Disney Wonder Virtual Tour


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Disney Wonder Virtual Tour

If you are dreaming about a cruise on the Disney Wonder, but are not able to sail on the real thing right now, you can always do the next best thing. A Disney Wonder Virtual Cruise!

So make yourself comfortable and step on board the Disney Wonder. Here you will find lots of videos, pictures, and ideas about how you can bring all the magic of the Disney Wonder right to your home.




    Welcome aboard the Disney Wonder!


    There is nothing quite like that moment that you step onboard.  You are going to be ready to explore everything so let’s start with a video tour from our very favorite Disney vlogger.

    If you love Disney and you haven’t discovered the amazing Tim Tracker yet you really have to!  Here Tim and Jenn take you on a tour of the Disney Wonder.

    Tim and Jenn really are some of the best Disney vloggers out there and I highly recommend you check out their channel.


          • Take the tour with your family and friends. If you know anyone who loves Disney cruise lines be sure to send them the link to this post.
          • Don’t forget that smell is a wonderful memory trigger. The Magic Candle Company has some great Disney Cruise candles, oils and melts including Castaway Cruise and Pineapple Whip.
          • Play the videos in full-screen mode so that you can get the full effect and really imagine that you are onboard the Disney Wonder.
          • Grab a hot beverage in your favorite Disney Cruise Line Mug or maybe even a glass of wine and get ready for your virtual Disney Cruise.

        If you want you can even start with this very special Disney Cruise Cocktail!

      • Step onboard the Disney Wonder and “Welcome to the ……………. Family.
  • Your Disney Wonder Cruise Stateroom

    Your stateroom will usually be ready around 1 pm so you will want to head there next so you can check it out and put your carry on bags there.

    Let’s go first to your Disney Wonder inside stateroom.

    Or maybe you have a balcony stateroom. Here is a video tour of a verandah stateroom on the Disney Wonder.

    Perhaps you have a Concierge Stateroom. Or maybe you really want to know what is behind those Concierge doors.

First, you can take a tour of the Concierge Lounge.

Can’t you just picture yourself on that outside deck, looking out over the ocean?

  • And then Dream about your Concierge Disney Wonder 1 Bedroom Suite. You know you have always wanted to see inside!
  • Of course, everyone wants to stay in the Walt Disney Suite or the Roy O. Disney Suite.
  • Most of us aren’t quite going to be able to save up all those pennies so here is the next best thing. A tour of the Roy O. Disney Suite.
    If you want help choosing a stateroom here are some helpful resources for you:

Don’t forget to put your Disney Cruise magnets on your stateroom door!

Captain Mickey Mouse and Crew Stateroom Door Magnet Set Disney Cruise Line


If you want to bring some of the magic home with you to enjoy on this virtual tour here are some ideas:

This Sail Away features one of my favorite Cast Members Jo Slow!

Once you have had a lot of fun at the Sail Away it’s time to get the kids settled into the kid’s clubs.

  • Disney Wonder Kids Clubs

    It’s time to get the kids settled into the kids clubs. There is something for all ages from 3 to 17. There is even a Nursery for the little ones!

  •   After you have toured the Youth Activities spaces you will want to explore even more of the ship.
  • Who better to take us on a tour than another one of our favorite Disney Vloggers, the delightful Michael Kay. Here is his excellent and entertaining overview of the Disney Wonder.

    Disney Wonder Shows

    We have late dining so we are going to the first show of the evening.  Nobody does it quite like Disney – the masters of entertainment. Prepare to be amazed at these Broadway-quality productions.

    Let’s head on over to the Walt Disney Theater and watch one of our favorite shows.


    Are you going to have Popcorn or maybe indulge in a cocktail or maybe a Glass of Wine?

    Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy these Disney Wonder production shows.

    I suggest you set an hour aside with your family to experience these amazing productions!

    Disney Wonder The Golden Mickeys

    Let’s start with one of the very best Disney cruise shows The Golden Mickeys!

    Which is your favorite part of Golden Mickey’s? Cruella de Ville strutting her stuff, Mulan in a fighting mood or can you not resist the sight of Tarzan hanging by a thread?

    Disney Wonder Frozen Show

    Come on now we know we can all sing along to this and enjoy this fabulous production on the Disney Wonder.

    After the show, there is just time for some family fun before dinner.

    Family Activities on the Disney Wonder


    It’s not just the kids who are entertained on the ship. There are lots of activities on the Disney Wonder to keep all ages entertained.

    One of the favorite activities on the ships is learning how to draw Disney characters. You can all do that at home as there are plenty of online lessons to help you. Here is a selection:

    Learn How To Draw Anna from Frozen

    How To Draw Olaf from Frozen

    Draw Mickey Mouse at Home

    Learn How To Draw Tinker Bell

    Zootopia Printable Coloring Pages

    Free Disney Coloring Pages

    You must be really hungry by now, so it is time to walk on over to your first Disney Wonder Restaurant.

    Tiana’s Place Restaurant


    Your first dining rotation is in Tiana’s Place restaurant. The brilliantly themed dining venue which is home to Princess Tiana and her friends The Crawfish Crooners.

    This video shows you some of the fabulous entertainment at Tiana’s Place. You can be sure that Tiana will spend some time with you to tell you just how proud she is of her restaurant!

    I had to feature this video about dining on the Disney Wonder as it stars my good friend Netasha! It’s lovely to see her amazing smile.

    I know you all have your favorite Servers and people who make your Disney Cruise Experience special. Who is yours?

    Now it’s time to look over the Tiana’s Place Menu so you can see what delicious options it has to offer.


    Pickled Gulf Shrimp and Satsuma Salad is a favorite of mine.

    Big Daddy’s Roasted Prime-Rib of Beef with a double Baked Potato, Broccolini, sweet Roasted Carrots and a Red Wine Veal Sauce


    You have to try the amazing Beignets at Tiana’s. That chocolate sauce is an incredibly decadent way to serve them!


    It’s been a long day, so maybe it’s time to get some rest. It’s a Day at Sea tomorrow so plenty of time to explore the Disney Wonder some more. Back to the stateroom to get a good night’s sleep.



    disney cruise tips
    Are you ready to have some more fun?

    Start your day with a wonderful sunrise. If you are an early riser there is no better experience than getting up and watching the sunrise. Whether it is from your Verandah or you go out up on deck, it is always a memorable experience.

    Of course, soon you will be thinking about food again! Today you have a Disney Cruise Character Breakfast to go to.

    Disney Cruise Character Breakfast


    If you are sailing on a Disney Wonder cruise which is 7 nights or longer you will have the chance to experience a Disney Character Breakfast. Our sailing isn’t quite that long . but we guessed we could make up our own virtual experience!

    This is what is called a separately ticked experience so you do need to get tickets either before you sail, or hope that they are some left when you board. This is our experience so you are all invited. No ticket required!





    You get plenty of time with the characters and Mickey Mouse himself!

    After all that food you may want to drop the kids off at the kids clubs and work off some calories at the gym.

    Disney Wonder Fitness Center


    There is no excuse not to spend some time in the fabulous gym on the Disney Wonder.  You can work out whilst facing across the ocean as the gym is right at the front of the ship.

    Join in a class to motivate you – from spinning to yoga there is something for everyone.


    A cross trainer isn’t your thing? Head on out to Deck 4 to walk around the Promenade Deck. Each circuit is 1/3 mile so you can soon clock up the miles.

    Now it’s time to get in some serious time sitting by the pool and doing nothing. Bring your Waterproof Kindle with you and don’t forget the sunscreen.

    Here are some helpful posts for planning your next Disney Cruise vacation:

    How To Save Money on a Disney Cruise

    Avoid These Disney Cruise First Timer Mistakes

    101 Awesome Disney Cruise Tips


    Make sure you spend some time watching Funnel Vision. What could be better than watching a Disney movie whilst enjoying your fabulous buffet lunch?

    The kids are begging you to take them back to the Oceaneers Club. So spend some time in the adult pool. Maybe even enjoy one of those very tempting drinks of the day.


    Disney Wonder Triton’s


    On your second night, you are going to be going to Triton’s so let’s look ahead to see what this fabulous Disney Wonder restaurant offers. This is the most elegant of the restaurants and celebrates Princess Ariel and The Little Mermaid movie.

    The theme is very subtle and you must take some time to look at the beautiful mural at the back of the dining room.


    Let’s have a look at the menu tonight at Triton’s:


    This Iced Lobster and Jumbo Shrimp is a tasty appetizer.


    You may even want to try Gaston’s Escargot.


    This Oven Baked Salmon Royale is delicious.



    This Grand Marnier Souffle is one of the best desserts on the ship. I think it is even better than the Palo version.


    Disney Wonder Bars

    The kids are wanting to go back to the Oceaneers Club after dinner so it gives the grown-ups some chance to explore the bars on the Disney Wonder.

    We could go along to the Azure bar and join in the adult fun and games.

    Or maybe for a specialty cocktail in the new French Quarter Lounge.


    If you want to hear some fabulous piano playing The Cadillac Lounge is the place to be,

    It’s getting late so it’s time to head back to your stateroom. You have another relaxing day at sea planned for tomorrow!



    After a wonderful night’s sleep, you wake up bright and early needing an early morning coffee. You could always go up to the pool deck to Cabanas for the slightly questionable tasking coffee there.

    However, it’s a much better idea to stroll on up to the Cove Cafe.




    Have a go at making your own delicious Disney Cruise Line Turmeric Latte!

    By the time you get back to your stateroom, the Room Service Breakfast has arrived for the kids. The grown-ups are going to be eating a Palo Brunch!

    Disney Wonder Palo Brunch

    When the children are happily settled back in the kids club you take the stairs up to Palo (you need to pre-burn calories).

    It’s a different world up there on Deck 10. Calm and elegant, you have stepped into a beautiful Italian themed restaurant. Make sure you ask for a table by the window.


    Take a tour of the buffet to plan exactly how you are going to sample everything you want to try and still be able to fit into your jeans by the end of the meal. Or just accept you are about to indulge and that it’s OK once in a while.


    Here Tim and Jenn Tracker take you on a tour of Palo so you can decide what to eat.

    You really have to try the Mickey Waffles.


    Want to make Mickey Waffles at home? It’s easy with this Waffle and Pancake Mix that they use in the parks and your choice of Disney Waffle Maker.


    The Egg’s Benedict is amazing, Fancy recreating this at home? Just follow the recipe!

    Now it’s time to look at the buffet items. You will be spoiled for choice.


    disney palo pastries


    Just when you really think you can’t possibly eat any more, your Server arrives with this!


    You realize that even though there are many more things to sample at the Palo Brunch you really need to stop.

    It’s time for some even more indulgent relaxation. You need to experience The Rainforest.

    Disney Wonder Rainforest


    Those hot stone chairs are so tempting. You can treat yourself at home – this
    Disney Cruise Line Robe for Adults
    is pure luxury.

    Disney Cruise Line Robe for Adults

    You will want to pamper yourself with some fabulous Elemis products just like they have in the Disney Cruise Spa. This ELEMIS Invigorating Salt Scrub is highly indulgent and a little goes a long way.

    Next, it is time to go to a Mixology Class in the Cadillac Lounge. The Disney Ships all have lots of Cocktail and Wine Tasting Events.

    You can create some tasty Disney Cruise Cocktails at home:

    Here are some more Disney Cruise Cocktails for you to try

    Disney Cruise Celtic Cocktail

    Disney Cruise Ring of Bubbles Cocktail

    Palo Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

    Before you know it, dinner time is here again. This evening you will be dining at the most innovative restaurant on the Disney Wonder.

    Animator’s Palate Restaurant

    Animator’s Palate restaurant is a real treat. Look around at all the amazing pictures and attention to detail.



    Now it’s time to decide what to eat!



    The Smoked Salmon Tartare appetizer is a favorite.


    It’s time for dessert so it must be almost show time!


    I particularly enjoyed the Sticky Date Pudding on our latest Disney cruise.


    If you are inspired to create your own Disney animations here are some ideas for you:

    How To Draw Buzz Lightyear

    How to Draw Stitch

    We are almost at the end of our virtual tour of the Disney Wonder. Just time for one more towel animal!


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