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Top 5 Pixar Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

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Pixar, without question, is my favorite movie-studio in the world. But what are the Top 5 Pixar Movies to Watch on Disney Plus?

Like Marvel, they have a tendency to make great movie after great movie, rarely making a movie that is a dud (OK there are exceptions involving Dinosaurs).

bestpixarmovies on disneyplus

What’s good now is most of the Pixar movies are on Disney+, so you can watch them whenever and wherever you want. 

Which ones are the best though? Here are the top-5 Pixar movies to watch on Disney+. 

5. Inside Out


The first word I use to describe this movie is “clever.” I love the way they represent what goes on in a child’s head.

Especially how they convey Riley’s internal struggle of dealing with moving away from her home-town. 

The plot is ingenious where Joy and Sadness, two complete opposites, get stuck on an adventure together. I like their interactions where Joy is desperately trying to get Sadness to look on the bright-side of life. 

There are some good laughs too, like how those workers keep playing that bubble-gum ad in Riley’s head. 

4. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo quote

Finding Nemo is the definition of a perfect movie. I’m struggling to come up with any flaws in the movie. 

This is one of those movies everyone has seen. It’s easy to see why: the characters are charming, the music is fantastic, it’s a laugh-out-loud comedy, it’s heart-warming, and it has a very good message. 

Something that’s interesting about the message is that it’s a message for adults, not for kids, which is unusual for a kids movie. 

It means that adults can get a lot of this movie. 

3. The Incredibles


I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like The Incredibles. One indicator of how popular this movie is is the amount of demand there was for a sequel, which we finally got in 2018. 

Brad Bird is one of my favorite directors. His sense of humor is unparalleled. There are so many laugh-out-loud moments in The Incredibles, my favorite being the “Where’s my super suit?” scene. 

This film also has one of my favorite movie-moments, where it looks like Dash is about to fall into the water, but then he discovers he can run on water, letting out a little giggle. 

It also has my favorite Pixar character in it – Edna Mode. Every second she is on screen I’m bursting in laughter. “No capes!” 

2. Toy Story 2


Out of all four of the Toy Story movies, this one is the best. However, it is an often forgotten movie and it really shouldn’t be.

The stand-out scene in this movie is Jessie’s heart-breaking back-story. 

Before this movie, Pixar had only released the first Toy Story and A Bug’s Life. Both were ground-breaking movies, but none of them went into any emotional territory. 

This was the first Pixar movie to go into more heavy themes and more emotional territory. The Jessie scene proved to audiences that Pixar was to be taken seriously, and it cemented themselves as expert story-tellers. It really was a pivoting point for the Pixar movie studio.

This movie has some great quotes too, like when Rex says “But I don’t want to use my head!” 

1. Pixar Up Movie


Something I like about Pixar is that their messages apply to both kids and adults. 

Learning to let go of the past and move on is something we’ve all been through, and those themes are portrayed beautifully in this story. 

Pixar really says more about love in a few minutes in this movie than anything I have ever experienced. I challenge you to watch this and not be moved to tears.

The part where Russel says to Carl “sorry about your house” as it disappears into the clouds, to which Carl replies “it’s just a house” still gives me chills to this day. 

The house is a really clever metaphor for what Carl is going through. As the story progresses, the house is getting harder and harder to pull, symbolizing the memory of Ellie weighing him down. 

It’s story-telling like that which crowns Pixar as the king of story-telling. If you only see one Pixar movie it really has to be this one.

How Do I Watch Disney Plus?

Disney Plus really is the essential streaming service for Disney fans. It has a huge variety of things to watch – not just the obvious Disney movies. You can get the details at Disney +

Pricing starts at just $69.99 a year or $6.99 per month.

Which do you think are the Best Disney Movies On Disney Plus? What would be your Top 5 Pixar Movies to Watch on Disney Plus Leave me a comment below.

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