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Disney Wish Tower Suite Ultimate Guide

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Here we have the absolute best and most detailed guide to the Disney Wish Tower Suite.

If you want to stay in absolute luxury on the fabulous new Disney Wish, the Tower Suite is the ultimate place to snag a reservation.

Located in a unique position in the Disney Wish Funnel, the Tower Suite is truly a unique place to call home on your Disney Cruise.

Disney Wish Funnel Suite
Disney Wish Funnel – The Tower Suite Location

The Disney Wish Funnel Suite

Where is the Disney Wish Tower Suite on the ship? Right inside the funnel!

High up on Deck 14 of the Disney Wish you will find the amazing and highly unique Disney Wish Tower Suite.

All of the Disney ships have two funnels. However, only one is needed for the actual mechanics of the ship.

When the original Disney Classic ship, the Magic, was designed, the Imagineers wanted a classic look reminiscent of the cruise ship design at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Therefore the second funnel on each of the Disney ships is “decorative” but the inside space is used. On the Disney Magic and Wonder it is used for the Vibe and on the Fantasy and Dream, the Edge.

On the Disney Wish the space is put to spectacular use as the Tower Suite. Sure to be one of the most amazing cruise suites at sea, the design takes it’s inspiration from the free spirited Moana.

“Each of our theme parks has a majestic icon that captures our guests’ imaginations,” said Laura Cabo, portfolio creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering. “On a Disney cruise ship, that beacon of magic is our signature red funnels. For the first time ever, guests aboard the Disney Wish will be able to book an incredible two-story suite that’s actually located within one of our funnels. With the Wish Tower Suite, we are creating a breathtaking experience that continues our tradition of the most unique and enchanting accommodations at sea.”

The piece de resistance will be a hand-crafted porcelain sculpture that comes alive in an only-Disney-can-do way. When guests arrive home to the Wish Tower Suite, they may discover the statue pulsing in myriad hues of green amid soft chimes that recall the film’s distinctive soundtrack, revealing itself as the heart of Te Fiti. The special lighting and audio effects will eventually fill the room to provide a truly magical, one-of-a-kind greeting.

All images are Disney Concept Art

Disney Wish Tower Suite Facts

The Tower Suite on the Disney Wish is a 1,966-square-foot penthouse which offers elegant design and amazing concierge service.

This Concierge Suite will comfortably sleep up to eight guests. That is the most of any stateroom on the Disney Wish.

There are two main bedrooms, a children’s room and a library that converts to a bedroom. And let’s not forget the four and a half bathrooms!

The second floor loft is reached by way of a spiral staircase.

Disney Wish Tower Suite Living Room

The overall design and spirit of the Disney Wish is the concept of Enchantment. As you can see here from the concept art which shows the living room, the huge space is both beautiful and practical.

We are told that the Tower Suite will feature a very special hand-crafted porcelain sculpture which has a dynamic way of welcoming guests to their Disney Wish stateroom suite.

When guests arrive home to the Wish Tower Suite, they may discover the statue pulsing in myriad hues of green amid soft chimes that recall the film’s distinctive soundtrack, revealing itself as the heart of Te Fiti. The special lighting and audio effects will eventually fill the room to provide a truly magical, one-of-a-kind greeting.

It will certainly be interesting to see what this sculpture does!

We don’t yet know what the Disney Wish Tower Suite Price would be – but you can be sure that it will be out of the reach of most of us!

Tower Suite Living Room

There is a large dining table to accommodate all the suite guests. On the other Disney ships, Suite Concierge guests can enjoy all meals in their stateroom if they want to. This includes Palo. No doubt things will be the same on the Disney Wish.

There is also a bar and pantry which will be kept well stocked with whatever your ask your Concierge for.

Just look at those huge floor to ceiling windows! The views will be incredible.

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Suite

Wondering how you are going to close the curtains at night? Of course you just push a button for the motorized sheer and blackout drapes to open and close!

You may notice though that there is one thing missing from the Tower Suite. A verandah!

Obviously, that couldn’t be incorporated into the design. For some, even though this is clearly an amazing suite on the Disney Wish, will it be a deal-breaker?

There are four other Concierge Suites available so it will be interesting to see which is the most popular.

Disney Wish Tower Suite Bedrooms

The Tower Suite has two main bedrooms, a children’s room, and a library which converts to a bedroom

The two bedrooms have King beds. All bedrooms have luxurious fine linens from Frette. Anyone who has ever spent a night on a Disney Cruise knows that the beds and linens are incredible.

Imagine that view from the master bedroom through those floor to ceiling windows! The decor is subtle and understated – just very luxurious

Disney Wish Tower Suite Bedroom
Disney Wish Tower Suite Master Bedroom

The second master bedroom in the funnel is very similar – just with different accent colors on the bedding.

Disney Wish Funnel Suite Bedroom
Disney Wish Second Master Bedroom

Disney Wish Tower Suite Children’s Bedroom and Library

This third bedroom is designed for children and has bunk beds.

Disney Wish Tower Suite Childrens Bedroom

Disney Wish Tower Suite Childrens Bedroom

We are told that the library converts to a bedroom. Although we aren’t shown I would guess that this is going to be a murphy type bed that comes down from the wall. It may even be under the Moana picture but it isn’t clear.

Don’t you just love that picture of Moana?

Disney Wish Tower Suite Library
Disney Wish Tower Suite Library

You can see here that each room has that wonderful deep blue color as an accent. The main living room has a wall this color, the master has it on the furniture and accent bedding. It evokes images of the ocean which is of course perfect for the Moana theme.

A close-up of the bookcase shows the books as being about art and design. Just look at the attention to detail too.

Disney Wish Moana Tower Suite

Tower Suite Disney Wish Bathroom

The bathroom in the Tower Suite is stunning. That fabulous bath tub looks very inviting.

Disney Wish Tower Suite Bathroom
Disney Wish Tower Suite Bathroom

The design is modern with lots of clean lines and gold accents. The blue art work on the wall above the bath gives a very distinctive look of the islands and the ocean.

Disney Wish Tower Suite Bath
Stunning Art Work in the Disney Wish Tower Suite Bathroom

Disney Wish Concierge Royal Suites

How will the Tower Suite compare with the Royal Suites on the Disney Wish?

There are four of the Royal Suites. Two will have 2 levels and the other 2 will be on one level.

Disney Concierge Royal Suite
Disney Wish Sleeping Beauty Themed Royal Suite Bedroom

The theme for the decor of the Royal Suites is the classic Sleeping Beauty movie.

There will be two Princess Aurora Royal Suites and two Briar Rose Royal Suites.

The Royal Suites feature two main bedrooms each with a king bed and a large living area with a queen convertible sofa.

disney wish concierge royal suite
Disney Wish Concierge Royal Suite

These Royal Suites also have a private verandah with a whirlpool view and are 1,507 square feet. They sleep 6 guests in amazing luxury.

disney wish royal suite
Disney Wish Royal Suite Living Room

As you can see from the Disney Wish concept art, there are certain themes in the decor which both the Tower Suite and the Royal Suites have.

The swirls of pattern for the light fixtures which echo the design of the Disney Wish atrium chandelier, the gold fittings and even the beautiful but simple white flower arrangements.

Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms
Disney Wish Royal Suite Bathroom

Which will be the more popular? The Tower Suite or the Royal Suite? It is difficult to tell before the launch of the Disney Wish, but I have to say that if I was to pick on design alone, I would choose one of the Royal Suites.

The reason? I prefer the decor of the Royal Suites – for me they are more enchanted and less modern than the Tower Suite. I prefer the more classic Disney design.

However, the main reason? The Royal Suites are all going to have huge wrap-around verandahs.

The outside vistas from the bathrooms are going to be amazing. Whilst the views from the Tower Suite are going to be spectacular, I do think that if I was spending that much money, I would need a balcony.

You can see the location of the Royal Suites on these Deck Plans. 12000 and 12500.

Disney WIsh Concierge Royal Suites Location

On Deck 13 the Royal Suites are 13000 and 13500.

Disney WIsh Deck 13

The Royal Suites are ideally located on Deck 12 and Deck 13. You are just steps away from the Concierge Lounge and Pool.

Perhaps if you are staying in the Tower Suite there really won’t be that much of a reason to go to the Concierge Lounge. You can get pretty much everything that you need in your Suite – so why visit the Lounge?

However, you will no doubt want to spend some time on the Concierge Private Sun Deck. These has amazing views and two jacuzzis. In particular, as the Tower Suite does not have a verandah you will want to spend some time on the Sun Deck.

Disney Wish Guide

The location of the Tower Suite is not quite as convenient as the Royal Suites if we are talking about proximity to the Concierge facilities.

However, this really is unlikely to matter very much – you are within your own private, very luxurious, and pampered world in the Tower Suite!

You even have your own elevator! What a unique perk on a Disney Ship!

Disney Wish Tower Suite Perks

Disney Wish Cruise 2022

Staying at Concierge-level on a Disney Cruise Ship has many perks and advantages.

These include the service of a Concierge even before your cruise to help with reservations, priority booking, enhanced boarding, and assistance to snag one of those almost impossible to get Castaway Cay Cabanas.

As we have just mentioned, there is access to the Concierge Lounge and Deck.

For a complete guide to all the staterooms, suites, and perks we have the Ultimate Guide to Disney Wish Concierge.

However, staying in the Royal Suite on the Disney Wish brings even more special perks and advantages.

Disney Wish Frozen Restaurant
Anna, Elsa and Olaf will entertain in their own Frozen Restaurant

It seems that the Tower Suite guests will have their own concierge team who are dedicated just to them.

The announcement talks of “curated services and daily treats”. We don’t know what these will be yet, but perhaps they are exclusive perks such as character greetings and behind the scenes opportunities?

I am speculating at this point, but I am sure that there will be some amazing benefits to staying in the Tower Suite that haven’t yet been disclosed.

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