially since it too has always been her dream to get married at Disneyland as well. She always said if she ever got married again,It would have to be at Disneyland or Apple hill, but I could always tell her first choice was always Disney. She still loves the idea of marrying her prince charming at the happiest place on earth but they marry in a year and isnt sure if Disneyland is still an option for her. Either way She will get her fairytale ending.

Kayla - May 28, 2012

I would really give up anything just to go to Disney but, to sleep in Cinderella’s castle, that’s a dream come true. The last time I went to Disney was just 2 years ago. Now that doesn’t seen like a long time to you but to an 11 year old, that’s like a lifetime. I recently asked my dad if we can go to Disney and he said its too much money. I started to tear up but then I realized that I’m lucky that at least ive been to Disney. Some people have never expieeneced this! And things will get better (like money). I would love to stay at the Cinderella’s castle and other people also deserve this more than me but it would truley be an honor and definitely a dream come true.

Kelsey - May 31, 2012

I think its ridiculous that you can’t book it…why have it? They’re losing money just having it sit….and they NEVER have contests… really. Disney needs to have this up to purchase for nights, even if its 5,000 dollars nights, Id buy it for my fiance…it would be worth the money spent. I heard though that theres a 6 month waiting list to stay in this room though so Im confused…

Kevin - June 2, 2012

My family was fortunate enough to stay there!!! We were on the jungle cruise at 10:45 am and my daughter was the closest passenger on the starboard side to the driver. THAT was the person selected from amongst the four Disney properties at Disneyworld that day. We were in the parade, stayed the night in the castle suite AND had Alex our Disney host who took us on rides without any line up. He took us in the back entrances to the rides and we had no lines. Disney closed early that night (November) preparing for the Christmas show. Disney characters with human heads might have been too traumatic for our kids 😀 So Alex took us behind the Disney lot (yes they park right behind Main Street) and we got to bypass the lines at Epcot that evening too!! I teach marketing and had a Disney rep promoting internships come in to talk and showed him my pictures. HE trained Alex!!!! Yes, it’s a small world after all 😀

Judy " mouselover" Andersen - June 3, 2012

My husband Mark and I are celebrating our 25 th wedding anniversary this June 27, 2012. We are staying at our favorite WEE resort, Port Orleans French Quarter. It would be a dream come true to spend our anniversary in the beauty of the castle suite. Our boys will be with us to celebrate, Brenten, 21 just signed with the US Air Force. Colby, 13, is on the fast track to be an amazing trumpet musician.

Sarah Brittany Sandbach - June 5, 2012

Well, just as anyone else that has taken the time to leave a comment, I am obsessed with Disney World. To say that a night in Cinderella’s castle would make my life would be an understatement. Ever since I was first introduced to Cinderella, I wanted to one day grow up to be her. Obviously, that can’t happen. However, there is a one in a million chance I will be able to stay in her castle one day. Even if I’m 98 year old. I will do what it takes to experience this opportunity. Whoever does get this chance in the future, don’t take it for granted because there are people that would give anything to be in your place. See y’all in a few months!

Alex - June 6, 2012

i would give a ton of money (if i had it) to stay there that would be the coolest place in the world to stay, it is so awesome. Could someone do a Make-A-Wish there? i imagine a little disney magic could grant a wish for a kid like that?

Sharon - June 15, 2012

My family and I are going to Disney from June 17-25th. I’m traveling with my husband, daughter and her best friend. As my daughter will be going off to college next summer, We asked her what trip she would like to take this year and she said Disney. Her and her best friend have the greatest times together and come next summer, they will be separating to go to different colleges. It would be an absolute thrill for them to stay in the Castle – something that they would NEVER forget.

Prince Charming. - June 16, 2012

My future wife really really wanted to stay in the Cinderella Suite for our honeymoon. I am saddened to read that it is quite unlikely that this will happen. 🙁 But oh well. I’ll do my best to make her feel like the princess that she is, even if we don’t stay in the Suite.
It’s gorgeous!

Kara - June 16, 2012

I would love to stay there with my husband for our 20th wedding anniversary. June 4, 2014. What an amazing accomplishment in this day and age. We have been several times in the last several years, it would also make our daughter’s day. We always celebrate our family day, the day she joined our family in China. The tenth anniversary of that is coming up in a couple years, but we may be doing that one in Hong Kong.

stephanie Skapinok - June 16, 2012

I think it would be a great treat for a child thru the make a wish foundation. So much better than just for the rich and famous who get everything already.

Alacia - June 16, 2012

i wounder if mickey mouse could cut a few strings and get my family into the castle. My family has dreamed of staying in the castle but the only problem is being luckey enough to be picked. Plus then you wounder how your stuff will get to the castle in time and how it will get back to your hotel. Then there is the excitement and pressure that you have to deal with if you do get picked, just imagine all of the things that you have to take in. But ever since i was a little girl i have been the worlds biggets disney fan in the world my house is filled with with disney stuff. so to end this i would just like to say i hope you have a magical stay at disney!

Jan Pilanski - June 16, 2012

I think Cinderella’s Castle reservations should continue as they do now – with random contests for guests – but I also think they should open reservations up to Make A Wish type foundations. Those are the kinds of people who should get to experience such a once in a lifetime stay in Cinderella’s Castle. Just an idea.

Jill y - June 19, 2012

I would absolutely love to spend one night there. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in WDW this August. We were engaged in Cinderella’s garden, ate at Cinderella’s table before hand, and honeymooned in WDW. In February of 2008 we lost twins when I was 21 weeks along, this year we had another miscarriage in October and I had brain surgery in February!! It’s been a rough couple of years, but Disney is that beacon of hope that is keeping us going. Thank you to Disney for keeping hope alive, and giving us something to always be happy about. What an amazing opportunity it would be to stay there.

Raymond Mancuso - June 25, 2012

Because my daughter is a princess and my grandfather made all the casted characters in the attraction “It’s a Small World” this would be a nice thing for my family so my kids can see the family history that there great grandfather left behind.

stacey - July 2, 2012

I am blessed to say that I am married to my high school sweetheart. In nov. during our disney trip we will be celebrating our 16th anniversary!!! We are doubled blessed to have to beautiful children, a son 11 and a beautiful princess 8! My husband serves in the U.S. Army and we be returning from his 7th tour come Nov. what can I say his job is truly intense and when we get to spend time together as a family it’s priceless. We will be dinning at the royal table and taking our daughter to the boutique…. a night in the castle on top of that…..would only be the type of dream come true magic that disney can deliver. It’s simple every father wants his little girl to know that she truly is a princess and I feel like my husband along with other great americans who serve with sweat and tears would appreciate that opportunity. Thank you.

Kelly - July 7, 2012

To stay in Cinderellas castle… Talk about a dream come true! What girl doesn’t dream she’s a princess? Then to take my daughter there… She would just be in heaven! The place looks magical.

Disneyland Dream Suite – EverythingMouse - July 9, 2012

[…] over The Rivers of America The Disneyland Dream Suite is 2,600 square feet so much larger than the Cinderella Castle Suite at Disney […]

Julie Mirandola - July 12, 2012

My parents have taken our family to Disney World growing up and as the family grew w/ grandkids, the tradition continues. Unfortunately, my mom passed away 6 years ago, but she just loved Disney! She would always say it was her favorite place on earth and it truly was. My parents would take turns with each of their 3 daugters and go there 3-4 times a year. When I go to Disney I can feel my mom’s presence. My kids are teens now and they still enjoy going yearly. You are never too old for Disney. What great memories we have from all our vacations to treasure!! It would be a dream come true to stay in the castle for a night!!

jamie - July 13, 2012

I want my two daughters, Madalyn & Mirabelle, and my wife and I, to spend a night there. We go to Disney several times a year and they are princesses, just like Cinderella.

Kimberly Reed - July 14, 2012

This October my husband and I are celebrating our 5yr wedding anniversary by going to Disney World with our daughter who will be 22months at the time we go. We love all things Disney and the magical world Disney has to offer. I have dreamed of staying in the castle since I heard the suite was completed but am saddened that it is not offered for booking. It would be really great if at least one of the behind the scenes tours took guests through the suite. Just an idea or rather wish.

Yvonne - July 15, 2012

I would LOVE to stay there with my husband, since we just got married in may and had no real wedding night. Yes i live in orlando but who cares?? I can dream..

Cindy - July 15, 2012

what I would give would be to see the look on my boyfriends face, who just recently was diagnosed with kidney failure, and now on dialysis 3 to 4 times a week. A look of a child who could ,if only one night, be in a fantasy world. He always looks on the bright side of life, through his perils, so what a joy, it would be, to go back in time in his mind, and get away just a bit, in the best fantasy ever. Of course he would be the enchanted Prince. Ty

Cathy - July 15, 2012

I would give anything to stay in cinderellas castle! That is my all time favorite movie! My one year old daughter just watched it for the first time last week and didn’t take her eyes off of it! We are going December 2014 and it will be my children’s first trip! I had my first picture with Cinderella in 2007… At the age of 20… And get a new one every time I go!

heather waters - July 15, 2012

I was very disappointed to see it not available……my family loves everything Disney….I have been blessed with 2 boys but no girls…I wud like a chance to stay in the suite to remember what it was like as a little girls playing princess and to share the experience with my children….making memories like that are truly priceless….Walt’s visions are an amazing thing….all his parks beautiful….but magic kingdom defiantly our favorite.

Tanya Fields - July 16, 2012

I would give EVERYTHING for my daughter to be able to spend the night in that room. Cinderella is the only thing that she seem to be able to focus on. We use EVERYTHING Cinderella as a reward when she conquer something. The first time she took a step (she was almost 18 months old), The first time she used the potty ( she was 4 years old), etc. Why was she so far behind other children? She is autistic. The only thing she has ever really paid attention to is Cinderella. We are bringing her to Disney World for the first time in March. She is almost 6 and every morning I hear, “We go to princess castle now?” I can’t wait for her to walk into the Disney park and see Cinderella’s castle!!!! That’s going to be one of those Kodak moments!!!!!!!!

Misty Fee - July 17, 2012

I would give anything for my beautiful 3 yr old princess to be able too have the chance of a life time too stay at the Cinderella Castle Suite in Disney World(Magic Kingdom), My family and I plan to make it to Orlando, Disney world this year in hopes our beautiful, young aging mother and grandmother can make it as well… She recently took a heart attack which caused her too have open heart surgery triple by pass surgery where the drs. gave up hope she even make it. They lost her 3 times on the operating table but our queen of a mother and fighter she is didnt give up, The almighty man of above saw different for her. I not only want to be able to give my beautiful 3yr old princess and 2yr old prince this chance but we want too be able too share it with a young, aging queen of a mommy and grandmother we have too make our trip memorable and unforgetable because we never truely know if were promise tomorrow or not…. Please take my request in thought and allow us too be the next family able too stay here in the beautiful Magic Kingdom ( Cinderella Castle), and unforgetable experience as a life time with family and love ones we love and cherish…..

Rusty's mom - July 19, 2012

My Son, Rusty, Suffered a massive stroke at the YOUNG age of 17 years old. Rusty was such a kid at heart & never seemed to outgrow his visits to Disney World. On that fateful month in 2003, we were planning a trip to Disney World…but as fate would have it Rusty didn’t make it. We soon discovered that MAKE-A -WISH is only for children under 18. Again as fate would have it, Rusty didn’t make the age limit as he turned 18 before we found the orgainization. The doctors said Rusty only had a chance to live 24 hours that day in 2003. Well,it is 2012 and Rusty is still here to beat all odds, but sadly we are unable to afford a trip to Disney World with all the financial woes that come with having a child terminally ill. Rusty has lost his speech and mobility from the stroke but makes it clear through picturesthat he wishes he could go again. I wish Rusty could see Disney World again soon & to stay at the Castle would just be the ultimate LAST there any way to make this wish happen?

Shauna - July 20, 2012

Oh. My. Gosh. I would bawl my eyes out if I got the chance to stay in CINDERELLA’S CASTLE! I’ve always loved Disney but my most recent trip (May 2012) really brought the magic back for me! I had the time of my life at 3 parks and on the second day, my boyfriend proposed to me in front of Cinderella’s castle and I accepted!! I would give an arm and a leg to stay in such a magical place! Only problem is, one night would surely not be enough. I’d never want to leave! HA! xoxoxo

Andrea Montoya - July 20, 2012

It is a dream of mine to stay at the castle. I LOVE disney everytime i go it is like the first time I have ever been there, I have been going almost every year since I was three and now I am sixteen. Every time I walk through the entrance my eyes get watery of how happy I am to be there. I celebrated my fifteenth birthday at disney and had lunch inside the castle and that was the BEST moment of my life. I am never going to forget that. It was incredible an undescribable feeling. It would mean the world to me to stay in the castle with my mom and dad. Disney is my most favorite place in the world. I don’t think that I have ever met anyone that loves disney as much as I do. It would also be good to stay at the castle because I have a condition on my left foot and back, so I can take break while I am at disney to lay down so my foot and back won’t hurt. I would be very grateful if I could be able to stay in the castle. My princess is Cinderella so it is perfect! I want to feel like a princess for atleast one day.

She - July 21, 2012

I know a kid who has serious heart problems who got to stay in the castle. I’m not sure for how long, but that might be what they do with it when they aren’t offering it in a contest or something, let less fortunate children do something that most of us only fantasize about. 🙂 It’s really nice, I think.

And I might point out, it’s unrealistic to think they could book the place as if it was a regular hotel room! There’s just one suite, so even if it was INCREDIBLY expensive you would need to book 10 years in advance! It’s a nice thought, but a silly suggestion.

Gwen Simpson - July 21, 2012

I would love to have one night to complete my love of Cinderella. Had Lunch at the Royal table, which was the most amazing meal I have EVER eaten, now a night in the Castle would complete the magical experience!!!!

Gwen Simpson - July 21, 2012

I want to stay in the castle to complete my Castle experience!!! My husband and I had Lunch at the Royal Table, which was the most delicious meal I have EVER eaten. Now I want to complete the Magic!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Swiderski - July 24, 2012

Me and my family are going to be visiting the Disneyland Resort on September 4-9 and would love to stay in any of the Disneyland accomodations. I was diagnosed at the age of 31 with breast cancer and me and my familt have had a rough start to 2012 with me going through chemotherapy and now radiation but feel blessed to say that it is almost over. To celebrate my husband decided to take us on a well-needed vacation to Disnyland . We are so excited that we can hardly stand it. W ehave never stayed on Disneyland’s grounds and would love the opportunity to be able to have such a magical wonderful experience at the park.

Victoria - July 25, 2012

I’ve lived in fl since2000. And they used to rent it for1,400 a night nw they sold it to. Give the kids the world , foundation, I cried , but at least lil ones get to see rather than completely close it

Evan McDuffie - July 26, 2012

I am a long time Disney fan. I have been to Magic Kingdom once in my life and it was the most wonderful experience I can remember. I went with my girlfriend and her family. I, being only 17 years old, don’t have money or fame, but I, like everyone else, do have dreams of staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite. If I could plan it perfectly, my dream would be for my girlfriend, who I plan to marry much later in life, and I to spend the first night of our honeymoon in the Cinderella Castle Suite. I will constantly stay updated on the news of this suite and of course, keep on dreaming. Thank you Disney World and Disney Land for already making mine, and everyone else’s, dreams come true.

mileena - July 27, 2012

today i went to magic kingdom ( july 26 2012) and i said to my dad why did they put all that work in to making the castle if u cant even get a room?!?!

1 tip is if u look around the castle u might find a disney charcter

Jennifer Hoffman - August 4, 2012

My fiancee and i will be staying at the cabins at the wilderness lodge area for our honeymoon!! We will be there from November 4 through November 10 2012. Staying at the suite at Cinderella’s castle would just make this even more a honeymoon to never forget!!!

Sharon - August 5, 2012

It would be a Lifetime Honor to spend Christmas Eve and Day in the Castle Suite in Memory of Walt and Lillian Disney!!!
I visited the Park when it opened with my Dad and Sister and have made 40 trips with my Sons and Family since that Day!!
I would ask my Sister to stay with me, so we could Relive our Childhood Memories!!!
We probably be up All Night Giggling!!!
It Truly is the Most Magical Place on Earth!!

Deborah - August 7, 2012

Would not be able to give much only a sincere heartfelt thank you from one that would be forever thankful to receive such a wonderful gift of a lifetime with memories to share that no one could take away.

Charlotte Lottier - August 8, 2012

Both myself and my husband served in the military and my husband spent many years deploying. Our children missed out on so much while having to be separated from their mom and dad. Our sons grew up and now our little girls are half way there. We never had the time, or the money to take our family to Disney, but we are finally going to get to go next year. Our oldest daughter is 14 as of yesterday and has asperger syndrome with Autistic tendencies and sensory processing disorder so we home school her. She will always be our princess but she has her health. I asked her what she would do if she was offered this chance and she said to give it to a child who is dying. She said it would make her happy to know that a child who was going to heaven got to be a princess or a prince before they had to go. It made tears come to my eyes that my sweet little girl would give her chance at this wonderful opportunity to another child.
So I say, please make at least one or two visits per year for these sweet little children who don’t have much time left here. I ask this for my little girl, who has been so very lucky in life. I ask this for our families who have to wait and hope for their loved ones to come back from war. I ask this for all of those mom’s and dad’s who can’t afford to give their child a vacation like this one and who know that they don’t have years to save for that vacation.

jim - August 10, 2012

What I would give if I have the chance to stay in the castle. My joy in seeing my daughters and granddaughters faces as they enter the castle/suite. I would give the opportunity to them.
I have been to DW fourteen times the next time will be my wife’s birthday and our 40th wedding anniversary. Well that’s all. Time to go. Always hope and believe in the DW miracles. Happy Days! :-);

Jean DeLorme - August 11, 2012

I knew I married my prince years ago, but, I never imagined that I would marry an American Hero! My husband & I will be married 30 yrs this coming April 24, 2013. My husband is a very special man. He served in the military, is a great father, is a gentleman, & was with the best of the best, the FDNY for 22 years, until he was retired after 22 honorable years of service due to all his medical problems that he has received post 9-11. He suffers from respiratory heart problems, cardiomyopathy.
My husband was at the Twin Tower attack on Sept. 11. He witnessed much unthinkable tradgedy and lost many brothers that day. For 5 months afterwards, he served at the pile. Ground Zero has deeply affected him. Our family has always loved Disney Parks. I figured what better way to honor my prince than to spend a night in the special castle with our family. I know you have allowed celebrities to enjoy the magical experience. It would be the right choice to allow an American hero to be a prince for just one night!

Nereyda Touzard Ferreiro - August 16, 2012

I will be traveling to the Magic Kindom in February 2013.
I’ve been going there almost every year, but this time ill be going with my 4 year old grandson and 2 year old grand daughter to celebrate her birthday.
I would love to surprise them with staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite.
Please, let me have this one wish. I suffer from chronic liver disease and want to be able to do this for my grandchildren.
Thank you…

Karin - August 19, 2012

We just returned from WDW and had a rough time. We were only able to afford to go for two days. My daughter 7, son 21 months, and my husband and I went. We were there the same week Tom C and Suri were. My daughter loves the princesses and my son loves pooh and Mickey. My son got sick and he missed his BBQ with Mickey and my daughter missed even getting to go through the castle. She was only able to ride three rides at MK because we had to take our son to the ER. Everywhere we missed Tom and Suri by five min or so. I have been a fan since his role in the “Outsiders”. It would have been neat to just seen him. I had spent months planning all the things we were going to do to make the most out of our limited time and funds. I am so dissapointed that my kids didn’t get to experience MK and DW like I remember as a child. I am glad that my son is better now and we are all home safe. There is always next time, I hope.

aliica murphy - August 20, 2012

Wow alot of good answers for what they would do to stay at the castle. I have been going to disneyland and world since I have been a kid, taking my kids and now my grandkids. I think working at disney would be a dream come true in it’s self. My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and I have tried so hard to find a way for her to stay there growing up and it was just impossible. Now I will taking her daughter next year and I will be looking for disney’s crew giving away things praying just maybe her daughter will get that chance.
But for the question what would I do to stay a night there nothing, but say thank you to a man for his dreams and ours dreams that brings familys together for a experience of a life time. But I do know that you either have to be lucky (which I am not ) to be right there walking into that magical place I which I lived or lots of money ( which I dont). I wish there was something I could do to show how much I would love for my grandkids to have that once in a live time dream to stay in the castle. lolo I am watching a tv show now on the secerts of Disney. Just watching this show makes me tear up wishing I was there now. I love Disney!

Vivian - August 21, 2012

My daughter’s dream is to stay a night in Cinderella’s castle, I will close my small business and drive the hours any time of the year to make her dream come true.
Will it ever be possible? Only Walt knows that>
Until then I will keep wishing!!

Lauren Palleschi - August 21, 2012

i would make disney a magical movie (AKA: magical millions) to stay just a night! but then again, both of those things would be an honor.
Hopefully one day my dream will come true. 🙂

Justin - August 24, 2012

I could die a happy father if there was a way I could get my daughters Princess Emma and Princess Gracie to be able to stay in Cinderellas castle for a night.

Erika L Statler - August 25, 2012

Suri Cruise got to stay in the Cinderella suite this past summer — so much for the integrity of Disney when they tell people that the suite isn’t for sale! A pamper millionaire and his daughter DO NOT deserve to stay in that suite — their lives are already more Cinderella-like than millions of other children who have been denied such a treat. Knowing that everything really does have a price tag — even a company who is supposed to be such reproach as Disney — tarnishes the whole Disney experience for me.

Kathryn Newman - August 26, 2012

I have been a Disney fan all my life and a Florida resident who has been to Disney hundreds of times, staying at the resorts dozens of those times. Sure, I would love to stay in the castle with my granddaughters but that is not going to happen.. What I find really sad is that the castle is used for the super rich and famous like Tom Cruise and the Jonas fellow . It had been announced at one time that its use was going to be for chilldren such as the ones in the Make a Wish program but instead it is for celebrities.. I dont think that is what Walt would have wanted.

Chelsea - August 26, 2012

I am really disappointed in Disney myself. My three daughter’s have been so excited about planning our future trip to the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella’s Castle. It is nice that us peasent folk get a visit but do not get to stay. We have to save every penny to be able to make this trip with our four children and these rich and famous people get everything handed to them. It makes me sick. They say the Cinderella Suite is not available except for special circumstances. But unlike the Cinderella story itself, the rich and not so deserving get the happy ending. Poor Cinderelli.

Doug, Sienna & Hunter Isaacson - August 26, 2012

My eight-year-old children, Sienna and Hunter, would just love to stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite. They love this type of fantasy and sleeping in the castle would be a dream-come-true. Actually, just walking through the Suite would do the trick.

I would think that relatives of Walt Disney would be invited to stay in the Suite.

Cameron Strathearn - August 29, 2012

My son and I are going to Walt Disney World in Florida as I have dreamed of this holiday for 31 years. My son Cameron loves the Disney Channel, as well as Mickey Mouse, all the characters and watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I believe that my son should deserve the chance to stay in Cinderella Suite because he has ADHD as well as Aspergers Syndrome and lost his father and 3 of his aunts. I have a brain injury and it is a challenge taking him to Florida from Scotland as I have a brain injury, but my son has been through a rough ride, and I wish for my son to be considered to make a dream holiday come true, as he would love to be pampered and not feeling so left out with his disability.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Robert Simmons - September 4, 2012

I have stayed at Disney many times. I now have 8 grandkids and hope that they will be able to go with my wife and myself when we go to Disney in the future. I would really love to spend a night in Castle with my grand children but ,most of all I would like to see a family that is less fortunate be chosen to stay in the Castle. In all the years that I have been going to Disney they still make this persons dream come alive.

Bonnie Silva - September 6, 2012

Depends on your pocketbook who stays in the castle. Been going to Disney since it opened. My last year going there as a vacation. Looking into more appropriate places that don’t look at how much money you have. Like Tom Cruise ! Trust me I have spent a few over 40 years. But it seems if you are famous. Not sure famous is the word about an ugly divorce that gets you a night in the castle is what you want for publicity

Anne - September 8, 2012

Of course the rich get to stay there. They worked hard for their money and get to spend it and enjoy it in the way they please.

Stop being jealous. Are you all in 3rd grade?!

Brianna - September 11, 2012

My name is Brianna and I’ve been to Disneyland once when I was 3 and now I’m 12. I would love to stay at the Cinderella castle because my family and I have been saving up for this for years and it would mean alot. We’ve just recently gotten the money to go and I’d really like to go. I’d love to finally feel like a princess! Please let us stay in the Cinderella suite and I will thank you a million times and more! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 But, we’re still going no matter what! I love DIsneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sharon McGhee - September 14, 2012

I agree with so many others about the process of getting to stay in the Cinderella castle suite. It should be for EVERYONE!! Not just the rich and famous. It’s a really sad situation so shame on you Disney….

BLayne - September 15, 2012

After going to Disney World four years ago (and spending all kinds of money staying and eating there) I heard about Cinderella’s Suite at Cinderella’s Castle. I thought it would so exciting to stay there…..even for me as Cinderella has always been my favorite!! Well, after reading that only the ultra-wealthy and only famous people are not just invited and only allowed I became very disgusted. Whey would we have to win a contest or prove ourselves? We would actually pay to stay there just as we paid to stay at a resort when we visited Disney World and other places we travel. Well, I told my 6 year old daughter that we couldn’t stay in the castle. She asked why we couldn’t stay there. After I told her Disney World’s exclusivity and discrimination to we normal people, her words were, “well, that’s mean”. Yep! From the mouths of babes disney.

Debbie domby - September 24, 2012

I never thought that I would be writing to you because I never thought that my little sister would be getting married. She is 50 years old and has mild challenges so we never thought that there would be a special someone. Well,she met a prince of a man who also has mild challenges who got down on one knee to propose to her with his grandmothers diamond ring. We do believe that a dream is a wish your heart makes and finally her dream will come true. I know they would love to stay at the castle.

Biggest Disney Fan Ever - October 7, 2012

Of course everyone would love to see their child, grandchildren sleep in Cinderella’s castle and I know many would love to spend their anniversary or honeymoon there but I am over all extremely disappointed (just as many of you are) of the “special guests” being “randomly chosen” for this privilege.
Cinderella’s suite was SUPPOSED to be randomly chosen by a machine each morning and an employee would be sent to a certain location (ex. Animal Kingdom, Bugs Life Theatre, Row 2, seat 15) and THAT is how the person was chosen. Apparently, there has been some black magic going on because I’m pretty sure the Cruises weren’t just wandering around Disney one day and got the fairytale if being chosen.
Kevin Jonas and his wife on the other hand, I can’t help but be a little lenient on the fact that he DID work with Disney for quite sometime but it still shouldn’t come so easy..
It’s sad when the “place where dreams come true” is playing favorites. Walt would indeed be very disappointed and humiliated that these people have turned his Wonderland into a money pit.
I still love Disney and Disney world with all my heart and will continue to visit and support it but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s not the Disney Walt taught us.

Jennifer C Labit - October 13, 2012

I would LOVE to get our family picked to stay one night in the Castle, it would be my life long DREAM come True…we are going Feb. 10-15 and we will be there for my birthday on the 10th. It would make my life complete and would give anything for a once in a lifetime experience of that.

shelly johnson - October 18, 2012

I am a mother of twin soon to be two year girls. princess julissa &princess casandra. They are the joy of my life. i am a struggling wife and havent always been able to give my kids all i wish to. the past two years have been hell for them to say the least. we had been evicted from 4 different apartment due struggle to pay rent. theyve watched there father get admited to.a hospital because he was so depressed tht he could prodive for them being he lost his job. We are just starting to get are life back on track and live a good life. My daugthers love mickey mouse and after all they went through i would give my life if i could have my little princess meet mickey mouse and stay at the castelle. even if they just meet mickey i will be happy. Plz after all the struggle i just want to see them smile again. after all who better then disney to make dreams come true. thank you so much.
sincerly ,
Shelly johnson

Teresa Kress - October 18, 2012

My husband and I are bringing 3 grandchildren to Disney Word December 2, 2012. We would be so delighted to stay at Cinderella’s castle. I am in love with Disney World. This will be my 7th trip to disney.
Please consider us.

Thank you,

Teresa G. Kress

Yoli - October 23, 2012

My three granddaughters have begged their 61 year old handicapped grandmother to take them to the castle to sleep. Of course it would be our dream to do this!!! What a shame! I regret having to tell them that it is only available to the rich and famous.. I know someone out there could make ths possible.. I’ll keep hoping!

Keeping my fingers crossed,
Mimi (Yoli)

Pamela George - October 24, 2012

On Oct 3, 2012 my family and I were reunited with my niece who was placed for adoption back in 1988. We looked for her and little did we know she was looking for us as well. As our reunion has been the most magical moment ever, we quickly found out that my niece shares the same love for the Magic Kingdom and anything Disney related! I would love to have the opportunity to have my niece have the opportunity to be chosen to stay in the Cinderella castle with some of her newest family members. Please consider us when making a decision on the next guests!
Hoping with much enthusiasm,
Pamela George

Sheila Sullivan - October 25, 2012

I cant honestly say, this has to be the most heart breaking news I have heard as of yet abut Disney’s Magic Kingdom! I went for the first time in my life in 07 and took my little girl for her 5th birthday! As it was my very first time ever going I had no idea that you couldn’t walk into the castle! My daughter cried for over three hours when we requested to get in for a tour and was denied! So then I tried to at least get a dinner reservation there, didn’t know you had to book at least a year in advance! She was even dressed like Cinderella where she had gone to bibbity bobbity boutique just for the castle! So, this has to be the worst thing I could’ve ever been told at this time! I come on here tonight to book a night in the castle with dinner there as well, and now you cant get in to spend the night! My daughter is now 11 years old, her birthday was Oct. 24th and so I was looking to book it anytime from now to the next year, so that’s what I was trying to book for! So this is down right discouraging to find its unavailable now! Is this to the entire general public? or is there anything that can be done to make this happen for the public again at all? thank you for any answers! :/

Gina - October 28, 2012

I think my husband would actually go Awol from the army to get a chance to spend one night with his 2 girls in the cinderella castle

Amber Perri - November 2, 2012

I have been to Disney five times in the last three years for multiple cheerleading competitions. I think it is such a great place but why is Cinderella’s suite even in the castle if the only people who are able to stay in it are those who can already afford to stay in luxurious places like that? O think it would make so much more sense to allow children who are big fans of Cinderella stay there. Even those who had been married recently and want to stay in the castle and get the experience. It just doesn’t make sense to only allow those who can already get that experience to stay there.

Ashley Garrod - November 2, 2012

I would do anything fo rmy little sister to complete her bucket list and the one major thing she has left is to stay in the suite in the Castle. If it meant donating an organ or spending a year in Africa volunteering I would do it for her to get that chance. She is a special needs teacher and will never be an international sensation or the daughter of a famous actor but she has a heart of gold and doesn’t ever ask for a lot. I enter everyday for the Stay in the Castle for the princess marathon she is running with me

Tinsley Age 6 years From Ga - November 3, 2012

Hi , My name is Tinsley. I am 6 years old and i live in Ga.
i just saw photo’s of your Cinderella castle and wanted to say
Its very nice and beautiful. I am not writing for myself, i am writing
For my friend Alyssa. Alyssa is my special friend, she has been very
Sick from Brain Cancer. She has to take alot of medicine and chemo
And it makes her really weak and unable to eat her food. I know
Alyssa stays sad alot cause most of the time she has to stay a long time
The hospital, she misses out on alot of stuff including holidays sometimes.
I really can’t give you anything if you let her come stay there, except a big smile
And a big Thank you, cause thats all i have to give you. My family and i aren’t rich
And we aren’t super stars. I know you probably want even read my comment, but i
Thought Alyssa is worth it. Well i know that whoever wins the chance to stay, will be very
happy. P.S. Alyssa and i will always love watching Disney on tv.
Bye Now
Tinsley B. From Ga 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


melissa brendel - November 3, 2012

I have three children and all of us are disney fans. we dont have the money to do alot of traveling and all they ever wanted was to see disney world and the beautiful castel so if u could find it in your hearts to make their dreams come true you would be an angel sent from God.!!!!!!!
Make our Dreams Come True

Katie Chumley - November 3, 2012

My husband and I used to love to go to Disney when we were dating in highschool . We even performed in the Epcots Candlelight processional throughout. But getting married out of highschool and only staying a night at a hotel for our anniversary wasn’t the fairytale way to start our marriage. I’ve always wanted that special night back, but being a college student and servers to make ends meet we haven’t had the time or money to do since our wedding 4 yrs ago. This would be a real dream true to have our happily ever after in Cinderella’s castle!

D Critchley - November 9, 2012

I have this wonderful friend of mine who is going to disneyworld in Dec. She and her family and extended family are going. She is the BIGGEST tinkerbell and disney princess fan EVER. I would give anything if she were able to stay in the suite in the Cinderella castle. She would go ballistic if she had the opportunity to spend a night there. Here’s wishin her dreams come true 🙂

Mindy - November 10, 2012

Who wouldn’t want to stay in this room, it is amazing. But it is sad to see that it has been mainly used for celebrities, they normally get things they want since they have the money to or companies want to make them happy and feel special. Why not use that room for make-a-wish kids and their families, they are the ones that deserve to be those “special few”. That would be awesome to put them first and give them the opportunities to feel special! Those kids should be able to feel like celebrities and get oppurtinites that no one else will ever have, again they deserve it!!

BRENDA - November 13, 2012

Hi, this is great . my daughter and I were just talking about going to Disney. My youngest daughter who is 12 years old needs surgery on both legs. This will require 6 weeks in casts and 6 months to a year in braces. She is devastated. She just keeps saying all she wants to do is go to Disney. I thought if only I could pull it off and take her after she has her surgery , as a surprise , it would be the absolute best and keep her mind of her pain. Of course , the castle would be a dream come true for myself and my three daughters. I am a single mom and trying to finance this trip would take some doing. If there was a way to win this contest please keep me posted. Thanks a million.

Emma - November 15, 2012

My name is Emma Hagy and i am 13 and me and my family go to disney world every year for a month. We love it so much my mom and dad said that if they could have done there honeymoon over again they would go to Walt Disney World. Me my 3 sisters, mom and dad and i have always wanted to stay in the cinderella castle. We are coming again this January and i do not know how they pick the people but i hope they pick me and my family.

MO - November 16, 2012

i will remain with the thought that it should be opened and used for one night stays for kids from “Make a Wish” or “Give Kids The World” and their families. The kids that are in desperate need of a little bit of hope/happiness and the families that struggle to give it to them….

Pick them Disney…

samantha - November 17, 2012

well i gusess disney wont post my comment…..but if they do post this one it will read…..your birthdays and anniversarys are amazing and congrats! but i sure hope that they put children in there with terminal lives! Some of us are lucky to be going to disney in the first place! I know we have to save and find every penny but still lucky! and FYI some of these stories on here i just dont believe!!! and that is sick that anyone would make anything up!

Ricardo Rojas - November 17, 2012

I would love to give my Mom a stay in the Castle to make her feel like the Princess and Angel she is. After losing her first son coming here to the Unites States ,over 30 years ago and losing her Husband my Father over 5 years ago she has always been a trooper , survivor and the Best Mother ever to me. I believe she needs a Happy Experience.

Christina Pinkerton - November 22, 2012

I am such a fantasy dreamer lol! My dream is to be purposed to in front of Cinderella’s castle at night before the fire works go off!!! Lol cheesy I know but has been a dream since I was young! Any who staying in the freakin castle would be awesome!!!! I’d settle for just a tour even:) I love Disney I have been so many times I’ve lost count! I would live and work there if I could! Lol I plan on taking my 18mo son for his first time some time around his 2nd birthday! He is obsessed w Mickey Mouse lol he gets that from me:) haha anyways either way I’m coming to Disney ASAP!!!! Love love love it it’s silly some people but it really is a magical place! Muah happy gobble gobble y’all xoxo

Timothy Adams - December 4, 2012

My son won a nights stay in the castle suite It was unbeilievable! For 24 hours my money was no good at Disney World> Who would have guessed

Rasna Arora - December 4, 2012

Its beautiful! We cant forget that Disneyland/world are profit making businesses at the end of the day.
Instead of being upset that they let celebrities use this lovely castle room, and sometimes regular people as a prize, why not create the exact or similar room in your own home for your little one!? That way they will always live in a castle room, their own fairy tale! 🙂

Sarah Beezley - December 5, 2012

More than anything, I would love to take my mother & stepfather. They’ve been together for over 25 years & for the last 21 my mother has been paraplegic. Through it all my Dad has been by her side & I think if anyone deserves to feel like royalty, they fit the bill. We’ve never taken a family vacation due to their limited finances but now that I’m adult, nothing would give me more joy than her sleeping in Cinderellas bed just once. I don’t know how many more years we’ll have the chance to make this happen & I would give all my Christmases to come if it meant doing this one thing for them. Many thanks for reading this & many more if you even consider us.

Shauna Mohart - December 5, 2012

There is a young lady on Facebook named Brianna who is battling cancer. I think it would be such a treat if she was invited to stay in the Cinderella suite as a special guest of Disney.

dalayneydanielowicz - December 6, 2012

I’ve been to disneyworld twice. We are going at the end of Febuary 2013, and it will be the 1st time my youngest son has ever gone to disneyworld. He is the happiest most animated boy, and our family can not wait to see disneyworld through his eyes! And we’re happy to be staying at a value resort. We feel very fortunate to be able to take this trip in the first place.

I find it sad so many people have a problem with who stays in the castle. Give disney world the benefit of the doubt will you. They very well could have Make a Wish participants stay there, or others who are not so fortunate. Yes, obviously you hear more about the famous ones who stay there, but if you know disney, and how much they do for others, you’d all stop feeling so entitled. Geez!

Sad that so many people assume so much, or feel they need to know exactly who is staying there and when. Be thankful you get to go to. Because I grew up seeing all of my friends take disney vacations, and my family was never able to afford going. As an adult on my first trip, I wiped tears away I was so happy to be there. All these complainers should be happy they get to even go on this magical vacation, because there are millions of other families that can only dream of going.

milo - December 6, 2012

i was planing on staying in the castle after i propose to my girlfriend!! i really hope that we get lucky on the night i do propose to her in front of the castle!! and i would do anything to spent 1 night in the castle! it would be a “dream come true” for us.

Amanda Winn - December 7, 2012

My husband and I are taking our Down syndrome son to Disneyland for his 21st birthday. EVERY SINGLE day since our last trip to CA over two years ago, Ryan has pointed up to planes in the sky, pointed to Disney characters and the castle on his movies and in his books wanting to go again. He uses a voice output device to communicate his wants and needs. There’s only three things that truly make him happy – music, Christmas and Disney. So what better way to celebrate his 21st than to wrap all the magic of Disney and Christmas in one. Someday, I pray that we can take a special trip to Walt Disney World and give him an experience of a lifetime. Ryan is so many people’s hero. He has gone through so many surgeries including open heart surgery when he was only 4mths old, adenoids and tonsils removed, scheduled for his 7th set of ear tubes, ended up in the intensive care unit on his 18th birthday after a health scare after having his wisdom teeth removed, along with a few seizures and constantly dislocating his right knee. We are so thankful that Disneyland offers a special pass for him to have quicker and easier access onto the rides. We love Disney! It’s the happiest place on Earth!

jena - December 9, 2012

my daughter is eight and we are coming to disney in march favorite part of WDW is the castle and cinderella I would love to be able to tell her we were going to get a night in the castle

Elyse Rogers - December 13, 2012

My husband fought for his country & as a result received a Purple Heart for wounds sustained in combat! He now suffers from seizures and other permanant disabilities. He has never been to Disney, Obviously it would be amazing to share this experience w someone who has sacrificed so much for his country! After all Disney is an American Icon!

Melissa Bartlett - December 18, 2012

It would be a dream come true to stay tithe night in the castle!

Keira - December 20, 2012

DIsneyland opened in 1955, so this was eleven years before Walt Disney died. Your statement that Mr. Disney passed away (in 1966) before the Magic Kingdom opened, is wrong.

Erica May - December 20, 2012

My daughter Emerson would LOVE to stay in the castle!!! She is 5 years old and loves all things princess, girly and things that glitter!! She has had 3 open heart surgeries and doing well now after a long hard road!! This would make her trip even more magical!!!

Robin - December 23, 2012

Wow, Erika! Way to blame a child for being privileged! After all, we all know that Suri chose the life she lives, you’re right, she doesn’t deserve to live out the fantasy that every little girl has just because she chose to have famous parents! How dare she!!

Christina boyer - December 23, 2012

Make a wish come true for our familly

Please make our son cold be the king for a day
My husband cold be a prince, and could finally be a real princess

Maybe one day
I love the dream of Walt Disney created
Please send pixie dust our way

We believe

Jaynie - December 28, 2012

Disneyland/Disneyworld has gotten so expensive..I couldn’t imagine the price tag to stay at Cinderella’s Castle. It’s already a budget issue…so I’ll have to wait for Disney and all its success’ to lower their pricing. What a dream I’m sure and how exciting for those so fortunate! It is absolutely Beautiful!

Jennifer Bailey - January 1, 2013

I have a daughter who is going to be sweet sixteen next year and still believes that she isn’t too old to meet the princesses, and I think it would be a most memorable birthday for her if I got to let her be a true princess for her birthday and stay in the suite, even if for one night, I want her to be able to capture that little girl who believed in magic that she thinks she has lost.

Jacquie Ball - January 1, 2013

All my life I have dreamed of going to Disneyland and being caught up in the fantasy and all the magic of my dreams coming true, star-lit nights and beautiful ball gowns……the dreams of a child are so beautiful! I’m now 34 and have two beautiful, incredible, wonderful girls of my own who have even bigger and better dreams than I did. But one thing always stays the same. Every girl, no matter how young or old, big or small, still holds in their heart of hearts feeling and wish of being a princess. We all grow up and realize that we can’t give everything to our children. Or sometimes even one thing that would matter the most not only to them, but to yourself. And not just for yourself, but to be able to give them a dream you know that would and could never come true…would resonate light for years to come and a dream passed down in a story. Thats how I feel about the Disney Castle. A once upon a time dream…….

Catherine - January 1, 2013

With me having cancer and having three beautiful kids my wish is to see my kids and I spend one night in the castle just see my kids smile I only have maybe 2 years left to live and I’m only 26 years old. It would be my last wish befor I die.

samantha vanderwal - January 4, 2013

If there is anything i can do i would do it in order for my son to be able to stay in the castle for his 4th bday. please reply

Les - January 5, 2013

My daughter & I would like to spend a night at the castle! Forever kids & Disney in our heart. <3

Christie - January 7, 2013

I think the Cinderella Castle should be given out in a lottery situation.

Let people join the list and pull names every so often to offer Cinderella Suite stay-overs to the names pulled.

The stayovers don’t have to be full weeks, but offer a 1-3 night stay (with a nightly room charge of course) to any winners.

That way celebrities, normal families and family members of Walt Disney all have a chance to enjoy this wonderful suite.

I do understand though, having people in a closed park is probably a liability and I would figure you’d be chained into the room for the night, as not to have random weird visitors walking around a darkened Disney.

Lydia - January 8, 2013

We are bringing my 7 year old and my 2 year old grandchildren to disney land the first week in June. We told the kids it is just a road trip and then we are going to surprise them when we get there. My 2 year old grandson looks for the castle on every disney movie and on the disney channel everyday, I have to rewind several times while he looks at it. He told me that he : really wants to go to that castle” and ask me if he could ” stay in that castle when we ever get to go to disney land”? That is why i am on here right now to find out how you get to stay. So if you want to get a thank you that will melt your heart from 2 little children who have every Disney movie and every Disney toy for their age group these are the ones you need to let stay. This is a very good idea to start for Walt Disney. Doing this for the public is a GREAT indeavor since we are the ones who have kept Walt Disney’s dream alive. I had every disney record and every disney toy my parents were able to get for me and I saw every movie. I still watch them all with my grandchildren. In our family it is 3 generations strong. Thank you for this opportunity to have you consider my family for this overwhelming experiance not only for my grandchildren but for myself and my daughter and her husband.

Brittaney Dee - January 11, 2013

We are having our first family vacation. Next year for my sons 5th birthday it would be a blessing to have that kind of opportunity to stay in Cinderellas castle suite at Disney magical kingdom park . so he can meet his dream girlfriend Cinderella 🙂

Laura Johnson - January 16, 2013

I hardly think it’s fair that only the rich and famous get a chance to stay in the Cinderella Suite.Suri Cruise has been there!! Does it just take money? My granddaughter wish is to be a princess!!

Jessica - January 17, 2013

While I would LOVE to spend the night there with my two kiddos and husband (we’re going in March), I think it should go to someone like Catherine (above) or maybe it could be part of the Make a Wish Foundation. IDK… just thinking. On another note- I totally missed out on reservations for Cinderella’s Royal Table, so not going into the castle for us. I imagine we’ll be able to find something else to do, it being Disney and all! Eeeeeeekkkkk… so excited!

Michele Bedford - January 17, 2013

I would give almost anything to surprise my son and husband with a stay in this extremely this special place. We are coming in February 22-27, 2013. We would have so much fun, iif you would pick us we would be forever grateful. What a chance of a lifetime!

Patricia Pierson - January 17, 2013

A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES . . . and my heart is wonderfully full to overflowing with magical memories and dreams of many happy days spent with family and friends at Disneyland. From the very beginning, the dreams of a little girl were overwhelmingly surpassed by the spectacular beauty and wonder of seeing childhood stories come to life before her eyes. It is the shear joy of realizing “the dream” of cherished Disney memories that I will keep throughout a lifetime. And should I find myself among the exclusively lucky few who are granted an amazing glimpse into Cinderella’s magical home, I will indeed be overwhelmingly blessed.

I shall ever continue to wait, and wish, and dream . . .

holly - January 18, 2013

I would just love to see the face of my granddaughter if she was told she could spend the night in the castle. That would be the best!

victoria - January 19, 2013

I really want to stay their for my birthday

Jennifer Lague - January 19, 2013

I think this is completely ridiculous. So the average person who works hard for a living can’t rent the suite. Why even show it to the general population if we have no chance of ever staying there. Ugh. Disney, you’re a disappointment with this racket.

Natalie Mouillesseaux - January 19, 2013

My family would be honored and thrilled to be chosen as the lucky recipients of such a wonderful opportunity to stay in Cinderella’s Castle Suite!

Rebecca - January 20, 2013

A little over 4 years ago a real princess was born with a genetic disease. She spent almost a year of her life in a hospital. She was lucky to have a bone marrow transplant, which has saved her life – for now. She has had multiple surgeries and will have many more. She has just started talking this year and is as smart as a whip. She has no idea that she is different and is heaven sent. Life expectancy is questionable–the longest living person with this disease is early twenties. She is truly a princess and will get to spend one night in Disneyland in February–she is a princess no matter where she sleeps!

Juanita torres - January 20, 2013

Our family will be going this thanksgiving. Our son and his family,( three grand girls) whom we love dearly. They would surely enjoy a stay at Cinderella castle. They will enjoy Disney World anyway. Just going as a big family and being together is a Blessing. I count them everyday I’m with them and I know if we get to stay there it’s just gravy, or icing on a cake. The way I see it I’m blessed anyway. Great husband, son, daughter in law , daughters and GrandDautghters. Thank you God. Juanita

Sue Colton - January 21, 2013

I am going to retire at the end of this school year at age 62 after 33 years as an educator and 21 years as an elementary school principal. I am a student of the Disney educational seminars have always tried to create a quality, white glove customer experience in my schools. Since 2000, I have created a school environment that has always been about “dreams”. My retirement dream is to spend a night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite with my Prince Charming (Husband) and my Fairy Godmother (Mom, age 88). I never want to grow up! Please help my retirement dream come true……………….

Nick B. - January 22, 2013

Hello Disneyland, If I got picked, I would invite my Mom who worked in the Park in 1955 and knew Walt and waved at him every day she says. My Girlfriend and her two special grand kids would also be invited. Me, I work so much dont know if I could get the time off…

Tanya - January 24, 2013

I would do anything for my son and my husband to stay in the castle. Exspecially it being my dream when i was a little girl. So i can say that i finally got to spend a night in the castle that would definitley be the best thing ever. I have three dreams of vacationing, atrip to italy,cinderellas castle,and a trip on a cruise.

Joseph Pfaff - January 26, 2013

My wife is celebrating her 50th birthday on Feb 8 and I wanted to surprise her with
Wish to feel like a princess in a magical castle. How nice it would be if I could give her that.

Debra Stanton - January 27, 2013

My 20 year old daughters dream is to stay here. She wants to have her wedding at Disney some day. She has a separate room dedicated to her love for Cinderella and Disney. I love the fact that she doesn’t want to grow up. When she was 3 and we first went to Disney, we bought a Cinderella dress and she stood in front of the Castle and we took her photo. Everyone thought she was part of the show. We are planning a surprise vacation for her there this year and I would love to be able to surprise her with a night in the Suite. She is looking forward to having her hair done in a princess style and she has hair down past her thighs, so that should be fun for them to do as well. I love that she is 20 and still able to have her Cinderella dreams. I would do anything to make this happen for her just to see the look on her face. It would be priceless. Thank you

Stacy - January 27, 2013

I would love to celebrate my anniversary in the castle. My husband has always treated me like a Queen, so it would be very fitting! Thanks! 😉

Disney World Lover - January 28, 2013

OMG! I am 11 years old and love Disney! When my mom said we were going to Disney i was sooooooooo excited! Ever since, no lie, I look on Disney’s website every day! Snce we are going this year I am so happy the whole family is going! I would love to stay in the castle. I always try to see how i can stay so….. I hope i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


catherine - January 29, 2013

I would so love my little Sophia to stay there. Sophia has autism and in her world there is no sarcasm, no war, no cruelty. Sophia’s world is Princesses, castles and dressing up and it would be her dream come true to stay in Cinderella’s castle. We are coming to Disney World from the end of May 2013 and I would love to make her “dream come true”. x

vickie - January 29, 2013

My brother Keith is 55 and special needs; he loves Mickey Mouse and all the Disney charters. This would really be a dream come true for him.

Gail Moon - January 29, 2013

We have always lived in the Atlanta area and have enjoyed Disney World many times. It would certainly be a thrill for my sweet Mother’s 90th birthday in May to spend a night in the great castle. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Gail

Phyllis Stewart-Ruffin - January 29, 2013

I am retiring after 33 years with the federal government. My husband and two children have visited Disney World five times, quite a trek ( over 12 hour drive). The magic of Disney has made Easter and more than one Christmas a remarkably fun vacation. We”ve enjoyed different aspects of the park as our children have grown from preschoolers to college students. It would be great for us to enjoy one another’s company as my oldest graduates from college. P.R. in Chesapeake, VA