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Disney Wish Pricing – What Does a Disney Wish Cruise Cost?

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We now know the Disney Wish Pricing for its Inaugural Summer 2022 sailings from Port Canaveral.

Disney Cruise Lines do not usually reveal opening day prices until, well, opening day itself.

Disney Wish Prices

Thankfully they did this for the first sailings on the Disney Wish.

This enables guests to be able to have more of an idea if they want to book as they have a guide as to pricing before either calling in or trying to book online.

How Do You Book the Disney Wish 2022?

disney wish family pools

All Photos are Disney Cruise Concept Art

The demand for Disney Wish cruises is extremely high. It is the first new Disney ship for over a decade and it looks simply amazing.

It is likely that dates will sell out.

When the dates were first released, Disney Cruise Lines did what it usually does and gave priority to Castaway Club members.

Disney Wish Concierge Tangled Theme
Disney Wish Concierge Tangled Them

After Castaway Cay Members had priority, booking opened to the general public.

Disney Wish Frozen Restaurant
Anna, Elsa and Olaf will entertain in their own Frozen Restaurant

All of the prices given below are for 2 guests and include taxes and port fees. It is very important to note that:

  • We show Preview Day Prices and then will update prices so that you can see how they are changing over time. They will likely go up – probably by a considerable amount. Just how much will depend upon demand.
  • The prices we show for the Disney Wish are the lowest possible prices for that category. For example, a verandah stateroom may start at $3,255 but there will also be higher prices within that category. The concierge staterooms may start at $4,243 for one date, but it’s pretty clear you won’t get the Tower Suite for that!

All prices shown are correct for March 6, 2022.

Always check up to date prices on the Disney Website.

Which Disney Wish Stateroom Should I Book?

Disney Wish Royal Suite
Disney Wish Royal Suite

If you want to explore all the accommodation that the new ship has to offer the Ultimate Disney Wish Stateroom Guide will help you choose which is best for you.

We have written detailed guides on Disney Wish Inside Staterooms and Disney Wish Oceanview Staterooms.

You can also see the Ultimate Guide to Concierge Staterooms on the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Maiden Voyage Pricing

disney wish aquamouse
  • Port Canaveral. Florida
  • At Sea
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • At Sea
  • Castaway Cay
July 14, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Price$5,769$5,969$6,369$9,439
Opening Price$6,089$6,389$6,679Unavailable
Day 2$6,089$6,389$6,729Unavailable
Day 3$6,599$6,809$7,229Unavailable

I have left this in for historical purposes only! The Maiden Voyage of the Disney Wish quickly sold out. It was originally set for June 2022, but there was a delay in the ship-building process, so the date was pushed forward to July 14, 2022.

Disney Wish 3 Night Cruises Cancelled

Disney Wish Cruise 2022
  • Port Canaveral, Florida
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Castaway Cay
  • Port Canaveral, Florida

These cruises are no longer available due to the launch delay. I have left them in to show the historical prices when they were originally offered.

June 17, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$3,027$3,075$3,255$4,243
Opening Price$2,979$3,075$3,225$5,139
Day 2$2,979$3,075$3,225$5,139
Day 3$3,009$3,129$3,315$5,319
June 24, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,961$3,009$3,189$4,163
Opening Price$2,913$3,009$3,255$5,319
Day 2$2,913$3,009$3,189$4,809
Day 3$2,913$3,009$3,189$4,809
July 1, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,961$3,009$3,189$4,389
Opening Price$2,913$3,009$3,189$4,389
Day 2$2,913$3,009$3,189$4,809
Day 3$2,913$3,009$3,189$4,809
Disney Wish Concierge Staterooms
Disney Wish Concierge Bathroom
July 8, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,099
Opening Price$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,389
Day 2$3,189$2,955$3,135$4,569
Day 3$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,569
July 15, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,099
Opening Price$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,359
Day 2$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,569
Day 3$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,569

Disney Wish 3 Night Cruises Cost Summer 2022

Marvel ERestaurant on Disney Wish

These are the cruises which are now available to book on the Disney Wish,

As you can see, there is limited availability and some Categories are sold out for select dates.

July 22, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,099
Opening Price$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,359
Day 2$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,539
Day 3$2,859$2,955$3,135$4,539
Price Now$2,925$3,045UnavailableUnavailable
July 29, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,829$2,925$3,105$4,063
Opening Price$2,829$2,925$3,105$4,269
Day 2$2,829$2,925$3,105$4,329
Day 3$2,829$2,925$3,105$4,329
Price Now$2,907$3,039$3,183Unavailable
August 5, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,583$2,679$2,859$3,767
Opening Price$2,583$2,679$2,859$3,969
Day 2$2,583$2,679$2,859$4,179
Day 3$2,583$2,679$2,859$4,179
Price Now$2,709$2,823$3,051Unavailable
August 12, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,373$2,479$2,649$3,515
Opening Price$2,373$2,469$2,649$3,669
Day 2$2,373$2,469$2,649$3,669
Day 3$2,373$2,469$2,649$3,669
Price Now$2,499$2,613$2,859Unavailable
Disney Wish facts
August 19, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,169$2,253$2,433$3,127
Opening Day$2,169$2,253$2,433$3,429
Day 2$2,169$2,253$2,433$3,579
Day 3$2,169$2,253$2,433$3,579
Price Now$2,319$2,529$2,709Unavailable
August 26, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,085$2,169$2,349$3,026
Opening Day$2,085$2,169$2,349$3,189
Day 2$2,085$2,169$2,349$3,489
Day 3$2,085$2,169$2,349$3,489
Price Now$2,373$2,559$2,709Unavailable
Disney wisn and Disney Dream cost
September 2, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,163$2,247$2,427$3,119
Opening Day$2,163$2,247$2,427$3,319
Day 2$2,163$2,247$2,427$3,459
Day 3$2,199$2,289$2,475$3,519
Price Now$2,679$2,817$3,153Unavailable
September 9, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,716
Opening Day$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,919
Day 2$1,827$1,911$2,091$3,039
Day 3$1,863$1,957$2,133$3,039
Price Now$2,325$2,493$2,655Unavailable
September 16, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,716
Opening Day$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,829
Day 2$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,979
Day 3$1,863$1,947$2,133$2,979
Price Now$2,349$2,457$2,667Unavailable
September 23, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,716
Opening Day$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,859
Day 2$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,979
Day 3$1,863$1,947$2,133$2,979
Price Now$2,343$2,529$2,667Unavailable
September 30, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,716
Opening Day$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,859
Day 2$1,827$1,911$2,091$2,979
Day 3$1,863$1,947$2,133$2,979
Price Now$2,403$2433$2,655Unavailable

Disney Wish 4 Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral

Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge
Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge
  • Port Canaveral, Florida
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Castaway Cay
  • At Sea
  • Port Canaveral, Florida

Disney Wish Cancelled 4 Night Sailings

These silings below blocked out in red are no longer available.

This is due to the postponment of the launch of the Disney Wish.

June 20, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$4,085$4,149$4,389$5,728
Opening Day$4,021$4,149$4,389$6,189
Day 2$4,021$4,149$4,429$6,789
Day 3$4,093$4,189$4,509$7,229
June 27, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$4,013$4,077$4,317$5,642
Opening Day$3,949$4,077$4,317$5,949
Day 2$3,949$4,077$4,317$6,469
Day 3$3,949$4,077$4,317$6,469
July 4, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$4,005$4,133$4,373$5,709
Opening Day$4,005$4,133$4,373$6,269
Day 2$4,005$4,133$4,373$6,429
Day 3$4,005$4,133$4,373$6,429
July 11, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$3,973$4,101$4,341$5,671
Opening Day$3,973$4,101$4,341$5,989
Day 2$3,973$4,101$4,341$6,189
Day 3$3,973$4,101$4,341$6,189
July 18, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$3,973$4,101$4,341$5,671
Opening Day$3,973$4,101$4,341$6,109
Day 2$3,973$4,101$4,341$6,229
Day 3$3,973$4,101$4,341$6,229
Disney Wish Restaurants
Disney Wish Restaurant 1923
July 25, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$3,925$4,053$4,293$5,613
Opening Day$3,925$4,053$4,293$5,989
Day 2$3,925$4,053$4,293$6,149
Day 3$3,925$4,053$4,293$6,149
Price Now$4,173UnavailableUnavailableUnavailable
August 1, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$3,717$3,845$4,085$5,363
Opening Day$3,717$3,845$4,085$5,629
Day 2$3,717$3,845$4,085$5,709
Day 3$3,717$3,845$4,085$5,709
Price Now$4,685$4,853Unavailable
August 8, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$3,341$3,469$3,709$4,912
Opening Day$3,341$3,469$3,709$5,229
Day 2$3,341$3,469$3,709$5,469
Day 3$3,341$3,469$3,709$5,469
Price NowUnavailable$4,149$4,573Unavailable
disney wish pricing
August 15, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$3,037$3,165$3,405$4,519
Opening Day$3,037$3,165$3,405$4,789
Day 2$3,037$3,165$3,405$4,789
Day 3$3,037$3,165$3,405$4,789
Price Now$3,533UnavailableUnavailableUnavailable
August 22, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,709$2,821$3,061$3,962
Opening Day$2,709$2,821$3,061$4,269
Day 2$2,789$2,821$3,061$4,709
Day 3$2,709$2,821$3,061$4,709
Price Now$3,221Unavailable$4,069Unavailable
Preview Prices$2,093$2,205$2,445$3,223
Opening Day$2,093$2,205$2,445$3,549
Day 2$2,133$2,245$2,501$3,949
Day 3 $2,133$2,245$2,501$4,149
September 5, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,117$2,229$2,469$3,251
Opening Day$2,117$2,229$2,469$3,459
Day 2$2,157$2,269$2,517$3,949
Day 3$2,157$2,269$2,517$4,149
Price NowUnavailableUnavailable$3,469Unavailable
disney wish concierge suite
September 12, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,061$2,172$2,413$3,184
Opening Day$2,061$2,173$2,413$4,069
Day 2$2,101$2,221$2,469$3,949
Day 3$2,101$2,221$2,469$4,069
Price NowUnavailable$3,269$3,549Unavailable
September 19, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,061$2,172$2,413$3,184
Opening Day$2,061$2,173$2,413$4,069
Day 2$2,101$2,221$2,413$4,069
Day 3$2,101$2,221$2,469$4,069
Price NowUnavailableUnavailable$3,469Unavailable
September 26, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Preview Prices$2,061$2,061$2,413$3,184
Opening Day$2,061$2,173$2,413$3,509
Day 2$2,109$2,269$2,477$3,909
Day 3$2,149$2,309$2,525$4,149

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