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Disney Treasure Restaurants – What Will They Be?

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Excitement is building.

We now know that we will have to wait until December 2024 for the Maiden Voyage of Disney Treasure but after the big reveal, we are now sure exactly what the Disney Treasure Restaurants will be.

So what restaurants and dining experiences will Disney Treasure feature?

There were some clues from DCL prior to the big reveal in September 2023, but not everything quite turned out in the way many people expected.

This video was a promotional video for Disney Wish which was first shown in September 2022.

It was to announce that the name of the second Triton Class ship would be Disney Treasure.

However, it showed us a lot more than just the name of the new Disney cruise ship.

This video featured a number of different characters:

  • Peter Pan
  • Moana
  • Miguel from Coco
  • The Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion Ride

We knew that Peter Pan and Captain Hook were the stern characters on Disney Treasure.

So an obvious conclusion from this is we think that those characters will all feature somewhere on the Disney Treasure.

This led many people to think there might be a Haunted Mansion Restaurant and a Moana-themed restaurant.

However, these predictions weren’t exactly right.

But don’t give up on these ideas too early.

There is a Moana-themed cafe and of course The Tale of Moana show. We still think that Haunted Mansion will feature on Disney Treasure.


All of the Disney Cruise Ships have three rotational dining restaurants. These are the main dining restaurants that guests “rotate around”.

Your Servers rotate with you so that they get to know you and your dining preferences. This is a unique feature of Disney Cruise ships and it works exceptionally well.

As Disney Treasure is set to sail 7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries, this will mean that guests will eat twice in two of the restaurants and three times in the remaining one.

For the restaurant that you visit three times, you will dine here on Pirate Night, so this will have the special Pirate Night menu.

What are the three rotational dining restaurants on Disney Treasure?

  • Plaza de Coco
  • 1923
  • Worlds of Marvel

Plaza de Coco Restaurant

The clues were there in the original video and it is now confirmed that there will be a Coco-themed restaurant on Disney Treasure.

The new Coco Restaurant will be where Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure Restaurant is on Disney Wish.

The design of the stage will work for Coco as well as it does for Frozen.


Yes, that was deliberately worded.

The position of the stage in Arendelle is far from ideal. And the tables are extremely close together.

This has the consequence that those people who are close to the stage get a great view, but it can be very overwhelming and loud.

If you are seated away from the stage, and in some cases, around a corner, you can’t see the stage at all.

I am sure that Disney and the Imagineers have heard all the feedback, both good and not-so-good, about all the restaurants on Disney Wish.

Hopefully, there is some way to improve the design of the space so that it does not repeat the issues of Arendelle.

However, there is a fixed amount of space and a certain number of people to be seated, so it is difficult to see how this can be changed.

 DCL has said that the menu in Plaza de Coc will feature “modern twists on traditional Mexican fare.”

We know that there will be two shows in this Coco-themed restaurant.

The first show will feature Miguel and the town mariachis with a song and dance spectacular.

On the second night that you dine in Plaza de Coco, the restaurant will be transformed for a Dia de lo Muertos celebration with Mamá Coco, Abuelita, and the rest of the Rivera family.

1923 Restaurant on Disney Treasure

There will be a 1923 Restaurant on Disney Treasure, just as there is on Disney Wish.

1923 on Disney Wish is definitely the most popular restaurant on the ship.

The decor is beautiful, it is fascinating looking at all the memorabilia, and it is just a more upscale, but still family-friendly experience.

Whenever I do surveys in one of my Disney Cruise Groups, 1923 is always the one that comes out as favorite.

Most likely the basic layout of 1923 on Disney Treasure will be identical to Disney Wish.

However, the colors and interior design will be different, as will the memorabilia which is displayed in the restaurants.

1923 on Disney Treasure will have sketches and props from adventure-themed Disney movies such as Tarzan, The Lion King, Aladdin, and more.

This is in keeping with the general adventure theme of the ship.

Will the menu be the same on Disney Treasure as it is on Disney Wish for the 1923 restaurant?

The menu for 1923 on Disney Wish is inspired by the diverse cultures and influences of California. As you look through the menu you will see Asian, European, and South American cuisines.

My guess is that the menu will be the same, but I really hope that there is a different menu.

The Disney Wish 1923 menu does not feature anything that is specific to the Disney Princess classics that feature heavily in the memorabilia, so it would not need to be changed for the Treasure where the theme is more towards the adventure-themed movies.

One thing that is likely is that there will be some different specialty drinks created for each of the Disney Treasure restaurants. Disney Wish really did set the bar high for innovative cocktails, and no doubt the Treasure will also have some fabulous options.

Worlds of Marvel

OK, so I will personally confess to having hoped that perhaps this wouldn’t feature on Disney Treasure. However, it completely makes sense that it will as the concept has proved popular with guests on Disney Wish.

It is clear that there will be a different dining experience with the new show “Avengers: Quantum Encounter.”

There will be an appearance by Spiderman, just as there is on Disney Wish.

Dishes are inspired by the real and fictional settings of the MCU.

The menu on Disney Wish is described as being inspired by the fictional and real worlds of African Wakanda, Eastern European Sokovia, and New York City.

On Disney Treasure, the menu is said to feature a range of delicacies from classic American fare to rich African flavors.

This would seem to suggest that there will be a new menu for Disney Treasure Worlds on Marvel.

Let’s hope so as for me, and many others, this is the least satisfying menu on Disney Wish. It would be great if they upped their game for Disney Treasure.

No doubt there will be an innovative drinks menu. The Wakanda Tasting Lab was certainly a highlight of the Marvel restaurant on Disney Wish – just get it to share!

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What Happened to the Haunted Mansion Restaurant Idea?

This was what I wrote in my original post about the idea of a Haunted Mansion restaurant on Disney Treasure.

disney wish restaurants
I really think this is unlikely to be a restaurant on Disney Treasure.

Just step back and think about how this may work in practical terms. I may have to eat my words, but I think the concept of a Haunted Mansion restaurant on a Disney Cruise fails at the first hurdle.
It would be very difficult to make it true to the theme and family-friendly.

Of course, the Haunted Mansion ride is incredibly popular, a Disney classic, and enjoyed by all ages.
A Haunted Mansion restaurant at one of the Disney parks could be a good idea because it would appeal to a lot of guests.

However, having a restaurant on a Disney Cruise ship is a very different concept. Let’s face it, not everyone would like the idea of dining in a space that would essentially have to be themed as a graveyard. I know it’s a fun concept because it’s The Haunted Mansion, but would it really work on the ships?

Well, for once I got that right!

However, a Haunted Mansion Bar is a very different idea – and one that has now been announced will be on Disney Treasure.

Disney Cruise Line has announced that there will be a Haunted Mansion Parlor Bar on Disney Treasure.

This exciting announcement has been very enthusiastically welcomed in our Disney Treasure Community.

This gathering space for Foolish Mortals will be in the equivalent location of Hyperspace Lounge on Disney Wish.

The concept art looks stunning, and Disney have already released some recipes for some spooky cocktails that will be featured.

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Before Disney Wish was launched Hyperspace Lounge was one of the most eagerly anticipated features of the ship. People couldn’t wait to experience this Star Wars-themed bar.

Then the issues began.

It was so overwhelmingly popular that there were long lines to get into Hyperspace Lounge. For a while, you actually had to get reservations.

Now it is pretty easy to get into Hyperspace Lounge at most times of the day, but sometimes you can still have difficulty getting a table.

The issue is that the space just isn’t very big.

If you look at the Deck Plan above of Deck 3 of Disney Wish you can see Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge is positioned between the fabulous Nightingale’s Bar and the I would say, not-so-fabulous Treasures Untold store.

There is a huge amount of space devoted on Disney Wish to high-end shopping. And for me, and many others, that is just way too much space.

However, I am guessing you could take some space from either Nightingale’s or Treasures Untold to make that bar, whether it is Haunted Mansion-themed or not, a bit bigger.

Nightingale’s is the perfect size and Treasures Untold is too big – so take some space from the latter and make the space for the bar, whatever the theme might be, a bit larger.

Although I would guess that this probably won’t happen and that Haunted Mansion Parlor will be exactly the same size as Hyperspace Lounge.

However, I am sure that DCL will be anticipating the likely huge popularity of this space and will have a booking system in place to meet the demand. I will hopefully be one of the first in the (hopefully virtual) line.

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Palo on Disney Treasure

Palo is on every Disney ship in the fleet and it is now confirmed that Palo will be on Disney Treasure too.

We can pretty safely predict that Palo will also feature on the as-yet un-named third Triton class ship.

It will be interesting to see if the Disney Global Dream will also have Palo when she sails from Singapore in 2025.

On Disney Wish, Palo is a little different from the older four ships.

Named not just Palo, but Palo Steakhouse, the difference is reflected in the dinner menu and the decor.


The design of the Disney Wish Palo restaurant is inspired by Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. This was the first Disney Palo restaurant to be themed after a Disney movie and character.

All the other Palo restaurants in the fleet have a very distinctively Italian theme in the decor.

Here you can see the very different design styles of the Palo restaurants.

It is likely that the interior design in Palo on Disney Treasure will feature more blue and gold tones.

The menu for dinner in Palo Steakhouse on Disney Wish is also different from that on the other ships in the fleet. I would guess that the menu on Disney Treasure will be the same as the Wish.

As the name would suggest, there is much more of a selection of steaks on this dinner menu than on the other ships’ Palo menu.

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The Enchante restaurant was first introduced to Disney ships with the design of the Wish.

The Classic ships Magic and Wonder just have Palo, Dream, and Fantasy have Remy, and Disney Wish has Enchante as their upscale restaurant.

There will be an Enchante Restaurant on Disney Treasure.

On Disney Wish, this beautifully designed, Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant, offers Brunch, Dinner, and a Dessert Experience menu

The menu is designed by three-Michelin-starred Chef Arnaud Lallement, who also designed the menu for Remy.

But the word Enchante means enchanted in French, so whilst it fits the theme of Disney Wish perfectly, it doesn’t quite fit Disney Treasure as well.

Most likely the interior design details on Enchante on Disney Treasure will feature darker, richer tones.

If you compare the Grand Hall of Disney Wish with the concept art for Disney Treasure you can see how the light tones of the Wish compare with the much different colors used for the Wish.

Disney Treasure uses much deeper blues and gold.

How Will the Adult Restaurants Be Themed?

We know that Disney Treasure will have exactly the same restaurants and bar as Disney Wish in the adult area on Deck 12.

Will these spaces incorporate the overall theme and aesthetic of “Walt Disney’s lifelong love of exploration?

This is very different from the Enchantment theme of Disney Wish.

It will be interesting to see how similar the design of Palo, Enchante, and The Rose Bar is to Disney Treasure.

If it follows the pattern of the adult restaurants on the other ships, then these spaces will most likely be pretty similar.

If you look at the concept art for Disney Treasure Grand Hall it is very different than Disney Wish.

Here you can see how even though the structure of Disney Wish is the same as the concept art for Disney Treasure, the interior design concept is very different.

You can see that the color palette for Disney Treasure has much darker, richer tones of blue and gold than Disney Wish.

Now if we look at pictures from Disney Wish of Enchante and the Grand Atrium we can see how the color palettes complement each other.

On Disney Wish, the adult restaurants and The Rose Bar are all inspired by Beauty and the Best.

The design is very subtle but starts as soon as you enter the adult dining area through the long corridor. This has walls with beautiful pictures of Beauty and the Beast characters which leads to the rose in the glass case.

It seems likely that the adult restaurants on Disney Treasure will have exactly the same layout, with another themed bar leading to Palo and then Enchante via another long corridor.

As we know, the key theme for the design of Disney Wish is “Enchantment” and you can see exactly how this fits with the adult restaurant’s Beauty and the Beast theme.

The Disney Treasure has a very different theme. We were told, in the initial video introducing the Treasure that the ship’s public areas and attractions will celebrate “Walt Disney’s lifelong love of exploration.”

But the concept art for The Rose Bar on Disney Treasure looks pretty much the same as the reality on Disney Wish.

Will the adult restaurants have any reference to the adventurer theme?

Perhaps. Although this is the theme of the Grand Hall if we follow the pattern from Disney Wish, the theme of the Grand Hall will not be directly carried through in the adult restaurants.

If this were so then we would see a Cinderella theme in the adult restaurant space on Disney Wish.

The design of the Grand Hall of Disney Treasure is “inspired by influences from Asia and Africa and pays homage to the land of Agrabah”.

The Beauty and the Beast theme is very cleverly incorporated into Palo on Disney Wish by centering it around a character from the movie, and completely glossing over the fact that that character is French, not Italian!

It will be very interesting to see how the interior design and menu reflect the very different themes of the two ships, whilst still keeping the Beauty and the Beast concept.

Disney Treasure Moana and Mulan

After the initial video released by DCL about the Treasure, many people thought there would be a Moana-themed main dining restaurant.

This wasn’t to be.

But there is a Moana-themed cafe in a location somewhere “just off the Grand Hall”

There haven’t been many more details released, other than there will be a cafe that is themed for Moana and one for Mulan.

Heihei Cafe is named after Moana’s trusty sidekick in the movie. The design is said to echo the scalloped seashells and reflective blue waters of the storied Southern Pacific Isle of Motunui as it is portrayed in Disney’s animated feature “Moana.”

The Jade Cricket Cafe will honor the Fa Family’s “lucky” cricket, Cri-Kee, who will be represented by a jade sculpture on the bar top.

Nothing has been said about the exact location of these cafes. Disney Wish doesn’t have an equivalent.

Disney Wish has a lot of space dedicated to high-end shopping.

Many, including me, would say, too much space.

It hasn’t yet been announced what the Hyperspace Lounge and Nightgale’s Bar locations that are found on Disney Wish will be used for on Disney Treasure. It may be that one of these spaces is used for a cafe, and another location takes some of the high-end shopping space.

We will have to wait and see, but I strongly believe that the Hyperspace Lounge area will be where a new Haunted Mansion Bar is located, rather than this space being used for a cafe.


The Disney Treasure Reveal confirmed that there would be a number of new bars and lounges:

  • Skipper Society
  • Sarabi Lounge
  • Periscope Pub

Skipper Society

This new lounge on Treasure is a tribute to the ever-popular Disney Parks attraction, The Jungle Cruise.

The Skipper Lounge is located just off the Grand Hall on Deck 3, where The Bayou is on Disney Wish. It is not enclosed and has walkways on either side.

You can see from this concept art that the basic structure of the design echoes that of The Bayou. It has booths and individual tables located in front of a bar that runs across the length of the lounge.

As with all Disney Cruise Line designs, make sure that you look out for the details they incorporate.

You can see how the shades on the ceiling make you think of the boats on The Jungle Cruise. The old suitcases and artifacts are reminiscent of the line of the attraction in the parks.

No doubt there will be new cocktails created for the Skipper Lounge, and the reveal video showed waffles being served. Disney Cruise Line is working on developing a new menu of small bites for this bar.

Sarabi Lounge

The Sarabi Lounge is themed for the Lion King movie.

This is the space where Luna Lounge is on Disney Wish.

The Sarabi Lounge is a space on two levels of Decks 4 and 5 with a bar at the back. This will hold events such as the adult entertainment, some trivia, and Silent Disco.

Periscope Pub

Another space on Disney Treasure that will pay tribute to a park attraction is the Periscope Pub.

Inspired by the 1954 movie, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea which was also a Disney World attraction from 1971 to 1994, Periscope Pub has a ery definite steampunk design influence.

A Periscope Pub would not be complete without an actual periscope, and we are told that there will be a giant squid design rug in the center of the lounge.

The Periscope Pub is in the place where Keg and Compass is on Disney Wish, located on Deck 5.

The Rose Bar

The Rose Bar will be located on Deck 12 of the Treasure, just as it is on Disney Wish.

From the concept art, it looks as though the design is going to be very similar and possibly identical to The Rose Bar on Disney Wish.

The Rose Bar really is one of those hidden gems on the Treasure’s sister ship, just as The Meridian Bar is on Disney Fantasy and Dream.

Most guests do not make it to this bar unless they are dining in Enchante or Palo, but it really is worth a visit. The floor-to-ceiling windows give a fabulous view – I have even spent sail away there when I just wanted a quiet space.

Final Thoughts

Some things seem to pretty much be certain.

We already know what most of the restaurants, lounges, and cafes will be.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement for me is Haunted Mansion Parlor. I had already booked to sail on Disney Treasure before this was announced and I am even more glad that I did now!

Many people have expressed disappointment that two of the restaurants on the Treasure on Disney Wish are essentially the same as those on Disney Wish.

However, should we really have expected anything else? Historically, Disney ships have repeated restaurant themes.

And is it really so bad if they are repeated?

Disney Cruise Line is held to such an incredibly high standard. Other cruise lines have identical restaurants on multiple ships and you do not tend to hear complaints that this is disappointing.

Animator’s Palate is on the first four Disney ships and is identical on Disney Magic and Wonder, and essentially the same on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. The shows are repeated on those ships, and the protests just didn’t seem to be as prevalent as they seemed for the Treasure.

We know that there will be a new show in Worlds of Marvel, so just because the restaurant design will not be structurally different, doesn’t mean that this will not be an innovative experience.

1923 has over 1,000 original pieces of memorabilia on Disney Wish. There will be more original memorabilia from the Disney archive on Disney Treasure.

We really should concentrate on the amazing attention to detail and the incredible experience that Disney Cruise Line offers guests, rather than focusing on the negative.

What would you think of the themes for the Disney Treasure restaurants?

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Bill Winch

Monday 24th of July 2023

Since the ship is called the Disney Treasure it should reflect Classic Disney character as in the Disney Treasure Movie collection. It's about time to honor Walt Disney and the original Disney Characters.