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Disney Cruise Drinks – The Complete Guide

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Here is the Ultimate Guide to everything you need to know about Disney Cruise Drinks.

Disney is one of the few cruise lines which offer certain soft drinks and sodas for free.

You could sail on a Disney cruise and never pay anything extra at all for drinks. This guide will show you exactly what is free and what is an extra charge for drinks on a Disney Cruise.

What Drinks are Included on a Disney Cruise?

What drinks are free on a Disney Cruise? There are many Drinks that are included on a Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruise Drinks Station on Deck 9

You will find the beverage station on Deck 9 of the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. On the Disney Fantasy and Dream, there are two Beverage Stations opposite each other on Deck 11.

They are open 24 hours a day.

The beverage station offers these drinks free of charge.

  • Coca-Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Coke Zero
  • Water
  • HiC Fruit Punch
  • HiC Pink Lemonade
  • Fuse Ice Tea
  • Sprite
  • Sprite Zero
  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Assorted Teas

Note that these drinks are only free from the beverage station or in restaurants.

If you ask for a Coke Zero from a bar, for example, you will be charged. The easy way to save money, of course, is not to get a soda from a bar if it is offered up on the pool deck for free!

These Disney Tervis Cups are a great thing to have so that you can just go and grab a drink from the pool deck for free and take it to your stateroom or anywhere else you want to enjoy it on the ship.

Disney Cruise Alcohol Policy

Champagne Brunch in Remy on the Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise lines have one of the most generous alcohol policies of any cruise line. In the past, you could take any amount of wine or beer onboard.

Even though those days are over, you can still take your own wine or beer onto a Disney cruise subject to certain limits.

Disney Cruise Line Guests 21 years and older may bring a maximum of 2 bottles of unopened wine or champagne (no larger than 750 ml) or 6 beers (no larger than 12 ounces) on board at the beginning of the voyage and at each port-of-call.

This means that you can take 2 standard bottles of wine or a 6 pack of beer on board with you on embarkation day.

The Cadillac Lounge on Disney Wonder

You can also bring up to 2 bottles of wine and a 6 pack of beer on board with you at each port of call.

Always pack your wine bottles in your carry-on luggage. If you put them in your checked luggage they will be found and held until the end of the cruise.

This  2-Bottle Neoprene Wine Bottle Tote is perfect for transporting your wine safely in your carry-on.

This wine and beer is for you to drink in your stateroom.

If you take your bottle of wine to the dining room you will be charged a corkage fee of $25.

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What is the Drinking Age?

In cruises from the US, the drinking age is 21 and older.

But what about cruises departing from any European country which has a lower drinking age, such as Great Britain, or Spain? Parents or guardians can sign a Beverage Consent Form to allow their 18 to 20-year-old children to consume alcohol whilst in the adult’s presence.

Also, for round-trip cruises from Aukland, Brisbane Melbourne, and Sydney guests 18 years and older can purchase and consume alcoholic beverages without parental consent.

For repositioning cruises between Hawaii and Australia, parents or guardians can sign a Beverage Consent Form to allow their 18 to 20-year-old children to consume alcohol whilst in the adult’s presence.

Can You Sneak Alcohol Onto a Disney Cruise?

Disney Cruise Lines has a very generous alcohol policy which allows you to bring a limited amount of alcohol onto the ship with you.

However, there are always going to be those guests who try and beat the system and sneak alcohol onto a Disney Cruise. Just don’t. Please don’t.

The huge wine collection at Remy

If you look online I am sure you will find many tips and tricks about how to smuggle alcohol onto a cruise ship. Some people might even succeed and not get caught.

However, most will be caught. The cruise lines have many years of experience with this and your bags are checked.

When they find it they will confiscate it. Not just hold it for you. They will confiscate it.

Just don’t even try to sneak drinks on a Disney Cruise. It’s the wrong thing to do.

Is There a Disney Cruise Drinks Package?

Lots of different cruise lines offer a drinks package that\ includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This is a major source of revenue for many cruise lines.

Enjoy a glass on wine at Palo

The prices of these drinks packages usually mean that you have to have at least five and often more alcoholic drinks per day to reach the break-even point.

For example the Princess Cruises Drinks Package.

Disney doesn’t offer any drinks packages which are comparable to the ones on other cruise lines such as Princess, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line, or Celebrity.

However, Disney already offers free soda and many of the nonalcoholic drinks that other cruise lines charge for.

The only thing which Disney Cruise Line offers which is any kind of drinks package is the Wine Package.

Disney Cruise Wine Package

If you are going to buy wine every day, or even just on some days during your cruise, it is worth looking to see if you will save money with the Disney Cruise Wine Package.


There are two Disney Cruise Wine Packages offered. The Classic and the Premium Wine Package.

You order between 3 and 7 bottles, depending upon how many you think you will consume. If you do not finish the bottle during dinner it will be saved for you.

When you go to dinner the next day it will be ready and waiting for you. Or you can just ask your Server to cork it up for you and you can take it back to your stateroom or another bar to enjoy.

Enjoy fine wine at Remy on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Here are the prices for the Disney Cruise Classic Wine Package:

  • 3 Bottle Classic Wine Package $95.00
  • 4 Bottle Classic Wine Package $124.00
  • 5 Bottle Classic Wine Package $149.00
  • 7 Bottle Classic Wine Package $199.00

Here are the prices for the Disney Cruise Premium Wine Package:

  • 3 Bottle Premium Wine Package $145.00
  • 4 Bottle Premium Wine Package $192.00
  • 5 Bottle Premium Wine Package $234.00
  • 7 Bottle Premium Wine Package $309.00

A 15% service charge will be added to all Disney Cruise Wine Packages.

You can purchase the Wine Package via your Disney Cruise Personalizer before you sail. Once you get onboard you will see tables set out which explain the package and let you sign up.


Or you can wait until you dine in your first rotational dining restaurant and your Server will explain how it works and you can order from them.

One thing I love about Disney cruise lines is that they do not push any sales on you. There is no pressure to buy.

I go into more detail here at Is The Disney Wine Package Worth the Cost so you can see if it would be a good value for you.

Disney Cruise Bar Menus

You will see at the bottom of the French Quarter Bar Menu that there is a Sommelier Bin. This is a great way to save money on wine if you are prepared to take a bit of a gamble on what you will get.

Disney Wonder French Quarter Bar Menu

Each glass of wine in the Sommelier Bin is $10. You ask your Server for a glass of white, red, or sparkling wine.

They will choose one for you based on which bottles they already have open.

You could really get lucky and get a much more expensive wine for a bargain price.

This is how I realized I particularly enjoyed Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.

I would never usually order a $24 glass of wine, but I managed to score this win a number of times!

Make sure you Tip your Disney Server well as this certainly helps!

Drinks in Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Restaurants

When you dine in one of the main restaurants such as Animator’s Palate or Tiana’s Place you will have a large selection of drinks to choose from – some free and some for an extra charge.

Princess Tiana on the Disney Wonder

The same also applies to Remy and Palo which are adult-only restaurants.

All of the soda types which are available on the pool deck for free are also not charged for in the restaurants. So for instance, if you want an iced tea or glass of Sprite this is complimentary.

If you want a soda that is not on that list, for example, a Root Beer, there will be a charge for this.

Your Server will very quickly learn your free drink preferences and these will usually be waiting for you when you arrive at your table.

Tiana’s Place on the Disney Wonder

Many people choose to drink wine at dinner.

You can bring your own bottle (for a corkage charge of $25), or order from your Wine Package.

There is also a Wine List available with bottles or wines available by the glass.

You can order any cocktail you want, but there will also be a special selection on your menu each day with drinks chosen to compliment the food and theme of the restaurant.

There are always two which are alcoholic with another non-alcoholic choice.

There are also specialty coffees and liquors which are an extra charge.

Disney Cruise Drink of the Day

Disney always has a Drink of the Day.

There will be an alcoholic version and a non-alcoholic drink offered as a special every day.

disney cruise drinks pool bar menu
Pool Bar Menu on Disney Wonder

This will be shown every day in your Navigator and on the Navigator App, but if you don’t know what it is, just ask any of the Bar Staff.

The Drink of the Day saves you money as the alcoholic versions are priced around $6.25 with a gratuity.

disney cruise drinks

Here are just some of the cocktails you may find are Drink of the Day. As you can see by the names, many are for specific cruises such as Halloween, Very Merrytime Holiday cruises, and Star Wars Day at Sea.

  • Americalicious
  • Bahama Breezer
  • Blue Hawaiian
  • Bon Voyage
  • Caipirinha
  • California Dream
  • Captain’s Mai Tai
  • Castaway Cay Breeze
  • Galaxy in a Glass
  • Golden Margarita
  • Hawaiian Breeze
  • Key Lime Margarita
  • Konk Kooler
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Mai Tai
  • Melon Margarita
  • Melonvine
  • Panama First
  • Paradise
  • Pineapple Mojito
  • Santa Delight
  • Spooky Juice
  • Stingray
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Waikiki Surf

Make A Disney Cocktail at Home

Want to enjoy some Disney Cocktails at home?

Here are some Disney Cocktail Copycat recipes for you to enjoy.

How to Save Money on Beer on a Disney Cruise

If you enjoy draught beer you should seriously think about getting the Disney Cruise Beer Glass.

Disney Cruise Beer Mug

Here you pay $16.95 for a 22 oz glass where the standard size is 16 oz. Each time you get a draft beer you will get the larger amount, but only pay for 16 oz. So each time you are getting an additional 6 oz for the same price

The Disney Cruise beer glass is an attractive souvenir to take home.

You don’t have to carry the glass with you all the time. Once you have finished your beer you can get a token in exchange for the glass.

Disney Wonder Crown and Finn Bar Menu

You just pick up a clean new one at the end of your cruise to take home with you.

Here are some of the draft beers which are usually available on your Disney Cruise

  • Coors
  • Samuel Adams
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Guinness
  • Blue Moon
  • Yeungling
  • Heineken
  • Stella
  • Budweiser

Bottled beers usually include

  • Bud Light
  • Bud Light Lime
  • Budweiser
  • Guinness
  • Amstel Light
  • Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Harp Lager

Should I Give Alcohol as a Fish Extender Gift?


Disney doesn’t have an official policy on this, but take it that you really shouldn’t give alcohol as a Fish Extender Gift.

Aside from the difficulty of bringing alcohol onto the ship (don’t try and sneak 10 liquor miniatures on hoping security won’t find it), you leave gifts outside stateroom doors so anyone could have access to it.

That person could be under the legal drinking age. So just don’t do it.

Should I Sign Up for a Disney Cruise Beverage Tasting?

If you are over 21 you can enjoy one of a number of different beverage tastings on board a Disney cruise ship.

You can book via your Cruise Personalizer online, or wait until you get onboard.


It is usually advisable to book prior to your cruise as these do sell out.

The Disney Cruise Beverage Tastings have limited capacity and always sell out.

They range in price from $20 to $65. You have to be 21 or over to attend.


Here is a sample of what may be on offer:

  • Champagne Tasting
  • Martini Tasting
  • Whiskey Tasking
  • Mixology Class
  • Chocolate and Liquor Tasting
  • Rum Tasting
  • Cognac Tasting
  • Stem to Stern Wine Tasting
  • Tequila and Margarita Tasting
  • Beer Tasting
  • Mojito and Capriana Tasting
  • Bourbon Tasting

Can I Bring Bottled Water on a Disney Cruise?

The water on all of the Disney ships is filtered and is safe to drink. However, I know some people really only want to drink bottled water.


If you have to have your bottled water fix, Disney allows you to bring on as much as you can possibly carry.

A 6-pack of bottled water costs $9.75 and a 24-pack is $39 on all Disney ships.

This does not include tax and gratuity.

If you think you are going to buy bottled water on a Disney cruise you can save a lot of money by bringing it on yourself.

What is the Coffee on a Disney Cruise Like?

If you want some very average drip coffee you can get that free 24 hours a day from the beverage station on the pool deck.


The best place for coffee is the Cove Cafe which is on all 4 of the Disney ships.

This is for adults only and is found on the pool deck of the Fantasy, Dream, Magic, and Wonder.

The Vista Cafe is open to all and is found only on the Disney Fantasy and Dream on Deck 4.

Disney Wonder Cove Cafe

You can find the best Cove Cafe on the Disney Wonder as it has recently been refurbished. I think they have done an amazing job and it is such a nice place to spend some relaxing time.

You can get a Coffee Card from any of the Cast Members in the cafes.

For every 5 specialty coffees that you buy, you get the 6th one free.

Coffee Cards are specific to that cruise and expire when you leave the ship.

Have I sometimes chanced it and brought one from a previous cruise?


And I have never had it turned down, even though certainly this is a breach of their policy.

Menu from Disney Wonder Cove Cafe

The coffee from the pool deck and Cabanas buffet from the machine are not great.

However, it is free.

The coffee in the rotational dining restaurants has improved in recent years and now is pretty decent. The regular coffee in Palo and Remy is good.

Smoothies in Senses Bar

The Senses Juice Bar is on the Disney Fantasy and the Dream. It is located next to the Disney Cruise Ship Gym on Deck 11.

The Juice Bar is one of the quieter places to relax on Disney Fantasy and Dream. There are lots of options for a healthy juice or smoothie.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice is available for $4,75.

Or the X Press: Restore Harmony and Balance which is a blend of Strawberry, Avocado, Mint, Red Beets, Apple, and Goji Berries is priced at $8.75.

One of my favorites is the GetUp Restore which is Banana, Blueberry, Strawberry, Almond Milk, Sunflower Seeds, and Turmeric Powder. This is priced at $8.75.

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