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Disney Wish Shows

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A huge part of the Disney Cruise experience is the amazing Broadway-quality shows.

Although we don’t know too much yet about the shows on the Disney Wish, what we can definitely be sure of is that they are going to be amazing.

As you would expect from Disney, the quality of shows is just outstanding.

Let us see what we already know about the Disney Wish shows to see what we can expect.

Disney The Little Mermaid on the Disney Wish

One of the most beloved of all Disney movies is The Little Mermaid so this is a very popular choice for a new Broadway-style stage adaptation for the Disney Wish.

disney wish little mermaid

The stage show adaptations of iconic Disney movies are one of the most popular and memorable features on a Disney cruise. No other cruise line even comes close to the quality of production and performance.

There is certainly no shortage of iconic songs to be included in The Little Mermaid show on the Disney Wish.

We are told that Under The Sea is going to be the highlight as the biggest production number in the show.

We are promised plenty of special effects. The Walt Disney Theatre on the Disney Wish is going to be one of the most technologically advanced at sea.

Of course, Disney has so much expertise in production, we can expect an amazing show!

disney wish little mermaid show

We are getting to know that there is going to be some very innovative technology on the Disney Wish. We are told that:

the storytellers will take on the roles of Ariel, Ursula, Prince Eric, Sebastian, Flounder and more, bringing to life the immersive undersea world right before guests’ eyes.

Obviously portraying the world under the sea on stage is a challenge. However, anyone who has seen any of the big production shows on a Disney ship knows that there will be some clever uses of both technology and puppetry.


We are told that “playful scenic designs and state-of-the-art video projections will transform the Walt Disney Theatre into a 360-degree undersea environment.”

Apparently the song Kiss the Girl will be a “refreshed rendition”. It is always controversial when Disney changes anything from the movies.

When new songs were written for the Finding Nemo show in Disney’s Animal Kingdom not all of the audience was receptive. Therefore it will be interesting to see what the new version of Kiss the Girl is like.

And don’t worry that for the Kiss the Girl part of the movie Ariel does not have a voice. This could of course be a bit of a problem for a stage show. Apparently, Disney has got over this problem by having her inner voice play a role in the song.

Disney Seas the Adventure on the Disney Wish

One of the best things about your first day on a Disney cruise is the first-night production show.

For the Disney Wish, this will be “Disney Seas the Adventure.”


This is a brand new stage production show for the Disney Wish. We are told that this show will feature many beloved Disney songs and characters.

Captain Minnie will hand over the helm to her Disney pal Goofy who goes on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

The format sounds very like The Golden Mickeys which is performed on the Disney Wonder.

Who do we know will appear in Disney Seas the Aventure?

Early in his adventure, Goofy will learn the power of hard work to make a dream come true when he meets Tiana during a lively performance of “Almost There” from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Princess and the Frog.” 


Princess Tiana and her friends will feature in the show.

Goofy will meet his friends from Finding Nemo the father and son turtles Crush and Squirt. If you have ever seen “Finding Nemo – The Musical” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you will recognize “Go with the Flow”. This song was written for the original stage show in the Animal Kingdom park and was not from the movie.

There will be a segment of the show which celebrates the Disney heroines Elsa, Moana, and Merida will perform a powerful medley of “Let it Go,” “How Far I’ll Go” and “Touch the Sky,”. Expect this to be a show-stopper moment.


The finale will be the most innovative moment in the show – the audience will be very much part of the production.

Not only will there be many of the beloved Disney characters on stage for the finale. But the characters will lead guests out of the theater and into the Grand Hall for an unforgettable sendoff experience.

This is one of the moments I am most looking forward to. When people ask what makes Disney cruises worth it and how are they different – it is moments like this.

It can sound cliche, but these moments are ones that you really do remember for a lifetime. Disney just knows how to create memorable moments that you just aren’t going to experience anywhere else.

Disney’s Alladin A Musical Spectacular on the Disney Wish

This isn’t a new show for the Disney Wish. Disney’s Alladin a Musical Spectacular has been on the Disney Fantasy for more than a decade.

Whilst it would have been great to see another all-new show on the Disney Wish, this is still a very entertaining production.

This stage production of Alladin has all the usual songs that you would expect including Friend Like Me. This production also had an all-new song for Princess Jasmine “To Be Free”.

Which Disney Wish show are you most looking forward to?

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