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Worst Food on a Disney Cruise

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The food on a Disney Cruise is mostly extremely good. Some of the dishes are exceptional.

However, sometimes even Disney Cruise Lines gets it spectacularly wrong.

Here is a discussion of some of the worst food we have experienced on a Disney Cruise. I’m only going to talk about the food in the main dining rooms here – the ones you will experience in your rotational dining.

This post took me longer than most as the fails are rare.

I have hundreds of pictures of Disney Cruise food. Actually no, I have thousands!

I say again, most of it is fabulous, but this is the food which for us just doesn’t cut it!


Disney Cruise Breakfast

I confess I tend to prefer the buffet in Cabanas for breakfast and lunch.

However, every day breakfast is offered in one of the restaurants on board each of the Disney ships.

On the Disney Wonder, for example, breakfast is served every day in Triton’s.

It is sometimes nice to start the day with a freshly cooked breakfast, particularly if I know that our Servers will be there for breakfast.

It is often a good chance to chat a bit more with them as they aren’t as busy as they are in the evening.

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I have to say though that the worst meal on the entire cruise is the last one! The sit-down breakfast which is offered on Disembarkation Day is a meal I never enjoy.

For several reasons.

Of course, the main reason is because this is the sad moment when you realize that your vacation is at an end.

It is an emotional time saying goodbye to your Servers.

However, another problem is the quality of the food itself.

Just not great.

The omelet always tastes as though it has been under the heater for just that little bit too long. I really prefer the freshly cooked ones in Cabanas, where you also get a much larger choice of fillings.

The final breakfast on a Disney Cruise always seems very rushed.

Because it is.

There is a very short time that your servers have to prepare for the arrival of the new guests.

For all these reasons I now avoid dining in the main dining room for the final breakfast.

I prefer to go to Cove Cafe and Cabanas and just stop into the restaurant to say goodbye to our Servers.


Disney Cruise Salads and Soup

Some of the salads on board the Disney Cruise ships are really good. However, some just really aren’t great.

A great salad has to have really good tasty ingredients – or you have to cover it is some kind of sauce!

This basic salad from Enchanted Garden is underwhelming.


The soups are generally very good. However, this Black Bean soup was a miss. Particularly on the presentation!

This is from the Pirate Night menu.

This is probably one of my least favorite menus offered on a Disney Cruise.

I often book a Palo Dinner to avoid it!

Disney Cruise Appetizers

There is usually a very good choice of appetizers in the Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Restaurants. Often, it is my favorite part of the meal.

As I was struggling to find something for this article I asked DH, who does eat meat, what was his least favorite food on a Disney Cruise?

The one that stood out to him was the Boudin Sausage Fritters which are on Tiana’s Place Menu on the Disney Wonder.

This is from the Mardi Gras Menu.


This is from the Tiana’s Place Prince and Princess menu.

There isn’t anything really bad about it.

Just it’s not great unless the asparagus is in season and it is cooked perfectly. It’s simple but it’s difficult to get right. Particularly when you are cooking for a ship full of guests!

So, it’s not the worst, but it is fairly mediocre.

The Iced Lobster and Jumbo Shrimp at Triton’s on the Disney Wonder is a favorite of mine.

Why have I included it in this article (other than I am struggling to find an appetizer I don’t like?) Because each time I order it I remember just how tiny it is! You can always get around this by ordering more than one…..

Disney Cruise Entree Choices

Usually, the vegetarian choices of an entree on a Disney Cruise are very good. There are some exceptions.

This is from the Captain’s Gala Menu so is served on Formal Night.

The Thai Red Pumpkin and Coconut Curry just lacks flavor. Also, I have no idea why they use these red plates sometimes.

Each Disney Cruise Restaurant has its own beautifully designed tableware I don’t know why they sometimes use these.

This Brown Rice Risotto is also less than great. The combination of flavors just doesn’t work for me.

It is on the Tiana’s Place Prince and Princess Menu.

It’s strange as I love Tiana’s Place, but realize I have included 3 dishes from there here.

There are great alternatives on the menu though!


Animator’s Palate Menu

I love dining in Animator’s Palate. The restaurant is magical. It just has everything in it that you love about Disney.

Unfortunately, there is one menu that I personally really do not like! I don’t eat meat, but I do eat fish. Therefore, usually, I do not have a problem finding something on the menu for dinner.

However, with this Animator’s Palate menu, I don’t feel as though I have any Entree options!


One fish I don’t like is Tuna, so the fish option is not good.

There are two vegetarian choices.

The Black Bean Chipotle Cakes are probably the worst thing on the menu, with every family member having tried them more than once and just not liking them.

I tried to find a photo, but realized we had probably never even taken a picture!

The second option is the Seasame Halloumi Parcels which sound so great.

I love Halloumi and sweet potato. However, good luck finding the Halloumi! The cubes of cheese are so tiny you have to search for them.

The filo pastry is good, but the whole dish just doesn’t work. It needs a lot more sauce and just a bit more cheese would be nice!

Disney Cruise Desserts


So here I really couldn’t think of anything. I’m not a sweet tooth person and would much rather have two appetizers and skip dessert!

But you really can’t go wrong with a choice of desserts like this, can you?

What To Do If You Don’t Like Your Food on a Disney Cruise

It’s easy. Tell your Server. Always ask their advice about the menu. They are incredibly knowledgeable.

My favorite Server just gives me a look when I order something she thinks I may not like. She then says OK but I will bring you something else as well.

Just perfect customer service.

She’s always right.

If you don’t like the food that you ordered they will do everything they can to put it right.

Another way to solve the problem if you don’t see anything you like on the entree menu is order more than one thing from the Appetizers.

The same Animator’s Palate menu that I struggle with the Entree choice, has two of my favorite Appetizers.

The Smoked Salmon Tartar is amazing and the Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes are delicious.

The Tomato Tarte is pretty good too.

So I can easily just order more than one item from the Appetizer menu and have a wonderful meal.


Disney Cruise Food

The food on a Disney Cruise is overall, extremely good. There are just some dishes which in my opinion, just don’t quite live up to the high standard.

You can find exceptional food in every area of the ship. The buffet, the main dining restaurants, and of course Palo and Remy.

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