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Disney Wish Kids Clubs – What You Need to Know

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Disney Cruise Lines has revealed even more details about what to expect from the new Disney Wish Kids Clubs.

The Disney Wish promises to have the most exciting and innovative experiences of any of the Disney Cruise Ships for kids to enjoy.

disney wish for kids

The Disney Wish follows the pattern of the other ships and has separate facilities for all age groups.

However, it seems that the Disney Wish will go above and beyond anything which is currently offered on the Disney ships. Technology has moved a long way in the last decade since Disney Fantasy was launched.

disney wish kids space

And it looks as though the kid’s areas are going to be amazing places that offer immersive experiences and even more opportunities to interact with Disney characters.

Jim Urry, Vice President of Entertainment and Port Adventures commented:

“With even more spaces, stories and characters than ever before, the stage is set for a line-up of truly remarkable new experiences for children aboard the Disney Wish. “We’re combining renowned Disney entertainment, expertly developed programming and imaginative storytelling to put kids in the center of their own adventures right alongside some of Disney’s most beloved characters, like Mickey Mouse, Chewbacca, Black Panther, Rapunzel, Belle, Anna and Elsa, and more.”

It was revealed that the Disney Wish will have a Star Wars-themed galaxy, a new colorful, nautically themed playground for the younger ones, and a third space for the tweens and teens to enjoy.

Watch this video for a taster of what is to come in the Disney Wish Kids Clubs.

Disney Oceaneer’s Club on the Disney Wish

It is probably not much of a surprise that the Oceaneer’s Club will include a dedicated Star Wars area.

The grown-ups already have Hyperspace Lounge and the kids will have:

Star Wars: Cargo Bay

Disney Wish Star Wars

This new Cargo Bay area will be interactive and encourage the children to experience the Star Wars galaxy and be responsible for looking after the creatures of this very special universe.

Disney Wish kids clubs star wawrs

In this immersive experience, they will learn to “manage a mischievous menagerie of exotic beings from across the galaxy, including a porg, Loth-cat, worrt and more”.

Star Wars on Disney Wish

However, the responsibility becomes even more onerous when it becomes clear that they will need to help guide Rey and Chewbacca, back to the Resistance.

Disney star wars on Disney Ships

They may even need to become wise in the ways of The Force to help their Star Wars heroes!

Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck

Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck
Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck

This brightly colored interactive space is designed for the younger ones in Disney’s Oceaneer Club.

At select times kids will even get to spend time with Mickey and Minnie!

At certain times of the day, the space will be open to even younger guests under 3 from the It’s a Small World Nursery.

There will also be times when it will be open so that families can experience Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck together.

The signature experience will be Minnie’s Captain’s Academy.

This is a high-energy training session for kids to exercise their bodies (through playful games, dancing, and maritime “drills”) and their minds, testing their imagination and ingenuity during a series of challenges tied to STEAM principles (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics).

Captain Minnie will inspect their progress and officially declare them honorary captains!

Super Heroes, Princesses and “Frozen” Friends Experiences

The Disney Wish Oceaneer’s Club will offer plenty of chances to interact with your favorite characters.

Marvel Super Hero Academy is a high-tech Avengers headquarters where recruits will train to be the next generation of Super-Heroes. They will train under the expert guidance of Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and The Wasp.

Disney wish marvel

 There will also be a chance to experience a hands-on training session with Ant-Man and The Wasp. Participants will learn how to create and test their very own Pym Particles – the technology that allows objects and living things to shrink. This technology will also be explored in the new Avengers restaurant on Disney Wish.

If Disney’s Tangled is more your child’s thing then they will also get to go on a scavenger hunt with Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder.

disney wish tangled

The Oceaneer’s Club will transform into the Snuggly Duckling tavern from the movie. The challenge will be to find the missing pieces of the Snuggly Duckling sign.

In Belle’s Library, children will get to share this beloved Disney Princess’s love of books. Belle will lend her wits and her magic mirror to help determine the characters, plot, and conclusion of the brand-new story.

Of course, there is space for all those Frozen fans.

disney wish for children

Anna and Elsa’s Sommerhus will be the place where the newest citizens of Arendelle will join a special celebration of Queen Anna’s recent coronation by acting out the history of how she became queen. All your favorite characters will be there – Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans, and more.

Disney Wish Edge and Vibe

The Disney Wish will follow the usual format of having the Edge for tweens aged 11 to 14 and Vibe for those aged 14 to 17.

However, there is going to be a new, third space for this age group called The Hideaway.

Disney Wish – The Hideaway

This is a unique space for the Wish – you will not find it on any of the other Disney Ships.

Disney Wish the Hideaway
Disney Wish The Hideaway

The Hideaway is located adjacent to Vibe. It has a dance floor and a DJ booth so will be the venue for karaoke and dance competitions.

The modern but retro-inspired design makes this a perfect venue for a flexible space dedicated to tweens and teens.

The Disney Wish Hideaway can even be opened up for events for the sometimes forgotten 18 to 20 age group.

Disney Wish Edge

Disney Wish Edge

This is the space devoted to the 11 to 14 age group. There are lots of different gathering spaces in a modern, spacious design.

The concept is designed to create a light, airy space. There is a sunny overhead skylight effect, carpet patterned with fresh grass and daisies, a back wall mural of a bright blue sky, and games inspired by a colorful outdoor city park.

Throughout the space, graphic art displays called “photo walls” will provide ample opportunities for tweens to capture cool, shareable vacation pictures.

Edge also has a soda bar with complimentary and for a fee refreshments.

Disney Wish Vibe

Disney Wish Vibe

Edge and Vibe on the Disney Wish have the same basic layout, but with very different design features.

There is also bar type area in Vibe that will serve soda and coffee drinks, The Hideaway will offer smoothies.

There will be new counselor-led programming for the teen and tween age groups. This will include a new competition themed to the fan-favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film, “The Emperor’s New Groove.”

Activities will even extend into other areas of the ship, with special events for tweens and teens hosted in Hero Zone, Luna, and more.

It’s A Small World Nursery

Disney Wish it's a small world nursery

As with all the Disney Ships, the new Disney Wish will offer the It’s a Small World Nursery for infants aged 6 months to 3 years.

There is a small charge for the Disney Wish Nursery and you do have to make reservations in advance.

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