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Are you wondering what the new Disney Wish Cruise Ship Concierge will offer for guests?

The new Disney Cruise ship is due to be launched sometime in 2022. We really don’t have that many details yet about what the Disney Wish will offer – but it is a whole lot of fun to speculate what will be on board.

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Facts


Let’s start with what we do know.

The Disney Wish is the first of the Triton Class of ships. There will ultimately be three ships in the Triton Class.

They will join the Classic Ships (Disney Magic and Disney Wonder) and the Dream Class (Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy).

The Disney Wish is being built at the Meyer Werft ship building yard in Germany. Both the Disney Dream and the Fantasy were built here.

The actual Steel Cutting began on March 22, 2020 – so construction has begun. There is still doubt as to whether or not the Disney Wish will launch in January 2022. I have written about that here if you want to see when the ship might launch,

One thing I found when writing this article is that there really isn’t much out there with absolute facts about the Disney Wish. Even the gross tonnage is different on the Meyer Werft website to the official Disney Site.

  • Ship’s Registry: Bahamas
  • Gross Tonnage: 135,000 to 144,000 tons | Length: 1119.19 feet | Beam: 135 feet | Draft: 28.22 feet | Height: TBA feet
  • Speed – Cruising: TBA knots • Max: 24 knots.
  • Capacity – Passenger: 2500 at Double Occupancy with a maximum of 4000 • Crew: TBA but guessing at least 1500
  • Passenger Decks – Most likely 14 judging from artists impressions
  • Staterooms – Total: 1,250 | Inside: TBA | Outside – Verandah: TBA Ocean View: TBA: Concierge TBA
  • Steel Cutting: March 22, 2020

We know that there will be an equal number of staterooms on the Disney Wish as there are on the Disney Dream and Fantasy. This is exactly the same as the number of staterooms on the Dream and Fantasy.

However, even though the stateroom count will be the same on the Dream Class ships and the Triton Class, the newer ships are larger.

This means more public space available for the same amount of guests. I am guessing that there will also be a much larger space and more staterooms for Disney Wish Concierge Guests than on any other Disney Cruise Ship.

How much bigger is the Disney Wish than the Fantasy and the Dream? The Disney Dream Class of Ships is 1,114.7 ft long with a width of 137 ft.

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How Many Concierge Staterooms Will Disney Wish Have?


Probably the nearest guideline we have is to look at the staterooms in the Dream Class ships. They have 1250 staterooms and so will the Disney Wish.

Although there has been very little concept art released as yet, we can guess that the stateroom distribution is likely to be about the same, as the exterior of the Triton Class seems to follow the pattern of the Disney Dream and Fantasy.

The Disney Fantasy has these staterooms:

  • 150 Inside Staterooms (12%)
  • 1,100 Outside Staterooms (88%)
    • 199 ocean view
    • 901 verandah (includes 21 suites)

I would expect that the Disney Wish will have at least as many concierge staterooms as the Dream Class ships – and possibly more.

It seems sensible for Disney, particularly in the present market, to put even more emphasis on Concierge Space. It is much higher revenue and very high demand.

Prior to the March 2020 shut down, it was very rare that Concierge Staterooms remained unsold and were available on Embarkation Day. Therefore, as Disney Cruise Lines knows there is a high demand for this space, they will certainly not reduce the number of staterooms for Concierge Passengers on the Triton Class Ships.

The Fantasy and Dream both have a total of 41 Concierge Staterooms and Suites. All are located on Decks 11 and 12 of the ship.

  • Two Concierge Royal Suites with Verandah (Category R) 1,781 square feet, sleeps 5. These are named the Walt Disney Suite and the Roy O. Disney Suite. They have one master bedroom with a queen-size bed, pull-down double bed, pull-down single bed, two bathrooms, rain shower, whirlpool bathtub, living room, media library, dining salon, pantry, wet bar, walk-in closets, large private verandah with a whirlpool hot tub, concierge service.

The Royal Suites are located at the very front of the ship so have amazing views from the huge verandah. The private hot tub is a pretty nice addition too!

Here is a fabulous tour of the Roy O. Disney Suite on the Disney Fantasy. It is truly stunning.

It is highly likely that the Disney Wish will follow the same pattern as all the other Disney ships and have 2 Royal Suites. I would guess they will also be named after Roy and Walt Disney. It seems highly likely that they will be at the very front of the ships with huge wrap-around balconies.

  • 19 Concierge One-Bedroom Suites with Verandah (Category T). These are 622 square feet and sleep up to 5 guests. Queen- size bed, living area with double convertible sofa, pull-down bed, walk-in closets, two bathrooms, rain shower, whirlpool tub, and a private verandah.

The Concierge One Bedroom Suites are likely to be very similar in size and layout – although the interior design is likely to be very different.

Here is a video of Stateroom 11006 on the Disney Fantasy so you can see what to expect.

Disney Fantasy Stateroom 12000 is particularly sought after as it has a huge balcony which is located in between the Roy and Walt Disney Suites. Not all the one bedroom suite balconies are this large on the Dream or the Fantasy.

  • 20 Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah (Category V) 306 square feet and sleeps up to 5. Queen-size bed, double convertible sofa, pull-down bed, split bath with round tub and shower, and a private verandah.

This video shows a Disney Fantasy Concierge Family Oceanview Verandah Stateroom.

Disney Wish Concierge Lounge

What will the Disney Wish Concierge Lounge be like?

As we have no details from Disney right now, everything is speculation. But it’s fun to talk about what we hope Disney Cruise lines does with the Disney Wish Concierge Lounge.

On the existing Disney Cruise ships ironically the older ships have the nicer lounge and outdoor space in our opinion.

The Disney Fantasy and Dream have a lounge with no outdoor views, and the deck is also enclosed so there are no views out to the ocean.

In contrast, the Disney Wonder and Magic were built without a concierge lounge or space at all. They were retrofitted. This meant that the space is actually much nicer on the older ships as the lounge has huge windows with great views. The outside deck is also nicer, as it has ocean views.

You can see the contrast here with this tour of the Disney Fantasy Concierge Deck and Lounge.

You can see the difference here with the light and airy Concierge Lounge on the Disney Magic.

So what will the Concierge Lounge be like on the Disney Wonder?

I am guessing that the space will actually be very different on the Disney Wish.

One cruise line which does amazingly well in having a fabulous designated area for Concierge Guests is Norwegian Cruise Line. Yes, NCL are a very different cruise line to Disney, but I believe they have an excellent concept for concierge space on board a family cruise ship.

NCL have The Haven on their newer ships. I was fortunate enough to sail in the Haven on NCL and it really was excellent. I rarely even left the concierge space as it had everything we needed.

The Haven Courtyard on Norwegian Bliss

Picture from NCL

The design of the Concierge Staterooms and facilities on the modern NCL ships centers around a central courtyard.

The Haven has it’s own restaurant, bar, sun deck, concierge lounge, spa treatment rooms, pool and spas.

I have included this video tour of The Haven on Norwegian Breakaway so that you can see the concept more clearly. There are some ideas which I think would really enhance the Concierge Space on the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Concierge Restaurant

Will the Disney Wish have it’s own restaurant which is dedicated only to Concierge Guests? I think that the chances of this are pretty high.

The Dream Class and Classic Disney Ships don’t have a dedicated restaurant in their Concierge area. The existing Disney Ships have a lounge with a bar area and a buffet area.

It would be particularly nice to have a Disney Concierge Restaurant for breakfast in the mornings. Cabanas is good, but it tends to be very busy. It would be so nice to have a dedicated space to dine.

I don’t think it is quite as important on Disney Cruise ships to have a Concierge Only Restaurant. The Rotational Dining Restaurants are all part of the Disney Cruise Experience.

Personally I don’t like to miss them – even to go to Palo or Remy. So I would not be heartbroken if there isn’t a dedicated Concierge Restaurant. But it would definitely be a nicer feature which the existing Disney Cruise Ships lack.

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Disney Wish Concierge Pool

disney cruise swimming pool
Adult Pool on the Disney Fantasy

Definitely on my wish list for the new Disney ships is that the Concierge area has it’s own pool. I admit that I tend to avoid the family pools on the Disney ships these days – my kids are older and I can use the adult areas a lot more than I used to be able to.

However, it really would be so nice so have a pool which was just for Concierge Guests. It is unlikely that there will be too much space for anything particularly large, but it would be nice to have something! Hot tubs are also definitely a must have.

I have no idea whether or not this is possible with the design of the new Disney Wish, but the idea of a retractable roof over the pool or outdoor seating area is a really good one. It means you can have the area at just the right temperature whatever the weather.

I would prefer if the Pool Deck space has a view of the Ocean, like it does on the Disney Magic and the Wonder. The Concierge Pool Decks on the Disney Fantasy and Dream are fine, but it is not idea that you don’t have a view.

Disney Wish Concierge Reserved Seating

One thing which a number of cruise lines have for their concierge guests, but Disney doesn’t right now, is reserved seating for the shows.

The entertainment on a Disney ships is simply the very best at sea. Each ship has Broadway quality shows which are included in your cruise fare.

If the Disney Wish has designated seating for Concierge Guests, obviously this would have to be in a certain area of the theatre. In my experience with other cruise lines, it isn’t necessarily that the concierge guests get the absolute best view in the house. Often it is on the highest floor of the theatre seating at the side. This can be an awkward area to view the stage from.

The Disney ships don’t do this at the moment. It is difficult to see how they would. They could reserve the very front row, but this isn’t the best seat in the house. That is probably around 5 rows up in the middle and I am not sure how the Cast Members would organize this!

I think it is likely that the Disney Wish will offer a separate area in the Walt Disney Theater for Concierge Guests. Most cruise lines do these days and it is a very nice perk not to have to get to your seat too early.

A separate viewing area for the Pirates in the Caribbean fireworks would also be a very nice concierge perk.

AquaDuck Priority Line?

Will the Disney Wish have a priority line for the AquaDuck for Concierge Guests? That would certainly be nice! However, I am not sure how they would do this as the stairs up to the start of the ride are not that wide.

Free Internet For Concierge Guests on the Disney Wish?

I adore Disney Cruise Lines. I would live my life on a Disney Cruise. However, there is one thing which drives me crazy about Disney Cruise Lines which I truly hope they sort out on the Disney Wish.


The Internet!

Whilst other cruise lines have very efficient, fast and affordable internet, Disney is so behind on this. I have sailed on other cruise lines and had internet for my whole family for $129 for the week. It was fast and reliable.

I am sure that Disney Cruise lines will up it’s internet game on the Disney Wish new ship. I don’t pretend to know any of the technical details, but a brand new ship can surely have a much better internet connection than one built a decade ago.

If you sail in the Walt Disney or Roy O Disney Suite you do get “free” internet. It would be great if Disney would give free internet to all Concierge Guests. However, I think it is unlikely.

Right now if you sign up for Disney Cruise Internet on the first day of your cruise you get 50 mb for free. Concierge Guests get 100 mb free. In my experience though, as it is based on data rather than a daily rate, you can use that up in minutes if you forget to turn off everything that pulls data on your phone.

I really hope Disney moves to a per day system for internet and moves away from the data based charging. Most other cruise lines have so it’s time for Disney to catch up!

Disney Cruise Concierge Perks and Benefits

When the Disney Wish launches it will most likely have all the Concierge Benefits which the other Disney Ships have already.

What exactly are the concierge benefits? Sure, there are nicer staterooms and the private space, but what else does Disney Cruise lines offer to its concierge guests.


Disney Cruise Concierge Before You Sail

The perks of concierge status start even before you sail on your Disney Cruise.

The perks start 120 days prior to your sail date when your booking window for onboard events, port adventures, and any other special requests starts.

You can contact your Concierge Team with your personal preferences and requests 125 days prior to sailing, and they will make the bookings on your behalf when the 120-day booking window opens.

This is realistically the only way you get a Cabana on Castaway Cay

A dedicated Concierge Services Specialist is available Monday through Saturday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. You can ask them to assist with:

  • Disney Port Adventures
  • Reservations for Palo, spa treatments or nursery stays
  • Dining room seating requests
  • Special occasions and celebrations
  • Any other special requests, from pre-arrival to post-cruise

Embarkation Day Concierge Perks on Disney Cruise Line

Once the day arrives for your Disney Cruise to start there are some very nice perks and benefits to being a Disney Cruise Concierge Guest.

All Concierge Guests can use the Concierge Lounge. This is a very nice benefit. The Port Canaveral Cruise Port is an excellent port, but it gets very crowded. The Concierge Lounge at Port Canaveral is not by any means luxurious, but it does give you a nice place to actually sit and wait!

One of the best perks is that you will get to board the ship before anyone else. Concierge guests are always in Boarding Group 1.

Not only can you be first onboard the ship, but instead of going to the craziness of Cabanas as the start of your cruise, you get to go straight to the Concierge Lounge if you want to. There are buffet snacks and drinks available.

Here are lots more details about Embarkation Day on a Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruise Concierge Benefits

Once you are on your Disney Cruise ship, the Concierge Service is exceptional.

Your Concierge Team will do everything they can to make your cruise the best vacation you have ever experienced.

You have upgraded stateroom amenities:

  • Down Duvets: All the bedding on Disney cruises is amazing, but it is out of this world in the concierge staterooms! Best night of sleep ever!
  • Pillow Talk Program: Choose exactly which type of pillow you like including hypoallergenic, feather and therapeutic memory foam.
  • Plush Personal Robe and Slippers: They even have these in children’s sizes!
  • Your choice of canned soda and water in your stateroom

Concierge Lounge Perks:

  • Snacks and Fruits available all day
  • Continental Breakfast and Buffet items throughout the day
  • Open Bar for Cocktail Reception with your choice of alcoholic beverages
  • Exclusive Character Meet and Greets
  • Unlimited Canned Sodas and Bottled Water
  • Free Popcorn
  • That amazing Coffee Maker!

Throughout all of your stay you have your fabulous Concierge Team on hand who will do anything they possibly can to make your stay extra special.

Will you be staying in one of the Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms?

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