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Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Guide

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disney fantasy animator's palate
Innovative dining at Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate

Want to know more about Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate? All of the Disney ships have an Animator’s Palate restaurant as one of their Rotational Dining Restaurants.

Disney Cruise Lines is unique in the way it has three main dining rooms. All with a very different theme on each ship. Guests go to a different restaurant each night, but their serving team moves with them. 

This Rotational Dining concept is great as it allows guests to experience very different restaurants on their cruise.

Animator’s Palate is one of the most innovative restaurants at sea. A celebration of Disney Animation, the attention to detail in the decor is outstanding. You will get plenty of surprises with the entertainment during your dinner too!

Title photo by Disney Cruise Line

Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Design

Animator's Palate Restaurant
The Fantasy Animator’s Palate Restaurant Vibrant Decor

When the Disney Fantasy was launched in Match 2011 she was the fourth of the Disney Cruise Ships to have the Animator’s Palate Restaurant. 

I expect that the new Disney Wish Cruise Ship will also have Animator’s Palate, with even more exciting technology and entertainment incorporated into the restaurant. 

Whilst the Disney Wonder and Magic have a black and white palate when you first walk into the restaurant, on the Fantasy it is all about color. 

Wall-e on the Shelf at Animator’s Palate on the Disney Fantasy

Take some time at the end of the meal to look around the walls of the restaurant. There are so many beautiful drawings and lots of props on the shelves.

Animator’s Palate Shows and Entertainment

disney cruise animators palate

There are two shows at Animator’s Palate on Disney Fantasy. Animation Magic and Turtle Talk with Crush. You may get the chance to see both shows if your cruise is longer than 3 nights, depending upon your restaurant dining rotation.

The first show is Animation Magic at Animator’s Palate debuted on the Disney Fantasy. The other ships caught up later when they went into dry dock, but the Disney Fantasy had the original Animation Magic.

When you arrive at your table you will find a printed placemat and some pens. Here is where you can create your very own drawing. 

Disney Fantasy Animation Magic

Be sure to follow the instructions. This really is one time that you have to color in between the lines or the effect doesn’t work properly!

Just before dessert is served your Serving Team will take your masterpiece. The magic comes to life where you will see your drawing animated on the walls of the restaurant. It’s a lot of fun no matter how great/terrible you are at drawing. 

Every diner will have the chance to draw a Disney character on their placemat. Guests will give the sketches to their waiters and wait to see if their drawing has been included in the animation show at the end of the evening.


The second show is Turtle Talk with Crush. This is based upon the attraction at Epcot and Disney’s California Adventure.

Whilst you are enjoying your dinner, the screens around you will change. Crush, the wise turtle from the brilliant Finding Nemo movie, wants to interact with you.

Crush will pick certain tables and have a conversation with them. It’s a lot of fun, and certainly a unique dining experience!

Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Menu


Even the menu itself is animated!

The food at Animator’s Palate is described as being Pacific Rim/American. Really the emphasis here is on American. There is a great selection and you are sure to find something that you enjoy.


This Animator’s Palate menu has my favorite appetizer – Smoked Salmon Tartar. I have been known to order more than one!


Here is the Animator’s Palate Entree Menu. As with all the Disney Cruise menus there is a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian entrees.


As you will see, there is a good choice of items on the Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Menu. Make sure that you leave room for dessert!


Have you sailed on the Disney Fantasy and dined in Animator’s Palate?

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