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Disney Wish Cruise for Adults

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Disney Cruise Lines has revealed more about the adult spaces which are being created on the Disney Wish.

Every time there is another revelation about the Disney Wish, things just look more and more exciting.

Disney Cruise Lines absolutely knows how to look after guests of all ages. It is one of the very best at providing amazing spaces for adults.

Disney Wish Adult Cruise
Disney Wish Outdoor Oasis

I know that many people who have not sailed with Disney Cruise Lines think that it is all about the kids and families. Well, it certainly is about that, but Disney has an amazing way of creating fabulous experiences for everyone.

Whether you are cruising with children or taking an adults-only cruise, there really is something for everyone on a Disney Cruise.

The Disney Wish is certainly raising the bar even higher with the adult spaces and activities on the new ship.

Disney Wish Adult Activities
Disney Wish Palo Steakhouse

Laura Cobb, portfolio creative executive of Walt Disney Imagineering said:

“With the Disney Wish, we wanted to design an experience that allows our grown-up guests to relax, recharge and reconnect in unique ways that only Disney Cruise Line can create. Not only did we infuse more storytelling and enchantment into the adult-exclusive venues, but we added more variety and made them more accessible than ever before. This ship has truly been designed with adults’ vacation needs in mind, and I know our guests are going to return home feeling refreshed after their Disney Wish vacation.

Sit back and watch the video and then explore each space in detail:

Disney Wish Quiet Cove Pool

One of the most popular adult spaces on any Disney Cruise ship is the Quiet Cove Pool.

The Disney Wish Quiet Cove Pool is unique as it has wonderful views over the back of the ship.

Disney Wish Quiet Cove Pool

Rather than having one pool, like on the other Disney Ships, the Wish has 3 pools.

This includes an infinity pool where you are sure to be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean.

Adult pool on Disney Wish

There are also two hot tubs at the side of the smaller pools.

Disney Wish Adult pool

There is also a bar and lots of comfortable seating out on the deck.

Disney Wish Quiet Cove Bar

Disney Wish Senses Spa

The Disney Wish Senses Spa is going to be the largest space of any of the spas on a Disney ship.

Disney Wish senses spa

It will offer the usual array of massages, facials, and beauty treatments.

Guests will also be able to book acupuncture and other wellness treatments.

Although no concept art of this area was released, there will of course also be a gym on the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Rainforest

Disney Wish Rainforest

One of the reveals that I was most looking forward to was the Disney Wish Rainforest.

I am a huge fan of the Rainforest Room on the other Disney Ships and knew that the Imagineers were going to do an amazing job with the design of the Rainforest on the Disney Wish.

It looks stunning! Just stunning. Can you imagine relaxing on one of those loungers?

The Disney Wish Rainforest is different from the other ships as it has a large space outside.

Disney Wish Rainforest Room outside

The Wonder and Magic Rainforest are completely inside. The Rainforest in the Dream and Fantasy have a view to the outside and the hot tubs have the outdoor breeze.

But the Disney Wish will be the first to have a large open-air space for the Rainforest.

Another first will be the ice lounge! I have experienced this on another cruise line and this is an amazing addition.

Disney Wish Rainforest Room

You can actually see this area from above in the picture below. I love the shade feature which is a Hidden Mickey.

Disney Wish cruise shop outside

The way that the Disney Imagineers are incorporating the characters and stories into the design of the Wish really is magical.

Disney Wish Hair Salon

Disey Wish Untangled Salon

Who knew that a hair salon could look so incredibly beautiful? Well, when the inspiration is Rapunzel and the Tangled movie this is how amazing it can look.

Appropriately named the Untangled Salon this space will offer a multitude of hair treatments and styling.

You can also enjoy pedicures, manicures, teeth whitening and a whole menu of skin treatments.

Disney Untangled Hair Salon

The colors are just exquisite. The central chandelier is of course inspired by the flower which gives Rapunzel her magical powers. The salon will bask in the golden light of the flower. Hopefully giving everyone in there a younger-looking glow!

The classic lantern design can be seen in the fixtures and light fittings. And the flower details on the curtains just add a wonderful detail.

There is even a dedicated space for the men.

Disney Wish Hooks Barbery

Inspired by Captain Hook in the Peter movie, this barbershop is called Hook’s Barbery.

Disney Hooks Barbery

If you are looking at the concept art and thinking that looks like a bar – well you would be right! It’s certainly a pirate’s life when you can go to the barber and enjoy a treasure trove of alcoholic beverages.

You can enjoy a selection pre-Prohibition bourbons, vintage whisky and port, aged rum, and premium spirits. I’m sure Captain Hook and Mr. Smee will approve.

I wonder if you will be able to get a cocktail in the Untangled Salon?

Disney Wish Adult Dining

We have already learned that Disney Wish will have two adult restaurants – Palo Steakhouse and Enchante.

Here we don’t learn very much more, except there are some more images so that we get more of an idea of how each restaurant will look.

Disney Wish Rose Bar

The two adult-only restaurants and The Rose Bar are all themed around Beauty and the Beast.

Palo Steakhouse has Cogsworth as inspiration. Subtle details of the clock from Beauty and the Beast can be seen around the restaurant.

Disney Wish Palo

Enchante will be the ultimate Disney dining at sea. The menu will be created by three-Michelin-starred Chef Arnaud Lallement.

Disney Wish Enchante

Enchante is inspired by Lumiere from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Disney Wish adult restaurant

Disney Wish Bars

We learned more details about the bars on the Disney Wish.

Not only are the spaces themed with different Disney movies in mind, the whole concept of the bar menu will also follow the theme. You will find specially created cocktails and drinks in each bar.

Disney Wish Bayou Bar

This stunning space is inspired by Disney’s Princess and the Frog Movie. This beautiful design evokes the magical marsh where Tiana and Naveen take refuge in the movie.

Disney wish bayou

The stunning, twinkling lights of the bar are like fireflies.

There is a bronze statue of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen. You can see as well the wrought-iron metalwork which is symbolic of the New Orleans style.

This is the second bar on a Disney ship to be inspired by Princess Tiana and the Princess and the Frog movie. The French Quarter and of course, Tiana’s Place restaurant are on the Disney Wonder.

I wonder if there will be a beignet-inspired cocktail?

Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge

Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge

This Star Wars-themed bar on the Disney Wish had been announced previously, but we got to see a little more of the concept art.

Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish is a spaceship on a ship! Of course, the Imagineers had so many ideas to choose from with a Star Wars-themed bar but went with the concept that guests journey through space in Hyperspace Lounge.

Disney Wish Star Wars Bar

Guests of the Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge will be able to see up to 40 different space ships from the Star Wars Galaxy. And of course, as it is hyperspace, these can all be in different time periods as well.

Disney Cruise Star Wars Bar

We have been told that there will be new cocktails created just for this space.

Disney Wish Keg and Compass

Disney Wish Keg and Compass Bar

Just revealed is the Disney Wish Keg and Compass Bar.

Every one of the Disney Cruise ships has a traditional pub and the Disney Wish is no exception.

The Keg and Compass draws inspiration from the folklore of Norse seafaring. So think late 1800’s Norwegian Map room with rustic design and dark woods.

There is also a fabulous view of the ocean from the large portholes. Look at the detail around the portholes. There are intricate carvings of compasses, barnacles, and tentacles around the portholes.

Look up at the ceiling in Keg and Compass and you will see a huge old maritime map.

You can see Ursula and Moana in their respective accurate locations. Again, the attention to detail is just phenomenal. And the references to Disney movies are subtle and incorporated into the design in such a tasteful way.

Nightingale’s Bar on Disney Wish 

Disney Wish nightingales

This is another bar that has just been revealed. The theme this time is Disney’s Cinderella.

Although the look is very different, it seems that the bar menu will be the same kind of inspiration as Oo La La on the Disney Fantasy. We are told that there will be a bar menu of fine wines, bubbles, and cocktails.

There is a fabulous view of the ocean through those huge portholes at the side of the bar.

There is a huge chandelier above the piano so we can expect some fabulous live music entertainment in the Nightingale’s Bar.

What are you most looking forward to on the Disney Wish?

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