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Disney Wish v Disney Dream Cost Compared [Updated] 2022

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Just how much does the Disney Wish cost? And what is the price compared with the Disney Dream?

We now know what the pricing for the Disney Wish is, as the itineraries have been available to book for some time now.

So I thought it would be interesting to compare the cost of the Disney Wish with the Disney Dream.

The Disney Dream sailed for years out of Port Canaveral on mostly 3 and 4-night Bahamian cruises.

Disney Wish Cost

When the Disney Wish was launched on 14 July 2022 she will take over the cruises to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral.

The Disney Dream sails a repositioning cruise on 3 June 2022 out of Port Canaveral to her new homeport of Miami.

The new Disney Wish looks spectacular.

Disney Wish and Disney Dream Prices

Here we can compare look at the cost of the Disney Dream and the Disney Wish.

Disney Dream Summer 2022 Cruise Prices
Disney Dream Atrium

Prices for the Disney Wish and Disney Dream were correct on 3 July 2022.

I will update these as time goes by so that we can see how things change. In going through this process for several months now I have seen quite a lot of change.

I have been following these prices now for each Disney ship since the opening date when they were first available.

The Disney Wish prices have dropped quite a bit – a lot of these are for Disney Cruise Stateroom Guarantees, but you really can get a great rate on the Disney Dream for Summer 2022.

The concierge staterooms on the Disney Wish for Summer 2022 are pretty much sold out.

All of the Disney Cruise prices shown are for the lowest possible rate available in that category.

So if you are looking at the price for a Disney Wish Inside Cabin the rate shown will be the lowest you could possibly pay for that type of stateroom.

If you see a price for Disney Wish Concierge this is not going to be the cost of the Tower Suite.

Disney Wish Staterooms
Disney Wish Stateroom with Verandah

We are only going to compare like with like. So for example, the Disney Dream only starts sailing 3-night itineraries in September – so we will compare these.

Disney Wish Palo
Disney Wish Palo Restaurant

The Disney Dream has a number of 5 nights sailings for Summer 2022.

I decided to include the 5-night itineraries of the Disney Dream and compare them to the Disney Wish 4 night cruises.

3 Night Bahamian Disney Cruise Pricing

Scenic view of Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas

Remember that the Disney Wish sails from Port Canaveral and the Disney Dream from Miami for Summer 2022.

These sailings shown are for September only – as the Dream is only sailing 4 and 5 nights itineraries in June and July 2022, so there is no direct comparison to the Wish.

All prices are correct on 3 July 2022.

September 2, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
September 9, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
September 16, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
September 23, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge

As you can see from these prices the Disney Wish does cost more than the Disney Dream for those 3-night sailings.

The price difference isn’t perhaps as much as I would have expected. However, this may change quickly as these are opening day prices for the Disney Wish.

4 Night Bahamian Disney Cruise Pricing

Disney Wish Frozen Restaurant
Anna, Elsa and Olaf will entertain in their own Frozen Restaurant

Whilst you can get a direct comparison of the 3 night Disney Dream and Disney Wish cruises, this doesn’t really work as well for the 4 night.

The reason for this is that the start dates are different and also that the Dream is sailing 5-night itineraries as well.

We will show, however, as close a comparison as we can make between the pricing on the two Disney ships.

Disney Wish Rose Bar
Disney Wish Rose Bar
August 1, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
DISNEY WISHUnavailable$4,964$5,132Unavailable
August 6, 2022
DISNEY DREAM 5 night$2,452$2,572$2,772Unavailable
August 8, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
DISNEY WISH$3,844$4,324$4,516Unavailable
August 11, 2022
DISNEY DREAM$3,075$3,211$3,459$7,907
August 15, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
DISNEY WISHUnavailable$4,044$4,180Unavailable
August 20, 2022
DISNEY DREAM 5 night$2,243$2,303$2,503$6,543
August 22, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
DISNEY WISHUnavailableUnavailableUnavailableUnavailable
August 25, 2022
DISNEY DREAM$2,102$2,152$2,262$6,442

The pricing for the Disney Dream and the Wish for the 4-night sailings follows pretty much the same pattern. The Wish is priced higher than the Disney Dream.

Disney Wish Tower Suite Bedroom
Disney Wish Tower Suite Master Bedroom

Concierge sells out quickly. Many dates on the Disney Wish have sold out of Concierge staterooms.

The Disney Dream itineraries have been available to book for a while. This means that Concierge staterooms will largely have sold out and will be in short supply.

No doubt though as soon as opening day is done, the prices of Concierge on the Disney Wish will have increased.

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