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Disney Dream Fall 2022 Sailings Prices Released

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All of the Disney Dream Cruises for 2022 are now available for booking.

Discover how much a Disney Dream Cruise Costs and how to get the best price for your sailing.

Disney Dream Cruise Early Fall 2022 Itineraries


When Disney cruise sailings are released they always go on sale in stages. Although anyone can now book the Fall 2022 Disney Cruise itineraries, this is how the sailings were released to the general public.

Castaway Club Members always have priority, as well as Disney’s Golden Oak residents. Adventures by Disney Insiders and Disney Vacation Club owners.

Booking to the general public opened on June 24, 2021. Here is the priority booking schedule:

  • Monday, June 21st – Platinum Castaway Club members & Disney’s Golden Oaks residents. Sign in to your account to book online starting at 8:00 AM Eastern Time—or contact your travel agent.
  • Monday, June 21st – Disney’s Golden Oaks residents contact Golden Oak Club Member Services.
  • Tuesday, June 22nd – Gold Castaway Club members Sign in to your account to book online starting at 8:00 AM Eastern Time—or contact your travel agent.
  • Wednesday, June 23rd – Silver Castaway Club members, Adventures by Disney Insiders, and DVC members who have not previously sailed with DCL Sign in to your account to book online starting at 8:00 AM Eastern Time—or contact your travel agent.
  • Thursday, June 24th – first-time cruisers will be able to book.
disney dream cruise prices

Disney Dream Fall 2022 Sailings

disney dream cruise cost

The Disney Dream sails for Miami from Port Canaveral in Summer 2022. Miami will become the new homeport for the Disney Dream.

The Disney Wish will take over the 3 and 4-night Bahamian sailings which the Dream used to sail from Port Canaveral.

The Disney Dream will sail 4 and 5-night itineraries from Miami to the Bahamas.

All sailings will include at least one scheduled port stop at Castaway Cay, Disney’s Private Island.

All rates shown are for 2 guests and include taxes and port fees. The prices shown for the Disney Dream are for the lowest price in each category.

The rates are correct on August 7, 2021.

You will find that there can be quite a range of prices within the same category of stateroom.

This can vary a lot between the same type of stateroom according to the location of the cabin. Usually the higher on the ship you are the higher the price.

How to Save Money on a Disney Dream Cruise

disney cruise room service pizza
Disney Cruise Room Service Pizza

You will see that prices vary a lot according to the date that you sail on your Disney Dream cruise. The more flexible that you can be with your cruise dates the more likely you are to be able to save money on a Disney cruise.

You will find the most expensive sailings are on major Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

You should also think carefully about your choice of Disney Cruise Stateroom.

Do you really need a verandah stateroom? Many people won’t sail without a balcony, but others are perfectly happy to sail in an inside stateroom to save money.

disney cruise inside stateroom
Disney Cruise Stateroom

The other way you can save money is to book as early as you can. Usually, the price of a Disney cruise is lowest the day the sailings are released.

I have been following and documenting Disney Cruise prices for years, and the general rule is that the costs only go in one direction. Upwards!

Yes, there are some exceptions such as Military Discounts and Florida Resident late availability discounts, but generally the earlier you book the lower the rate.

Disney Dream 4 Night Sailings to the Bahamas Fall 2022

Castaway Cay
  • Miami, Florida
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Castaway Cay
  • At Sea
  • Miami, Florida
October 6, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,363$2,395$2,603$5,667
Day 1$2,363$2,395$2,603$5,667
October 20, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,227$2,259$2,467$5,227
Day 1$2,227$2,259$2,467$5,227
November 3, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,235$2,267$2,475$5,307
Day 1$2,235$2,267$2,475$5,307
November 17, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,227$2,259$2,467$5,347
Day 1$2,227$2,259$2,467$5,347
Disney Cruise Food
Disney Dream Enchanted Garden Restaurant
December 1, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,211$2,243$2,451$5,267
Day 1$2,211$2,243$2,451$5,267
December 15, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,331$2,363$2,571$5,827
Day 1$2,331$2,363$2,571$5,827
December 29, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$4,819$4,915$5,099$10,627
Day 1$4,819$4,915$5,099$10,627

The Halloween on the High Seas sailings are on:

10/6/22, 10/20/22

The Very Merrytime sailings are on:

11/17/22, 12/1/22 and 12/15/22

The non-themed cruises are on:

11/3/22 and 12/29/22

Disney Dream 5 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Miami 2022

  • Miami, Florida
  • At Sea
  • Grand Cayman
  • At Sea
  • Castaway Cay
  • Miami, Florida

Cruises on 10/10/22 and 10/24/22 are Halloween on the High Seas Cruises.

The Very Merrytime Cruises sails on 11/26/22, 12/10/22 and 12/24/22

October 1, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,722$2,762$3,022$6,492
Day 1$2,722$2,762$3,022$6,492
October 10, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,821$2,861$3,121$6,741
Day 1$2,821$2,861$3,121$6,741
October 15, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,612$2,652$2,912$6,292
Day 1$2,612$2,652$2,912$6,292
October 29, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,542$2,582$2,842$6,042
Day 1$2,542$2,582$2,842$6,042
November 26, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,602$2,642$2,902$6,342
Day 1$2,602$2,642$2,902$6,342
December 10, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,732$2,772$3,032$6,492
Day 1$2,732$2,772$3,032$6,492
December 24, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$5,672$5,792$6,022$12,592
Day 1$5,672$5,792$6,022$12,592

Disney Dream Cruise 5 Night Western Caribbean With Cozumel

  • Miami, Florida
  • Castaway Cay
  • At Sea
  • Cozumel
  • At Sea
  • Miami, Florida

If you do not want a themed cruise then this sails on 11/7/22.

There is a Very Merrytime Cruise which sails on 12/5/22.

November 7, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,591$2,631$2,891$6,341
Day 1$2,591$2,631$2,891$6,341
December 5, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$2,621$2,661$2,921$6,391
Day 1$2,621$2,661$2,921$6,391

5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami with 2 Stops at Disney Castaway Cay

Disney Dream at Castaway Cay
  • Miami, Florida
  • Castaway Cay
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Castaway Cay
  • At Sea
  • Miami, Florida

The very popular double dip to Castaway Cay is sailing on 11/21/22 and 12/19/22. Both are Very Merrytime Cruises.

November 21, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$4,547$4,667$4,897$9,727
Day 1$4,547$4,667$4,897$9,727
December 19, 2022InsideOceanviewVerandahConcierge
Opening Price$3,797$3,917$4,147$8,877
Day 1$3,797$3,917$4,147$8,877

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