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Disney Cruise San Diego 2020

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Are you thinking of sailing on a Disney Cruise from San Diego in 2020? Disney Cruise lines offer magical cruises from the Port of San Diego for 2020.

I have sailed many times on a Disney San Diego Cruise so I can offer all the tips and advice you need to make your cruise one to remember.

Here is the complete guide to Disney Cruises sailing to San Diego including dates, ship facts, and tips, ports of call.



Disney Cruise San Diego 2020

The Disney Wonder sails from San Diego from 3/20/2020 until she sails to Alaska on 4/24/2020.

The Disney Wonder then sails on the highly sought after Hawaii Cruises before starting the season in Alaska.


The Disney Wonder sails in Alaska until she returns to San Diego on 9/18/2020. She will then sail Mexican cruises out of San Diego until sailing to Galveston via the Panama Canal on 11/6/2020.

What this means is that there are plenty of chances for those of us based on the west coast to take a Disney Cruise. The Disney Wonder will spend almost 3 months in San Diego in 2020.


Disney Wonder’s journey to San Diego starts from New Orleans on 3/6/20 with a repositioning cruise.

You can see a detailed review of my Disney 5 Day Cruise from San Diego for lots more pictures and tips.

Disney Wonder 14-Night Westbound Panama Canal Cruise from New Orleans to San Diego 2020



The Disney Wonder repositions from New Orleans to San Diego on 3/6/2020.

Day 1: New Orleans, Louisiana
Day 2: At Sea
Day 3: Cozumel, Mexico
Day 4: George Town, Grand Cayman
Day 5: At Sea
Day 6: Cartagena, Colombia
Day 7: Panama Canal
Day 8: At Sea
Day 9: At Sea
Day 10: At Sea
Day 11: At Sea
Day 12: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Day 13: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Day 14: At Sea
Day 15: San Diego, California

Once the Disney Wonder arrives in San Diego she will sail a variety of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7-night itineraries. Which one is for you?

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2 Night Disney Cruise San Diego 2020

San Diego Disney Cruise


There will be two 2 night Disney Cruise sailing out of San Diego in Spring and Fall 2020. This is an opportunity for guests to experience a Disney cruise if they have limited time available.

The Disney Wonder will sail from San Diego on 4/10/20 and 10/16/20. You sail on a Friday and return on Sunday.

For the 2 night cruise, there is only one port stop which is in Ensenada Mexico.

  • Day 1 San Diego
  • Day 2 Ensenada
  • Day 3 San Diego

Obviously, this is a very short cruise. It is perfect for some guests, but you do need to be aware that you will spend very few hours on the ship.


Usually, you will board the Disney Wonder no earlier than noon on the first day of your cruise. Although it is small, the port of San Diego does a great job of boarding passengers quickly and efficiently.

You will leave the Disney Wonder on Sunday morning at around 8 am in the morning. So, the only full day you have on the ship is Saturday.


Disney does it’s best to make even the shortest cruise magical, however, you do really need to think about whether this short cruise is a good fit.

Having said that, this is one of the most popular of the Disney San Diego cruises and always seems to sell out fast!

If you are thinking of sailing on a cruise on the Disney Cruise we always suggest contacting a Disney Authorized Travel Agent. We recommend Destinations in Florida – Get a Quote Now!. Their services are free and you may even get a discount!

Be Flexible With When You Can Travel on a Disney Cruise

3 Night Baja Mexico Disney Cruise from San Diego 2020


The Disney Wonder sails on 10/9/20 for a 3 night Baja Mexico cruise.

  • Day 1 San Diego
  • Day 2 Ensenada
  • Day 3 At Sea
  • Day 4 San Diego

This extra day at sea will make a lot of difference over the 2-night sailing.

4 Night Baja Mexico Disney Wonder San Diego Cruise 2020


The Disney Wonder will sail for 4 nights out of San Diego on 3/25/20 and 9/23/20, 10/12/20 and 10/28/20.

  • Day 1 San Diego
  • Day 2 At Sea
  • Day 3 Cabo San Lucas
  • Day 4 At Sea
  • Day 5 San Diego

5 Night Disney Baja Mexico Cruise from San Diego 2020


I think that the 5-night cruises are ideal. If you can possibly stretch your time and your financial budget to a 5 night Disney San Diego cruise then this is a great option. Just enough time to truly relax!


  • Day 1 San Diego
  • Day 2 At Sea
  • Day 3 Cabo San Lucas
  • Day 4 At Sea
  • Day 5 Ensenada
  • Day 6 San Diego

These 5-night cruises sail on 3/20/20, 4/5/20 and 4/19/20 and 9/18/20, 10/4/20, 10/18/20, 10/23/20 and 11/1/20

7-Night Mexican Riviera Cruise from San Diego 2020


My favorite of course because it gives you 7 days on the Disney Wonder!

  • Day 1 San Diego
  • Day 2 At Sea
  • Day 3 Cabo San Lucas
  • Day 4 Mazatlan
  • Day 5 Puerto Vallarta
  • Day 6 At Sea
  • Day 7 At Sea
  • Day 8 San Diego

If you want to sail on a Disney 7 night Mexican Cruise from San Diego the dates for 2020 are 3/29/20 and 4/12/20 and 9/27/20.

14 Night East Bound Disney Panama Canal Cruise from San Diego

Disney Panama Canal Cruise

If you have the time to spare this is the ultimate in Disney cruises. Imagine spending 14 nights onboard the Disney Wonder sailing from San Diego to Galveston.

The Disney Wonder sails from New Orleans to San Diego via the Panama Canal. This sails from New Orleans on 6 March 2020 and arrives in San Diego on 20 March 2020.

  • Day 1  New Orleans
  • Day 2  At Sea
  • Day 3  Cozumel, Mexico
  • Day 4  George Town, Grand Cayman
  • Day 5  Day at Sea
  • Day 6  Cartagena Columbia
  • Day 7  Panama Canal
  • Day 8  Day at Sea
  • Day 9  Day at Sea
  • Day 10 Day at Sea
  • Day 11  Day at Sea
  • Day 12 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Day 13 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Day 14 Day at Sea
  • Day 15 San Diego 

In 2020 the Disney Wonder sails back to Galveston in the Fall so that it can homeport there for the rest of the year sailing Bahamian cruises.

If you get the opportunity, the Disney Panama Canal Cruises really are some of the best itineraries.

Also, as they are repositioning cruises the per night rate tends to be lower than usual. However, you do also have to factor in the cost of sailing from one port and leaving from another.

The Disney 14-Night Very Merrytime Eastbound Panama Canal Cruise from San Diego ending in Galveston sails on November 6th, 2020.

  • Day 1   San Diego
  • Day 2  At Sea
  • Day 3  Cabo San Lucas
  • Day 4  Puerto Vallarta
  • Day 5  At Sea
  • Day 6  At Sea
  • Day 7  At Sea
  • Day 8  At Sea
  • Day 9  Panama Canal
  • Day 10 Cartegena Colombia
  • Day 11 At Sea
  • Day 12 Grand Cayman
  • Day 13 Cozumel, Mexico
  • Day 14 At Sea
  • Day 15 Galveston

The Disney Wonder will spend early 2021 sailing out of New Orleans. This means she has to sail back to San Diego for early spring 2021.

There is a 14-Night Westbound Panama Canal Cruise from New Orleans ending in San Diego sailing on February 26, 2021.

  • Day 1   New Orleans
  • Day 2  At Sea
  • Day 3  Cozumel, Mexico
  • Day 4  George Town, Grand Cayman
  • Day 5  At Sea
  • Day 6  Cartegena Colombia
  • Day 7  Panama Canal
  • Day 8  At Sea
  • Day 9  At Sea
  • Day 10 At Sea
  • Day 11  At Sea
  • Day 12 Puerto Vallarta. Mexico
  • Day 13 At Sea
  • Day 14 At Sea
  • Day 15 San Diego

Why Sail on Disney Wonder?


The Disney Wonder is one of the Classic Disney Cruise Ships. Although she was launched in 1999 she is still in fabulous condition.

Lots of daily maintenance and refurbishments in dry dock have kept Disney Wonder in excellent shape.

Disney Wonder is a relatively small shop compared to many sailing these days.

The trend has been for larger and larger ships, but the Disney Wonder is large enough to have plenty of things to do but small enough so that you do not feel overwhelmed.



Disney Cruise Lines has some of the largest staterooms available for a family cruise ship. From the smaller Inside Staterooms right up to the Deluxe Family Oceanview Staterooms with Verandah you will find something to suit you.

If you want something extra special the Disney Wonder has a selection of Concierge Staterooms.

Most of the staterooms have a split bathroom. This is a concept that was unique to Disney cruise lines. It means that you have two separate bathroom spaces.


One has the toilet and a sink, the other has the small bath with a shower over and an additional sink. So much easier for a family to share with this separated space.

As you would expect, Disney Cruise Lines offers the best Entertainment at Sea. On the Disney Wonder, you will have the chance to see Broadway Quality stage shows including “Frozen, a Musical Spectacular”.



You will also get plenty of chances to meet your favorite Disney characters. There are several scheduled meet and greets every day.

Just look at the Daily Navigators or the display board in the atrium to find out when your favorites are due to appear.


The Buena Vista Theater shows Disney movies, including any premiers which are released. With the ever-increasing Disney collection of movie franchises, you will be sure to find a movie you want to watch.

There are numerous scheduled activities every day on the Disney Wonder. From animation classes to trivia contests, cookery demonstrations to wine tasting, there really is something for everyone.


There is also plenty of entertainment in the Disney Wonder restaurants. Disney Cruise Dining has a unique Rotational Dining concept.

There are 3 main restaurants on the Disney Wonder and you will rotate between all of them. You will dine at each restaurant at least once.


The great thing about Rotational Dining is that your Servers come with you to each restaurant. This means that they get to know your likes and dislikes so they can make your experience even more magical.

Disney cruise lines have some amazing Servers. We have sailed on the Disney Wonder for more than a decade and have got to know many fantastic Servers. It is always great to see them again when we return to the ship.


The 3 restaurants are Animator’s Palate, Tiana’s Place and Triton’s. Each has a very different theme. You can read more about each restaurant in my San Diego Disney Cruise Review.

You will certainly never be hungry on a Disney Cruise. There are plenty of places to eat including the Cabanas Buffet. Here you can read our guide to Food on a Disney Cruise.


There is plenty to do on Deck 9 on the Disney Wonder. Here you will find 3 very different swimming pools. The Mickey Pool is for the younger crowd and has a shallow pool and a water slide.

The Goofy Pool is the more traditional family pool. This is a great place to watch Funnel Vision, the huge outdoor screen which shows Disney movies for most of the day and evening.


The Quiet Cove is for the over 18s only. This is a place where the adults can have some quality time without the children. There is a swimming pool, hot tubs, and the Cove Cafe.

The Cove Cafe is a great place to grab a specialty coffee. There is an extra charge for this but we think it is worth it. Pick up a coffee card and get your 5th drink for free.

Disney Cruise lines do a great job of looking after every member of the family. We are often asked if you can enjoy a Disney Cruise without kids and we absolutely say yes you can!


There are plenty of spaces for adults only including the Senses Spa. My very favorite place to relax and unwind is the Rainforest Room.

It has hot stone chairs, tropical showers, and steam rooms. It is one of the most relaxing places on the ship.


If you want a traditional spa treatment there are plenty of options at the Senses Spa.


All the Disney Cruise Ships have amazing Kids Clubs catering for the 3 to 17-year-olds. There is even a nursery for babies and toddlers aged 6 months and up.

You really can’t beat Disney for the quality of the kids club space and their counselors. Usually, the kids won’t want to be anywhere else!

Everyone will be entertained and well-fed on a Disney Cruise! And don’t forget on a Disney Cruise from San Diego you will call at some great Mexican cruise ports.

Will you be sailing on a Disney San Diego Cruise?

Disney Cruise San Diego Secrets

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