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Disney Wish Cruise for Adults: A Guide to Grown-Up Magic at Sea

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When we think about Disney cruises, images of family-friendly adventures and Disney characters usually spring to mind. And that a Disney Cruise is really for kids.

Whilst there is no question that a Disney cruise is a great option for families, increasingly over the years, it has become a wonderful choice for adults sailing without kids.

Arguably, Disney Wish is perhaps the most geared towards the adult guest in this rapidly expanding fleet.

As you will see when we begin to explore Disney Wish, there are plenty of features and experiences to keep the adult cruisers happy.

disney wish for adults

Overview of Disney Wish

Disney Wish is the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet, offering a unique experience for adult guests.

She will soon be joined by her sister ship Disney Treasure, who will start sailing 7 night Eastern and Western Caribbean sailings from Port Canaveral.

Vessel Specifications

Maiden VoyageJuly 2022
Passenger Capacity4,000 guests at double occupancy
Number of Staterooms1,254
TonnageApproximately 144,000 gross tons
Length1,119 feet

Theming and Design

Disney Wish is simply stunning.

The theme of the the ship is Enchantment. And to use a cliche Disney word yet again, there really is something very magical about Disney Wish.

From the moment that you step into the Grand Hall you know that you are going to be experiencing the very best that the Disney Imagineers have created at sea.

The Beautiful Grand Hall of Disney Wish

Make sure that you take some time to explore all the finer details of the design.

Classic Disney storytelling is combined  with luxurious amenities to create a sophisticated environment. 

  • Grand Hall: A fairytale-inspired atrium with a bronze statue of Cinderella.
  • Adult-exclusive Areas: The Rose lounge, Quiet Cove Pool, and specialty dining experiences like Enchanté and Palo
  • Staterooms: Elegant accommodations with attention to detail, ensuring a cozy retreat for adult guests.

The Imagineers have intertwined Disney narratives throughout the ship, ensuring adults are immersed in the magic of Disney in an upscale setting. This really isn’t just for the kids!

Disney Wish Adult Pool

One of the most important features of any cruise is the pool deck. On Disney Wish, as with all the ships in the fleet, there is an adult only pool deck.

A first for Disney Cruise Lines is the infinity pool in the adult section of the Disney Wish pool deck right at the aft of the ship.

On each side of the infinity pool, there are two wading pools, each with a waterfall feature at the sides.

disneywishadult pool deck

This is a nice place to sit and cool off with a drink – although be careful to not spend too long in the sun as there is no shade here.

You will also find the Cove Bar here, just steps away from the infinity pool.

The pool deck on Disney Wish is somewhat contraversial, with some people feeling that the area at the aft of the ship, with the adult pool, really isn’t big enough.

Disney Wish Pool Deck – Hit or Miss?

Cove Cafe

If you are looking for a relaxing place to enjoy a coffee, a handcrafted cocktail or a glass of wine, then head to Cove Cafe on Deck 13, just behind the infinity pool.

Adult-Focused Amenities

The Disney Wish cruise ship ensures that adult guests can enjoy exclusive experiences tailored to their preferences, from tranquil spa retreats to gourmet dining options.

Exclusive Restaurants

Disney Cruise Line has become known for its fine dining at sea with restaurants exclusively for those aged 18 and over.

The original classic ships introduced Palo, which is a feature of all the Disney fleet. Then Disney Dream and Fantasy introduced the fine dining experience Remy.

Disney Wish has Palo, but with a different menu to the other ships, and the notable change in name to Palo Steakhouse. It combines the sophistication of an authentic Italian dining experience with the excellence of a classic American steakhouse.

Palo Steakhouse on Disney Wish Dinner Review

Having experienced both Palo Brunch and Dinner on Disney Wish I would say that this takes the experience up a notch.

Disney Wish also introduced a new fine dining restaurant, Enchante. If you are looking for the ultimate dining experience on the ship, this gourmet restaurant curated by Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Lallement, provides a more intimate and upscale dining affair.

There are three dining experiences available in Enchante:

  • Enchante Brunch
  • Enchante Just Desserts
  • Enchante Dinner

Even if you don’t plan to dine at one of the restaurants, make sure that you take a look at the Deck 12 adult exclusive area. It is one of the most beautiful on the ship.


Themed after Beauty and the Beast, you enter by way of a long corridor, lined with portraits of the beloved characters from the movie. The corridor leads to the enchanted rose and then ultimately to The Rose Bar.

This is one bar in the ship that many people miss. However, it is one of my favourites. From the incredibly talented and friendly bar staff, to the wonderful hand crafted cocktails, this is the place to be if you want to relax in an exclusively adult space.

This may sound strange, but even make sure you visit the bathroom while you are here! They are just beautiful.

If these adult exclusive, extra charge restaurants are not for you, then you are sure to enjoy the main dining restaurants on Disney Wish:

  • Arendelle – A Frozen Dining Experience
  • 1923
  • Worlds of Marvel

Spa and Wellness Facilities

All of the Disney ships have Senses Spa, which offers a variety of treatments such as facials, massages, and body wraps.

Disney Wish also has the Untangled Salon, inspired by Princess Rapunzel. The salon offers a full range of hair and nail treatments.

The men also have their own salon, Hook’s Barbery, inspired by Captain Hook’s private quarters aboard the Jolly Roger. Here you will find a range of treatments for hair, nails and skin.

A unique feature is that at certain times, adults 21 and over can enjoy a hidden bar featuring the finest whiskies, bourbon and rum for tasting during treatments and at special events. Certainly an interesting addition to a shave and a haircut!

For those looking to stay active, the Fitness Center provides modern exercise equipment and a selection of fitness classes catering to all levels of experience.

The Rainforest Room

All of the Disney ships have a Rainforest Room, but Disney Wish takes it to a whole new level.

The Rainforest Room on Disney Wish is located on Deck 5 in Senses Spa.

It is the only Rainforest on any Disney ship that has both an inside and an outdoor area.

In the Rainforest Room inside area you will find eight hot stone chairs, a sauna, steam room, showers and a cold room.

The part that I think really elevates the experience is the outdoor area. Here you will find two hot tubs and plenty of luxurious outdoor seating.

Disney Wish Rainforest Review

Entertainment and Activities

Whilst there are many activities that families can enjoy on Disney Wish there are plenty of things to entertain the grown ups too.

Disney Cruise Line is known for its Broadway style production shows. On Disney Wish you will see:

  • Disney The Little Mermaid
  • Disney Seas the Adventure

You can also enjoy Disney movies in the Wonderland Cinema and Never Land Cinema.

Nightlife and Bars

You are spoiled for choice with a fabulous selection of bars to choose from on Disney Wish – all with different themes and atmospheres:

Disney Wish Bayou Bar

This stunning space is inspired by Disney’s Princess and the Frog Movie. This beautiful design evokes the magical marsh where Tiana and Naveen take refuge in the movie.

Here you can listen to live jazz, or take part in one of the many trivia events.

Keg & Compass

This Nordic inspired pub offers traditional craft beers and televised sports.

There is a fabulous view of the ocean from the large portholes. Look at the detail around the portholes. There are intricate carvings of compasses, barnacles, and tentacles around the portholes.

Luna Lounge

This is a unique space on Disney Wish, that was inspired by the Pixar short La Luna. It is on two levels, with a stage area on the lower level.

Luna Lounge is used for a lot of the adult entertainment in the evenings, as well as trivia and other family events. There is a bar at the back of the lounge on the first level.

Each venue boasts a unique vibe, ensuring there’s a perfect spot for every taste.

Nightingale’s Bar

This is one of my favorite bars on Disney Wish. The atmosphere in this piano lounge is just very relaxing and welcoming. Don’t miss the live piano playing every evening.

Hyperspace Lounge

This was certainly the most highly anticipated Disney Wish bar. And in the early sailing days you used to have the equivalent of a fast pass to even get in!

Fortunately the hype of Hyperspace has now died down and you can usually get a table – although the space is surprisingly small.

The bar is of course Star Wars themed. With some fabulous themed cocktails including the infamous $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal, this may be the bar that you have been looking for.

The Rose Bar

Another one of my favourites, The Rose Bar is located on Deck 12 as part of the space with Enchante and Palo Steakhouse.

This is a great place to enjoy a pre dinner drink, or just take in the views from the floor to ceiling windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the most common inquiries about the Disney Wish to help you plan your adult-only adventure at sea.

What onboard activities are available for adults on the Disney Wish?

The Disney Wish boasts a variety of adult-centric activities, such as themed bars and lounges, live shows, and the Senses Spa. Adults can also engage in tasting sessions for wine, whiskey, and other beverages, and participate in cooking classes or mixology courses.

Does the Disney Wish have exclusive adult-only pool areas?

Yes, the Disney Wish features the Quiet Cove, an exclusive retreat for guests 18 and older, complete with a tranquil infinity pool, a whirlpool spa, and a dedicated bar.

This area is designed for adults looking to relax away from the family-centric areas.

How can adults book onboard activities on the Disney Wish Cruise?

Adults can book onboard activities through the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, the website, or by visiting the Guest Services desk once aboard the Disney Wish. It’s recommended to book as early as possible, as some activities may fill up quickly.

What are the itineraries for the Disney Wish that appeal to an adults

Disney Wish sails on 3 and 4 night itineraries from Port Canaveral, Florida. Each sailing has port stops in Nassau and Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay.