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Are Disney Cruises Fun For Adults – How To Have the Time of Your Grown-Up Life on a Disney Cruise

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I know. I hear it all the time.

A Disney Cruise is just for kids.

How can it be that Disney Cruises are fun for adults?

With many years of sailing on Disney Cruise Ship, both with and without kids, I can most definitely say that DCL has so much to offer people of all ages.

Are Disney Cruises  For Adults
Disney Wish Grand Hall

All of this applies to you if you are sailing without children at all, or even if you have kids with you.

The kid’s clubs on a Disney Cruise are amazing! You can certainly enjoy some adult-only time when your children are having a blast in the kid’s clubs.

So whether you are sailing without children, or you are bringing the kids along but want some adult-only time, Disney Cruise Line has you covered.

As a Disney fan, you’ll no doubt love the theming of the company’s ships, but what do the Disney Ships really have on offer for adults?

Whilst a Disney Cruise vacation is at the top of many Disney fans’ bucket lists there really are some misconceptions about what the experience is really like.

Let’s take a look at just how many ways we can dispel the myth that Disney cruises are just for kids.

You Have Your Own Space

Adults have their very own spaces on Disney Cruises. No under-18s are allowed.

And unlike some other cruise lines I have experienced, Disney does a great job of actually enforcing the rules. I have sailed on DCL with my grown-up children and they have often been asked to show their Key to the World Card to confirm that they are over 18.

adults only disney cruise
Disney Wish Adult Only Deck

There really are areas on a Disney ship where children simply are not allowed.

Each Disney Cruise ship has an area of the pool deck reserved just for adults.

Are Disney Cruises Fun For Adults
Disney Wish Adult Pool

You will also find Cove Cafe which is just for the grown-ups and serves coffee and adult beverages.

Dining Options for Adults

If we are talking about cruising, then we really must talk about the food!

There are three “types” of food on a Disney Cruise:

  • Rotational Dining
  • Casual Dining
  • Adult Dining

Rotational Dining

Rotational dining is unique to Disney. Each Disney ship has 3 main dining restaurants and you will dine in each at least once on your cruise.

Your Servers will come with you to each restaurant so that they get the chance to know exactly how to make your dining experience extra special.


These rotational dining restaurants are perfect for adults and they are already included in your cruise fare.

As you would expect, Disney has some amazing restaurants. They all have very different themes and some even have entertainment as part of the experience.

On Disney Wish, you can dine in the elegant 1923 restaurant, enjoy a dinner in Arendelle, and encounter a superhero in Worlds of Marvel.

Casual Dining

You will never go hungry on a Disney Cruise. There are many different casual dining options on all the ships including such favorites as Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue and Donald’s Cantina on Disney Wish, and Flo’s Cafe and Frozone Treats on Disney Dream.

Adult Only Dining

But the really special dining is reserved for the adults only on a Disney Cruise.

All the ships have some amazing fine dining restaurants which are one of the highlights for adults on a Disney Cruise.

Palo on a Disney Cruise

Palo is a specialty restaurant that you will find on all of the Disney ships. Dining is exclusively reserved for adults only.

It is a great option for adults who are looking for a romantic dinner or groups looking for a sophisticated dining experience away from the family-friendly atmosphere of the rotational dining rooms.

The Italian decor and menu combine to create a tranquil and upscale ambiance.

Disney Wish Palo Brunch
Palo Steakhouse on Disney Wish

The very popular Palo Brunch is served on Sea Days. Palo Dinner is served every evening.

There is a charge of $50 per person for Palo Brunch and Dinner. There is also an a la carte menu for Palo Dinner.

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There are additional upscale adult-only restaurants on the newer Disney cruise ships:

  • Disney Dream – Remy
  • Disney Fantasy – Remy
  • Disney Wish – Enchante
  • Disney Treasure ( to set sail December 2024) Enchante

Remy is an upscale, adult-exclusive dining experience that brings the elegance of fine French cuisine to the high seas. Themed around the main character in Pixar’s Ratatouille movie, Remy offers Brunch, Dinner and additional dining experiences.

Disney Wish Enchante Restaurant

Enchante is found on Disney Wish and will also be one of the Disney Treasure Restaurants. The menu is French and the decor is beautifully themed around the Beauty and the Beast movie.

Entertainment for Adults

The evening shows on a Disney Cruise are simply the best at sea.

The term “Broadway Quality” is used a lot when you are talking about the production shows on Disney ships.

And they really are.

If you wanted to see an equivalent quality show on land it would cost you hundreds of dollars per ticket.

Each ship has its own production shows that you will experience (some vary by itinerary).

  • Disney Magic – Disney Dreams an Enchanted Classic, Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story, Walt Disney: The Dream Goes One, and Remember the Magic: A Final Farewell
  • Disney Wonder – Frozen, a Musical Spectacular, Golden Mickeys, Disney Dreams an Enchanted Classic and Remember the Magic: A Final Farewell
  • Disney Dream – Disney’s Believe, Disney’s Aladdin – a Musical Spectacular, and The Golden Mickeys: A Timeless Tribute
  • Disney Fantasy – Frozen, a Musical Spectacular, A Fantasy Come True, Disney’s Believe and Disney’s Aladdin – a Musical Spectacular
  • Disney Wish – Disney Seas The Adventure and Disney The Little Mermaid
  • Disney Treasure – Beauty and the Beast

The Production shows are not the only entertainment options that are fun for adults on a Disney Cruise.

You will have many different activities to choose from including Disney character meet and greets, drawing classes, trivia, and bingo.

One very popular activity for adults is the Disney Cruise Beverage Tastings.

Mixology Class on Disney Wish

From Mixology to Champagne Tasting, or Martini Tasting to Chocolate & Liquor Tasting if you are over 18 you can sign up for one of these fun and educational classes.

You even have your own dedicated entertainment team. After 9 pm is the time to enjoy entertainment for adults only. This includes dance parties, trivia, Silent Disco, and game shows.

Disney Cruise Bars

When the sun goes down, the fun still carries on onboard a Disney Cruise.

There are numerous bars and lounges on a Disney Cruise ship, including many that are themed around Disney Movies and experiences.

The bars and nightclub venues will vary depending on the ship that you are sailing on, but make sure you check out the daily entertainment program for more details.

Check out the Hyperspace Lounge on Disney Wish, or one of the bars on Disney Wonder.

Keep in mind that these ships aren’t typically party ships when compared to some other cruise lines, but they still have some good late-night offerings for adults.

Spa and Fitness Center

A Disney Cruise Line vacation is the perfect chance to relax and unwind.

The spas offer a variety of treatments for adults and couples, so consider booking a treatment for your next vacation.

As you can imagine, the spa is busiest on the sea days, so if you aren’t planning to get off at one of the ports, this may be a good time to make a booking. Discounts are sometimes offered on port days.

The Rainforest on Disney Wish Outdoor Area

You might want to consider the Rainforest Room pass, which offers thermal suites and a variety of relaxing spa experiences.

The Rainforest is a little different on each ship, with the largest being on Disney Wish.

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The Beach To Yourself on Castaway Cay

Well, not quite a whole beach to yourself, but certainly one where you won’t see any kids!

You may already know that Disney Cruise Line has a private island in the Bahamas – Castaway Cay.

serenity bay disney adult only beach
Serenity Bay Castaway Cay

In summer 2024 they will be adding a second destination, Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

On Castaway Cay, Serenity Bay is the adult beach. This is a beautiful area of the island, which never really gets busy as most guests are on the family beach.

It is a fabulous place to relax and enjoy a beverage.


You can even rent a Castaway Cay Cabana on Serenity Bay.

You really can relax and just enjoy the beach at Castaway Cay, but there are also many activities you can do it you want.

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Explore the Ports of Call

A big part of the Disney Cruise experience is the fabulous port stops. From the beautiful ports of the Caribbean and Bahamas to the historic sights of Europe, the stunning Alaskan landscape, to the breathtaking ports of Australia and New Zealand, there is something for everyone.

No matter where you are planning to cruise, take some time to research the ports of call you’ll be visiting ahead of time.

Juneau Alaska Cruise Port
Juneau Alaska

You’ll find there are many different adventures you can book directly through the cruise line, some of which are tailored to adult guests who are interested in learning about the history and culture of the places they are visiting. There are always adult-only excursions to book on a Disney Cruise.

Best Disney Cruise Ship for Adults?

This is a tough one because all of the Disney ships have something to offer for adults.

If you are looking for the best pool deck for adults combined then I would say pick either Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy. These ships have very large areas, spanning two decks, which are for adults only.

All of the Disney ships have some fabulous bars, but Disney Wish probably has the winning spot on the best Disney Cruise ship for adults in this category.

Disney Cruise for adults

One of the best lounges on Disney Wish is The Rose Bar. Many adults miss this hidden gem as it is located on Deck 12 of the ship, next to Palo Steakhouse and Enchante. You don’t always explore this part of the ship unless you are dining in one of the adult restaurants, but it is a beautiful space with a fabulous atmosphere.

Looking for a smaller ship vibe? Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, the Classic Ships, may not be the biggest or the newest, but they are still great choices for adults. They are perhaps the friendliest of all the ships, and they have plenty of exclusive adult spaces and activities.

Should you go on Disney Cruise without kids?

Are Disney Cruises Good for Single Parents?

Absolutely! I have sailed many times on Disney Cruises as a single parent and it is an ideal vacation for all members of the family.

are disney cruises good for single parents
Disney Castaway Cay

Getting time to yourself can be particularly difficult if you are a single parent. A Disney Cruise is ideal for this as the children are going to be happy to be entertained in the Kid’s Clubs.

You can enjoy some time without the kids and relax!

Are There Any Disney Cruises for Adults Only?

There are no specific Disney Cruises for adults only. However, there are some cruises where it is likely there will be less children sailing.

Longer and repositioning cruises are likely to have a higher proportion of adults on board.

On Disney Transatlantic and Panama Canal cruises the majority of guests will be adults.

Final Thoughts


Is a Disney Cruise good for adults?


The high-quality experience of a Disney Cruise is great for all ages. You really can have a wonderful cruise on a Disney Ship without children as there are many things to do and enjoy.

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