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Haunted Mansion Parlour Bar on Disney Treasure Announced

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Finally! After much speculation, Disney has revealed that there will be a Haunted Mansion Bar on Disney Treasure.

There were very heavy hints in the original video reveal way back in September 2022 for Disney Treasure, when The Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion Ride were shown in one of the portholes.

Haunted Mansion Parlor bar

Many hoped this may be a theme for a restaurant, but it makes so much more sense for it to be a bar.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor will be on Deck 3, located where Hyperspace Lounge is on Disney Wish.

haunted mansion bar Disney Treasure

The highly immersive bar is based around the much loved Disney attraction, which although unfortunately Walt never got to see the finished ride, it was very much a project that he championed from the start.

The new Haunted Mansion Parlor:

“will immerse guests in the next chapter of the Haunted Mansion saga, bringing this fan-favorite lore to life in a whole new way. The one-of-a-kind experience will be a swinging wake unlike any other, that of a jovial captain who entered the ghostly realm after a disastrous dinner with his beloved fiancé.”

Disney Treasure haunted mansion bar

All concept art from Disney Parks Blog

disney haunted mansion new bar

To the reader of this letter, welcome.
I have always loved the sea. As soon as I learned to walk, I toddled right into the ocean. In my later years, I served proudly as Captain of a luxurious ocean liner, every voyage its own adventure.
In fact, my fiancé and I were to be wed at sea, a celebration of my two greatest loves. But alas, it was not to be. My untimely demise saw to that.
In life, I treasured my private parlor, where I often entertained passengers and guests. I cannot enjoy it the way I did before—but mind you, I do still enjoy it.
I hope you will visit. In my parlor, all guests—dear or departed, invited or otherwise—are welcome.
The Captain

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What Will Haunted Mansion Parlor Feature?

The art work reveals a lot about the stunning design of this much anticipated Disney Treasure Bar.

Haunted Mansion Parlor on Disney Treasure

We are told:

“Walt Disney Imagineering will set the stage for an ever-escalating anthology of illusions that immerses guests into the mysterious lore of the Haunted Mansion”.

I can’t wait for further details on what the “ever escalating anthology of illusions” will be for this bar! However, it is unlikely that we will get any further details about what this actually means until much nearer the launch of Disney Treasure in December 2024.

There will be a brand new musical arrangement of the traditional theme which is inspired by the original and adapted by composer Shruti Kumar.

The Drinks

Part of the success of the Hyperspace Bar on Disney Wish is the innovative design of the drink offerings.

I’m not just talking about the $5000 Kailburr Crystal, there are many drinks that are just a whole lot of fun on the Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge Menu.

haunted mansion bar drinks

And the Haunted Mansion Bar is going to have some innovative drinks too.

  • Blood orange and sour cherry flavors will harmonize in a shimmering zero proof cocktail served in a specialty mug aptly titled, Sympathetic Libations.
  • The Ghoulish Delight will be an ube-flavored treat that everyone will be able to enjoy. The drink, with hints of sweetness and nuttiness, will incorporate decadent ube fudge, oat milk and tapioca pearls in a purple concoction garnished with a gummy eyeball and ube glitter.
  • A spooky twist on a classic margarita, presented to guests amidst a swirl of flavored smoke, will be another signature drink at the Haunted Mansion Parlor. Topped with a lemon salt foam, this tequila-based cocktail will contain a secret message, only to be revealed by black light.

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I have to admit I am so excited about the new Haunted Mansion merch that has been announced. I wonder how difficult it is going to be to get your hands on that!

haunted mansion bar merchandise

These include

  • The Haunted Mansion Parlor Music Box will be a keepsake inspired by an eerie music box that will be found inside the Haunted Mansion Parlor. As the rumors go, this mysterious box belonged to the captain’s bride-to-be and only opens in the presence of malevolent spirits.
  • Inspired by the old grandfather clock from the original Disney Parks attraction, the Haunted Mansion Parlor clock will evoke the nostalgic allure of the Haunted Mansion.
  • And, a ghost may even follow you home on your voyage… The Haunted Mansion Parlor Mirror will offer a frightening surprise when the hitchhiking ghosts mysteriously appear in the frame.

If you want to get a head start on trying out some of the new Haunted Mansion cocktails, Disney has published these recipes:

haunted mansion bar recipe
haunted mansion drinks recipe
haunted mansion cocktail


I am definitely feeling beyond excited as a foolish mortal for the new Haunted Mansion Parlor Bar. It is the first of it’s kind, and a long time overdue.

The design looks amazing, as do the drinks and the merch, and I am sure there are some fabulously innovative things that will be revealed that the Imagineers have designed for this new space.

Haunted Mansion Parlor design

However, there is a very strong possibility that Haunted Mansion Parlor will experience exactly the same issues as Hyperspace Lounge did on Disney Wish.

When Disney Wish first sailed, it was almost impossible to get into Hyperspace Lounge as it was so popular.

And because it is such a small space.

Unless the design on Disney Treasure is going to enlarge the bar space by taking out some of the shopping space, then Haunted Mansion Parlor will have exactly the same issues.

However, it seemed that the popularity of Hyperspace Lounge took Disney Cruise Line by surprise. Shortly after the overwhelming popularity of the bar became known, a booking system had to be developed. It seems highly likely that this is how Haunted Mansion Parlor will start out.

After a few months the hype of Hyperspace was under control and you can get a table without an issue most times of the day now.

Overall Haunted Mansion Parlor just builds even more excitement for Disney Treasure. I will certainly be one of the first in line for the experience. What about you?