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Disney Wonder Water Slide – What You Need to Know

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Does the Disney Wonder have a water slide?

Let us explore the Disney Wonder pool deck to see just what there is to do for the whole family.

Twist N’ Spout Disney Wonder Water Slide

In late 2013 the Disney Wonder went into dry dock and the old Mickey Pool and slide were replaced with the Twist N’ Spout Water Slide, a new toddler pool, and interactive water play areas.

disney wonder water slide
Disney Wonder Twist n Spout Water Slide

Deck 9 is the pool deck on the Disney Wonder.

The Twist N’ Loop water slide has a double loop and is 250 feet long.

There is no upper height limit, but you need to be at least 38 inches tall to use the Disney Wonder water slide.

Disney Wonder Water Slide and Kid’s Pool

The steps up to the water slide are at the side, underneath the funnel.

The lines never get too long as the water slide is pretty short so it has a high capacity.

Disney Cruise Lines decided not to give the Wonder the AquaDunk as they had done with the Disney Magic. The AquaDunk was fitted to the Disney Magic during a dry dock.

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Water Slide

The Wonder was launched in 1999, the year after the Disney Magic.

The newer ships, the Disney Dream and Fantasy have the AquaDuck. This was the first water coaster at sea.

Disney Cruise Ship Slide

The design of the Disney Wonder and Magic is such that you can’t retrofit the AquaDuck.

It seems that the new Disney Wish will have the AquaDuck.

Disney Wonder AquaLab Water Park

disney wonder water park
Disney Wonder Water Park

Underneath the water slide on the Disney Wonder, you will find an interactive water play area. This features Donald Duck’s nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

This 1,800 square-foot water play area is a lot of fun for the younger kids.

It is at the side of the circular pool which is designed for young children.

The AquaLab has water fountains, geysers, and interactive water play.


Disney Wonder Dory’s Reef

Disney Wonder Dory's Reef
Disney Wonder Dory’s Reef

Dory’s Reef on the Disney Wonder is a water play area reserved just for children aged 3 and under.

Disney Wonder Dory's Reef Rules

This 400-square-foot splash deck is themed after Finding Nemo and has lots of interactive water play to keep the toddlers happy!

Disney Wonder Goofy Pool


On Deck 9 mid-ship you will find the family pool, otherwise known as the Goofy Pool.

As you would imagine, this is one of the most popular areas on the Disney Wonder.

disney wonder funnel vision

The Goofy Pool can get pretty crowded, particularly on Sea Days. One great thing to do is to sit and watch a movie on Funnel Vision.

This is the huge LED movie screen which is 24 feet wide and 14 feet high.

You can see in your daily Navigators exactly which movies will be playing each day.

Life preservers are provided in various sizes for children to wear.

disney wonder goofy pool life preservers

Funnel Vision shows movies at all times of the day.

At night they cover the pool over so it is a solid deck. They move all the pool loungers into the middle and you can watch a movie.

disney cruise funnel vision