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How to Request a Private Table on a Disney Cruise


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Do you want to request a private table on a Disney cruise? Disney cruise lines really go above and beyond to keep all of their guests happy.

Dining on a Disney cruise is a fabulous experience and Disney will do their best to accommodate you if you want a private table.

It is very easy to request a private table on a Disney cruise. Read on to find out how.


All you need to do if you want to get a table just for yourself and your party on a Disney cruise is call Disney cruise lines and request this. If you have a Travel Agent they will do this for you.

What happens then is that Disney cruises will register on their system that this is your request. They will do their best to honor this although it is not a guarantee that you will get a private table.

I have sailed many times on Disney cruise lines and every time I have requested a private table, this request has been honored.

Should You Request A Private Table on Disney Cruise Lines?

The booths in Enchanted Garden seat 4 and are very popular

This really is something only you can answer. If you do not request a private table on your Disney cruise then you put the decision in the hands of Disney!

Now, these are pretty trustworthy hands, but only you know whether or not you prefer to just dine with your party, or whether it would enhance your experience to be seated with other guests.


I will come out there are admit it. I am in a dilemma. I mostly enjoy just sitting with my own family. However, I have met some amazing people on Disney cruise lines. People who have become close friends.

Therefore, being seated with different tablemates may be something you shouldn’t just dismiss. It’s one of the easiest ways to meet people on a Disney cruise.

I am the first to admit that I don’t always want to share a table on a Disney cruise. Sometimes I want it just to be me and my family. However, don’t be so quick to just dismiss the idea!

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Disney Cruise Dinner Seating Arrangements


The first thing to understand is exactly what are the Disney Cruise dinner seating arrangements?

The basic set up of the Rotational Dining Rooms on a Disney cruise is with tables for 4, 6 and 8. Don’t panic at this point if your party does not conform to this. Disney cruise lines want to make you happy by giving you the dinner seating arrangement that you want if this is possible.


I have cruised with just myself and DH and we have never had a problem getting a table for 2 on Disney cruise lines. We were seated at a table of 4, just by ourselves.

Having a table with 4 places when you are just a party of 2 is great! You get even more space for that extra Disney Cruise Food you are going to order!

Do you want to share a table on a Disney cruise? The advantage is that you get to meet other people.

However, the disadvantage is that you really may not want to eat with these people! You may not truly enjoy your Disney Cruise Food and dining experience if you are seated with people that you really don’t get on with.

Disney cruise lines do an amazing job at many things. One of these things is how they almost always get it right in assigning people from different families to the same table.


Disney cruises give a lot of thought about how they will match people on table assignments. They are good at what they do. They want people to be happy on a Disney cruise so will do what they can to match people up to the same table who have the same interests.

If you are a single parent with kids you will most likely find yourself on a table with another single parent. If you are a middle-aged couple without kids, you are probably going to be seated on a Disney cruise with someone similar.


Have a party of two adults and one child? You are in your 30s and your child is age 5. You guessed it. You are probably going to find yourself seated with another couple with one 5-year-old child.

Disney cruise lines know what they are doing. If you want to share a table, trust them to find you the right table mates.

First or Second Seating on Disney Cruise?


Here is the next big question. Do you want first or second seating on a Disney Cruise?

There are two times for Disney cruise dining in the rotational restaurants. Main Seating and Second Seating. Main seating starts from 5.45 and 6.15 pm. Second Seating begins between 8.00 and 8.30 pm.

Usually, Main Seating on a Disney cruise starts at 5.45 pm and Second Seating at 8.15 pm.

You may find that your scheduled time is later, but usually, this is on the Alaskan and Mediterranean Disney cruise itineraries.

Most guests on a Disney cruises want the 5.45 pm time. If you book closer to the cruise you will probably find that this is your only option.


Don’t despair if you think that late Disney dining just isn’t going to work. There are ways to maximize your chances of getting the Disney cruise dining time that you want.

What is great about the 5.45 pm Early dining time on a Disney cruise? If you are a parent with young children you probably don’t need me to go any further. You simply answer, my kids eat early and it’s going to be a nightmare if they don’t.

I get it. I have 3 children. Older now, but I have been there and sometimes it’s important to get an early dining time on a Disney cruise.


However, I do urge you to think about the 8.15 alternative. I kind of think I have grown into this. I have been there. The stressed parent of young kids knowing my life will be so much easier if I get that early dining assignment.

However, my youngest is now a teenager. Late dining is just fine. In fact, it’s a whole lot better for us now. We can see the show, go to dinner and then by 9.30 we can do our own thing.

If you don’t have young children who, I get it, need to eat at a certain time otherwise all kinds of bad things happen, really consider Late Dining as a good thing.

With Late Dining your servers have more time with you. Think about this. On the First Seating, they have a time limit and know that maybe they have to rush through certain things.

If you have Late Dining you will see the earlier show. This tends to be less crowded so you are more likely to get a great seat. Or at the very least not have to get to the theatre quite so early to get a good seat.

Of course, Disney tries to make things easier for families with children. Around 9 pm there will be someone from the Kids Club at the entrance to the restaurant, ready to take your child to Oceanears Club.

This means that your child can eat first and then you will have some quiet time to enjoy the rest of your meal.


The other advantage of Late Dining won’t be realized until the last morning of your cruise. You will have the chance to have a final sit down breakfast in one of the rotational dining restaurants. You will be assigned to the restaurant where you ate on your last night.

So if you were in Animator’s Palate on your final night, you will go there for breakfast on the day that you leave the ship.

The part you need to know is that there are two seatings for this final breakfast. If you have had Early Dining this breakfast will start at 6.45 am. If you had Late Dining it will be at 8 am.

I don’t know about you, but getting off the ship is bad enough, without having to get up for a 6.45 am breakfast!

Obviously, if you are an early bird or need to exit the ship early this will be a great time for breakfast. However, if you aren’t used to getting up for that time, you will appreciate the Late Dining.

If you do not want to eat breakfast in the rotational dining room, Cabanas is open for a buffet breakfast.

What if You Want To Change Your Disney Cruise Dining Assignment?


What if you were too late to sign up for Early Dining before you board the ship? Your Key To The World will clearly show what your allocated dining time is. It will be printed on your card at either 5.45 or 8.15.

You will also see which restaurants you will dine in each night. Printed on your card will be a series of capital letters. Each letter or couple of letters represents which rotational dining restaurant you will be dining at.

So if you are sailing on the Disney Fantasy and have ERAERRA for a 7-night cruise you will start in Enchanted Garden.

Next, you will go to Royal Court, then Animator’s Palate, Enchanted Garden, Royal Court twice, and then finish in Animator’s Palate. You would then have your final breakfast in Animator’s Palate.


What if you don’t want to dine in Royal Court three times because it is your least favorite restaurant? Or you really wanted Late Seating and you have Main Dining?

If you want to change your Disney cruise dining assignment when you get on board it is simple to request. Disney will always help if they can and let you change your Disney Cruise Dining Assignment.

When you get to your cruise port you will be given a Cruise Navigator. This tells you what is happening on the ship at various different times.

It will also tell you where you need to go if you want to change your Disney Cruise Dining Assignment.

It is usually one of the bars onboard. For instance, on the Disney Wonder, they are usually in the Promenade Lounge.

The Head Servers will be waiting for you so that you can request the seating assignment that you would prefer. If you do not like your rotational dining assignment either you can also request for this to be changed.


Disney will do everything they can to honor your request.

What if you go to dinner on the first night and find that you really don’t like your tablemates? It does happen. Disney usually does a great job of assigning complete strangers to sit together. But somethings they get it wrong.

If you really don’t like your table assignment you should mention it to your Head Server as soon as you can. The Head Server will have introduced themselves during the meal. They are there to deal with any issues that you have.

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