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Cruise with Confidence: 9 Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Valuables Safe!

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Cruise travel is such a great way to see the world. Waking up each day to a new port is an exciting way to travel.

As a cruise blogger, I travel for many months of the year. I think of myself as a pretty savvy traveler, well aware of the basic common sense of how to avoid theft whilst visiting tourist areas.

But when I recently visited Rome with my husband he had his iPhone stolen within a couple of hours of our arrival in the city. Just a stone’s throw away (or is that a coin’s throw) away from the Trevi Foutain.

It could have been a lot worse – there was an Apple shop about 5 minutes walk away and the phone was insured. But it was a real pain to deal with and sorting it out cut into some of our vacation time.

It reminded me of just how you do have to be aware of your security while traveling and that you need to value the importance of staying alert regarding your belongings whilst on the ship and onshore.

Here are practical tips to significantly decrease your chances of being a victim of theft whilst aboard the ship and on the shore.

While onboard thefts are uncommon, a 2023 Cruise Line Incident Report from the US Department of Transportation discloses that 20 cases of theft amounting to over $10,000 took place on ships within the U.S.

With a total passenger count of 18 million in the 2023 North American cruise market, the possibility of onboard theft isn’t high.

Yet, non-severe theft incidents are often not recorded due in part to a lack of legislative requirements to do so. This complicates the reliability of worldwide cruise ship theft data so it is difficult to know what the actual figures are.

Here, I share the most effective cost-efficient travel products that can protect your prized possessions while on a cruise, drawing from my extensive cruising experiences globally.

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1. Apple AirTag 4-pack

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I love the Apple AirTag. I used it to track many things including luggage, phones, wallet, keys, and even my cat.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Track your luggage or wallet with an Apple AirTag. Keep one Apple device in your cabin to track the other devices if stolen.

You attach the AirTags to anything you want to track. You can easily check the location of your stuff in the Find My app on any of your iOS devices.

Here is my complete review of Apple AirTags if you want to see a more in-depth review. But really it is a game changer and one of the best “gadgets” I have ever bought.

2. Neck Wallet

I think that a neck wallet is essential when you are in port. It is also great for carrying your passport and valuables when you are in the airport. I find having things all in one place when going through security is a real stress saver.


Ironically my partner was traveling with one of these on our trip when his phone was stolen. This is large enough to store and conceal a large phone, but he had taken it out to take pictures of Trevi Fountain and put it back in his jacket pocket.

So not only do you have to own these travel items you have to use them!

This ultimate universal travel neck wallet conceals passports, IDs, credit cards, cash, iPhones (incl. 15 Pro Max without a bulky case), tickets, and valuables, keeping personal items hidden discreetly on the go.

It also has RFID Blocking technology to safeguard your credit and bank cards.

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An alternative to the neck wallet is the waist wallet. I usually use this type as I just think it is more comfortable for me, but my partner prefers the neck wallet, so it is a matter of personal choice.


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Another, rather more stylish idea, is the anti-theft scarf with pocket.


The Zero Grid infinity scarf has TWO built-in hidden pockets that blend seamlessly into the seams – Ideal secret storage for a passport, ID, credit cards, cash, cellphone, and other valuables.

These two hidden pockets are virtually invisible to thieves, so you can protect your valuables and feel safer in any environment.

This very versatile scarf even converts to a wrap and a blanket so is perfect for travel.

And it even has travel insurance built in! If items are stolen from this travel scarf, once activated, this trip assurance will reimburse you up to $300. 

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3. Personal Lock Box

All cruise staterooms have a safe, but did you realize that they can be opened with a master key or code? Therefore they are not 100% safe.

The answer to this is to bring your own, personal lock box if you are concerned about the safety of your small possessions such as jewelry, cash, and documents.


With this lock box, you set your own 4-digit code.

I never travel with my expensive or sentimental value jewelry and prefer to wear cheap fakes. This doesn’t mean I can’t go and have fun in the cruise ship diamond store trying things on!

Portable Security Lock Box – Check Pricing

4. Personal Safety Alarm

Most theft crimes are opportunistic and you never even realize that your wallet has gone until you realize later that the person who bumped into you 10 minutes ago was a pick-pocket.

However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Carry a personal safety alarm. These are particularly important if you are traveling alone, or to a destination that is known to have more safety issues than most.

Elevate your security with a personal safety alarm that discourages aggressive thieves by creating a loud noise to attract attention.


This very compact personal alarm comes in a pack of 6 so you can give one to the whole family. With LED lights, the emergency alarm can be applied for night lighting, suitable for people of all ages such as students, the elderly, children, women, and night workers. This isn’t just for cruise and foreign travel as you can also use them for hiking, camping and dog walking at night.

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5. Cell Phone Lanyard

A cell phone is one of the most difficult items to keep secure. When you are traveling you are most likely taking a lot of pictures on your phone.

So you are constantly taking it in and out of any bag, and having it on view. You are often holding it in your hand – and sometimes thieves will be bold enough to snatch it out of your hand and ride off into the distance on a scooter with it.

One solution is to use a wearable cell phone lanyard to avoid sudden grabbing of your mobile phone.


This would have most likely prevented the Trevi Fountain incident! So I have now ordered one now we just got home.

It fits onto your existing phone case, and doesn’t interfere with charging. This is a good solution so that you have your phone accessible to you, but it would be difficult for someone to simply snatch the phone from you.

This also would be useful when traveling and on cruises, particularly when taking pictures on your balcony, I do always worry about dropping my phone!

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6. Slash-proof Bag

I have owned this bag for over a year now and it has traveled many thousands of miles with me.


I chose this purse as it is small enough not to be bulky or heavy, but large enough to carry a passport, credit cards, phone and other travel essentials.

It has some really nice features such as a locking main compartment with RFID blocking pocket, 2 open top wall pockets and a tethered key clip with LED Light inside. I am notorious for never being able to find my keys in my bag so having the clip is so useful.

I really like the Slash-resistant, adjustable shoulder strap that can be secured to stationary object. So if I have my bag in a restaurant I loop the strap around the chair and secure it. So much better than leaving it on the chair beside you or on the floor.

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7. Anti-theft Backpack

Sometimes you will want to have a backpack on your travels. I tend to only put non valuable items such as a rain jacket, umbrella and water bottle in a backpack, but there are times when it is useful to have an anti-theft backpack.

One inherent problem with backpacks is that they are just that – meant to be worn on your back. However, they are much less vulnerable if you wear them on your front. I would certainly do this in crowded situations such as in cities and on public transport. Looking less than fashionable is less important than keeping your things as safe as possible.


This lightweight anti-theft backpack has a ton of great features. Including an external USB port with built-in charging cable.

The hidden theft-proof pocket designed on the back sits up against the wearer’s body. This Anti-Pick pocket back pocket makes it difficult to steal personal items. So you can store your valuables such as passport and money when traveling so no one can get into it without you feeling it.

This also has one of my new favorite features for any bag – a strap so that it can fix easily over the fixed handle of a wheeled bag. So much easier to keep your luggage together with this feature, rather than having to balance it on top of your suitcase.

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8. Portable Phone Charger

A phone can be a lifeline in certain situations. And we all know how frustrating it is to run out of battery charge just when you need it.

Always carry a phone charger with you when you travel so that you can keep your phone charged and usable.


There are so many portable phone chargers to choose from that it can get really confusing. What is great about the INUI Portable Charger it is it simple to use, lightweight, compact and fast. All you need.

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9. Travel Insurance

Never, ever travel without insurance. Your credit card might cover you for certain things but you need a separate travel insurance policy when sailing on a cruise or traveling overseas.

Opt for travel insurance that offers reimbursement for stolen items for additional security against theft.

Going back to the stolen phone issue we had, fortunately, the actual phone had insurance. We also had additional insurance with a travel policy.