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Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms – The Ultimate Guide

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Want to know more about Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms?

Here is the most comprehensive guide available for you to discover everything you need to know about the amazing new Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms.

What Concierge Staterooms are available? Which are the Best? How should you choose a Disney Wish stateroom if you want to sail Concierge? Learn all about these magical staterooms.

Disney Wish Concierge Bedroom with Tangled Theme
Disney Wish Concierge Bedroom with Tangled Theme

All pictures are Disney Concept Art

Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms Overview

There are a total of 76 Concierge Staterooms on the new Disney Wish Cruise Ship.

  • All Concierge Staterooms will feature a King Bed with luxury Frette Bedding and Plush Luxury Mattresses.
  • Family Oceanview Staterooms with Verandah will have a Tangled Theme
  • There are four Royal Suites with a Sleeping Beauty Theme. The Royal Suites are unique for a Disney ship as they offer a two-level configuration
  • There are seven Oceanview Staterooms with a Princess Ariel theme. They are unique as they have floor-to-ceiling windows, but no verandah.
  • One Bedroom Suites have a separate living room, two bathrooms, two 43 inch televisions, and walk-in closets.

All of the Concierge Staterooms have luxury features and stunning design details. Look at the Disney Tangled Lantern shapes on the carpet!

Disney Wish Design Details

Disney Wish Concierge Lounge and Pool Deck

The Disney Wish will have the most spectacular Concierge lounge and Deck of any of the other Disney Ships.

We know that it will be more than three times the size of the other Concierge Lounges on the Disney ships.

Disney Wish Guide
Disney Wish Bridge and Concierge Outside View

The Wish Concierge Lounge will have a full bar, snacks available, and an area dedicated to children. There will also be an outdoor terrace with amazing views.

Not only will there be a Concierge Sun Deck but that this will include a wading pool and two whirlpools. It will have luxury outdoor furniture and its own dedicated pool deck concierge.

Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom

There are only seven of these rather unusual Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms available. They are all on Deck 11 and all are Category 3B.

All of these Staterooms have a Little Mermaid theme.

Why are they unusual? Because they are the first Disney Cruise Ship Concierge Staterooms not to have a Verandah. And the first to have forward-facing views.

All have floor-to-ceiling windows, but the absence of a balcony is perhaps an unusual step for Disney to take.

Disney Wish concierge family oceanview stateroom
Disney Wish Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom

However, I am sure that once full details of these are released they are going to be amongst the first staterooms to sell out on the Disney Wish.

All have at least 357 Square Feet of space. It looks from the Deck Plan that there may be quite a bit of variation in this size.

Each has a King Bed and sleep either 4 or 5 guests. The staterooms which sleep 4 have a sleeper sofa and pull-down bunk above. If they are able to sleep 5 they have a pull-down Murphy Bed.

Below you can see the Disney Wish Deck 11 Plan which shows the location of these Concierge Staterooms. Right now there isn’t much information about what else will be on Deck 11.

Disney Wish Deck 11
Disney Magic Deck 11

The Category 3B Concierge Staterooms are all located on Deck 11 Forward.

The Deck Plan below shows the location in more detail. The stateroom numbers are 11000, 11002, 11004, 11006, 11500, 11502, and 11504.

11504 is the only accessible stateroom in this category.

Disney Wish Deck 11

Which will be the best choice of Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom on the Disney Wish?

It looks as though 11006 will be substantially larger than others and so is likely to be the most popular. From the Deck Plan, it seems as though 11002 and 11500 will be the smallest of this type of stateroom on the Wish.

All the other staterooms on Deck 11 are non Concierge. They are a mix of Disney Wish Standard Inside Staterooms and Deluxe Family Oceanview staterooms with Verandah.

If you have a Deck 11 Concierge Stateroom you will have to go one floor up to Deck 12 to visit the Concierge Lounge, and to Deck 13 for the Concierge Private Deck and Pool.

Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms With Verandah

Disney Wish Concierge Tangled Theme
Disney Wish Concierge Tangled Theme

This category has the largest amount of Concierge Staterooms available on the Disney Wish. All will be Category 3A.

They are located on Deck 12 and 13 and offer 296 Square Feet of space.

This is slightly smaller than the 306 square feet of the equivalent stateroom on the Disney Fantasy and Dream. The Disney Wonder and Magic have 304 Square Feet of space – so there really isn’t much difference in size on the ships.

All of these Concierge Staterooms have a Verandah.

Will Deck 12 or 13 be a better choice for a Concierge Stateroom on the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Deck 12 Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms With Verandah

12002,12008, 12010, 12012, 12014, 12016, 12018, 12024, 12028, 12030, 12032 and 12034.

12502,12508, 12510, 12512, 12514, 12516, 12518, 12524, 12528, 12530, 12532 and 12534.

Disney Wish Deck 12
Disney Wish Deck 12

If you look at the Disney Wish Deck Plan 12 you can see that there are a number of connecting staterooms. This is a great idea if you are sailing with a group and want to have not only connecting staterooms, but connecting Verandahs. The partition can be opened so you have an extra large Verandah.

I would expect that 12002 and 12502 will be the first Concierge Staterooms with Verandah to be booked. It looks as though the Verandahs for these Staterooms are slightly deeper than standard.

Should you book a stateroom on the Port or Starboard Side? The one place where you really want to be on the Starboard side is when you are docked at Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay.

What many people do not realize is that the Disney ships all back into port at Castaway Cay.

disneycruisecastaway cayclub
Castaway Cay – Disney’s Private Island

This means that if you are on the port side you will get a view of the dock and the undeveloped part of Castaway Cay. If you are on the starboard side you will have a view of the beaches and the ocean.

Don’t get too concerned if you don’t get the starboard side though – if you are sailing Concierge you will be able to see a fabulous view of Castaway Cay from the Concierge Pool Deck.

Disney Wish Deck 12 Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms With Verandah

There are 22 Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms with Verandah on Deck 13 of the Disney Wish.

This is highly likely to the deck which is preferred over Deck 12. Why? You are just steps away from the Concierge Sun Deck, the Upper Concierge Lounge and the Concierge Pool.

In reality it doesn’t make that much difference that you are only one floor away on Deck 12, but if you get a choice of either Deck 12 or Deck 13 for the same price, you should probably pick the higher deck.

The one disadvantage of being on a higher deck is that there will be more motion at the top of the ship. However, the difference between Deck 12 and 13 is probably not that great.

Disney Wish Deck Plan 13 Showing Concierge Staterooms
Disney Wish Deck Plan 13 Showing Concierge Staterooms

13002, 13004, 13006, 13008, 13010, 13016, 13018, 13020, 13024, 13026 are on the Port Side.

13028 is larger as it is an accessible stateroom.

13502, 13504, 13506, 13512, 13514, 13016, 13018, 13020, 13024, 13026, and 13528 are on the Port Side.

Disney Wish Deck 13

Are there any Concierge Staterooms with Verandah that are better than the others on Deck 13? It really doesn’t look as though there are any differences. All of the Verandahs seem to be the same size.

If you want to be very close to the Concierge Pool you should try and book 13002 or 13502. However, none of the staterooms are very far away from any of the Concierge amenities.

Concierge One Bedroomed Suite with Extended Verandah

There are a total of 18 of these One Bedroom Concierge Suites available. They have a very generous 1,031 Square Feet of Space.

Disney Wish Concierge Tangled Theme
Disney Wish Concierge Tangled Theme

There are two Categories available with the 2A Category having just 12000 and 12500. These in theory will be the highest priced within this category.

Disney concierge stateroom
Disney Wish Concierge Stateroom Living Area

As you can see from the Deck Plan below, they are in an amazingly convenient location and have huge wrap around balconies. These are likely to me the most sought after One Bedroom Concierge Staterooms on the Disney Wish.

Others on Deck 12 with a Category 3B classification are 12004, 12006, 12020, 12022, 12504, 12506, 12520, 12522 and 12525.

There are only six of these Concierge One Bedroom Staterooms on Deck 13 of the Disney Wish. 13510 is the only Accessible Stateroom in this Category.

The other staterooms are 13012, 13014, 13022, 13508, and 13552

Disney Wish Deck Plan 13 Showing Concierge Staterooms
Disney Wish Deck Plan 13 Showing Concierge Staterooms

Disney Wish Royal Suites

On all the other Disney Ships we are used to having just two Royal Suites. The Disney Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy all have a Walt Disney Suite and a Roy Disney Suite.

However, the new Disney Wish is breaking the mold and has not two, but four Royal Suites. These will offer the absolute ultimate in luxury.

Disney Concierge Royal Suite
Princess Aurora Royal Suite

Each pair includes a single-floor option and a two-story configuration. There has never been a multi-level stateroom on a Disney Cruise Ship before – indeed they are pretty rare in the cruise industry.

All four of the Disney Wish Royal Suites are themed around the classic Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty”.

Thera are two Princess Aurora Royal Suites and two Briar Rose Royal Suites.

This category of stateroom features 2 main bedrooms each with a king bed and a large living area with a queen convertible sofa.

disney wish concierge royal suite
Disney Wish Concierge Royal Suite Briar Rose

These Royal Suites also have a private verandah with a whirlpool view and are 1,507 square feet. They sleep 6 guests in amazing luxury.

disney wish royal suite
Disney Wish Royal Suite on Two Levels

The detailing is just beautiful, as you would expect from Disney Imagineering.

One particularly stunning feature that we see with the concept art is this fabulous bathroom. Imagine soaking in that tub overlooking the ocean.

Disney Wish Concierge Royal Suite Bathroom
Princess Aurora Royal Suite Bathroom

Disney Wish – Find Out More

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If you want to explore all the accommodation that the new ship has to offer the Ultimate  Disney Wish Stateroom Guide will help you choose which is best for you.

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