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Disney Wish Adult Beverage Tasting Seminars – Should You Book One?

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One of the most enjoyable activities on board a Disney Cruise for adults is the beverage tastings.

Disney Cruise Line has released details of the beverage-tasting seminars that are to be offered on board the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Wish.

Guests are now able to go online and book these new beverage tastings in their Disney Planner.

All of the tastings are an hour long and will be limited in availability. All participants have to be at least 21 years old.

The first thing of note is that the prices of these beverage tastings appear to be significantly higher than on the other Disney ships.

The usual prices range from $20 to $40 per adult, however, as you will see, the prices here are quite an increase on that.

Whether or not these prices will be introduced across all the Disney Cruise Line ships remains to be seen.

Here are the beverage tastings for the Disney Wish Maiden voyage.

Beer Tasting – $40
Let’s make a toast to the world’s oldest alcoholic drink—from ales and lagers to stouts, wheat and beyond!

Bourbon Tasting – $45
Explore the history, flavor, and styles of America’s most iconic whiskey.

World of Gin – $50
Discover the true spirit of gin with our masterclass led by our expert bartenders. Enjoy a taste of luxury with carefully selected gins ranging from dry and citrusy to spiced and herbaceous, accompanied by a selection of tonics that perfectly complement the flavors.

Champagne Tasting – $50
Savor some of the best bubbly from Europe and beyond, with a crash course in creating amazing Champagne cocktails.

Cognac Tasting – $50
Awaken your senses with the velvety drink referred to by the French as l’eau de vie—the water of life.

Martini Tasting – $45
Luxuriate in the deliciously distinct flavors of a popular cocktail once referred to as the “elixir of quietude.”

Mixology – $40
Stir up popular cocktails during this bartending workshop—from layered shots to margaritas, martinis, and more.

Rum Tasting – $45
Sail to the head of the class by mastering the right way to appreciate rum, the Caribbean’s sweetest nectar!

Stem to Stern Wine Tasting – $45
Pop the cork for an aromatic, new twist on one of the world’s favorite libations!

Whiskey Tasting – $45
Navigate the art and science of tasting aqua vitae—from the nose and palate to the length of the finish.

World of Old Fashioned – $100
When it comes to creating the perfect Old Fashioned, there’s a recipe to please nearly every palate—and therein lies its beauty. Whether tracing the cocktail back to its origins, with a sugar cube and splash of water or taking a modern twist on the classic, with simple syrup and bitters, you’ll discover a highly enjoyable cocktail sure to delight all your senses.

Reserve Whiskey Bourbon Tasting – $100
For the true whisky and whiskey connoisseur, our expert bartenders will guide you through a selection of high-end bourbons and whiskies from our reserve collection. Tastings include some of the most unique and rare selections from around the world—including Europe, Japan and the United States. Tastings may differ, depending on the availability of various distinguished spirits.

disney wish beverage tastings

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Disney Wish Bars

All Disney Ships have a large amount of space that is dedicated exclusively to guests aged 18 and over.

We now have some details of the bars that will be available on the Disney WIsh.

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge


This most definitely is what Star Wars fans have been waiting for.

This is going to take Disney Wish passengers on the ultimate Star Wars adventure.

Hyperspace Lounge on Disney Wish

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge is the first of its kind.

You will board a luxury spaceship where you will be able to enjoy out-of-this-world drinks and look out of the “window” to see panoramic views of the Galaxy.

Learn More About Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge

Disney Wish The Rose Bar

disney wish rose bar

The Rose Bar is located on Deck 12 of Disney Wish and is themed for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

This is a perfect place to enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

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