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Disney Wish Inside Staterooms Ultimate Guide

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Which are the best Disney Wish Inside Staterooms? If you want to book an Inside Stateroom on the Disney Wish it is best to be prepared so that you know exactly what your options are.

Here in this Ultimate Guide to Disney Wish Inside Staterooms we discuss what to expect from your stateroom, show you how to look at the Deck Plans, and decide which staterooms are your best option.

Disney Wish Guide

Inside Staterooms on the Disney Wish

The first thingo to know about Inside Staterooms on the Disney Wish is that there really aren’t very many of them to choose from!

There are only 121 Inside Staterooms on the Disney Wish. Here you can see exactly what the distribution of staterooms on the Disney Wish is:

  • 1,254 staterooms (includes 53 concierge staterooms and 23 concierge suites)
  • 1,133 outside staterooms (90%)
    • 948 verandah staterooms (70%)
    • 185 oceanview staterooms (20%)
  • 121 inside staterooms (10%)

All pictures are from the Disney Cruise Website

disney wish inside stateroom
Disney Wish Inside Stateroom

Another thing to note about the dfferences to the other four Disney ships and the Wish is that the new ship only has Standard Inside Staterooms.

The Disney Dream, Fantasy, Wonder and Magic all have Standard and Deluxe Inside Staterooms. The differenc between Standard and Deluxe on the earlier ships is that the Standard does not have the Split bathroom but the Deluxe does.

We are told that almost all the staterooms on the Disney Wish have the split bathroom feature so there is no need to categorize them differently.

Disney Wish Inside Staterooms will be either Category 11A, 11B and 11C.

The Category 11A staterooms are located on Decks 9, 10 and 11. The Category 11B are on Decks 6,7 and 8.

The 11C staterooms will be on Deck 2. 

Features of Disney Wish Inside Staterooms

All the Disney Wish Inside Staterooms will have 169 square feet of space. Disney Cruise ship stateroom design makes the most of every bit of space inside each cabin.

Here is a list of things that each Disney Wish Inside Stateroom includes:

  • Custom Premium Plush Euro-top mattress
  • Frette300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Linens
  • Premium Bath Towels
  • Mini Drawer Refrigerator
  • In-Room Safe
  • Hair Dryer
  • Phone with Voicemail

The Disney Wish decor has the theme of “enchantment” and this is clearly seen in the design of the bedding and the artwork which is inspired by Disney’s Cinderella.

Each stateroom has a Queen bed. Every Disney ship stateroom has high-quality bedding. The beds on all the Disney Cruise Ships are just so incredibly comfortable!

There is also plenty of storage space underneath each bed. This is the ideal place for storing large items such as suitcases so they are out of the way.

You can see from the close-up pictures that the stateroom is full of that extra special Disney detail in the design.

Disney Wish Stateroom Bedding
Embroidered Detail on the Disney Wish Bedding
Disney Wish Stateroom Design

It is great to see that for each of the bedside tables there are power points and two USB charging points.

There is a distinct living and sleeping area in each of the Disney Wish Inside Staterooms. The living area has a sofa, a desk, a vanity area, and plenty of storage.

The Disney Wish Inside Staterooms will sleep either 3 or 4 guests. Each Inside stateroom has a sleeper sofa in the living area which converts to a bed in the evening if required for a third guest.

In select Inside Staterooms, there is a pull-down bunk bed above the sleeper sofa. Your Stateroom Host will set this up for you each evening when you are at dinner.

The Disney Wish staterooms have this magical feature of lighting above the bed which shows Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

Disney Wish Stateroom Bunk Bed
Disney Wish Stateroom Bunk Bed

It is these kinds of very simple touches that make the Disney Cruise staterooms unique.

The Disney Wish has much larger televisions than all of the other Disney cruise ships. Each inside stateroom has a 43-inch flat-screen television.

It is in a different place than on the other Disney ships too – there it is attached in the middle of the staterooms to the shelving unit.

It will be intersting to see how much better you can see the television from both the living and sleeping areas in the Inside Staterooms as it is on the wall of the bedroom. HOwever, it seems that the television is large enough that everyone in the room will be able to see it.

Th picture above shows some of the storage available in the Inside Staterooms. There will also be large closets just as you enter the room.

A new feature is the fabulous lighted mirror on the well-positioned vanity unit. There will also be a hairdryer available in each stateroom so no ned to bring your own unless you really want to.

Disney Cruise Stateroom Bathrooms

Disney Cruise Stateroom Bathrooms

We are told that most of the Disney Wish staterooms have the very popular split bathroom features.

This is where there are two rooms for the bathroom. One has the toilet and a sink. The other has the bath with a shower over and an additional sink.

This is so convenient, particularly for families. Everyone always seems to need the bathroom at the same time in the morning, so it really is a major plus having the split bathroom.

Screen Disney Wish Bathroomhot 2021-04-29 at 8.28.50 AM

The Disney Wish bathrooms are beautifully modern with white subway tile, contemporary fittings, and a fabulous lighted mirror. I like the fact that there is a bath in every stateroom and also that it has a glass shower door – never a fan of the shower curtain!

Of course, they will have very popular H2O toiletries.  It was very controversial when they stopped giving out individual packs, but just think of how much plastic that must save……

Disney Wish Deck 2 Inside Staterooms

The majority of the Inside Staterooms on the ship are located on Deck 2.

Also, note that another difference from the Disney Wish to the other ships is that there are no guest staterooms on Deck 1. This is an all-crew area.

Below you can see the layout of the Disney Wish Deck 2.

The layout is very different from the other Disney ships as it has the Walt Disney Theatre, Disney’s Oceaneer Club and It’s A Small World Nursery.

Deck 2 also has some Outside Staterooms available. There are no Verandah staterooms on Deck 2 – it is way to low down on the ship!

I think that these staterooms on Deck 2 will definitely have a polarizing effect. There will be those guests who definitely want them – and there will be those who actively avoid them.

The reason? The close proximity to the Oceaneer’s Club and It’s a Small World Nursery are going ot be a big advantage for some, but a definite no for others.

If you have young children this location is ideal. So close to the drop-off and pick-up.

Those without young children will probably say they expect they will get too much noise in this area.

I am absolutely sure that Disney Cruise Lines will have worked out all the best ways to minimize the noise. I have sailed on many Disney ships on all Decks and never experienced consistent noise that would deter me from booking in that location again.

However, I know that some guests avoid Deck 5 on the Wonder and Magic as the Oceaneers Club is located there. So it is inevitable some guests won’t want to be on Deck 3 for this reason too.

Also, some guests will probably not want to be that close to the Walt Disney Theater as they will be concerned about noise from that area.

I would guess that the Deck 2 Forward Elevators will be crazy when the show ends. Therefore there will likely be some noise twice a day in the evening for those in any stateroom which is close to the elevator.

However, imagine how convenient it will be to get back to your stateroom after the show!

There are two Accessible Inside Staterooms on Deck 2. These are 2053 and 2059. These Accessible Staterooms will be incredibly convenient for the accessible entrance to the Walt Disney Theatre.

If we look again at the Deck 2 Aft staterooms on the Disney Wish you can see that these will probably be some of the most sought-after Inside Staterooms on the ship.

They will have very little foot traffic as there really is only one reason to use the aft elevators and that is to go to It’s a Small World Nursery, or if your stateroom is there.

Disney Wish Deck 2 Staterooms Aft

Inside Staterooms on Deck 6 of the Disney Wish

There are only seven Inside Staterooms on Deck 6 on the Disney Wish.

DIsney Wish Deck 6 Forward

These staterooms 6009, 6011, and 6013 are all Category 11B Inside Staterooms. This means in theory they will be lower priced than the Category 11A on Deck 2.

You can see from the Deck Plan that there is an area marked Shipside Promenade. However, we don’t have any information about what this will actually be. It could be that there is an advantage to having a stateroom close to this area.

6351 and 6525 are also 11B Inside Staterooms. These will be good to combine with one of the Verandah staterooms close to them.

This can often be a good option for a Family of 5 or more who wants to have more space, two bathrooms, and potentially save money over booking one Deluxe Family Stateroom.

There are just two Inside Staterooms Deck 6. These are 6193 and 6195. These would also be good options for combining staterooms when you need more than two for your group.

Deck 7 Inside Staterooms on the Disney Wish

There are 15 Inside Staterooms on Deck 7 of the Disney Wish. All are Categorized as 11B.

Most of the Deck 7 Inside Staterooms are located Forward.

From the Deck Plan is looks as though 7533 may be slightly larger than most of the Inside Staterooms. Deck Plans can be deceiving though so we will hav to wait until sailings start to confirm this.

The only Inside Stateroom on Deck 7 aft is 7689.

Disney Wish Deck 8 Inside Staterooms

There aer 25 Inside Staterooms on Deck 8. All are Categorized as 11B.

It is interesting to see from the Deck Plans that we have right now for the Disney Wish that there only seems to be one location for a laundry room. Here you can see the Fairytale Fresh Laundry.

Here we can see that the one Accessible Inside Stateroom on Deck 8 is 8073 which is located right next to the Laundry. This is probably not an ideal location as you will likely get some noise as this stateroom seems to share a wall with the Laundry.

Disney Wish Deck 9 Inside Staterooms

All of the Inside Staterooms on Deck 9 of the Disney Wish are categorized as Category 9A.

There are also Category 9A on Decks 10 and 11.

The most popular of the Inside Staterooms on Deck 9 is likely to be 9057, 9059, 9557, 9061, 9063 and 9065. This is because they are midships and many people prefer those.

There is less motion in the middle of the ship so if you are prone to seasickness these would be a better choice.

Also, 9077, 9087,9089 and 9577, 9587 and 9589 are in a great mid-ship position.

The only accessible Inside Stateroom on Deck 9 of the Disney Wish is 9175. It is highly likely that this will be one of the first reserved when any of the Wish itineraries are released – simply as there aren’t very many accessible Inside Staterooms.

Disney Wish Deck 10 Inside Staterooms

As you can see from Deck 10 on the Disney Wish, there aren’t very many Inside Staterooms available.

10071, 10073 and 10571 and 10573 are mid ships so likely to be popular.

All inside staterooms on Deck 10 are classified as Category 9A.

There are no Inside Accessible Staterooms on Deck 10 of the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Deck 11 Inside Staterooms

There are only 10 Inside staterooms on Deck 11 of the Disney Wish. They are all Category 9A staterooms.

1151 looks like it is an interesting shape – although it may just be that there is more of a corridor area. 11529 is also a strange shape and it will be interesting to see if this offers anything particularly different.

These staterooms are likely to be popular as you have very easy access to Mickey’s Pool.

There are no comparable staterooms on any of the other Disney ships. The Disney Wish has a unique design that has staterooms on the same Deck as the pool Decks.

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