Disney Wish Cruise Ship – When Will it Launch?


The launch of the Disney Wish Cruise Ship is one of the most eagerly awaited events amongst Disney Cruise fans. As soon as they release the Disney Wish itinerary I am going to be booking!

However, will Disney Cruise Lines still launch the Disney Wish on time? Will it be delayed?

Here are some thoughts, but remember everything right now is speculation. Until there is an official statement from Disney about when the Disney Wish can be booked and launched, everything is just rumors and guesses.

When Will Disney Wish Launch?


The last we had any news from Disney as to when the Disney Wish will launch was back on August 25, 2019. The Official Disney Site says

The Disney Wish is scheduled for delivery in late 2021 and will set sail in January 2022. The vessel will join Disney Cruise Line’s award-winning fleet where guests experience the magic of Disney entertainment combined with the relaxation of tropical, sun-drenched beaches and the adventure of ocean cruising.

Really, we have nothing but speculation and rumor that January 2022 will not be the inagrual Disney Wish Cruise.

Even though the cruise industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges, Disney is still in huge demand.

Right now the demand for Disney cruises seems to remain as high as ever. With a huge and very loyal Disney Cruise fan base, it is highly likely that the Disney Wish would have no problems booking out many of the dates as soon as they are released.

So, in some ways, Disney may not want to delay. The Disney Wish needs to be launched to produce significant revenue – so maybe the early 2022 launch date will be perfect.

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Disney Wish Building Progress?


All images from Disney Cruise Line.

There is a lot of speculation, and we can all do that for as long as we want, but what are facts that we actually know?

Is there any evidence that the building of the Disney Wish actually has been slowed down? On this time scale, there is only around a year and a half building time.

Surely construction would need to have started?

Yes, it would. And the good news is? There is very clear evidence that construction on the Disney Wish new ship has already started.

Earlier, in March 2020 video was posted which shows the some blocks for the consturction of the Disney Wish being brought to Neptun Werft.

Therefore, this would seem to show that the building of the Disney Wish is going ahead as planned and on schedule.

However, we still have some unknowns.

Meyer Werft was understood to be trying to renegotiating deals on existing orders. They know that it is highly unlikely any cruise line is going to be signing on the dotted line for a new build any time soon,

Therefore it may be that Disney renegotiated if not the timeline for the Disney Wish, it seems likely that they would have got some leeway on the delivery times of the next two Disney Triton Class Ships.

The second and third Disney Triton Class ships were supposed to be launched in 2023 and 2024. Maybe Disney negotiated that they would be delayed. Pure speculation, but Disney does have a lot of negotiating expertise!

It is difficult to see that the current timeline for building the as yet to be named new Disney Ships being stuck to unless the cruise industry gets back to anything like full capacity very soon. Therefore it might be a while longer than we thought until we see the whole Triton Class trio of ships sailing the oceans.

Disney is in a much better position than many other cruise lines as it has very high demand, a loyal following, and only 4 ships, but it has been severely impacted.

It has the almost unique advantage of knowing that there is a huge demand for the Disney Wish and that if they announced the dates tomorrow there would be a huge demand for booking. This will be the first new Disney ship for a decade – since the Disney Fantasy was launched in 2012.

Disney Wish Concierge – What Will It Be Like?

Disney Wish Float Out

When will the Disney Wish Float Out be?

What even is a float out? It’s the first time the ship actually goes in the water. Obviously this will be a major milestone in the construction of the Disney Wish.

It’s when the ship builders can properly assess it is going to float!

It will also be the first time we get a complete look of the exterior of the Disney Wish.

The float out happens before the interior of the Disney Wish will be started. When the exterior is finished, they flood the construction bay and the cruise ship floats out.

After a successful float out they will start on the construction of the Disney Wish interiors.

Here is a video which shows the Disney Fantasy float out in 2012.


Will the Disney Wish Launch in January 2022?

All the factors right now seem to show that they Disney Wish construction is on target. However, we still waiting for the official word from Disney.

Only time will tell. There is no official word from Disney, but we will keep you updated!

Do you think that the Disney Wish will sail in January 2022?

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